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Saturday, January 16, 2016


If you look at the news clips at you'll see what appears to be me arrested for running a brothel in 1984.  Only thing is, it was the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims in the USA.  The victim was being hid at this warehouse from the pimp who got angry and retaliated by calling in a tip I was running a brothel.  The victim had a broken arm and nose and testified against the pimp who was then arrested.  The charges against me were dropped.

Realizing a different method was needed, I backed up to start the first hotline in this country, and the first program called Prostitutes Anonymous (remember we didn't have the term "trafficking" coined yet).  Back then all we knew was "voluntary" or "not".  This also launched the first alternative sentencing program for victims in Los Angeles in 1988, and then on the east coast in 1989 with the "Program for Female Offenders".

Our hotline has answered 500,000 calls about to date vs. the National Trafficking Hotline's reported 100,000 calls.  We run the oldest and largest program of survivors in this country, Canada, and five other countries now where we have chapters and members.  We published the first "Recovery Guide" in 1992.  There are testimonials from members up at and our book can be ordered at

Professor Sharon Oselin published a 10 year study into the top three programs working with prostitutes called "Leaving Prostitution".  Out of the three, the top program was one that had incorporated our program.  As a matter of fact, that program dropped ours when the study was done and then folded.  Meaning we're not only the top program, but also the only one of the three she studied still operating.

We've been investigated by three reputable reporters including John Quinones and Bob Herbert.  When Bob published his interviews with us he was met with a threat from the mayor to "take a baseball bat to his head".  Why?  Because many men had been pushing to open a legal brothel where now the Mob Museum sits.  We were the ONLY people to fight this project, and the only people who testified against them at the Nevada legislature and win.  I also won against the brothels when they tried to expand into California in 1988 as well.

I've been in recovery myself since 1985.  I'm the person who has answered those 500,000 calls to the hotline, not even counting the emails, letters, and personal conversations on social media.   I'm in the process of writing a book about the MANY rescue operations we've been a part of organizing.  Not even counting those we got out of the legal brothels who were being trafficked that prompted us to hold an international press conference that sex trafficking was higher in legal sex industries than where it was illegal.  This press conference led to the release of "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections".  

Now you tell me who would bring a wider perspective to this advisory council than myself?  Name me one person who has been at this longer, who has personal knowledge of more cases than myself?  I have DOCUMENTED proof that I was a victim, and that I opened the first safe house for adults in this country and therefore I'm the FOUNDER of this modern day movement itself.  So please tell me who you have on this advisory council that can bring you more experience and vision than the founder of the movement itself?  
Jody Williams
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