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Saturday, January 16, 2016



Bradley Myles is not a survivor.  As of 2015, NOT ONE actual sex trafficking victim had called into the National Trafficking Hotline for help.  Not with all the billboards, the news articles, their signs, etc.  Go on - ask them to validate what I'm saying because it's a quote from their own reports that despite all their signs and billboards and press that not ONE actual sex trafficking victim had called into their hotline directly asking for help and received that help.   They've helped labor trafficking victims, and they've gotten lots of calls ABOUT sex trafficking victims.  But as of 2015 (they opened their hotline in 2002) they had not originated one call from a sex trafficking victim directly from any of their campaigns.  

Dominque Roe-Sepowitz designed Project Rose.  Project Rose was police running around dragging street walkers into police cars and then saying if they didn't agree to go to classes they'd be arrested.  Their so called "classes" were meetings of our program.  Their counseling was being led by an unlicensed social worker out of an unlicensed counseling center - Mohave Counseling.  Their grant was revoked when it was discovered not only had not one single person actually left the sex industry because of the program, but also that the counseling center was shut down, the meetings they were holding using our name weren't actually our meetings because they wouldn't use our literature, and the ACLU was gearing up to sue them in a class action lawsuit for violating those womens' constitutional rights.  

As for the Superbowl Outreach - when these people came on the scene all they did was tell me how "wrong" we were.  Only our outreaches produced results.  Now reading that article it appears they're learning their way isn't working.  However, you can tell a man is involved because when a man is lost he won't stop and ask for directions.  He just keeps driving around and around and around lost.  

Only there's people's lives at stake here while they're driving around lost because their ego's won't let them stop and ask for directions.  Now I already know your county is receiving money from the Hunt Foundation which is doing everything it can to make it appear our program doesn't exist on the claim that there "is no such thing as a sex worker".  

The only problem with that claim is that's how the victims identify themselves as - as sex workers.  We've been making contact with this community AND helping them to get out and stay out since this all started 31 years ago.  I've got data proving our programs worked here in Los Angeles, in Allentown with the Program for Female Offenders, and in Sharon Oselin's research "Leaving Prostitution".   And just because you stamp something out of sight doesn't mean it's gone away.  It just means the traffickers have better control over it so you're not seeing it.  

Once again I'm seeing Alameda County connected up with a campaign that if I victim saw any of this and wanted help - there's nothing to call.  Do you realize that after reading this article - there's literally no one I could find after 20 minutes of research to actually call to get help if I were a victim?   At least we were easy to find - need help?  Contact Sex Workers Anonymous.  Two seconds on Google and we're found.  We have members all over this state that go out and get victims into the help they need.  Programs that don't do that - that won't go pick these women up to get help.    This might explain why while you people are all out looking - I got a whole room full of victims needing help only none of you people will even pick up a phone and call me.

You want to know where the victims are  for Superbowl?  How about calling me Nancy?  Because the victims sure do and then I don't get a call back from any of you people who are getting the MONEY to be out doing something.   Or are you going to keep letting the men drive around lost and not asking for directions?  At some point it's going to become pretty obvious your side doesn't want to find these victims Nancy - because they're right here and no one will call me back to address the calls I'm getting from them.  

The arrests in Seattle about the "League"?  This is the same ring I've been knocking on doors about to you, to Kamala, to John Kerry, all of you for the last two years.  It's all the same ring.  Well at least Wichita, Kansas and Seattle, Washington wanted to do something about it in their city.  Too bad we can't get anyone to talk to me about the ring itself that I've been trying to get people to talk to me about for the last two years.  

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