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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Both sites have been set up by the same person - Domina Elle.  Domina Elle you can read about here on other blog posts I've written.   She is living under the name of a dead woman.  She obtained her ID through a voter registration for Shekinah Avraam - who died a few years ago.  To travel under this phony ID, she also runs a travel agency.  All of this information was obtained from public records we obtained when we were trying to understand why she started attacking us in connection with the show "8 Minutes" starting in April of 2015.  This means she's either in some kind of witness protection program, or she's an undercover agent of some kind.  No sex worker goes to this much trouble to conceal their real identity.

When the sites went up at and at first we thought it was an attempt to try and harm our reputation, and spread lies.  DO NOT GO TO THESE UNTIL YOU'VE READ THIS WHOLE POST.

All of the information on these sites is manufactured and false.  Other sites don't have these types of complaints because honestly other groups aren't actually working with real trafficking survivors and sex workers.  In fact, our program is the ONLY program that does work with adults coming out of the sex industry who simply want to quit - who are NOT "trafficking survivors".

If you listen to some of our members at for example - you'll hear from women who have been madams, Playboy bunnies, Hustler models, etc. who simply wanted to quit and used our program to help go through the adjustment out of the sex industry.

If anything, we found these sites increased our membership so at first we left them alone thinking "hey this is increasing calls to us so let it be".  Which it was.  Sex workers are not stupid - they see we're being attacked by shadow people who have no real proof and making up lies and they know there must be something worthwhile going on over here to be attacked like this.  So at first we are sitting here thinking "hey these people are doing us a favor - generating us new traffic".

Until we got a new member in today who is into computers and hacking and stuff like that.  She alerted us to a very real threat these sites pose that we need to warn you about.  When someone is thinking about contacting us - what do they do?  They research.  Which is true - the new calls lately have said "yeah I saw those sites and figured if they're attacking you - then you must be doing something right".  So sex workers thinking about reaching out for help are going there - and then coming here to us for help.

Do you realize that when you go onto those sites they are capturing your IP address?  That you might even be getting a cookie attached which then follows your next moves?  There is no "privacy policy"  listed on those sites.  Meaning they are not guaranteeing you any privacy with the information they gather from you when hitting that site.  What they've done is quite clever our new member informed us because over the years these people have tried to send in "spies" to get information on our other members and they can't get past our security systems.  They've tried hitting me with warrants and subpeno's to no avail.  They've even offered me money to be a paid informant on our members and I've refused.

The one really clever trick was when they started up with the death threats in 2013 at the same time the legislatures were considering a lot of trafficking bills.  A guy starts emailing me and calling on the phone issuing death threats.  Now what would the knee jerk automatic reaction be?  File a police report right?  Only I couldn't help but wonder why is this guy being so obvious?  I mean he didn't disguise his IP address, and he even called from an unblocked phone number.  He's saying into the phone on the voice mail a recording of a death threat.  I mean it was just too obvious.  I've had contracts out on me before - real ones - and they don't leave them on voice mail and give me their phone number and home address.  It was just too "obvious".

So I went and talked to the police before filing a report and asked the procedure.  The procedure would be to investigate these calls would be that I would grant the police permission to listen in on my phone calls, go over my phone records, and look at my emails and web activity to "trace" this guy to gather evidence.


Get me to walk right into the police station and hand them over the legal right to go through our phone logs, emails, etc, to get information as to our activity.

I didn't file a report.  I told the guy directly I was not going to file a police report and the threats stopped.  Now I tend to think if the guy had really wanted to kill me - the news that I was not going to the police would not have deterred him.  If anything that should have spurred him forward.

So in my mind that proves that this is what this guy was after.  Especially when my own intelligence people told me this guy was connected up to a child trafficking ring in the Philippines - well I knew then why this guy wanted to get ahold of my records legally to our hotline and program.

Starting in May of 2015 - people connected to Domina Elle tried for months to get through our hotline system into actual meetings talking to other members to try to make contact with them.  They scoured our facebook and other sites looking for "contacts".  We already had a policy where we don't add in members of SWA as "friends" or in our "contact" lists for this reason - so they can't be found by people snooping around.

They then scoured the internet asking for members to come forward with "complaints" about me.  Which is another clever way of trying to getting information on our members.  NO ONE CAME FORWARD.  

The next move was to set up these sites.  You'll notice they both ask for "comments".  Which is another way of obtaining more information on who you are - and who SWA is also.

I'm not going to tell you not to go onto those sites.  I don't tell people what to do.  I'm simply imparting information so you can think for yourself.   I don't think it's a good idea to hand over information on who you are to people like this.   I am going to advise you that I suggest you go to a library computer, or a fed ex computer, or use TOR or something else where you approach those sites with caution.

I know for a fact that the government issued some grants last year to gather a "census" on the "potential" for trafficking victims, meaning in other words a census on the sex workers in the USA.  These people know I will not release information on who contacts us.  No instead they set up phony bullshit sites where you go to check us out - and then they get a mirror of who is coming onto our site that way.


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