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Friday, November 20, 2015


In response to this article - When this was first released - I had written him immediately asking him to remove her face from publicity. I got no response. I then saw other survivors saying they had reached out to him about this - and no response. So I looked closer. I noticed this was Exodus Cry and CNN. Oh boy did the wheels click because we had just gone through this whole thing with "8 Minutes" and these same people. So I took another really close look at the photograph. Then I started doing the math - 30 tricks a day for four years. 
Now I'm sorry to be graphic here but many of you may not remember the porn done of a latin woman where she slept with 600 men. I do. I also remember she was in bed for two weeks after that and couldn't walk right for a month. About a year later she had to have corrective surgery. But I also remembered she had people having to give her ice packs for the pain. She had been wanting to do 1000 men but her body gave out at 600 men that took her three solid days straight before she says she couldn't handle the pain any longer and bailed.
I showed this photo to a few SWA members and got their reaction which was the same - "she looks too healthy"
I'm not saying she's not a trafficking victim. She has the pain in her eyes of a survivor. But I doubt the math and she didn't get to Congress to testify out of her own pocket. I am working on a Spanish translation of our book and maybe we can get the book distributed out there to these women. Once I get it done - of course we'd give it for free to them.
So I wrote to the author again the letter below:
Dear Rafael Romo:
What has been done to document the story presented here of this girl who was "forced to have sex 30 times a day for four years". I am a survivor first of all. I was force to turn over 15000 dates during my time frame. I was in my late teens and early 20's when this happened so I was strong. The body when subjected to that much stress and trauma turns on itself. The immune system starts to break down. Sore develop on the skin. My hair started falling out and so did my teeth. My teeth were literally loose. I was as white as a ghost. I hadn't had a bowel movement in four months because my intestines stopped working. It took months for the sores on my skin to heal. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor who gave me the right vitamins to help me heal because I had nerve damage that caused me to have an involuntary twitch. It took a year for that to heal with massive amino acids I was given to heal the nerve damage. I had been exposed to chronic fatigue syndrome so I also was so tired I couldn't feed or even bathe myself. Over 80 percent of trafficking victims now are exposed to chronic fatigue syndrome. HIV has made a come back. No one from the health dept. wants to hear it here in the states and everyone is trying not to hear it - but we're seeing an HIV epidemic coming back.
My mother was so horrified of what I looked like when she rescued me that she took pictures. I can assure you I looked like I was dead in the photos. Especially with the pale color and the dark circles under my eyes. I couldn't keep food down so I was down to 86 pounds. I was very obviously sick. The average trick takes 15 minutes to turn. There's only so many tricks you can turn in one day. If you're on your period - many tricks won't even deal with that. So that lowers your amount of tricks. When you don't sleep - your body will eventually force you to sleep which is bad for business so the pimps will let you sleep. I'm just letting you know that the numbers here, combined with the photo of what this young woman looks like - well just begs me to ask you if you know for a fact any of this information is true?
I also ask because I see Exodus Cry is involved in this story. Here in the states - that group has been connected with four "shams" now where they've appeared on so called "reality TV". Each time I've managed to get these shows taken right off the air because they were not just fake - but they were fake being used to raise money. That's a crime. The last one I'm putting together a federal investigation into because they defrauded the federal government out of money - not just private donors. So I"m not surprised they're moving into other countries. After I've had 4 shows taken off the air and have this investigation going here in the states - well they'd have to go to another country where people aren't wise to them.
Let me point you to this article here - Sounds legit doesn't it? They bank rolled that press right into a show called "8 Minutes". I didn't have proof it was completely fake until the show aired - and then once i had it I went to A&E with it. They yanked the show immediately. Now if the reporter had done a little bit of digging - they would have uncovered this was a fraud back then.
I'll explain why. Back in the 1970's and 1980's the world believed sex trafficking didn't exist anymore. But it did. Only no one believed it existed. Taking matters into her own hands Lois Lee founded Children of the Night in 1979. That was for teens. Only what about adults? I point you to Now that appears to be a brothel I was arrested over. Only that's what the police thought also. A woman we had rescued from her pimp was there hiding out at a warehouse we got for security purposes to protect victims. They interviewed her and saw her black eye, her broken nose and broken arm and she told them why we were hiding her there. They arrested him on drug charges by arrested him eiher way and I was cleared of charges. The security I had spoken of in the article was protection from the pimps. Once I had legal clearance - I stepped up in 1987 on national media and announced our hotline for Prostitutes Anonymous and our 12 step program. By the year 2000, we had chapters of PA all over the USA, in every major city and in three cities in Canada. We were the reason the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed giving us federal recognition.
So you see Rafael - I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement. Our program is alive and well and we renamed it to Sex Workers Anonymous in 1995. Now - these two cops were running around trying to do "outreach" but no one was mentioning a word about Children of the Night nor our program. Now - who would be coming out to a city where we're headquartered and doing this kind of outreach without involving us? Well normally reporters will contact us to ask that question. They might be taking a different approach - who knows. But the fact they didn't know we existed? Well that should have been a red flag to the reporter . Who goes out to do outreach for someone without researching what options are available? Would you go out to help an alcoholic without involving AA in some way? Of course not.
But these people used this press and this show to get themselves not only federal grant money - but the producers also got a big fat check too. Only now the investors into Relativity Media are suing them for being defrauded also.
So I would caution you not to believe anything out of these people's mouths. They claim to be "abolitionists". Only I've been the one fighting back the brothels here in the states from expanding - not them. We just beat them back from expanding into Las Vegas in 2013. They weren't there. We were there alone. I have a video of the hearing proving we were there testifying against the brothel lobbyist alone. I also beat them back out of California in 1988 and won. I gave a press conference you can read about on lashing out against the legal brothels in 2007. After that press conference I had our outreach car destroyed, my daughter was run over by a car and broke her back, and our outreach RV had a bomb found in it. I didn't see anyone from Exodus Cry there. We've asked to speak at their "abolition summits" but we're not invited. I'm not surprised why when every time I hear about some fake outreach - they're connected to it and having their hand out for money.
Look - the work we do we do for free. I can give you a hotline number they can call 24/7 and an email they can reach out to at I'm working on a translation of our Recovery Guide in Spanish. I give away our Recovery Guides. Anyone can set up a meeting and our program works. We have testimonials at We have members who speak Spanish I can connect them to. None of this costs anyone a dime.
Meaning if we can get you to write a story about our program and help us get the word out there - we can give the materials to anyone out there who wants to form chapters and they can organize and help themselves out there. But I have to tell them about us for us to get that information out there.
These people I can assure you are not doing what they say they're doing. We however are. We've had independent journalists come out and verify what we do. I don't mean outreach - I mean our program of recovery. Because once you get their attention - you have to be able to help them get out and stay out. I can assure you I've done 30 years of rescues and the look in the eyes is very distinct. I just don't see the terror in that womans' eyes that I see when we pull someone out of that type of situation. For them to even ask her to be photographed - how is she going to move on from this now? How is she supposed to find work? How is she supposed to find housing? We look to the long term and we don't want these women dependent. We want them working and in their own home. Now she's going to have to work against this press. Any group who asks you to photograph these womens' faces is not thinking of their best interest.
So if I can be of any help to you - please contact me.
Jody Williams (702) 468-4529

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