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Thursday, November 19, 2015


Lois Lee had told us they had asked her to speak and she had declined the offer.  I told her I'd see if they were interested in hearing from us.  I had sent in an informational packet to the Alameda District Attorney's office back in 2014 that I never heard anything from.  I had also sent in another email to her on October 22nd when I heard she was at the committee for public safety committee meeting which is on another post, and didn't hear back from her.  I then sent in another request seven days ago.  This morning I sent in yet another response to then get this one.

So this is what they do.  They stall stall stall stall stall and then "oops gee we filled up all the spaces".   This my dear readers is how interested they are in hearing not only from survivors in recovery, survivors who have been in recovery since 1985, but even from the person who made their job possible.

I guarantee you that in the 1980's this was not the environment where she could have stepped up to be defending "criminals".  Because that's the way we were viewed until OUR group started doing weekly broadcasts on public access out here with one survivor after another after another telling their story until we finally saw the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed.

And we all paid the price for that.  We knew we were having to change people's minds about us.  In the public's mind we were "criminals" and "junkie's" and "whores".  Studying psychology the way that I had spent my life doing I knew that if we bombarded the media with images of us telling our stories - they couldn't hold up the wall dividing us from being "one of them" instead of just "them".

How ironic that they've now found a new way to wall us off entirely and look good while doing it!  Look at us look at us look at us - look at how we're trying to help.

Only with no solutions - what are they doing?

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