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Sunday, November 29, 2015


Come on - things like this article on "jail house snitches" are nothing new.  In fact, this computer system keeping track of "confidential informants" out of Orange County has been used by not only California police, sheriff's, cops, and DA's, but also Nevada's. 

You can verify this as fact right here -  This shows there's even files on "porn stars" in this database system.

I want you to now put yourself in my shoes here for a moment.   Read up on Chris Butler.  This  is a man who was not only a retired respected cop from Orange County, but also who was running a private investigative agency where he specialized in pretty female detectives who would go out and tempt your husband to see if he'd cheat on you.  He also owned massage parlors and trafficked women.  Using other active duty cops, they would steal drugs from the evidence rooms.  Then use the prostitutes to resell the drugs they transported in cop cars in evidence bags if stopped.

Now ask yourself - how would you get away from that if you were one of those prostitutes?  Who would you call?  Keep in mind this man is now running the top private investigative agency in the country with active duty cops on his rolodex who also have access to this computer full of snitches also.  Further in cases like this where the victim is a 14 year old - as a minor if she suddenly goes missing heads are going to roll.  But with adult hookers turning up missing every day and no one giving one damn - ask yourself what other group out there tells women like those who were being trafficked to Chris Butler, and those other cops, that we have a way out for you that's safe and you'll come out alive?

Why would we even want to set up such a system for these types of adult victims?  Margo Compton sums up that desire -

Now if you run from a trafficking operation like this - don't you think those cops are going to turn to snitches for help to find you?  Meaning that if you turn to someone who is in the sex industry - you might get ratted out.  Snitches by the way are nothing new.  In my day, I was only one of a list which included Heidi Fleiss who found themselves being arrested and jacked up by not only the FBI, but also corrupt cops by Alex Adams - the woman known for years as the "Beverly Hills Madam".

On one hand Alex was feeding information to the FBI on people like myself - which kept her at the top of the industry for years as a madam.  I'd venture to say the FBI was actually in reality her guard dogs who attacked "competitors".  Because who do you think active madams, pimps and drug dealers feed to law enforcement?  Their friends?  Hell no - their competitors are usually the first line.  Now if this was just feeding information it's one thing.  But Alex actually set me up.

Minding my own business - I met her when I got a phone call offering a little "white" scam she had cooked up where clients could sell their credit cards for cash.  Let us shop on the cards and then they could report them stolen after we had maxed them out.  She said because we were going in with the customers' consent - therefore if we got nabbed the card owner would simply vouch we had his permission and no one would get hurt.  She offered me something like $1000 for each card with  $3000 limit.  This was also in 1984 when the heat was on with VICE and I was looking for ways to make money besides escorting.  To do me a "favor" she suckers me into this card scam.

Assuring me insurance covered this and no one was going to get arrested - she hands me this scheme and offers to buy cards from me.  I knew plenty of men who wanted cash their wives and bosses didn't know about or what they were paying for with their money interested in some extra cash they could spend as they wished.  Especially with the drug epidemic raging of the 80's.  In no time I had something like 20 credit cards burning a hole in my pocket.

I called her up and told her I had the cards.  She told me to "come on up" to the house where I was greeted by a bunch of cops where one slammed me into into a wall when the door opened and pointed a  9mm up my nose.  His pupils were so tiny I could just tell the dude was jacked up on some kind of speed.  I could tell if I twitched this guy would blow my head off.  So he carts me off to jail for credit card fraud - only none of my clients would press charges.  They all said I had their cards by consent and the case was dropped.

The cops made a big show about arresting her when they arrested me but I knew good and well all she had to do was tip me off and I wouldn't have gone over there thinking I was going to make a deal.  I also saw they let hear keep wearing my coat when they put her in a separate cell from me.  I knew I was "had" then.

Funny thing is I tried warning Heidi Fleiss for YEARS Alex was a "snitch".  She just brushed me off, called me "paranoid" and well we all saw what happened when Alex snitched her out years later.  Not only did Heidi get arrested, but so did the women working for her and her parents.   Heidi just couldn't believe that Alex was a snitch because she was "so nice to her".  Heidi was being "mentored" by Alex back then when I first met her.  I felt like saying "what you think snitches get their information by being assholes?"  I fell for it myself thinking that she had called me wanting to be "friends" and "sisters in the sex industry" and all that other crap I fell for out of her she ran on me to convince me to come up to the house for coffee, to be friends, and then to set me up.

When you see someone arrested, then totally promoting themselves about town without fear in the public eye - something's wrong.  Everyone in Los Angeles knew who Alex was - yet she's only popped over this credit card scam?  Baloney.  She was a paid informant for YEARS.  I was arrested in 1984 because of her and Heidi wasn't arrested until 1991.  Meaning Alex operated for YEARS as a madam while being a snitch.

Did the police offer to make me a snitch when they arrested me?  Sure they did.  Don't think it didn't cross my mind.  It's a tempting offer to be told you can do whatever you want in the sex industry and you're not only not going to go to jail - but you might even get a whole side income off the snitch work.  To live like Alex was quite tempting - but I'd seen how cops treat their snitches and I wasn't interested.  I also wasn't going to betray women out there I knew were already being betrayed in many ways by their pimps, their customers, society, etc.

That's what the snitch against Rick "Freeway" Ross found himself in the middle of.  His snitch was pulling down $40,000 a year just to be a snitch and set Rick up.  It worked.  He threatened to kill someone that was Rick's friend is he didn't go back to drug sales.  Then Rick got popped for life.  He's out now - but it took a lot of time and money to do so.

Now Alex didn't side up to me in a jail cell.  Nor Heidi.  After Cheri Woods and I "retired" from the industry in 1984 - Alex took Heidi under her wing and "mentored" her to take our place.  Heidi decided she wanted it all - to edge even Alex out.  Again, we saw what happened when her arrest was plastered all over the internet.  But realize Alex was a snitch working for YEARS as a madam back in the 1980's  Now there's so many informants they have a computer system to keep track of them!

Informants come in all kinds of sizes.  I have been told there are people who go into NA meetings just looking for addicts who have insurance. They then talk them into an insurance billing scam where some get caught and arrested.  Some go into treatment programs and literally offer an addict money to go check into another program.  Meaning there are some people posing as addicts right now in a residential treatment program who are only there for "marketing" purposes.

I once saw a trafficking victim hiding out in a suicide ward in ND from a pimp she'd escaped in Los Angeles.  That pimp actually got another one of this prostitutes to slash her wrists just to get herself put into the same suicide ward - where she then threatened this first victim her family would be killed if she didn't check out of the hospital and come back to the pimp.  I remember the hospital staff told me I was "crazy" when I warned them to be on alert for another girl coming in shortly after the first one with a staged suicide attempt.  They weren't laughing when they called to tell me she'd checked in and then threatened the victim the pimp was sitting right in front of the hospital in his car waiting for her to come out.  He was on a public street so no one could make him move legally either.  We smuggled that victim out of the hospital in a morgue bag.  Then dressed her up as a man to smuggle her home safely.  When we flew her into Omaha airport - we saw the pimps walking around the airport with her photo.  There is a network where traffickers, and cops, can be viewing every airport at the same time when they're trying to find someone who is trying to escape.  I'm saying this because I want you to understand how hard it is for someone like Chris Butler to find their way out of being under his thumb - without being found and drug back or worse.

If you were a trafficker, and you knew that once victims were helped by Sex Workers Anonymous, you weren't going to get them back again - wouldn't a logical move be to try and make sure no one calls them for help?  Now how would you do that?  Tell your victim "don't call them"?  Or maybe a smear campaign might be more effective.

On top of informants, and snitches, and "marketing" recruiters, there are people whose job is  nothing but smear campaigns.  Witness what happened with KFC who is now suing some marketing companies in China for spreading rumors they were selling "deep fried rats" and also "genetically engineered chickens with 8 legs" and such.  So here we have "fake" customers trying to convince you not to buy KFC chicken.

While some "influencers" are talking you out of buying a product like KFC are found is true, there are others using these fake people to talk you into buying something.  Witness the lawsuits over this marketing tactic uncovered -

Is this just Amazon, Fivvr, Yelp and KFC where we find fake reviews, fake customers, false claims of deep fried rats in their lunch, etc.?

I'm talking about this whole thing for a couple of reasons.  In the field I'm in of helping adults to go through the exit process from sex work and to also address sex trafficking victims within the industry from the point of view of having "been there done that" - there was no "federal recognition" of this as even "real" until the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.  Meaning there wasn't one thin red dime to be found in this field.  Everything we did and do is done on my dime - no one else's.

Trust me - hookers leaving the sex industry are always broke.  So there was no money to be made.  There was no federal grants.  There were no fund raisers.  I had to give away our Recovery Guides to our members because no one ever has money coming into our program.  Because it's illegal to accept money from someone working in prostitution - we have a policy not to even pass a basket at a meeting so we don't wind up being charged with felony pimping.

Now let me ask you something - when people accuse me of entering this field "to make myself a buck" if money was my sole motivation wouldn't I just go back to sex work where I was making $30,000 a week in cash off the books in the 1980's?  Why if all I wanted as money would I have spent from 1984 when I turned a warehouse into a safe house for adults on my own dime, then opened up a hotline in 1987 with an 800 number which back then meant I had to rent an office for $150 a month, then install a business line which cost me another $125 a month plus $1.00 a minute for each call, (this was before the internet, VOIP, cell phones, etc.), pay over $5,000 just to print up our Recovery Guides in 1992, and then spent years from the 1980's until the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 doing all of this on my own dime- why then would I spend over $400,000 of my own money to start and run our program and hotline on some possibility of being able to "make a buck" in this work today?

Can anyone explain the logic to me of that reasoning?  Especially when right now I'm not holding a fund raiser, not applying for a grant, don't have a kickstarter campaign, nor am I going to nor have I.  So where if I'm "doing this for money" am I going to get this mythical money?  I'm making it as a snitch?  That would be fun considering I don't ask people's names when they call the hotline, nor where they live.  I tell members at meetings not to tell us their name, where they work, who they ran with or how much money they made.  Yeah I'm really rolling in information here.

However, if you look at groups like SWOP - you have to (1) get someone to vouch you're a sex worker, or you have to show them your porn photos, and (2) you pay them a membership fee which not only tells them your IP address and email but also gives them your banking information.  So let me ask you something - who is more likely to be gathering information on you being in ILLEGAL prostitution or knowledge of your illegal activities along with information on where you live, your bank information where you process your money, or a program like ours who doesn't collect any money nor even asks you to give them a name?

Why would anyone be trying to get information on sex workers in the USA?  First, there is not only LITERALLY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS now to be made in the field of sex trafficking, but there's also now political power.  Our country just passed a Trafficking Act for 1.5 BILLION to set up trafficking centers in other countries -

If there's power to be had - there's going to be a lobbyist.  The legal brothels in Nevada have a lobbyist.  They've had the same one for 20 years.  They've also been trying to get expanded into California and Las Vegas since the 1980's is why they have a lobbyist.  Remember, Joe Conforte gave $1,000,000 to  PR firm in California to try and help him change the laws so he could open legal brothels in California.  So guess where you might find someone with an interest in faked media?  Me?  Or them?  I'm not trying to change or pass any laws right now.  I'm not a politician or a prosecutor or even an attorney.  I'm not a celebrity who gets paid by how many clicks I get on my website.  The ONLY media I go after seeking is media to let those who might need our help know how to reach us.

People after political power use the media to gain that power.  If there is not political power right now in this work - then explain to me why the Cupcake Girls also now has a lobbyist?  Let's again be logical.  The Cupcake Girls says they are basically trying to "show strippers the love of Christ" and to "save sex trafficking victims".  So why would they hire a paid lobbyist?

A lobbyist who also represents Live Nation.  A side note - Live Nation, another group who shares this lobbyist with the Cupcake Girls also produces concerts with Snoop Dogg.  Snoop Dogg who confessed to trafficking prostitutes during his whole 2003 Playboy tour and for who I set up  Now I ask you WHY does a group to help trafficking victims share a lobbyist who is part of a group that is making money with an admitted trafficker?

And you're going to lose this little factoid - when we do outreach in Vegas to the strippers we try and do so with HIV education and testing.  Then the Cupcake Girls stepped in with their make-overs, their free coffee, their free cupcakes, and their oh so sweet disposition.   We have been told by more than one stripper that they bash us in the process of their outreach.

They do all this but guess what they DON'T do?  They don't say a word about HIV to the strippers.  Not one word.  Live Nation also represents by the way - CHARLIE SHEEN.  You remember him.  The guy who has been covering up he's been spreading HIV possibly knowingly to every escort and porn star he could get his hands (or other body parts) upon for YEARS.  Something he has admitted to paying  lot of money to try and silence.

Now let me ask you something - if you were Charlie and you were trying to silence any rumor you had HIV and there was this group in Los Angeles and Las Vegas doing outreach to the same women you're sleeping with while having HIV who was going out talking to these strippers and porn stars about HIV, offering education, giving them rides to go get free anonymous testing, what would you do to stop them?  Ask me to stop?  That wouldn't work so what else would you do to get inbetween our program that is doing these things and those women that you're trying to keep dumb and quiet?  Maybe send in nice little church ladies with free coffee, cupcakes, makeovers, free dental care, and all this talk about being their "friend" while also telling them NOT to call SWA maybe?  I mean you tell me - what would you do if in Charlie's shoes?

Our program is the only one I'm aware of anyway for adults that makes a routine of suggesting new members get HIV tests, as well as a complete physical.  We do outreach with education.  We drive new members to where they can get free anonymous testing.  We have more than one member of SWA who has told me they have been with Charlie and they're HIV positive, and they believe he's been aware of it.  I took an escort into my home in the 1980's sick with the virus who was dating Charlie Sheen in the 80's.  I saw him coming to meet with her more than once with my own eyes.   So he knows I know and he knows I run SWA.  Also notice something else - Charlie claims he was diagnosed "four years ago" with HIV.  When did he sign with Live Nation?  In 2011 - FOUR YEARS AGO.  Connecting the dots yet anyone?

I sure do know something is fishy when a group of church ladies shows up in Vegas out of a blue and starts their "outreach" campaigns with their free coffee, cupcakes, make-overs and smiles who doesn't know us from Adam, acts like we don't even exist, and starts twisting up sex workers' heads about "not trusting" us while claiming to "care about sex trafficking victims".  Honestly, if they were to be working with actual trafficking victims in Nevada - I guarantee you there would be a firebomb come through their bakery or some other form of attack to shut them down just as I've seen anyone who does actually extract victims from the Nevada system such as Bob Beers, Sharnel Silvey, or even myself, plus others, have seen is what happens.

So if anyone going to really be the least bit surprised if after doing this work I'm doing for 30 years, after having three REPUTABLE investigative reporters like John Quinones and Bob Herbert to name only two - come out to my home to check out our work with their own eyes who all wrote wonderful things about us - that suddenly I've got people who are working together on fund raisers with these Cupcake Girls then turning around and setting up completely bogus websites like a short time ago while also making me and SWA sound like I'm a complete idiot with an "imaginary" program?  Making false claims that I'm "violating anonymity" and "attacking callers" and all kinds of other insanity designed to what?  Make sex workers not want to call our hotline for help.

To go where?  One of the leaders in the campaign to plant seeds of distrust when Domina Elle partnered with the Cupcake Girls to raise money for Kamylla was Meg from Abeni.  Abeni who receives grant money from the federal government through the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force.  Recognize Orange County?  We referenced their high use of snitches and informants in Orange County at the opening of this blog.  Tits and Sass by the way completely defended us when Melissa Farley betrayed us, lied to us, deceived us, and defrauded us in 2007.  Yet this Meg from Abeni comes along and suddenly they're backing her while bashing us suddenly?  I mean what happened from 2007 to 2015 to make Tits N Sass suddenly not have our back but instead of Abeni's?

If you attend Abeni meetings by the way - many people don't realize this but anything you say in a "support group" is not covered by confidentiality laws.  Nor are "outreach" groups like the Cupcake Girls.  It's not just their bashing me out of a blue when they don't even know me.  Something is very fishy when the Cupcake Girls goes to the Nevada legislature trying to pass a law on the claim that "sex workers can't find work outside the industry because of a prostitution arrest in Nevada"!A-Step-Forward-for-Sex-Trafficking-Survivors/cmbz/556fa0860cf219f177242529

That's strange because since 1996 when I moved to Nevada - I've not had any problem finding work for those women with prostitution or trespassing charges on their record.  In fact, just about every casino in Vegas will hire someone with a record for that and in some cases will even SEEK IT OUT. I have been ASKED by casino's marketing departments to please refer ex-working girls to them for jobs.

Why?  They're good with the public and do very well in marketing, promotions, sales, and jobs where one is having to interact with the public who may be drunk and in a gaming adult environment.   Work is easy in Nevada for ex-hookers.  There's a huge marketing company for time shares that pays $25 an hour to do sales presentations.  They could care less about a prostitution arrest.  So if I can take a survivor and place them tomorrow into a full time job doing sales presentations for time shares for $25 an hour with a prostitution record - why if they are what they say they are, and going to the Nevada legislature for, why would they not want to know the names of these companies?  If they cared about the victims they were reaching out to - wouldn't they make a point of asking me for this list?

When I had first heard of the Cupcake Girls and this Bill of theirs - I contacted them.  I told them that I had a list of employers in Nevada who have no problem at all hiring someone with a prostitution record and I'd love to share that with them, or they could refer those needing help over to our hotline.  I tried repeatedly to meet with them when they first opened in Vegas, and offered this list when I read that news, and was nothing but rebuffed and then blocked.

This bill requires by the way a hiring of an attorney to go back into your records to have them expunged.  Meaning a retainer for at least $1500 last time we checked into an attorney that frankly most survivors I know of don't have that kind of money or time.  They need work and need it now.
Did they want the list?  They blocked me after I offered it to them.

Let's be logical a moment here.  If the Cupcake Girls' was really all about helping sex trafficking victims to recover - then why would they come into town about a year or so ago and refuse to take the list from me of employers?  Why are they winding up strippers into going to them instead of us when they need help?  Are any of them covered under the confidentiality laws?  Nope.  Again, if you were Charlie, on a completely hypothetical level, if you were Charlie trying to cover up your were HIV positive - wouldn't this be EXACTLY what you'd do to try and stop any sex workers who are HIV positive you've slept with, or are sleeping with, from reaching out to our hotline for help?  Anyone who knows me by the way also knows I have deep mad respect for Gloria Allred, and Gloria not only has had me on her radio show when she had it, but she even met with me to offer advice when I formed our 12 step program as a donation.  Gloria is now forming legal action against Charlie.  If I'm wrong - then please offer me another explanation why this group refused to speak to me the very day they came into town KNOWING that I've been there since 1996 working with Vegas prostitutes and trafficking victims if they are what they say they are?

Let's be logical and adult now - is it possible that with all this money flying around the field right now what with federal grants, money from the Catholic Church, money raised at $50,000 a plate fund raisers, and all the political power on the table right now when it comes to the subject of sex trafficking (what other legitimate grounds is there to enter into a country where they have no weapons of mass destruction OTHER than human trafficking by the way) - that maybe, just maybe, there are people who might not want you to contact a hotline that for 30 years has withstood warrants, subpena's, even offers to be a paid informant, and has done everything humanly possible to ensure that you have a safe place to call and talk about what's going on with you WITHOUT fear it's going to wind up in a courtroom somewhere?

If there are people out there who would fake Samoly Mam, and who would go to all the trouble to stage a whole series called "8 Minutes" behind a completely bogus "outreach" program that never existed in reality, one that hired actors to act as their "success stories" of their supposed "outreach church" and even hired actors to pretend to be "rescued" - do you really honestly truly think they might not create fake sex workers to lead you the direction they want to lead you?

Snoop Dogg is upset at me ever since I launched and Charlie Sheen has supposedly even paid $10 million dollars to try and keep silent the fact he's HIV positive - and they are clients of Live Nation who also is a lobbyist for the Cupcake Girls and you're going to tell me they care more about helping sex trafficking victims than the survivor who opened up her own "safe house" in 1984 in an old warehouse, or put in her own 800 hotline for victims to call on her own dime YEARS before we even had federal recognition?

Give me a break.

I warned Heidi for years Alex was an informant.  She ignored me from the 1980's and then in the 1990's her whole life blew up.  Why did it take so long?  When she went down the government got to take all her property for one.  For another, they got to pop all the escorts working for her and her parents by letting her go out as far as she did before they lunged on her.

That said, Sex Workers Anonymous is the ONLY group I know of that does what we do.  No we are not going to offer you cash aid.  Nor are we going to put you into a residential program.  We don't want to put you in a single mother's home and adopt your baby out.  We don't want you to stand there and help us look good for the newspapers to print a photo about the "great work" we're doing.  I'm not trying to be one of the "top 100 people of all time" nor am I trying to get an award.  I don't have my face plastered all over the internet.  I don't have a fund raiser going for three causes at the same time.  I'm not trying to pass a law or get into office.  I'm not applying for a grant.  I don't get one single dime for any of the work I do in SWA.  No one is charged for anything in SWA.  I'm not trying to advance my career, sell my memoirs, or get myself into a journalist job at the Washington Post.

We operate a hotline where you can confidentially and anonymously call for help if you want to leave the sex industry, and to get help to find recovery from your time in the industry and/or if you were trafficked. That help is set up to extend to those who find themselves the victims of trafficking where DEA agents own the strip club, or ex-cops own the massage parlor, or current cops take dirty pictures of you when you're 14 years old and you don't know where you can go to get away from the reach of these guys who have to worry not only are you going to arrest them for pimping - but that you might wind up like Sandra Bland or Jeanne Palfrey.  Meaning even if the people who are trafficking you are connected to law enforcement - we can help you to get away, stay away, and to find recovery.

Our 12 step program is the only one in the country where anyone anywhere can be arrested for prostitution and the sex worker can ask the judge to grant them "alternative sentencing" into our program instead of jail and it can be legally granted - even if you can't afford an attorney.  Is this valuable if you are married, have kids, have pets, and therefore can't go into a residential program?  Hell yes it is.

You're smart people out there - figure out for yourselves.  You want to believe everything someone tells you because they smile at you?  I got this bridge for sale in NY then if that's the case!

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