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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Dear Ms. O'Malley:

Lois Lee, founder and director of Children of the Night, and I have known each other since she founded her program in 1979.  In fact, it was because she cut off help at 18 years of age - I had to resort to taking my own steps to help adult trafficking victims in Los Angeles during a time when not only did the world not believe we even existed - but that we were experiencing a record epidemic of serial killers targeting prostitutes of all ages, HIV/AIDS was raging, and the country was being flooded with crack cocaine.  During Iran Contra, and with the south central gangs having suddenly money in truck loads - there was also a related upswing in sex trafficking.  

This was why I set up the warehouse spoken of in my arrest in 1984 here at  Now granted the whole thing blew up when an angry pimp called the police and claimed it was a brothel.  To try and explain it was not a brothel was difficult because again you have to realize the law, and the world, didn't recognize sex trafficking as even real.  But after looking at the bars, the CCTV, the security systems, the video cameras we had installed, etc. and of course speaking to the prostitute about why she was in the warehouse - the case was resolved when she was able to testify against him for his drug sales activities.

I of course realized we needed to take a different approach - and after making sure our legal ducks were in order launched everything in 1987.  That means I went onto national TV and announced our hotline where one could call and get help, our 12 step program for recovery, and calling our for this country to recognize what we were dealing with and to make the changes that are now what you're able to spear head.

Because back in the 1980's - if you called the police about this sort of thing they would literally laugh and hang up the phone on you.  Mental health professionals would accuse you of hallucinating when you tried to speak about such things also.  So there was a lot of work to be done.  Over the years, I've sent anyone under 18 to Lois for help because when minors are involved it's very complicated.  Complicated most of the time by the fact their parents and/or guardians are involved in one way or another who actively fight you trying to help them leave and recover.  So I've always left the work to her over the years - meaning we're in regular contact with each other.

Which is when she told me your group had asked her to speak at some function she had to decline.  The holidays is a time when her kids really need her more than ever because of the "family" emphasis.  In our case however, I find our members get very busy with family and hence my time opens up more.  So when I heard about your request to have her speak - I offered to reach out to you instead if you need a speaker.  

I just sent a letter to the committee for public safety I've attached for your review on my work and who I am, along with my CV.  I hadn't heard about the October hearing on the issue - so I'm reaching out to the committee members to offer myself as a resource.  It's important because if people aren't experienced in this work it can be very frustrating.  Many get so frustrated they burn out quickly even which I've seen a lot of in the thirty years of this work.

Anyway, I've attached the materials so you might know who I am and what I do and if you need help with needing a speaker I certainly have 30 years experience t it under my belt.  I've spoken at many large conferences such as the National Council on Sexual Addictions' convention, or the Sexaholics World Convention, and a million others too many to list.  Being that I helped set up the first alternative sentencing programs out here in Los Angeles for prostitutes in the late 1980's with then mayor Tom Bradley, Sheriff Block and Chief Gates - I also am quite familiar with the challenges you're going to be dealing with on these issues.  

Call anytime with anything I can help with.  I've relocated back to Los Angeles for good.  I moved to Nebraska in 1994 to set up some safe houses there, and then to Nevada in 1996 to work with rescuing trafficking victims from the legal brothels there - and now our fellowship wants me here the most.  

Also, I produce a radio show at that I'm in the process of upgrading into a weekly cable show like I used to have back in the early 80's here.  They don't have the same kinds of TV stations in Vegas they do here - so I can do this now I'm back in Los Angeles.  The TV show will be called also "Leaving the Life" and I've set up a link for it at   Maybe I can get some interviews and film going on this project for the show.  But to find out if there's something here I can film - I'll have to talk to you of course more.  

Thank you for your time.  

Jody Williams

PS - I'm trying to set up something like I had before with probation here in Los Angeles, so I attached a letter I had prepared for them also for your review.  These will tell you more about my work and background.  

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