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Saturday, November 7, 2015


People have a hard time understanding why we in Sex Workers Anonymous do not have the sex industry, prostitution, or drugs, as our 1st step.  The reason is because it's not the problem for us.  When Bill Wilson began to understand the "ism" of alcohol"ism" the program of AA banned him from speaking at meetings, conventions, and even writing for the Grapevine.  They wanted the focus on alcohol - not him.

When Bill Wilson and Jimmy Kinnon wrote the pamphlet "problems other than alcohol" they were told "it's an outside issue".   Jimmy was driven to a spiritual bottom at 15 years sober where he almost murdered his family, and himself, just to stop the pain because merely being clean from drugs was not allowing him to be "happy, joyous and free".  He then had a spiritual awakening also - different than Bill's but an awakening the same.

With Jimmy, the men who wanted to hijack the literature to open treatment centers locked him out of the office, and illegally voted him right out of his own office.  They got their way and addicts are dying now instead of hearing the message.

Learning from this history - I have copyrighted and trademarked our message in SWA.  I have my own story of how people have tried to hijack our program and make it about "trafficking" and "prostitution".  This story will be out in December in "Anatomy of  Movement".  In the meantime, if you want to hear the message that people keep trying to silence - you can get an idea by listening to these tapes from our forefathers:

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