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Thursday, November 19, 2015


Some years ago I started realizing I was being investigated by more than the local police.  When I would open a chapter of SWA, of course the local police are going to be suspicious.  If you look at the history of many so called "converts" in many occasions it's been a sham.  In NY for example, this group started out claiming they wanted to "help the community" and it turned into a big scam where they were actually running drugs.

One of the groups I studied before opening our program was the Black Panthers.  I also studied with some holocaust survivors that had a group here in Los Angeles, and as much as I could about Gandhi.  These were people who not only changed the world view about who they were, but also were able to rescue people out of  a system that was rigged against them from the start.  So I was well aware that people infiltrated the Black Panthers sent in from the CIA, and well you can read what happened yourself.

So whenever we would open up a chapter of SWA in a city we would always be "checked out" by local police to make sure we were on the "up and up".  I ignored them because we were not doing anything other than what we said.  I let them snoop around, pretend to be hookers even coming to our meetings, let them sniff around and once they were satisfied we were what we said we were - they would stop the investigating and let us go on about our business.  

Meaning I was used to that kind of thing whenever we'd open up a chapter in a new town.  The members would call me up reporting someone was acting weird, their phones were tapped, they were being watched, etc.  I would explain "that's just local police checking you out" and rightfully so.  I understood this and once satisfied these people would let us go on about our business.  It was important local police knew so that when we would pick up members to drive them to a meeting, or go to their house to do step work with them, that if there was a raid or investigation going on - the police would know that we were not involved.  We were not working with fuzzy puppies or nuns here - we are working with people who have spent their lives keeping secrets, they are good actors, and their ties to the underworld sometimes goes deep.  It may take years for one to truly be free of where they left for those reasons.  

But an investigation of some kind started against us that was different.  Very different.  I needed to order more copies of our book printed.  So I asked a local printer in Las Vegas to give me a quote.  I think this was 2013.  When I called for the quote, he said to me "oh you were here last week and picked that up".  No I wasn't.  Now I don't know if this is a pimp looking for me or what - so I asked him if he would show me any security footage he had so I could see who this person was who picked up my estimate pretending to be me, and I also wanted to see the signature.  I asked him if I could come down and see these things and well he freaked out.  He stopped taking my calls and got scared and I can't say I blame him.  I mean who does this?  

Might have been an isolated incident, but then I get told by a woman in Michigan that "someone called me and asked for copies of every email between you and I".  When I asked her to please let me know who this person was - she refused.  I do know this - I would start talking to someone and be getting along fine with them and them suddenly they would block me for no reason.  When I would reapproach them about what was wrong - they were scared.  Very scared.  I managed to get a few people to tell me what was wrong and I kept hearing the same thing "someone was asking for copies of our emails for their file on you".  When I would ask "who?" everyone just seemed to freak out and refuse to answer me.  

Not long ago someone said "sounds like Cointelpro"/  I'm like "who is that?"  Like many people, I thought this group had gone by the wayside back in the 60's and 70's.  Turns out not so.  I also read that with respect to Aaron Greene, his landlord, his employer, neighbors, etc. were reporting that someone had been asking questions about him aggressively before this arrest.  

Not a month goes by when we don't get offers from people to volunteer with us.  I used to meet with these people, and then ask them to help me with various projects, and they would.  Only after 2013, and this investigation starts, I start not hearing from them again after meeting with them.  Again, doubling back and trying to figure out why they would suddenly disappear, I'm hearing that no sooner are these people home from coffee that they were being approached and questioned about me.  Enough to make most people think "I need to stay out of this".  

Starting about March of 2015, I then start having people pretending to be potential SWA members start trying to identify where we have chapters.  They are calling up saying "I'm in Miami, do you have a chapter there?"  Normally, I would take this caller and refer them to the local Miami group of members.  However, I'm smelling a rat here.  Especially after our little fake "photojournalist" encounter.  This was a woman who was claiming she was photographing survivors for an international magazine project.  She offered us a donation to meet with members of SWA to photograph them.  Only because we thought an international magazine would be good exposure for our hotline did we agree.  

Only our security means I need to meet with her before she meets the other members.  When she showed up for coffee, she had no camera with her.  Now photojournalists working on a project like she described would not show up without a camera.  I asked her about it and she said they had been "stolen".  Knowing that again no photojournalist would even leave their cameras in a hostel room - I handed her my camera.  I asked her to "please show me how to operate it".  Of which she had no idea how to operate a camera.  I checked further and her portfolio had been bought as stock photos from various people.  I gave her a fake number of someone and told her this was a SWA member.  We then proceeded to hear her call up and lie about me horribly to the person on the other end.  Now why would someone pay someone to fly all the way in from Finland just to get access to SWA members just to call and tell them lies about me?  Made no sense.  

Made no more than than when the campaign started to identify anyone who said they were a member of SWA, or even knew me, who would then get a phone call from someone saying that they needed to "beware of Jody".  I mean we're going beyond investigation here into a smear campaign.  At first I thought maybe this was just me being federally investigated.  They could certainly tell from my printing estimates and my emails that I'm not operating some kind of illegal brothel and I'm on the "up and up".  So why now the smear campaign?

After investigating every little detail about me - I start seeing things I've done in the past duplicated.  For example, I am watching "8 Minutes" where this preacher is supposedly doing outreach by pretending to be a customer.  The whole thing was staged, and well it should have been because if this was being done for real, someone would get hurt.  There have only been very specific cases where we've sent in a man pretending to be a "john" to get access to a woman who was being kept captive.  I also want to add we stopped this practice once we learned that the traffickers were monitoring these women with the gps on their phones.  Meaning the minute that they would deviate from the path they were supposed to be on, and the minute they could hear something wasn't going right - they were alerted immediately.

Because that's what they do now.  The mike's on the phones are turned on when a prostitutes goes on an "outcall" date now.  The gps on the phone alerts to her movements.  Meaning if we try and move her - the phone will alert the trafficker.  Sure we can leave the phone on and leave it in the house for what an hour?  But when she's supposed to get back into the car or renegotiate for another hour - then what?  

The traffickers already know we do this and have responded accordingly.  What made Operation Dollhouse a pivotal case was the fact they moved the women into a private home.  Meaning we can't just walk in off the streets to talk to the women.  They are only taking customers they got from the airport who showed they had flown in from China.  Then in speaking Chinese to a Chinese driver, the cab driver than takes them to the house.  Now - how are we supposed to infiltrate that?  We can't even send in an undercover prostitute because someone has to speak Chinese.  No undercover cop in Vegas is going to speak Mandarin either as a customer or a prostitute.   Meaning the only way we could see to get help to those women was to bring in the press.  Big fat whup that got us.  The law is they are supposed to send someone from Immigration to question the victims before releasing them.  In this case, they were sent right back to the pimps back to the set-up.  The message to us was clear - we weren't going to be able to get access to these victims to get them help and calling the police and the press was futile because everyone was involved.

But as I watch "8 Minutes" use this ploy we used to use - I couldn't help but wonder if there was some connection to these people and who had been investigating me?  The church behind him was Exodus Cry and Shared Hope - two names we know well by now.  The media behind "8 Minutes" was CNN and A&E.   

Then I came across these articles which also concern me.  Yes when I was younger I used to pretend to be "coming out of retirement" and I would infiltrate these trafficking rings to get information on how they were set up and how they operated so we could shut down the whole ring and release all the victims (male or female).

That was in the past however.  I stopped because traffickers now have access to everything the police use.  Meaning facial recognition software.  Meaning I can dye my hair, and change my eye color and put on different clothing, but I'm not longer going to get past certain gates to the higher levels of these operations because of the facial recognition software.  So gone are the days where I would pretend to be a madam, or even pretend to be a cleaning lady, to gain access to get the back doors open for some of these victims to escape.  

Because our target "victim" if you will of who we're trying to reach out to help are those who can't call the local police for help.  

I've also learned a lot over the 30 years I've done this.  Things like I'm not going to do a "rescue" anymore unless I know where the victim is going.  In 1995 a movie aired starring Lindsey Wagner.  This film was based on a case we did in 1991 in Canada.  The daughter had run away and the pimp had scooped her up.  The mom wanted her back because she was getting a check for the girl for her care and needed her in the home.  I didn't know that at the time.  I was 31 years old when this happened and was pregnant actually when she called.  She said the police wouldn't help me bring the girl home unless she knew where she was and no one would help her find the girl.  Why?  Well little did I know the whole story at the time.  

So I opened up my big yap and I told her what I've done to find someone - I would dress up like a hooker and then ask around and I'd find what I needed to know.  Which is what the mom did.  She went out dressed like a hooker and in a few weeks found her daughter.  The police arrested the pimp and then brought her home.  

In this case however, our chapter leader, Paige Latin, was on the job.  She went to check on the girl and get her into the local SWA meetings there.  What we found was the mother was a drunken drug addict.  The girl was not being cared for and no one cared.  That's why she had run in the first place to the streets.  The system didn't care.  No one cared even when Paige had to call an ambulance because the mother had overdosed.  Now in our case we were lucky - Paige signed the papers to take over guardianship of the young girl.  The mother of course wouldn't sign until the check from the film came in.  

The screen writer was asking me "how am I supposed to end this?"  I told him "write the truth".  He said the producers wanted a "happy ending".  Now mind you 1995 was five years before the Trafficking Act of 2000.  Hollywood producers kept saying the American public couldn't "handle the truth".  That's why the pimp in the film was made to be blond and blue eyed when in reality he was much darker.  Fearing it would look like a racial attack - they cast him as white.  Getting into an argument with the producers over the faked Hollywood ending - I asked my name to be taken off the project.  If they weren't willing to show this was a complex issue - that these girls don't generally leave a happy home and bringing them back to that same home isn't always the answer and that we need to focus on building a better safety net for these kids - well they felt that this was being too "critical" of our foster care system.  

Also meaning this whole idea of "dressing up" like a hooker to get on the inside was something we did in the 1990's and we no longer do for a variety of reasons.  Sex trafficking, like drug trafficking, evolves.  Law enforcement has to evolve in order to catch up.  But we aren't going to catch up if we aren't communicating with each other.  For example, the drug cartels long ago learned how to monitor calls in from people who are trying to report them.  If you don't know what I mean by this watch this series on Netflix - En La Boca Del Lobo.  It shows how in the 1990's the drug cartel tapped into the phone system for the whole country of Columbia and anyone who was trying to call in to report them was then reported back to them.  

The people who are doing this do not care about us.  These news articles prove that.  Like this article here -  I don't know who is leaking this to the press or what's going on but I can assure you there is going to be a backlash.  The traffickers have now been alerted to this - meaning they are going to start subjecting future victims to some kind of new system to weed out these undercover operatives.   But this is why I discarded this system ages ago - it just endangers everyone involved and frankly no longer works with respect to the people upstairs at the heads of these operations.

If these people wanted to do something about this in reality - then why is no one talking to me?  I've got evidence leading all the way up to the heads of a trafficking ring right now operating in this country.  Traffickers who are using corrupt officers to threaten even FBI agents.  Traffickers who have everyone either bought or scared.  There has been money awarded by the ACLU to investigate this corruption months ago and they're getting stalled and stalled by Sheriff Jim McDonnell.  The heads of this operation are residing in Pasadena, California, and being protected by a large force of officers all coming out of the Orange County area.  If you don't know what I mean by that - read up on Kemp Schiffer and Chris Butler.  

Do you know why Exodus Cry has taken CNN into another country to talk about sex trafficking?  Because we have a very serious problem going on in the USA right now.  A very serious one.  I've got victims of trafficking right now reporting to me they can't leave.  They can't leave while their traffickers have people all the way up to the Attorney General's office covering for the traffickers.  I've got statements from more than one civilian also telling me the same thing - they've had a victim come to them for help.  They've tried to go to law enforcement to get the traffickers charged - and they're being threatened.  One man in San Jose tells me that he's now been slapped with a gag order to stop him from speaking to anyone, including us, and they came and took his legally owned guns so he can't protect himself from them.

What a perfect distraction - do you people think I don't know the tricks by now?  When Snoop Dogg was trafficking women throughout the USA, and I went to MTV to do something about it - what did they do?  They switched all available resources over to open MTV Exit in Sweden.  Go on - look.  I have the letters and phone calls documented showing I was trying to get something done about his operation right here in the states - and then everyone went to follow the money in Sweden.   So now Exodus Cry is getting everyone worked up about trafficking in another country so that attention isn't on the fact we have a serious problem right here in the United States.  

God this is Catharsis on steroids.  If you don't know what I mean by that - I'm working on it.  I should have the "Anatomy of a Movement" done by December showing a history of the movement.  A history that we need to learn from or we are doomed to repeat it.  

I mean we have already got people over in the UK saying they can't get these child predators prosecuted?  Do you really think that we're going to get at the roots of this trafficking until that system is repaired?  This is just one big magicians trick to distract your eyes from the real root of this problem.   

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