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Saturday, July 25, 2015


Some of you may be familiar with the story of "Music".  A woman who came to me for help in 2013 because she was being forced to remain in the sex industry.  If you're not familiar with the story - you can look here for the history of it.

Anyway, I have been getting calls from the Pasadena Chief of Police to "make an appointment" to come down and talk to him.  Maybe after people see what happened to Sandra Bland, maybe you'll see why I'm not jumping at the chance to just run down there now I'm invited. 

The bottom line is that someone claiming to be an officer there at their station threatened me and I have a tape of that call.  When I went to talk to the Chief about this after verifying he was calling me from the station and using the name of an active duty officer (he could be an impostor), he ignored me.  When I went up over his head yes now he wants to talk to me - especially now that an audit has been done of his station because of ongoing problems.  If you ask me - I'm being ignored until the cell phone records of his call to me are no longer available to prove I did receive this call

Chief Sanchez hasn't once asked me the name of the officer so that he can take steps to ensure I'm safe coming and going from the station, or even in general for that matter.  I mean here's someone threatening me and he's not even bothering to find out anything about it so he can get to the bottom of the issue?  If this guy is an impostor, or an officer, just let him walk around thinking nothing is going to be done about what he's doing?   Not exactly making me want to come down to the station with the history of dead hookers I've seen in 30 years of this work.  Women like Brandy Britton, Jeane Palfrey, the New Orleans Madam, or advocates like Buffalo Jim where the DA still won't open a case despite his toxicology report showing enough GHB in his system to kill 10 men.  Now even Sandra Bland- who was quite vocal in her criticism against police for their racism was found dead in police custody and people think I'm sounding "crazy" for not rushing down to the station to talk to this Chief about the victim, the threat, and what's going on with this ring in Pasadena?

Are my fears unfounded?  First of all, I've said that what's going on in sex trafficking right now is an attack upon the African American community, as well as minorities.  In the show "8 Minutes" I only saw minority men and women being shown as "victims" with a white male being the "rescuer" good guy. 

Now take a look at the site I'm starting to build at  You'll notice the only pimps I have up so far that are wanted and loose are African American.  When you google pimps who are being sentenced right now and are in custody - they're all African American.  Sure we have some who are white or Asian like in this case with Music.  Three people were sentenced there - an Asian woman and man, and a white man.  But compare that with the 100's I'm seeing about African American males.  I'm TRYING to find cases to put on that site that are a racial mix - and I'm not finding them.   As for the Hispanic community?  They're being hit with media about being "illegal aliens" and all the publicity about the drug cartels and drug trafficking. 

I saw Jada Pinkett-Smith just do a special on CNN about sex trafficking Tuesday night.  Every single case she showed on that special was African American.  Not a doubt in my mind why they had her as the face of that campaign.  If they'd put a white person on there - the NAACP would be all over this for being a racial attack upon the African American community. 

Which is why NBC and Harpo Productions have talked Brenda Myers-Powell, who used to be a member in our program, into speaking out for us against our wishes to attack the sex industry, and try to make our membership look like we're all minorities.  I saw "Dreamcatchers".  I saw Brenda, an African American woman, talking to nothing but other African American women who were also all street walkers.   Only problem is she was showing the camera into a fake "Prostitutes Anonymous" meeting that I've already now hit her with three "cease and desist" letters for their false representation of our program to the media against our wishes.  Programs that she's trying to make this issue appear to be about minorities and street walkers.

What about our members like Jeane Palfrey or myself who are white and don't walk the streets?  I was making $250,000 in a year in 1984, and the police came and took my homes, cars, furs, jewelry, etc. and I'm white.  Jeane was white and they came in and took a $1,000,000 coin collection from her, along with her money and property.  And in all of these programs about "sex trafficking" I'm not seeing anyone white - unless the camera cuts over to their African American pimp.  Go on - look.  I took note of the MSNBC "Sex Slaves" series and in every single case they filmed - I saw only ONE white guy there who they wrote off as her "boyfriend" instead of "pimp".

We made progress by the support of the sex worker community behind us saying that yes - these traffickers were a problem to the industry.  Yes they were targeting sex workers because they were easy to get alone and the police wouldn't even look for them when they went missing.   So when I told our supporters in the sex worker community how Melissa Farley had lied to us, betrayed us, and even falsely called me an "abolitionist" during the 2007 press conference that was SUPPOSED to be about showing that traffickers could in fact be trafficking a victim through the legal brothel industry just as much as on a street corner - what happens?

The sex worker community banded together and shut her out.   So she created the fake "Stella Marr" to try and flush out their "survivors" to parade around the politicians tables and in front of the camera to support the grant money that goes into the police and shelters' pockets - but does nothing to change the situation or to help real victims.   When she got exposed as a "catfish" - they went and had to get a real person who wasn't connected to the American sex worker community.

They got Samoly Mam.  When I shouted "fraud" I had the whole community supporting her - attack me.  Why?  Because the money and attention she was getting was draining away from the REAL issues and the real victims.  They called me "crazy" and "jealous".  So I went and tracked down some people who were able to spend a YEAR of private investigative work to expose her and it got down.  Ben Hilliar was arrested for his fraud by telling people "Taken" was based on his "true life adventures" as a "rescuer". 

They got everyone under control but the sex workers.   So suddenly when the show "8 Minutes" comes out suddenly I've got a dominatrix who is living and doing business under a completely fake name, who only advertises herself on Backpage the very days I accuse her of being a fraud,  the website where another sex worker said she was acting like she was being studied by someone who was trying to learn how to "imitate" a sex worker, suddenly must be threatened because that post came down, and this woman is now leading a brigade to have the sex worker community not trust me.  When she can't get anyone from our program to claim they were mistreated - she goes and digs up a woman from 30 years ago with a personal grudge against me because I had to stop speaking to her while I was on probation and being followed by cops.  A woman I warned needed to stop doing what she was doing or she'd wind up in prison who did wind up doing three years after that warning I should add - so of course she's going to have a personal grudge.

Now what is she accomplishing in my place?  She got this "Kamylla" to refuse our help.  Three months later she still doesn't have a job, still has legal cases over her head, is living in a flooded home with unpaid rent due - great job.  Couldn't have fucked her over better if I tried - and this is the woman telling you not to get help from us but from her instead?  Give me a break here.  THIS is what they accomplished.

To contrast  this - I had a woman a few weeks ago from Atlanta call me in almost identical the situation as Kamylla claims to be in.  She even has two small children under the age of 10 years old and she's African American in Atlanta so she's really having trouble finding work.  She had a 3 day notice on her door, and was struggling to leave sex work for the sake of her kids.  Unlike Kamylla's situation (as she claims it is), this woman has no fund raiser going for her and no husband.  The father of her children is long gone.  Within two days SWA had her rent paid, she has a job, and by the weekend she was attending a BBQ a local church group put together to get her more connected within the community and help her find more people to help babysit while she works.  We also helped her file bankruptcy to wipe out her credit card debt.

So putting aside the fact that the Houston police claim they never arrested this woman from the show "8 Minutes", put aside the fact Relativity Media refuses to confirm this woman was even on the show, put aside the fact that the "rescue community" has an absolute history and track record of "catfishing" people into doing what they want, and put aside the fact that the clerk of the Houston courts says there is no one under any name that has a prostitution case open at the same time as an eviction and immigration case, and that Kathryn Griffin-Thomas no longer runs an alternative sentencing program with the jails in Houston like Kamylla claims she was in that "failed" her also - so put aside all of these facts and take a look at what they claim to have done for Kamylla in the three months they've been helping her - and if they were her enemy trying to trash her life they couldn't be doing a better job.  Even if they did a bang-up job - they're not set up to help sex workers across this country to get services like she needs like we are so let's get real here about what's going on.

At the same time as they're trying to convince sex workers to not trust us for help - people are being bombarded with images like they saw on CNN this week about street prostitution with them trying to convince you THAT'S what sex trafficking is.  Sex trafficking is NOT sex work.  How am I going to prove that?   We had a documentary crew ready to film us doing outreach that we thought would prove the point - only they all got threatened off the project. 

So I'm going to do a report on the major cities out here in southern California just like we did in Nevada.  That got some attention.  I'm going to start in Pasadena for Music's sake.  Then I'm going to do Orange County, San Diego, West Hollywood (where many of the transgenders are), Santa Monica, Downtown, etc.  I want to show how varied the sex industry, as well as sex trafficking, can be just in one major region of southern California.  

There's all these groups out here claiming they're "doing outreach" so the public thinks it's being handled.  Only it's not.  When D'lita Miller got up on that CNN show and claimed she was a "consultant" for the show "8 Minutes" and she was "helping victims" everyone thinks it's being handled.  Only I talked to Ms. Miller.  She tried that rap on me that "no services exist" which I only hear out of people applying for grant money.  I told her there are plenty of resources, which there are, and I offered to show her how to access these services for her victims.  She balked and ran.  I went onto her site to check out her program and found her talking about baking.  I followed the links on her site and they took me to a homeless shelter in San Diego.  There was no phone number to call on the site, no email.  Nothing that would invite a victim of trafficking to call her for help.

When I sent her an email about this program being bogus - she had some woman call our hotline.  She demanded a free copy of our Recovery Guide - which I gave her.  Then she demanded to come to one of our local meetings.  Now why would I expose our real members to someone who is attacking us clearly?  So I told her she'd have to come to a phone meeting before I'd let her into a local meeting.   That got rid of her.  I'm not going to expose our members to someone who is clearly trying to stick something on us to attack us because they're up to no good.

Anyway, I'll be keeping you posted as I work on the reports.  The Pasadena report will be updated on  Once it's completed - we'll move on to work on the other cities and show what's going on in that town also.  We will have to report on the legal sex industry in order to contrast it with the sex trafficking - but we will disguise everyone in active sex work to protect them as we go forward with this project. 

If you'd like to read the letter I sent to those in the sex worker community attacking us lately -

If you'd like to read the letter we sent to Chief Sanchez - it's here

For those of you wondering how Orange County, "8 Minutes", and the Pasadena police tie together - please read Chief Sanchez's profile.  He lives in Orange County.  I wonder if he goes to Kevin Brown's church.  I'll have to check that out on a Sunday sometime.

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