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Saturday, July 25, 2015


I have spoken to a deputy US Attorney out of California who works under Kamala Harris.  She's told me she's very aware of the sex trafficking ring of which I speak - but the problem she says is they "can't build a case when the police won't arrest" anyone.  The police officers I've spoken to say they can't arrest someone if the DA "won't prosecute".  I've spoken to a few DA's who say that they can't build a case that they know the "judge is just going to throw out".  The judges say they can't build a proper case if they can't find any good DA's.

Look at this recent case of where these articles claim a judge "disqualified 250 DA's because of corruption".  What's really confusing is I contacted the professor of law at UC Irvine that supposedly was "asked to do a report".  He says he was "not asked to make a report" on this issue.  When I spoke to the Judge's clerk - she had no idea what report I was talking about.  But she wouldn't let me speak to the judge directly either.

But I do know this - I've written to the California US Attorney's office attention Kamala Harris.  I've tried getting through by phone and of course get nowhere.  So I email.  Why don't I write by postal mail?  Who has the money for postage for the number of letters I write and send weekly?  So I've emailed.  But she wrote this report in 2007 - so I thought she'd be interested in looking at the evidence I have on this ring.  Especially after I saw her "crackdown vow" in Huffington Post.

After I emailed her the first time about this ring - I saw her issue a report to the White House about "multi-national trafficking rings" that stated she needed "more money" to do something about this.  I took that as an answer.  This was published in March of 2014.

So I wrote her again informing her that no special help was needed on this - that I had enough evidence against the heads of this operation that could be turned into a case if someone would come and look at it with me.  I'm not sending it by email I don't know she's getting or who else is looking nor will I post it online.

Then shortly after my next email to her - I saw a letter go out to the White House from another state's US Attorney saying there "weren't the laws on the books to go after these rings" only there is.  The RICO laws would work just nicely to go after the head of this ring - someone just has to go after them.   So I wrote again and pushed harder to have someone from her office speak to me about it thinking maybe she also thinks there isn't laws on the books that would allow her to go after them properly because they are spread out all over California, as well as the USA.

A week later - I heard her announce she was "running for Senator" and she put up a donation button.  Got you Kamala - go to the highest bidder.  No we can't afford to bribe you and the victims have their money taken away from them.

But now I see you'll go after Planned Parenthood to see if "any crimes were committed" only the tape is ILLEGAL.  You're looking at a video that was obtained through impersonating another business, another person, and was obtained and PUBLISHED without consent.  If anyone remembers the ACORN case - that reporter got slapped with a $100,000 fine for making and publishing his tape.

But you're going to look at an illegally made tape - but won't answer my emails.  Gotcha.  Don't worry - I don't have any offices to raid. You sued the lawyer defending the victims of Bank of America and took all of his files.  Not like there was a deadline running or anything that could have affected their case right?

But you got your man didn't you - 17 years in prison.  It says he "had fake customers who bought stock" and therefore he "inflated the price" of the stock.

Only problem is I've seen how the government works especially anyone who supported the Occupy Movement like Stein did.  I also know how to read between the lines.  I don't see that any person filed a complaint here against Stein.  Everyone who got information together to prosecute him - was a government agency like the US Postal Inspector.   Those documents show that anyone who was supporting the Occupy Movement was singled out and attacked.  I imagine him coming after Kamala on behalf of the Bank of America victims' just put him higher on the hit list.

Has anyone wondered where the trafficking groups went that were led by survivors?  In 2009 - I saw a campaign hit that wiped just about everyone out but us in methods just like what happened with Stein.  I saw a woman come in and offer Chong Kim a donation of $10,000 in cash to open up her sex trafficking program in Texas.  Then I saw the woman turn around and claim that Chong had ripped her off - and saw her get arrested.   Here's where it gets even more interesting.  She partnered up with a group called "Breaking Out" as their token survivor to help them raise money.  When she first did this - I wrote them warning I thought she was lying about being a survivor and had used my name to con people out of money.  They completely ignored me for TWO YEARS.

Then suddenly they turned around and claimed she had "conned them" out of something like $7,000.  Oh boo hoo - I'd warned them but they ignored me and now they want to cry victim?  After using her to raise how much money themselves?  In digging on their site wondering why they suddenly had an issue with her - I found all these "sponsors".  I contacted them and they said they "did not sponsor Breaking Free".  Every reference I checked on their site was a lie.  Then I found they had Oliver North as a "friend" on their Facebook?  Does anyone see the irony here since he was involved in Iran Contra - where I saw our own CIA selling off women for these drug deals because the dealers liked "white girls"?  To me that would be like opening a daycare center about two years from now with Jared from Subway as your spokesperson.  So I'm not so sure their witch hunt with her wasn't a set-up against her of some kind.

I also saw Sharnel Silvey got falsely arrested to.  She had an elderly man she was caring for at her day job as a caretaker give her a $17,000 donation to her work with trafficking victims before he died.  Then because she didn't get a receipt for that money the family sued her.  On a 1st offense, no priors mind you - she got sentenced to five years for "elder abuse".  There went her trafficking program too.   That same year this happened I had a guy come at me with a $10,000 donation to help him organize a "rescue" only I made him sign a contract for the money and I reported it.  I guess that's why our program was about the only survivor led program that survived 2009.  I don't know if his customers were fake to begin with - or they turned out to be fake and he got hung out to dry.

I do know this  - you're cheap Kamala.  $1500 buys all the power of the state behind your donors.  Let me see what I've got in the couch cushions around here. . .

Oh no that was Bank of America.  You did get a quite nice grant to help fight sex trafficking and "form a task force".  That explains the wonderful reports you got prepared to send to the White House.  So I guess it's okay you got all that money because you did "raise awareness".  But I think the victims would like to see you come after the traffickers who operate the rings - instead of just the street pimps they throw into the system to make it appear you're doing something here on the issue.

Well you did encourage people to "report signs of sex trafficking" to the authorities.  Well we are "reporting them to the authorities" Ms. Harris and we're being threatened for doing so.  Oh wait - I see.  The 2.7 MILLION was to "raise awareness".  So you wrote the reports.  Oh I see how that works.  But us who come to you with any evidence that could shut down the ring at the head, and get some corrupt cops and DA's out of office - oh you need another grant for that I guess huh?  Or a grant to get notified of when you're speaking somewhere about trafficking that I never get news of despite being subscribed to your mailing list?

I don't know what she's going to do about it but I'm sure not going to vote for her to be in a senator's chair.

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