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Friday, July 10, 2015

Glendene Grant, Jessie Foster & ATLAS

I got contacted by Lois Lee from Children of the Night.  She asked me to "keep an eye out" for Jessie Foster and forwarded me the photo and information.   I contacted the coroner who didn't know anything so that was a good sign. 

I emailed the mom, Glendene Grant, and didn't get a response.  As you know, I operate the hotline and I'm in touch with people who are just coming in off prostitution.  So anyone "fresh" might have seen or heard about her.

I asked around and no one had really heard much.  But someone said "you know I heard about a couple of escorts that have gone missing in the last few weeks" in Vegas.  Which is unusual because usually it's the street prostitutes who go missing.  I checked the newspapers and found they were right - two escorts had gone missing recently.

A few days after that, I got an email from a member who told me she used to work with Peter Todd.  He was Jessie's pimp.  She told me that he was why she quit and why she was in hiding.  She told me he was an absolute maniac and he hurt her pretty badly.  When I asked what he did - she got so upset she couldn't even speak.  But she told me he had "cop friends" so to escape him she had to go over the border into Canada.  This woman was very striking and I could see Peter must specialize in "high end" escorts.  Before she got off the phone she told me to "leave the case alone".  I'm like "why"?  She told me that Peter had been talking to some Jamaican's about selling body organs on the black market before she left.  This meant she felt he might have sold the organs rather than just burying a victim.  She told me that he ran women internationally from Canada across the USA - and that she still had nightmares about him.  Then she said "leave this one alone and run like I did" meaning she really felt he was dangerous.  I told her I would "be careful" and ended the call. 

She told me she "just knew" that Peter was involved in this case.  She wasn't the only one telling me about how cops were connected with not just prostitution, but also strip clubs, drug trafficking, gun running and even an operation where a valet would park the car for the customer while he was inside the brothel.  While in the parking lot, a mechanic would take out expensive car parts, replacing with cheaper parts that would fall apart quickly.  Then the more expensive name brand was being resold through an AutoZone outlet where they knew a manager who was selling the parts to shops in the area.

Vegas also had this death too that year of a woman SWA members said was an escort  -

Since I wasn't getting any response back from Glendene, I contacted Mike Kirkman.  He's a private investigator the news said had worked on the case.  He was very nice to me and told me he had offered to work on the case without asking for a retainer upfront.  Big mistake he told me as the woman then raised money from people for the investigation bill to pay him - only he says he never got paid. 

What he told me was that another woman worked with Jessie - a "sister in law" as they're called.  That prostitute, and the madam that sent them on a call just two days before had also disappeared.  He said they found the body of the madam in a ditch in Vegas - but not the other prostitute.  There was a rumor that the two women got into a dispute over Peter Todd, the pimp's, attentions.  What was really interesting he said was the police didn't question Peter until two weeks after Jessie's disappearance.

By then he said the carpeting had been replaced, the inside of the place they lived in was repainted, and Peter had moved to Henderson, Nevada - in another district.  He said the old carpeting could have been retrieved still from the dump - but the police didn't go looking for the carpeting.  Now who replaces carpets and repaints before moving out unless they're hiding something right?

He also told me Jessie had $10,000 in a bank account she hadn't touched so therefore in his opinion she was dead.  I asked if Glendene knew all this and he said "yep - that's when she got upset and then refused to pay me". 

I then ran an ad in a publication I know hookers in Vegas read.  I posted just Jessie's photo and an ad for her to see if any regulars would contact me.  I got a lot of responses - but no one who said he was a regular of hers.  This told me she didn't get her dates on line but either from regulars or the streets or nightclubs maybe. 

Then I ran an ad with her photo that said simply "have you seen me?"  I got some interesting calls and emails.  Some of the more interesting emails are attached. 

But more important was a few calls I got.  One call insisted that Jessie was alive.  The woman said she was working for Peter now and he was a "very nice man".  She said that Jessie was alive and "working up in Canada".  I was able to trace her phone number to an escort ad - so she was a prostitute.

Why was a hooker working for Peter Todd trying to convince me she was alive?  The woman said that "the mom hated Peter and she's just trying to frame him because Jessie doesn't want to talk to her anymore".  I said "okay - can I talk to her then?"  She told me she had to make a few calls but she would get Jessie to call me herself.   This call came in before I had a recording device on the phone so I figured I'd better move fast to get a recording put on the line.  I checked with Radio Shack and a recorder for the phone was $150 - and I didn't have it.

So I contacted the detective in charge of her case to see if they could get a tap on my line.  He wouldn't answer my emails or calls.  I left a message with his boss - and still got nothing.  Someone told me to speak to Vic Vigna - and that was a disaster.  I met the man for coffee and he kept looking for something to arrest me over.  When that failed - he asked me if I wanted to become a "paid informant".  I said no and then he refused my calls after that.  I was told to "call him in the morning" about the phone tap and then he wouldn't answer the phone.

I went back to Mike who told me he knew seven women who claimed that Vic had traded him sexual favors for not arresting them.  I asked our Vegas members if they knew Vic and they all went "oh yeah".  I asked what they meant and they told me the same thing - he was dirty or he accepted sex to look the other way.

Not getting anyone to respond and thinking I might get a call about Jessie any day now with this new lead - I then reached out to Terri Miller of ATLAS.  She said "unless Vic gives me the call - I can't help you" and blew me off.

I went to Chief Doug Gillespie - who ignored me.

I went to the DA's office - and got nowhere.

I went to Internal Affairs for Vegas - and found there was "no funding for an office".

I went back to Mike and asked if he could loan me a tape recorder.  He said "why?"  Basically he felt no one wanted the case to go further so why kill myself over this.   I told him the prostitutes I spoke to said he was still pimping and he'd go to NY NY every night and "work".  I said because there's other women he's going to harm that I want him shut down.

I have to do 90 percent of what I do at night because I'm not paid - so I email a lot.  But I did what Mike suggested and I then reached out to the FBI.  Erik told me "you are clearly hallucinating this stuff so if you push on this any further then I will send someone over to lock you up for psychiatric observation - and while you're gone I'll have your kid put in Child Haven".

I said "let me get this straight - ONLY if I PUSH will you have me locked up - but you don't think I'm crazy enough otherwise to send someone out right now right?"  He said "well if you're rational enough to know to leave this alone - then yes I'll consider you sane and drop it."

Okay- got it.

I finally got ahold of Glendene.  She had just done Dr. Phil.  No mention of the other woman gone behind Peter Todd.  I told her I had fresh activity and that Peter was trying to make himself look innocent - but I needed someone to look at these emails and to put a recorder on my phone for the call that might be coming soon either from Jessie, or someone they would try and pass off as Jessie.  I believed they might even try to get at her $10,000 if we played it right and could get more evidence on him. 

I told Glendene that if she called a press conference and said there was "fresh evidence" that the police were refusing to follow-up on - we could pressure them into doing something.

Glendene said "let me get back to you".  She then contacted Terri who told her something funky because she then just blew me off.  She said she was "too busy".  I explained someone might be calling any day - did she have a tape recorder I could attach to the phone then?  She said "no" and proceeded to blow me off. 

I then got a call two days later from a woman who said she "spent two weeks with Jessie and she was fine".  I asked if she could help me get in touch with her and she said she'd try.   I never got that call because I found myself having to suddenly move.  My phone went off for two months right after that.

Later on down the road - I was told by a cop who spoke to me "off the record" that the "reason why they blew me off was because Peter Todd was an informant" on what they considered to be a "bigger case" concerning a drug bust.  Peter was connected with some Jamaican's and some serious drugs evidently.

This was not the first time I'd heard this.  Many cops were telling me they were seeing girls out there they knew people had missing posters up about - but they were doing nothing because it would "jeopardize a bigger case".  I climbed all over these cops saying "who says drugs are bigger than a trafficking case"?

To which one cop said to me "well we get people up our butts for drug busts - no one hassles us about these girls". 

He had a point.   I went back to Glendene and asked her to make a video of her holding up a sign saying "my daughter is big enough" to make a point that this is a "big enough" of a case to save these girls if they see them.  I then suggested she could organize the other mothers into a video youtube campaign where they could hold up a sign saying "my child is big enough" to make the point.  I told her not to use my name, not to connect me and it would make a good campaign for her to do something constructive about Jessie's murder.

She came back to me and said she wasn't going to do it.  When I asked why - she said "because people don't like you".  I asked "what does that have to do with the price of rice?"  Because this is something for her to do with the mothers - I don't have anything to do with it - but someone needs to let the cops know that these womens' lives is just as important as a drug bust.

She refused to do it. 

You know I remember when the mothers of African American prostitutes in Los Angeles were being found in dumpsters - the mothers organized and did protests in the streets.  Those protests led to the arrest of the Grim Reaper not long ago.

They made it appear that the LAPD didn't care about African American prostitutes.  No - it is not a racial issue.   They don't care about prostitutes - period.

I have yet to see white mothers organizing a protest calling attention to this issue however - and Glendene clearly doesn't want to do one online because I'm "not liked".

And people wonder why I'm not nice to this woman.  Right now Peter Todd is roaming free.  We had evidence, fresh evidence, that might have got him locked up.  But Glendene didn't want to do anything because I'm "not liked". 

And Peter Todd is still pimping. 

Glendene recently denied she's ever received "a dollar" from fund raisers.  She challenged me to "prove it".  This site here is a fund raiser where $15 was charged for "tubing".   More on that fund raiser -

Here's a "canvas of glass" fund raiser -

Here's talk of another fund raiser where jewelry was auctioned off -

Here's a comedy factory fund raiser -

And a "dine and dance" fund raiser -

This is not all I found - just this is what I found in five minutes online as to fund raisers.  Now I know Glendene has expenses.  I know she's having to fly places, and print up posters, and send things by mail, and pay for hotels, etc.  I know she's got expenses that she's incurring in trying to keep the light on Jessie's case.

What I told understand is what got the woman pissed off at me.  I read her complaining on Facebook that people were wanting an "accounting" of the money and what she's done with it, and accusing her of using drugs.  If the woman is on some kind of medication for depression I wouldn't be surprised.  Who wouldn't be knowing what happened to your daughter and having to relive it every time you have to speak about it?  I have people accusing me of having "relapsed" back to "pimping" all the time - so I take and print out my bank statement showing the only income I have is my SSI check.  No problem.  If people donated to her - certainly she's had to make up a tax return or something so what's the big deal in showing people where the money went?

Next thing I know she's saying "I never made a dime" and whipping up the mom's at me like I did something wrong.  Well Glendene - you told me that you hadn't "made a dime" and challenged me to "prove it'.  Well I've proved you have had fund raisers where the money went to you personally and not into the reward fund. 

I also proved with these emails above I was having activity in the Jessie case that when I went to you to ask for help to put pressure on the Nevada authorities to help me follow up this information, and to help me get a tape recorder on the phone before the call was going to come through that I forwarded to you - and then you refused to help me push on them.  You instead listened to their reasons why they wanted to leave it alone. Leave it alone because Peter is an informant for them.

I don't lie.

The call did come through by the way from a woman who said she "worked with Jessie" and saw her alive.  A call I wasn't able to record because I couldn't get a tape recorder on the phone.  Remember that call Glendene?  The one where I asked you if you could help me get a recorder on the phone because I didn't have $150 to buy a recorder.  I didn't ask you for money - I asked you if you could get me a recorder since I couldn't get the police to put a tap on the phone.  You blew me off on that also.  So the call wasn't recorded.

If you weren't going to back me up Glendene - why should I continue to push on this case for information?  To get FBI agents threatening me - again without you backing me up?  No thank you.  Go on about your fund raisers while Peter Todd walks the streets.  I couldn't even get you to put up a video of you saying "my daughter is important enough" to have Peter Todd locked up now over these women disappearing instead of some drug bust he's helping the cops with. 

Do you know why the "Grim Reaper" case appears to be a racial issue?  Because the African American prostitute mothers went out into the streets and protested.  Guess what?  They got Lonnie Franklin Jr.  He's in jail right now. 

Peter Todd remains free because I can't get the white mothers to do jack.  I guess if he'd killed some African American girls maybe we'd get some traction from the moms.  Way to go Peter - you just showed you want to get away with murder?  Murder white prostitutes.  Instead of out in the streets protesting demanding the police "do something" they'll be out fund raising all over the USA and Canada.

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