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Sunday, July 5, 2015



I warned Shawnee that if she didn't take these lies down - that I would create this post.  She did - but then reposted it a few days later when she thought I wasn't looking.  I keep my word - so here's what happened.

I run the hotline as you know and have since 1987.  When I hear about new people - I invite them to come speak at our phone meeting, or to be on our radio show at  To date, the only people who have refused to be on this show, or speak at a phone meeting, have turned out to be either completely fake "survivors" or up to some kind of con artistry as well.  Clearly they refuse because they know you can't "bullshit a bullshitter" and we'd see straight through them if they did.  Well, I invited Shawnee and she refused - so she went onto my radar as possibly having an issue about credibility then.

I didn't think anything about it until I saw her running for an award in Ohio where she claimed to be "the founder of the movement".  However, she says she came on the scene in 2007.  Now if you check my news clippings at you'll see that I was the FOUNDER of the movement with my news clipping going back to 1987.  I was not just a survivor speaking out then, but I was calling out for our legal system to recognize us.  I was also the creator of the first hotline for adults, the first alternative sentencing program, and the first "trafficking outreach" through then Mayor Bradley at an HIV test site where those who were found HIV positive who had pimps were given a chance to leave through a back door to freedom where they would get housing, medical, counseling, and all the services they needed including an educational program we had worked out a deal with DeVry Institute back then.    So that was a lie.  I however only said something to Shawnee privately at that when I saw it - suggesting she stick to the truth or she was going to harm the credibility of the movement.  I don't want to see us go the way of the "satanic panic".

I had been leaving the woman entirely alone - until I got an email from a family member who was very distressed by Shawnee's behavior as spoken about here.  She came to me asking if it was possible that any of this were true.  I explained to her that when I've had people smear me I have no problem at all threatening them to file a defamation lawsuit against them because I know they're lying.  I told Shawnee on this blog if she felt these people were lying about her - then why wasn't she suing them?  I then told her, on this site, that she was clearly upsetting this family, and maybe she should give them an apology, and leave them alone.  I'm especially insulted because I am American Indian.  My last name, Williams, is what they renamed Cherokee Indians, out of Oklahoma - look it up.

Well that must have made her feel pretty threatened because she then went onto her facebook page and posted that I was a "pimp" to chime in with Beth Jacobs evidently.  Which as you can see by the screen shot a friend sent me - that's exactly what happened.  Beth and a Laurie who I have no idea who that is - chimed in that I was a "trafficker" also. 

Again, since I never did that, I have never been arrested for that, I have never been charged for that, nor do I have a conviction for that, and I've posted copies of my bank statements to show I'm a woman living on disability - I'm highly offended as a survivor to be accused of such a thing.  HOW DARE THESE WOMEN TALK ABOUT "HOLDING BACK SURVIVORS" WHILE THEY ACCUSE ME, A REAL SURVIVOR, OF BEING A PIMP?!

I served Shawnee with a "notice of intent to file for defamation" to which she took down the lie.  Well then I get the screen shot that shows she just waited a few days and reposted it.  What's the matter Shawnee - so worried I'm going to say something you decide to cover your back first with this off the wall accusation?

How can you say I'm "holding back the rescue" of anyone?  According to your own words - you claim you have been re-kidnapped by your traffickers over five times since I've known you.  You can see by my post that I actually offered to help you stop that from happening.  An offer you refused to accept I'd like to add.  Not for yourself - but so that you could protect others.  Because if you're being kidnapped this many times - how on earth can you protect anyone you're rescuing - if in fact you are?

I've got testimonies of people I've rescued at and and I've had investigative reporters come and check me out and write wonderful things about my work who have spoken to people I've rescued.  I have an audio tape up from a man talking about a rescue operation I've been working on for two years now involving women from Asian massage parlor trafficking where I've now had attempts made on my life over this project -

So please Shawnee - please let me hear from one of your success stories?  I have members under deep cover that I've still been able to get audio interviews from to talk about how we helped them so that people can know about our work and that they can trust us.  So where are yours Shawnee?

How DARE you call another survivor a "trafficker"?  Especially behind my back, and especially knowing that I'm running the oldest and largest program of survivors IN THIS COUNTRY! 

Now I warned you if you did that nonsense again I'd take legal action.  I'll be preparing that and serving it upon you shortly.  Clearly you just don't know when to stop harming people with that mouth of yours.

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