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Saturday, July 4, 2015


Beth Jacobs is a woman living in Arizona.  When we first heard about her - she told us she was the founder of "Willow Way" in Tucson, and that she was providing counseling for women who had been detained through Project Rose through Cactus Counseling Center.  Cactus Counseling was providing counseling through a contract they'd received for this purpose.

I had just moved into this one apartment when I first spoke to Beth - so it had to be about December of 2012 - January of 2013.  I remember because I was still unpacking.  I then did not get a cell phone until March of 2013 - so it probably was about March or April of 2013 that I first spoke to her. 

People had been telling me that Beth had been very hostile towards us and I had no idea why.  I've never spoken to her and since I understood the program she had worked with back east used our "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings with success I was confused.  So I emailed her to find out what the problem was.

She told me she had called me on the phone "years ago" while I was "shopping at a Walmart".  She says that she asked the woman on the phone she thought was me "why do you use the 12 steps?" and she says the woman on the other end laughed at her in response like it was a stupid question. 

This would mean if she was talking to me - then I was on a cell phone - not a house phone.  However, I had a stroke in July of 2000.  Since August of 2000 until March of 2013 I did not take any incoming calls on the hotline on a cell phone because I COULDN'T AFFORD ONE.   I have only taken SWA calls from the house phone since the stroke - so therefore I could not have been talking to her from a Walmart to be the person she spoke to.  I have had one cell phone provided to me by the state that gave me 200 minutes a month that I kept in my purse to call for Paratransit rides or a cab - but I never ever took calls on that phone because I had to spread those 200 minutes through the month.  When I would leave the house, if I could get someone else to answer the hotline I would, but those people would be at home also. 

Now there was another possibility who she spoke to.  Anne Bissell aka Juliette Chandler had a website up for years calling herself "Sex Industry Survivors Anonymous".  On this website, there was an 800 number, and the 12 steps were there.  She also had our literature on there word for word verbatim taken out of our "Recovery Guide" so much of which without quoting our guide as the source that I had sent her a "cease and desist" letter numerous times before getting her to take the site down.  People were confusing her site with us right and left for a very long time before I could get her to take the site down.  I know it was her site because the site would link to the Silver Braid site, and then sell her book "Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor".  So it's extremely possible she called "Sex Industry Survivors Anonymous" instead of "Sex Workers Anonymous" and that's why this woman might have laughed at the question. 

I also had a problem with other people setting up groups calling themselves "Prostitutes Anonymous" online taking donations, and book orders.  I had a porn company once actually hijack our domain of and I had to threaten legal action to get that taken back, and I once had an escort service set up a facebook and a website using the name "Prostitutes Anonymous".  Right now there's a woman who calls herself "Obsession" selling a book called "Prostitutes Anonymous" on Amazon. 

So I tried explaining to Beth that I am not the person who spoke to her on a cell phone from a Walmart prior to 2013 - and also offer my apologies if she thought I would laugh at her.  I have never ever laughed at a question someone has asked me, and certainly think her question is a valid question.  So valid that's why we have a whole chapter devoted to it in our "Recovery Guide".  So it's a valid question in my mind and not something I'd laugh about.  So even though I did not laugh at her, nor speak to her during that call - I let her know I was sorry her feelings were hurt and she thought it was me. 

I asked her if she would please look up the phone number she called so that I could prove to her it was not me she spoke to that upset her.  She refused and blocked me.  I thought that was the end of it until I got a very distressed phone call from one of our members.  She told me that someone had taken private photos of her and her daughter and posted them on facebook.  Her landlord did not know she used to be a prostitute, nor that the child was from her pimp and she was now being threatened with eviction.  Further, the pimp now knew she was online because he'd been trying to find where she'd gone to.

She had to take the children and leave because of his threats.  When she said she wanted to quit prostitution - he threatened to use the two small girls in child porn if she didn't return to work.  As their father, and having legal custody, he could do such a thing.  Her only option was she moved in with a family from church so that he could not trace her using utility bills or lease records.  Now with these photos online - now she was in a lot of trouble.  She asked me how these photos got published in facebook when the only place she'd posted them was in a private "members only" group for members of SWA.

Beth had joined the group by telling the truth about being an ex-prostitute and it was Beth who published these photos on facebook of this woman and others in our group in public postings.  It had never dawned on me someone in the group would do such a thing.  The photos were not copyrighted meaning I had no legal recourse against Beth for taking those photos from inside the private group and posting them on facebook in public like this.  I hadn't thought to make everyone sign a contract that if they did such a thing they could be fined because no one had ever done such a thing before and I just never thought anyone would.  I've never had a survivor attack us before like that and was completely unprepared.

I had to scramble to help this woman get moved now because now the family found out they might get a pimp on their doorstep they were evicting her.  All I could think of to do was taken the group down.  Yes I could have sue Beth for an invasion of privacy but I was frankly too busy getting this woman, and her children, moved into another safe place where the pimp couldn't trace them which isn't easy to do when no one has any money, and the woman is also disabled.  She is living on SSI disability with fibromyalgia probably brought on by working as a prostitute from the age of 12 years old until she was 24 when she finally stood up to him.

Then she started contacting people in a yahoo forum we used to run which members also found very distressing "warning" them I was "pimping" actively.  No one believed it but they found her contacting them quite distressing.  So I had to shut down the forum group.  One woman was so distressed she told me she didn't sleep for two weeks after Beth contacted her saying I was a "pimp".  Not that she believed it - but that someone would look her up and reach out to her in that way just freaked her out because of her PTSD.  It's a shame I had to shut down those groups because for the members who worked full-time jobs to have a place they could come and talk to other survivors at night was a real loss.  Our "connectedness" has suffered a great deal since I had to shut down those groups also. 

To let Beth know I was not "pimping" I took and emailed her a copy of my banking statement back then showing I was living on $720 a month.  If I was pimping I was sure doing a lousy job of it.  I sure wouldn't be risking going to jail over social security fraud if I was either for $720 that I could make in an hour if I were to relapse. 

I thought this would be the end of it.  For some reason, Beth started accusing me of being "unethical".  I know just as much about projection as anyone else who has taking a psychology class or two - so it got me wondering.  She was representing herself to be a "social worker" and also providing "counseling".  Which in Arizona anyway you need to be licensed to do so.  One of the reasons I chose a 12 step format for our program is so that our members don't have to be licensed to work with one another.  Since she's rejecting the 12 step model - therefore she's going to have to be "licensed" if she's going to be providing "counseling". 

I checked with the Arizona state licensing board in July of 2013.  I remember because I was in Los Angeles that month working on a trafficking case, and having my daughter consult with a neurologist down there about her brain tumor situation.  Beth is not a licensed social worker, counselor, drug and alcohol counselor, nor a marriage and family counselor.  I also found out that Willow Way was not incorporated, nor was there a business license nor any 501c3 nonprofit status for it either despite her representing that she "ran Willow Way" online.  Which might also be why Cactus Counseling was having its license considered for revocation - they were using an unlicensed counselor.  Now either they knew and let her practice anyway - or they'd been lied to about her license.  I don't know.  Proof of their license being reviewed also is attached. 

I asked Beth to please stop telling people I was "pimping" or I would file a "defamation" lawsuit to start.  I've also been advised I can file a "tortious economic interference" since by an attorney because she has literally cost me contracts, and position within this community. 

How?  I have screen shots of her approaching many people "warning" them about how they would be "shunned" if they didn't stop speaking to me.  I had offered Jacqueline Homan a job.  However, Jacqueline couldn't even focus on the job properly because Beth kept hounding her saying that her "books wouldn't sell" and her "reputation would be harmed" and "people were going to socially shun her" if she took a job with me.  We tried to move forward with the job but Jacqueline literally couldn't focus on the training because Beth had her completely freaked out.  All of which I have screen shots to prove that unsolicited Beth took it upon herself to approach a trafficking survivor and tell her to refuse a job because Beth had started a campaign to get her to quit that job and rob us of a member and supporter.  A woman who had been without food in the house for days and without heat before I stepped up to wire her food money, help her get into school, help her apply for SSI, and even got someone to commit to paying $25 a month for six months to help her while she was working on learning a trade she could do from home.  For that - I had Beth, and Lynn Robertson, applying pressure on Jacqueline to stop having anything to do with us. 

Jacqueline was not alone.  I was in the middle of very productive talks with the Nebraska legislature.  They had announced they were "going after tougher sentencing" of the traffickers.  I had contacted them and explained this would just get more victims murdered by traffickers not wanting a witness to testify if there were tougher sentences.  I explained they needed to start offering more services for victims to escape and rehabilitate.  In response, they made an announcement they were doing just this.  So we were building a productive relationship.  Until Beth stepped in and started telling people that I was a "pimp" active current sense again.  After Nebraska politicians started getting contacted by Beth - they backed away from speaking to me also.  Again, I don't think because of me but fear of her. 

She's now an elected warning campaign for some reason about this lie.  I honestly said to myself "no one is going to possibly take this seriously".  But not a month goes by without someone sending me a screen shot that they are getting these "warnings" by Beth that I'm a "pimp" and to "stay away" from me.

Do you know why I publish my news clippings?  To prove I am a survivor.  No matter what anyone says they can't say I'm lying about not only being a witness but a survivor of trafficking.  The date on my news clippings show that I launched our program, and hotline, in 1987.  Further, we started calling for victims of trafficking to be recognized as existing by our legal system in 1987.  Now until anyone can show me a clipping pre-dating 1987 - that makes me the FOUNDER of this movement.

I started the OLDEST hotline and program for adults that has meetings today in the USA, Canada and five other countries currently.  I've answered FIVE times MORE calls than Polaris to date.  So I'm telling myself that no one will possibly believe this nonsense or take it seriously.  Which if that's all she did - that's what would happen.  No one would take her seriously and would move on.

However, one woman stood up to her.  Teresa Belsky.  Not to defend me but because as a survivor she said she doesn't like being told who she can talk to and who she can't.  She showed me a screen shot showing she told Beth she's not a personal friend.  However, that wasn't enough.  Beth insisted on her joining in an active attack upon me "or else". 

When Teresa refused to comply - Beth then took a post that she claimed Teresa had posted and spread it all over social media and the trafficking rooms in a drive to have Teresa ostracized true to her word.  Problem is that there is free software online that can "spoof" text messages, emails, phone calls, etc. and Beth did not verify that Teresa had even said this message she was now on the attack campaign on her tail about.  I contacted Teresa who told me she wouldn't say such a thing nor would she.  But that didn't stop Beth from going around to every trafficking group she could asking them to remove her as she'd had me removed. 

Isn't this a classic text book example of how Hitler got control over Germany?  No one stood up for me and no one stood up for Teresa.  Do you know what I hear a lot of good people saying also right now?  Good people in DROVES are leaving the trafficking field because of all the "in fighting" and how "nothing is getting done".  Well it might be because this woman has chased real survivors out of the rooms like an organized pack of wolves!

You'd think she'd run out of steam.  Not when this tactic is serving Beth so well.  She's been made head of the "Policy Chair" or something now with the United Way.  She's "training CPS workers about the needs of trafficking victims" according to her facebook page.   It's now June of 2015 and I got another screen shot showing that Beth, and now someone I don't even know at all, are going up to others online and also telling them that I'm a "pimp" active present tense.

Do you know how I get these screen shots?  I will repeat - I run the oldest and the largest program and hotline for those leaving the sex industry.  We have members like this one who go back to 1987 who have belonged to our program, and are in regular contact with me, all over this country, that most have JOBS now.  So when she comes up to these people trying to tell them this NONSENSE that I'm a "pimp" they bring this screen shot to me.  Which might give you an idea how widely she's doing this sort of thing to people. 

This is beyond name calling.  You call an African American the "n" word and that's still not calling them a criminal.  She however is calling a trafficking survivor a pimp - do you have any idea how heinous this is and hurtful to me?  A pimp is a criminal - so she's not only defaming my character she's telling people I'm engaging in a life of crime.  More than that - it's personally the most insulting word she can use against me. 

From where I come from, providing "counseling" to someone without an active license is a crime.  I didn't do anything.  I didn't report her to the board for this, nor Cactus Counseling for allowing her to work for them without a license.  Do you know why?

When I contacted the state board I asked them why she hadn't renewed her license since 1998.  They said it was because of "multiple mental hospitalizations".  Is that true?  I have no idea.  That's what they told me when I called to inquire.  But I figured that if Beth is a survivor, and if she has been hospitalized, and if she found herself a job then I should let her work.

However, that was before I started having people I don't even know hear my name - scream "pimp" into the phone at me and hang up the phone.  That  was before I'm having survivors tell me they think "there's no services out there" because she's so terrorized our members offline that people don't see we even exist any longer.  We had no choice.  She was going to every single person who said they were a SWA member on their profile and attacking them to the point where they were worried she was going after their job next.  What - an unreasonable concern after she applied pressure on Jacqueline to quit her job and got another survivor evicted?

Or when she directed a maniac who had said he wanted to find me and kill me online to another survivor she claimed was an "alias" of mine to justify what she was doing?  She pointed a maniac threatening to kill me to a woman who had two small children at home and told him she was me - she could have gotten this woman murdered so no I don't think this is a small matter.

Especially when in June of 2015, over TWO YEARS have gone by and I get a recently dated screen shot she's continuing this crazy accusation.  Clearly she's got people afraid not to listen to her or else they're next on the hit parade like how they chased Teresa out of the field, and many others who just left in disgust or those who didn't want to argue with her. 

Clearly ignoring her is not working - so I am going to move forward with legal action.  In the meantime, I've posted proof about her unlicensed status, along with proof she did not incorporate Willow Way until July of 2014 - long after she was representing this to be a real organization. 

I will be editing the screen shots (to protect other people's anonymity) of these attacks of hers and posting them online over the next few days.  My bank statement showing I live on $733 a month is also below.  Thank you.

Jody Williams


Copy of Cactus Counseling License Revocation Hearing -

By the way, the "alias" that they are speaking about is one of two things:

1.   Whenever a member of SWA says anything to pipe up in my, or our, defense - they are labeled an "alias" of Jody and attacked and then blocked.  Mind you these are other survivors who are attacked without any attempt to identify who they are being this assault and shunned "justified" as being okay because it's really "just Jody" in their minds.

2.   I had no many people trying to kill me, and two people did wind up dead, in connection with my case, that to protect the court from liability of my being murdered when coming to court for my hearings which were public record, they put my name under the male spelling of "Rene Le Blanc".  My maiden name is Jody Williams.  I have been married to a Reyes and then a Rahlfs and then divorced again.  Meaning I've had several LEGAL name changes.

To be accused of being a "trafficker" a "pimp" and a "procurer" again I would think any rational person would ignore.  However, if has now reached the point where any member of SWA now who says anything in my, or our, defense - is immediately attacked and run right off the internet with people shouting "you're just Jody - we know you are" like somehow that justifies that type of behavior towards another survivor, let alone another human being. 

It has now reached the point where I have people I don't even know yelling "pimp" into the phone at me when I call agencies looking for help for victims I have in front of me in dire straights who have come to me for help. 

Which makes the other accusation of "keeping people down" even more heinous to me.  I have spent almost THIRTY YEARS of my life CREATING and NURTURING this movement - and now I'm seeing it being trampled by people who think that rational adult mature responsible people run around the internet calling other survivors "pimp" like it's nothing - and clearly people who listen to this sort of thing.  I mean Beth seems to be doing quite well for herself considering I now have three years of screen shots verifying the many people who have come to me telling me she's been making these accusations against me to people. 

Now Shawnee is clearly trying to cover her own backside in fear - and I'll explain why on a second post about her issues.


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