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Sunday, July 26, 2015


I found this article today where Tara Burns accurately reports there is a "war going on against sex workers".  She's not only right - but like in any war there are "double agents" and "disinformation".  In other words, a lot more going on than what you'd think looking at it from only one side.  .  This isn't just cops trying to arrest hookers - there is another type of war going on here.  Below is my comment to what she wrote:

Dear Tara:

French Mike
And how am I gonna find out who gives the best happy endings now??? Damn government! smile emoticon

Alex Vanderipe
With the MyRedBook closure, there have been other sites now. Look at, it's practically the same thing!

Chris Delani
Why hasnt anyone been arrested for the housing crisis or great recession? The FBI can find time to arrest working girls but not the people that have destroyed the American economy? Seriously? 

Law enforcement in this country is rotten from the inside out.

I was an escort some years ago and had been “reviewed” on myredbook. Personally, I was overjoyed when I heard it got shut down! I wish it had been shut down years ago when I was in the unfortunate situation of having to work as a prostitute to make ends meet. 

One thing that bugs me about news stories like this is that they keep calling myredbook “a site for prostitutes.” Escort review sites are NOT for prostitutes, they are for the JOHNS’ benefit.

MyRedBook was an ESCORT REVIEW site first and foremost. Letting escorts advertise for free is an "also" thing. The whole point of an escort revie
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Chanel Trappstar ·

I am an escort and I am not happy they arrested the owners of myredbook but I am happy they shutdown that site. It was a trick and john controlled site that coerced women on their to perform unsafe sex acts dirt cheap by threatening them with bad reviews. They had a acronym named after. The redbook site called rbgfe aka redbook girlfriend experience which meant french kissing a total stranger, performing a blowjob without and condom and in some cases ejaculating semen in a women's mouth. The owner Red and moderator Maddie would chastise a lot of escorts for complaining about this unsafe sex being condoned and promoted on the site. I hated Maddie and Red and even though I hope they don't go to jail I am happy they got shutdown. Every client and john controlled escort review board should be shutdown and escorts should have the same safety standards as legal Nevada Brothels
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Wired Nixon
Whores will be whores. Nothing you can do to stop that.

Commenting as Jody Williams

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