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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Dear Democracy for America - I understand you're campaigning for Kamala Harris and Catherine Cortez Masto.  I'm sending you over a link to my experiences with these candidates. and  I represent the voice of the truly "voiceless".  Most of the victims of trafficking can not violate their "anonymity" by stepping forward to speak about their experiences.

Out of those who are willing to, many can't vote.  The majority of trafficking victims are under the age of 18 years old - meaning they can't vote.  Studies have proven that in the majority of sex trafficking of minors - the people caring for them are the traffickers.  Meaning those caring for them who are old enough to vote - are NOT going to vote for anything, or anyone, that represents their bests interests.  Those who have survived and are over 18 years of age, many now have felony records that is going to take them years to expunge.  Meaning many of the adults can't vote.

My experience in 30 years of working with these victims is that very few of them become economically successful.  The vast majority are so damaged that they live on disability or welfare to get by.  The select few that are able to physically and financially to finish college - they are the select few who can vote - but they can't come forward about their past without risking their new lives and careers.  I can cite you many who have been fired when they have been open about their past - or it's held against them advancing or even getting tenure.

So we truly are the "voiceless" who have to depend upon those in power to protect our interests.  As the founder of the movement itself - I chose to be open about my identity in order to be believed and to thus create this movement out of nothing.  So they ask me to speak for them.  Only when our representatives won't even speak to me - how am I going to speak for them?  Catherine and Kamala have refused all attempts on my part to open up any dialogue with me while building and advancing their careers, and their pocketbooks on the platform of human trafficking.

Yet they refuse to even SPEAK to the founder of the movement - and one who represents the voices of those who can't come forward publicly.  I have also been trying to get a large trafficking ring that's been operating in this country for years shut down.  I have finally all of the evidence, information, documentation, etc. put together to bring this ring down.  However, a case can't be started until we can get a report filed in Pasadena, California.  A city where a detective there was recorded as bragging they can "fake a homicide case" against someone as they have faked a case also against a woman who resides there - the one we need to file the report for to start this case.  However, I've now been threatened by Pasadena officers myself.

So what do I do?  I've turned to Kamala Harris for two years now - sending emails, faxes, phone calls, etc., that i can document are never returned or responded to.  Yet you want to endorse her and Catherine as "progressive voices".  No - they are not.  They are putting women into the dark ages with the other issues they support - and they are truly not "progressive".  Not when they're supporting a system that's in the dark ages about how to truly help sex trafficking victims.  I didn't come forward and sacrifice what i sacrificed in order to have money funneled to the police and homeless shelters.  I did this because the system had to CHANGE.  A change that men like Tom Bradley and Sheriff Block were listening to when they were alive - but I can't get these two women on the phone.

If anything, Catherine was Attorney General when she sent the Secretary of State after me trying to LOCK ME UP for "operating a business without a license".  I never was so happy in my life i don't make a dime at this work - because I had to show that in fact I'm broke to convince them I "don't operate a business" to avoid the six months in JAIL he was threatening me with.  For what?  Being the one group in Nevada that actually IS HELPING sex trafficking victims.  Progressive?

I gave a press conference to the world in 2007 talking about our work, showing our success stories, and revealing proof that sex trafficking existed within legal sex industries.  Bob Herbert wrote an independent article validating what I said was true - that you could "throw a rock in a strip club in Vegas and hit a victim".  For that - he was threatened with a "baseball bat to the head" by the then Mayor, and pushed off his column with the NY Times.  He's since written a book on how corporations have "hijacked America".

Well they've sure "hijacked" our movement.  My point being if either of these two women cared about this issue, other than how it advances their career, they would have come talked to me in 2007, let alone returned my calls while trying to pass bills on the movement i founded.  Before I send out an announcement to our members to start complaining to you about this endorsement - I thought I'd come to you first asking you - "are you aware this is how they behave to the smallest of us?"  The people.  Jody

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