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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


After I wrote the below response after reading the Buzzfeed article stating that supposedly imaginary people filed a lawsuit against Relativity Media - I'm asking myself "why are they going to such an extreme measure to try and make that show look like it was real instead of a total scripted fraud?"

I've learned how these people play and I say to myself "they're up to something".  Sure enough - I discover that the very day this lawsuit was filed this happened -

Very clever.  He's trying to score millions of dollars so he doesn't want people thinking he's a complete con artist who catfishes people and exploits real sex trafficking victims, nor that he's doing it to cover up real trafficking that men like Liang Yaohui were involved with who got arrested finally a few months ago.  No we don't want people thinking that now do we?  Watch that lawsuit disappear the minute they get their check!

Here's the post I put up a few minutes ago before I learned about the bankruptcy:

The show "8 Minutes" was a complete sham.  They paid the women who appeared on the show as "victims" $200 to appear.  They gave them a script and told them what to say.  The men playing "pimps" were stage hands, or even husbands and boyfriends of the actresses.

After the show started airing, a woman who had second thoughts about whether or not her face was going to be blurred contacted me.  She told me she really "wanted to quit" prostitution and asked for help.

Before I could do anything - I got swept upon by lawyers urging me "not to go public" with the fact the show was faked.  Then two active sex workers swooped down upon her telling her a whole bunch of lies about our program.  She signed a release for Relativity Media to use her image, her name, and to speak for her in the contract.  I learned this when I confronted her with things she was supposedly saying about me online.

Her response was "I don't have a computer or internet - that's not me talking".  She told me she was going to speak to them about "taking the lies down" that were being posted about me.  That was the last thing I heard from the "real' woman.

I'm wondering what's the big fear here?  The media lies all the time - so why are they SOOOO afraid that I'm going to say the show was staged, scripted, etc.  They didn't seem to mind when it came out that "Gigolo's" was scripted and had actors portraying real hustlers.  So what's the big deal here?

Well the big deal here is that this show was being used in conjunction with a lot of fund raisers and also some very large trafficking grants for millions of dollars - that's why they're so scared that it's going to come out this show was faked.

But people have been listening.  People have been listening that "Kamylla" was asking for rent money on an apartment that was flooded.  However, it's illegal to even charge rent on a flooded apartment!  Every reporter that "Kamylla" spoke to confessed they had not matched a contract with a photo with her on film with the show even.  Relativity Media wouldn't even confirm she was even on the show either when we talked to them months ago.

So that's why they're scared.  Because a lot of money was raised on this show being "real" and Kamylla's story being "real".  When I spoke that I had talked to the prosecutor, the court clerk, the vice head and Kathryn Griffin Townsend who were all telling me Kamylla's story wasn't washing and they had no records matching this story - that makes the fund raiser and the grant money a pretty big fraud.

So they're desperate to cover their ass that the show wasn't staged or faked.  Now what do they do?  Oh hold onto your hats because this is a pretty desperate move.

Yes they're now going to essentially sue themselves to make this look "real".  How much you want to bet that before the discovery process - they'll reach an "out of court settlement"?

Well now they've really dug a hole.  Because anything said to the court that's not 100 percent true - can be prosecuted for perjury and there's no statute on the time limit either.  Here's a comment I posted under the article which I'm sure they'll delete soon:

What an extent these people are going to in order to try and cover up the whole thing was a fraud upon the viewers. Wow! There was no "breach of promise" because the WHOLE THING WAS STAGED. Now to cover your ass you're going to claim the show was canceled because they "didn't keep their promise" like the show was actually "real". Well to "make a promise" would mean Kevin Brown really had an outreach. Which HE DIDN'T.

The only reason they're doing this is because they know I've been preparing a lawsuit to show the entire thing was a conspiracy to commit fraud - not upon the actors they hired to film the show - but as a fraud upon donors and the federal government who was giving people associated with Kevin Brown and his "fake outreach" millions of dollars in grant money. I haven't done so yet because it's been very time consuming to gather all the evidence and I have at least a year for a statute so I have time. Now this?

Well it's too late. We've already spoken to the Texas prosecutor, the Houston police, and Kathryn Griffin Townsend - and we know the whole story by "Kamylla" was a fake and I have their statements recorded. To cover their ass from the fraud charges - they're now so desperate to make this thing look real - now they're staging a lawsuit against essentially themselves to try and cover up their tracks from what was an attempt to defraud the American government and donor?

Well just remember - things entered into the court system are done so under penalty of perjury. Meaning as the truth comes out - anything you submit to the court in this lawsuit had better be 100 percent the truth - or I will personally make sure those who did perjure themselves are prosecuted further.

Buzzfeed - you are going to be reported to the FCC. When I tried to show you the "notice of intent to sue" that got the show canceled - you refused to report a word of that to your readers. But you did induce people to go and donate to the fund raiser which is what this is about - a desperate attempt to cover up that people were defrauded into donating and those grants to OC were also done so fraudulently.

When I told you we were going after criminal complaints for fraud, and preparing a defamation lawsuit against Relativity for defaming "real" sex trafficking victims - you did not report a word about our lawsuit. But you'll report on this? This "Kamylla" never saw on episode on air. No one has seen her contract. No one has seen one single shred of proof she was even on the show. I do however have a phone recording from the "real" Kamylla saying she signed over the rights to use her name, likeness, etc. and that the people who were posing online supposedly as her were not in fact her.

The courts claim after extensive research that no one was in their court under any name who was being evicted at the same time they were also being charged for prostitution and an illegal. The woman was trying to raise money to pay rent on a flooded apartment - when it's illegal for the landlord to even charge rent on an "uninhabitable unit". So the show, and Kamylla's "fund raiser" was not only a fraud - but was also done to solicit out information on active sex workers. By the way, the money received from "known" prostitutes - makes the receipt of that money a felony. It's called "pimping" and I've already been talking to the Attorney General of Texas about going after the recipients of that fund raiser for that felony. I have a meeting with him in a few weeks to discuss further actually. Your "fund raiser" knowingly solicited from, and took money from, "known" prostitutes working in illegal prostitution - meaning receipt of which was either felony pimping or it was money laundering. That's what they can't decide and why I need to speak to them in a few weeks.

Now you're further deceiving the public by reporting on this desperate attempt to now try and cover their asses by essentially now suing themselves to try and make this whole thing look real? There was no "breach of promise" although I'm sure to cover their ass Relativity will probably plead guilty rather than have the truth come out this whole thing was staged in the first place - a fraud being assisted by Buzzfeed now which is why I'm making a formal complaint against you to the FCC as well the Attorney General.

Problem with your plan is I already have phone recordings from more than one person telling me the whole thing was staged - right on down to a man who was a stage hand who was hired to pretend to be a pimp. So I'll be noting the case number and moving to join the cases and we'll get to the bottom of this. Just remember moving forward - if anything you say is proven to be a lie - I will move the court for a perjury ruling. I can already prove you knowingly solicited money from, and received it from, known prostitutes which again is a felony.

Have a nice day! Oh this is hilarious. I can't wait to show this to my friends! . and

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