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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


i keep hearing about a "war on women".  I then read this today - 

I  do know this about David Vitter - there are three deaths connected to him that are "suspect" in my mind.  I also know that i had built up a successful effective following in Arizona for Sex Workers Anonymous UNTIL the day that Vitter moved  down into Arizona.  That's when our members there started being threatened.  That's when we started hearing about women who were being trafficked across the border and raped by the border patrol.   That's when I started hearing that sex trafficking victims were being placed in shelters that were actually letting traffickers pick them up and take them to work in strip clubs in Phoenix.  That's when I started getting threats from Arizona police - instead of the cooperation we used to get when one of our members opened up the Dignity Project in 1991.  So there was a sharp contrast to the way we were treated in Arizona before Vitter went down there to after.  Coincidence?  I don't know.  But it's still a fact.

So let's look what else is going on in Arizona with respect to prostitution -    Now these were only the cops caught seeing prostitutes.  I can bring you a whole page of links to news articles about cops seeing Arizona prostitutes - so it's happening and it's not just these guys.

So if you want to know if a sex trafficking victim can call the police for help - think again if you're in Arizona because these guys are too busy covering their own ass to do anything to help you.  Do you really think Arizona is going to do a thorough investigation into sex trafficking when the evidence they turn up is going to incriminate themselves, or a buddy or theirs - or even someone they can blackmail into a higher position?  Doubtful.

Am I making this up?  You tell me -  Oh yeah - Arizona is really doing their best right now to uncover sex trafficking.  Not while they're covering their own ass they're not that's for sure.  So they're not investigating the services, the prostitutes, and they're not questioning the customers down there either

Why do I link any of this to David's arrival in Arizona?  For one, Sylvia Landry reported that David Vitter was a client of hers in Louisiana.  David admitted to this in interviews also.  She was found dead hung in her jail cell however before she could talk about much more.,3675371&hl=en

Brandy Britton was found dead hung in her living room with no suicide note.  She was an escort who had seen David Vitter through the DC Madam's escort service.  Now, Brandy was a college professor who was also found dead before she could go to trial, or be questioned about what exactly went on between her and men like David Vitter, or even David himself.

The DC Madam, the woman who supplied David Vitter with escorts was also found dead hung at her mother's house.  I highly doubt this was suicide either as she went to her mother's that night to escape a man who had been following her all day.  I know that because I was in daily contact with her for two years before her death through Sex Workers Anonymous.

Now David has seen other prostitutes that haven't been found hung - like Jeanette Maier to name one.  She's not dead.  So what's the difference between Jeanette and the other three?  I can tell you the difference is that from what I can tell Jeanette was not connected to the kind of trafficking I had witnessed, that Jeane had witnessed, that Brandy had witnessed, and from what I've heard that Sylvia had witnessed also.

Ethics hearings had been scheduled that were canceled after Jeane's death.  However, I know that Jeane was a victim of trafficking the same way I was.  Not the way the media portrays victims either.  The media has been going out of it's way to try and portray prostitution as trafficking in the public's mind for a while now.  I'm not surprised at all to hear that NBC fired a reporter after he asked David Vitter about the prostitutes - because NBC has been so flagrant in their propaganda they've been shoving down the public's throat about what sex trafficking is (but it isn't) - that I even gave Marion Brooks at NBC a "cease and desist" order that was completely ignored.  NBC had made the series "Sex Slaves" in major cities where you won't hear one single word about Sex Workers Anonymous despite the fact I'm the founder of the movement in the first place.  Now why is that?  Start contacting the people they do show in that series and you'll get an idea why - the whole show is a complete fabrication worthy of Hitler's propagation committee to try and convince the public that street prostitution is trafficking.  Well it's not.

I witnessed sex trafficking through Iran Contra.  Meaning I saw men from our own CIA, FBI, etc., who were not only smuggling drugs into this country - but also smuggling American women out of this country to be sold to seal oil and drug deals by men who liked "white girls".  When these men came to me asking me to sell women to them who would then be sold for these deals, and I determined this was for real, I refused.  I was arrested in my own high profile trial you can read about at whereupon I spent the next year dodging bullets and murder attempts by men who wanted me silenced.  Then they made their movies glamorizing the lifestyle to flush out their next chump - Heidi Fleiss.  After her - came Jeane.  The cycle continues.  Because once you get to a certain level as a madam in this country - that's when you hit the trafficking networks that exist who want you to work with them.  If you refuse - you get arrested and run out of the game.  You talk - and you get found hung.  I escaped it only by hiding out for a year in my grandmother's house and refusing to leave when men would come and try and trick me into leaving or my grandmother into leaving me alone.  Then finally once my probation was clear - I went to the media and started running my mouth and this movement.

Paranoid?  Gary Webb reported on Iran Contra and he was found dead with two shotgun blasts to the head despite coroners saying this is physically impossible to do to yourself.  So no - I was not being "paranoid".  There were people who wanted me silenced after my trial just as they wanted Jeane, Brandy and Sylvia silenced.  Jeanette escaped I can only conjecture as because either she didn't know anything about this or she agreed to keep her mouth shut.

Instead I founded the modern day sex trafficking movement because back in the 1980's if you tried to talk about sex trafficking - you were locked up for psychiatric observation.  I demanded this be recognized as "real" and that this country needed to do something so that victims had a way to get help.  Now back then since people just ruled us off as crazy - the traffickers had nothing to worry about because no one believed victims back then.

But I kept talking and bringing more and more victims on shows like Geraldo, Donahue, Sally, etc., until we got believed and then the Trafficking Act of 2000 got passed.  But even the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 states that the "movement has been hijacked" in an interview Michael Horowitz gave to the Review Journal.   Hijacked by people who want you to think sex trafficking and prostitution are the same so that true trafficking victims have no escape or protection

Well they are not.  Victims of sex trafficking most of the time in this country are running from men in power like Vitter, Tobias, Cheny - which is what Jeane was trying to prove by releasing her Black Book.  Men in power to who putting us in a homeless shelter isn't going to protect us.  The Margo Compton case is another example of what I mean and why we have to start a system that recognizes this and builds in a system where WE, woman like Margo, and even women like Jeane, and myself when I first escaped, can go for help.

Because when Jeane was being followed the day before her death - the only place we could think of for her to go to be safe was her mother's house. This was 2009 and there STILL was nowhere safe a victim like her could go for safety.   Now I remembered what my attorney told me when he told me to go to my grandmother's house.  He told me not to leave the house and to stay inside with her because they couldn't make it look like an accident or suicide with her there.  So I suggested she got to her mother's house since she was always home - and I warned Jeane not to leave the house.  But she was still found dead in the back yard.  Meaning somehow she got lured back out there.

Do you want to know why I really believe Jeane's death wasn't suicide?  Because within minutes of finding her body the news was calling it "suicide" without a toxicology report or even an autopsy.  I mean the minute her body was found the news was shouting "suicide".  You know - the same news that claimed there were "no names of significance" in her black book at first until the Smoking Gun revealed the truth.  They're not supposed to pronounced anything until the autopsy is done, and an investigation is done.  I hadn't even been questioned yet and I'd been talking to her daily for the last two years. No one asked me about how she was being followed around the day before and that she went down to her mother's in fear that night.

So I called the detective who was investigating her case and told him that if they did not do a proper investigation which included the idea she was murdered, and to do things like dust the shed for prints AND to look at our conversations  - that I would personally go onto national TV with her emails and texts between her and I for the last two years and I would expose what she was trying to say with her case by not taking the plea bargain, her fears about being murdered to silence her, along with other names she had planned to reveal, and I'd talk about how I felt it was a murder connected to David Vitter, Randall Tobias, and Dick Cheney.  Along with the fact she had been planning another press conference to reveal more names and to talk more about the men who were coming to her to involve her in trafficking.

Within a few hours of making this threat to this detective  - I had five cops and a drug dog at my house with a completely bogus warrant tossing my house from top to bottom.  After they trashed it - they called CPS and said my house was not "livable for a child" and tried to get my kid taken from me.  Thankfully CPS laughed and said I had five hours to clean the house.  Which I did and nothing happened to my kid.  But when they found nothing illegal, nor her emails, the one lead cop then threatened me with "he'd be back".  This cop then threatened my landlord for weeks to illegally evict me. I know because he came to me to tell me this cop was pushing on him to throw me out illegally.

When I called down to the local police station to ask the dispatcher if she knew anything - she told me that these cops got that warrant after receiving a call from a Florida detective.  I was so scared by these cops - I went and hid underground for six months to protect my daughter who was under 18 years of age then.  I say that because when my landlord told me they were putting pressure on him - I went and moved into a motel.  Then the motel owner told me this cop was pushing on him to file phony theft charges against me.  At that point - I figured the best thing I could do was just to go lay low a while.

Well my daughter's not under 18 years old now - and not only are there three deaths by hanging in direct connection to David Vitter - but I made a crack even when I heard he had moved down to Phoenix about how I "wondered when the hangings would start".  After reading about how this cop was found hung before his investigation could begin - well I'm not laughing anymore.

Right now in this country I'm helping to rescue real life sex trafficking victims out from under trafficking operations.  I don't mean street pimps - but criminal networks of traffickers who are organized and working together in a large criminal operation.  I'm talking the kinds of operations Margo Compton, Jeane Palfrey, and myself have been trying to reveal operate in this country that we can't escape from - and going to some homeless shelter won't protect us from either.  Do you want to know more about what I mean?  Listen to Montgomery Sibley's interview with me confirming that Jeane was being used by our government before her death and why they wouldn't want her appearing at an ethics hearing -

These victims have shown me proof and explained to me how their traffickers are connected together through law enforcement, judges, police and politicians.  They come to me because we're the only program I'm aware of that helps victims of this type.  Now if you wonder what I mean by that - you need to take a real good look at Chris Butler.  That man worked with active duty police and that's now proven. He was a retired cop and considered such a respected private investigator he was on the Dr. Phil show at one point.  Take a look at the DEA owned strip club where the strippers were illegal aliens from Columbia - while the owners partied with Columbian drug cartel.  Meaning that if those women tried to run - they'd be deported while their family back in Columbia was being threatened by the cartel.

So no - victims of men like Chris Butler and the DEA owned strip club can't run for help to the local police.  In fact, this is what happens -  This woman told her traffickers she wanted to retire.  She'd been working for them since she was 8 years old and she's now in her 50's.  She was then carted out of her home by two Pasadena police officers in front of her mother and son where then two fake charges were put on her record.  She was threatened with a 3rd charge which would get her deported to China where she'd get the death penalty.   Was that a reasonable fear?  Look up the name Liang Yaohui to see that was a very reasonable fear since now only did he own 900 massage parlors in China, but he was also a member of their government and a lawmaker.  So no - she can't just run to some homeless shelter for help either.  I even have been threatened by a Pasadena cop for helping her.  A case I'm still not getting anyone to come help me or her with I'd like to add.  I've gone to everyone from the local city attorney, district attorney, FBI, ICE, Homeland Security, senators, congressmen, Attorney General, John Kerry, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and I STILL can't even get anyone to even talk to me or look at the evidence about this trafficking ring despite the fact three pimps in this organization have already been sentenced.

Now is this about who David Vitter sleeps with or even that he sees prostitutes?  Prostitution is legal in Nevada at the brothels.  Seeing a prostitute does not require one breaking the law in this country.  David Vitter could fly to one of those legal brothels if he wanted to see a prostitute - and he's not breaking any laws.  As for sex, I'm sure he could walk into any bar with his name and get him some free trim.  So no - this is not about seeing a prostitute, nor about his sex life.

This is about CRIME.  This is ALSO about the fact when they do this - WE can't get any help with trafficking operations because of their involvement.  When Eliot Spitzer was the DA - he did NOT investigate nor arrest anyone connected with the service he was using.  If anything - any competitors to the service he was using were the ones who were targeted and arrested.  Meaning when they frequent prostitutes - they are supporting and protecting the traffickers who threaten them with exposure if they don't protect them.  Meaning they don't investigate the services they're using who might be doing all kinds of illegal things because they don't want to get exposed themselves.  I mean look at how Eliot was exposed - he didn't get exposed because someone at the service he used was arrested.  He got exposed because someone leaked an undercover tape.  You know why that tape had to be leaked?  Because obviously whoever was making the tape KNEW that Spitzer would never be exposed otherwise.  Yeah - well that I'm sorry gives criminals involved in trafficking a free hand to do whatever they want if they're not being afraid of being arrested because of who they're servicing as clients or who they're paying off.

So when I hear about how Spitzer gets a standing ovation after he gets a job at Fox - to me they're not applauding that he got laid by Ashley Dupree.  To me - they're applauding that he was protecting the service he was using from any criminal investigation despite the fact their owner lived in Israel, and he's also going after any service that's not under that services protection.  In other words, he's become the guard dog of the traffickers.  For that - I hear they'd applauding our victimization NOT Eliot;s sex life.

This is NOT ABOUT SEX.  I could care less who David Vitter sleeps with.  Seeing a prostitute that is not working at a legal brothel IS A CRIME.  Bottom line - it's a crime.    Putting everything else aside - it's still them committing a CRIME.   It puts them in a position to be blackmailed which gives the criminals an edge into our legal system they should not have anymore than Pablo Escobar should have been on the Mexican government either where he wrote into their law about not extraditing drug traffickers to serve his own interest.  Because that's what happens when you give criminals access to our system - they use it to their advantage.

Now - you want to put this in sexual terms?  Okay - then  I ask you what other man or politician has three dead hookers behind him who were all found hung before they could reveal their whole stories?  Well at least Jeanette Maier is still alive.  But she's alive because she's already given her interviews about what happened with Vitter.  The other three didn't make it that far.

After David Vitter moved to Phoenix - Project Rose was started up.  Our SWA members were all threatened.  The woman who tried to open up a local SWA meeting there - was threatened with a gas can on her porch.   Her home was broken into and the only things taken were our flyers she'd just copied for distribution.  I've received veiled threats from the local police not to come to town to help support the SWA meeting.  Because of the threats our members were receiving - we had to literally shut down our local Phoenix meeting which had been meeting there since 1991 through Dignity - a program founded by one of our members who came to us in 1990.

So wake up America - this is not about who David Vitter is sleeping with nor his sexual habits.  This is about CRIME.  Money that our federal government gave Arizona to help trafficking victims - went into the DA's pocket to "pay off salaries".  They promised to "put together a task force" after spending the money they were given - but I'm not seeing anything but lip service.

Why?  Because Arizona doesn't want real sex trafficking victims to have a voice because they're afraid of what they'll say down there if given one . So they speak through me - even after they're dead.  Which is why I'm saying whether you want to look at this as his sex life or about crime - he still has a connection with three dead women in his past.

Let me put this another way - if you were hiring someone to watch your children and if three of this man's wives had been found hung in his past would you allow him to sit with your kids?  If not - then why would you trust them to represent us?  Bottom line.  Please think about that before voting for ANYONE who has a connection to illegal prostitution, ESPECIALLY to services.

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