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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Since people are running for office - I'm going to state my personal experiences with them.  As for Kamala Harris - I have nothing to say.  I wouldn't know anything about her because she never responds to any of my requests to speak to her.

Remember, I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself.  You can verify this by checking news clippings at  Not my self-reporting.  Not a claim.  But news clippings in paper newspapers that can be researched as having actually come out in 1987 showing that I was the first person who not only stated that sex trafficking in the USA was REAL - but also demanding that our whole system change in order to help us instead of treating us like criminals.

So put it in these terms - in the alcohol treatment history Bill Wilson is the founder.  He came out when everyone thought alcoholism was a matter of "will power" or "a lack of moral fiber".  No one believed that alcoholism was a disease, let alone one could be "powerless" over it (how do you have control over cancer?).  Not only did he offer up the idea that it was something one was "powerless" over - but he created the one treatment that has been shown to work at a time when alcoholism was viewed to be something that only winos suffered from, and doctors felt was a "hopeless terminal disease".  Alcoholics used to be thrown into wet farms, drunk tanks and sanitariums to be cared for until they died because no one knew how to stop them from drinking long term.  Even the church didn't.  The Oxford Group was able to get them to about six months sobriety - but nothing long term like AA was able to achieve.

Out of Bill's work to create AA - came the National Council on Alcoholism, the research it was a genetic disease, and even the courts now that court order a DUI to an AA meeting instead of jail in the recognition they are not criminals - but instead suffer from a disease.

Up until I founded our 12 step group - that's exactly the way we were viewed.  We were viewed as "wanting' to be out there in sex work universally, and also that we were either criminals or sexual deviants.  Since we could not go to the police for help., and in most cases today still can't, I created the first hotline for anyone to call for any reason that was over 18 years of age to get help to leave the sex industry in any form, for any reason.  I was the first to go to the legal system and create an alternative sentencing program for us, and the first to train counselors in how to work with us on the idea we were not all out there on corners to get drug money.  Many of us have never even touched a drug for that matter.

So I'm the undisputed founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement, or the "Bill Wilson" of the trafficking movement.  It was my work that led to the Trafficking Act of 2000 which even the author, Michael Horowitz, says has been "hijacked" by those seeking political power and money in an interview he gave Tom Ragan at the Review Journal.

So when I saw that Kamala Harris cared about the issue and was trying to get a Trafficking Bill passed of her own here in California - I wrote to her and offered to be involved.  Not to get glory (most of the legislators I do consult with will not admit it in the press so I don't do this for press), nor do I ask for any money or favors.  We're not soliciting any grants or donations so I don't offer to be involved to get any special favors or grant money.  Anyway, she didn't respond to my reaching out in any way.  Sure she reached out to a lot of groups who needed grant money and worked with street prostitutes BUT THAT'S NOT TRAFFICKING VICTIMS.

When I read her Bill - I of course disagreed with it and wrote her again asking her to make some changes.  I do currently, and back then, run the oldest and largest group of survivors in this country.  While Polaris has taken now 100,000 phone calls - we've taken 500,000 calls.  All of which I've answered most of them personally.  She did not respond.  As a result, the voice of trafficking victims in California was neglected.  Mind you women like Samoly Mam not only were not "real" trafficking victims, but also weren't trafficked in California.  I however, have a whole phone list of women who have been involved in trafficking in California that are trying to speak to her through me to protect their anonymity - yet WE don't get a return call.

In 2012 when we helped a woman escape being trafficked within a legal brothel - she wanted to prosecute the man who trafficked her in Nevada.  However, he was hiding in California at the time.  So I contacted Kamala's office to talk about filing a trafficking charge against a pimp who forced a woman to work in a legal brothel.  It would have been a ground breaking case.

She refused to answer me - but one of her deputies did respond.  Working with that deputy - they set about trying to build the evidence against him for the threats he was making against her children.  Like the Margo Compton case, traffickers will threaten the children with either harming them or even pimping them to get compliance from the mother.  All the while grooming and training the child to become generation number two and three.  If you wonder what that looks like - here's a great video about that.

Which was what was happening to Aubrey.  So they assigned us a private investigator and someone to start building the evidence against him for what he was doing to her children.  Why?  Because he had legal custody of the children.  If she was to file charges against him for trafficking while he had legal custody - he could do anything with those kids he wanted.  We were told by this deputy that we had to first get custody of the kids away from him and THEN we could build the trafficking case.

To build the trafficking case - we also needed to get the testimony of those who witnessed her being forced.  So while we're building this evidence, Aubrey is talking to the people who worked in the brothel who witnessed her being forced.  How when she would say she didn't want to go - he'd either beat her or threaten the kids.  If you want to hear her story = you can at

To get this testimony meant she was having to go back into the brothel, speak to these people to first get their consent, etc.  Why?  Because we could record their statements easy sure.  But if they refused to come into the court to back it up in court it would mean nothing.  So it wasn't just getting their testimony - but also getting them to agree to stand up in court for her against people who were running the brothel about how they stood aside and let this happen to her and did nothing.  Just as Linda Lovelace spoke about how Chuck pointed a gun at her to film "Deep Throat" while the camera crew did nothing also.  It's not an easy thing to get people to agree to stand up against people like the Hell's Angel's either.  We wouldn't have stood a chance in the Nevada court either that gave her pimp her kids - we had to have the case heard in California.

So while we're trying to build this case - I heard nothing from Kamala.  Maybe because she was going after Mitchell Stein.  Mitchell Stein advertised to homeowners who had been illegally foreclosed upon that he was "not afraid of the big dogs" and he'd go up against Bank of America to help them either keep their homes, or sue them for illegal foreclosure.  This meant going to Kamala's office to sue not only Bank of America for illegal foreclosure - but against people who donated to her fund.

Mitchell Stein then became on the hit list for Kamala.  Using the power of every office she could muster up - she managed to get a case against him that wound him up in 17 years of prison.  A case that would not have existed with her directing the investigation and the prosecution of Mitchell Stein.  You can google the case to read more about it yourself.  There were no personal complaints against him - the case against him all started at government offices.

Seeing this - of course I'm going to want her help to go after this multinational sex trafficking ring that is not only trafficking women all over this country, some of who are imported from China under false pretenses, but also is using people in offices such as the police to transport the victims, drugs, and guns, because their cars are "not stopped".  If you want an idea how that kind of operation works - you can google the Chris Butler case.  Read about how he had active duty cops bring him the drugs from the evidence rooms that's then sold in the brothels he owned after he retired from the police force with his pension.

A little fact I'd like to see addressed by the way.  I'm seeing more and more and more cops retiring after 20 years with their pensions, and then taking their experience, and their stable incomes, and lending it to these traffickers.  Sure they get arrested - but they're keeping their pensions.  I'd like to see them lose those pensions when it becomes clear they've gotten involved with sex traffickers, drug traffickers, etc.

I digress - anyway when I saw the force she put against Mitchell - I'm thinking "wow that would really do something to knock this ring down".  I had failed to get anything done with the Operation Dollhouse fiasco - they just let the woman go and dismissed the case against those two cops despite there being BAGS of drugs in the house which I really thought would make something stick.  But no.  So I started writing, emailing, calling, faxing, Kamala with our "Project Music" case since the heads of this operation reside in Pasadena, California.

Yes, this case here where three pimps have now been sentenced, and nine parlors shut down?   The HEADS of this operation reside in Pasadena.  Yes I can prove this also.  Further, when a victim told this ring she wanted to retire after working for them for 40 years - two police officers supposedly carted her out of her home and falsely charged her with prostitution.  Which would be easy if they can "fake a homicide" don't you think?  Faking prostitution charges or 5150 charges would be easy compared to a homicide case don't you think?

So I start writing Kamala about this case, and about what's going on with the police over there.  Do I get a response?  Yes and no.  I saw her announce she was writing Washington for "more money to fight multinational trafficking".  I saw her send someone over to China to talk about the fact these Chinese traffickers were counterfeiting money and costing the film industry money.  Now while this ambassador, diplomat or whatever you want to call him was going over there on behalf of the film industry to talk to them about this - I wanted them to also talk about the sex trafficking going on connected to their country.  So I tried to get in on that trip and project.

I direct you to these two cases -  Because the young girls were being put to work in Liang's parlors and services.  When these women hit 40 years old - they were being shipped off to work here in massage parlors.  They were promised if they "went along with the program" their children would be given a college education at USC and/or UCLA.  This then brought their kids over here once they turned 18 years old on the promise of this education.

Where they were then used to recruit and groom Americans into sex trafficking on these campuses.  Of course if you can pick up a few trade secrets worth 2 BILLION along the way why not?  I've been telling you - this issue DISGUISES itself as prostitution - but in reality it's much bigger than that and harms more people.

Now money isn't what we need to get this shut down.  We have everything we need under the RICO laws to put these people away.  These cases here show we have the power to put these people away.  But I'm still not seeing "Music" being addressed, nor the ring shut down at the head, nor anything done about what's going on with the Pasadena police that are only one police station being used as their personal enforcers.  No offense - but they got a cop to do the audit on the Pasadena police.  They have a 'brotherhood" thing going on.  He's not going to be an "objective" auditor when auditing his own kind - and I'm sorry but coming back saying they just "needed more money" and then redacting the report isn't going to get the changes done to this station that need to be done.

It's something happening everywhere.  We keep hearing from the "higher ups" they can't do anything until a case has been opened with the local police.  You get victimized in Pasadena - you go to Pasadena police to make a report.  It has to start there.

But what do you do when you're being threatened by the Pasadena police?  That's the issue going on right now in Nevada, around California, and other areas where these traffickers dominate.  You're seeing this now finally with Nevada.  I yelled for YEARS that no one could get help in Nevada because of corruption.  Well now the Chief has stepped down because of corruption.  The G Sting arrests exposed corruption there.  The prosecutor has died of a drug overdose.  Even the cab company has been exposed for their involvement.  Now Speaker John Hambrick has charges that he "bullied" his way into office by Chris Edwards.  Okay NOW are you starting to see what I've been fighting to help these victims?  Yeah NOW after I've already had my daughter run over by an SUV, my outreach RV had a bomb put in it, my outreach car got demolished, my power got shut off, the lines to my cable, TV and phone were cut, I've gotten multiple death threats, our landlords have been harassed, my front doors' been kicked in well NOW you're beginning to see what I'm up against?

Wichita?  Officer Jim Stewart was trying to shut down that ring since 2005!  He kept having other police interfere!  He literally had to wait until he RETIRED, then go to work for the Zoning Department, before he could get the evidence together to shut down just nine of those massage parlors and free the victims he did.  For which he's now had his life threatened.
The HEADS of this operation are being protected in Pasadena and I can show this connection with paper records.

So I write Kamala's office again saying that money is not what's needed here to address this.  To prove my point, I wrote to the author of the RICO law.  He's still alive by the way.  He agreed with me.  So with his letter in hand I then went back to Kamala's office and said "we just need someone to DO something and the RICO author agrees with me".

Now mind you I understand this is at the same time when sheriff's are threatening FBI agents in their driveways, and making witnesses against them "disappear" within the jails for a few days granted.   So I can understand she might be a little reluctant to "poke the tiger" BUT THAT'S HER JOB.  Still - if she put the force behind this she put behind Mitchell - we could definitely make some progress in this case.

Does she answer me?  Sort of.  She announced a week later she's running for Senate.  I take that to mean she's either admitting defeat of this ring that's terrorizing and robbing and looting all over the USA (they're doing a lot more crime than just sex trafficking - they're also harming the "clients" in many ways - blackmail, hacking, robbery, etc.  I mean look at the Donald Burns case as just one of what they're doing to the customers), or she's taking their campaign money and becoming another "protector" of them.

I'm opting for "protector".  Why?  My ex-husband is on the board of a public radio station Pacifica.  They've been under extreme audit by the Attorney General's office.   Because of this - he tells me they're afraid to even put me on the air to speak about American sex trafficking.   Our largest supporter of our work - also being audited to death by the IRS.  I also got threatened with JAIL by the Nevada Attorney General's office for "operating a business without a license".  Only problem is I'M NOT OPERATING A BUSINESS.  When I showed this fact to them - I'm not making one dollar off this work - they had no choice but to back off.   Did Kamala step up to defend me when this was happening?

Nope. She acts like I don't exist and her office is auditing anyone who supports us, donates to us, or even allows us to speak in the press.  But she sure is taking the juice she's gotten off the trafficking platform to propel her into the senate.  I call that exploitation of prostitutes - much like pimps do don't you agree?  I mean isn't that what a pimp does?  Exploit your work for their gain?  I sure am seeing her gain a lot off a movement I created - but I can't get a return phone call?

I know a pimp when I see one.  I know she's taking a movement I created and building a campaign for herself while giving nothing back.

Do not put another person in office who is not protecting us, the people.  Don't.  I watched her give air time to an illegally obtained video of Planned Parenthood.  She knows good and well that any undercover footage shot in that state is illegal.  She knows it's illegal to impersonate someone in the press also.  Yet she gave that video free air time.  I don't even have to look to know who contributed to her campaign.  And no traffickers do not use Planned Parenthood - they use their own doctors who don't keep records OR they want their victims pregnant because it's an 18 years leash on their victims and ensures generation number two.

If she'd ever talked to me about what REAL victims, not fakes like Samoly Mam, suffer - she'd know that.  No I do not support Kamala Harris.  She is another person who is lying to our faces, using propaganda, and using the power of her office to attack anyone who is not a contributor to her personal campaigns.  If I'm wrong - then please explain to me how on earth she could be "championing for sex trafficking victims" when I can't even get a return phone call or "fighting for our issues" when again she doesn't even know what those are?

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