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Monday, May 2, 2016


To Mr. Cuthbertson:

Has everyone forgot WHY WE STARTED THIS MOVEMENT? It was started by me who was seeing women being sold during Iran Contra for oils deals. Only we had nowhere to go for help because the world didn't believe this was even real. So we created the first safe house in 1984 you can read about at

In 1987, I created Prostitutes Anonymous, which was later changed to Sex Workers Anonymous when the internet was born. IT WAS OUR WORK that created the Trafficking Act of 2000 to see this get recognized. Only Randall Tobias came in with the TVRA of 2003 and gave all the money we worked for these victims to have to the church! The church who then used that money for espionage. Google Kay Hiramine and William Boykin if you don't know who they are. Because they're the leaders of who hijacked our movement and put it right back into the hands of the traffickers!

Jeane Palfrey released the name of Tobias NOT as her "john" but as her "trafficker". A fact she was murdered to prevent her from discussing at the ethics hearings which were dropped after her death.

Now do you know what else they're doing with that facial recognition software? Walmart has installed facial recognition software. I suspected it when the weekend of the AVN I went shopping only to find myself pulled into a backroom for no reason and accused of shoplifting when I hadn't even LEFT THE STORE! The loss prevention agent physically blocked me from leaving, and then spent TWO HOURS trying to find something to charge me with and have me arrested. She then told me I'd be arrested unless I signed a copyright release for my picture. When I said "bring it on" she then threatened to have my car towed which was outside with my sick kid, two dogs and a cat inside of it when my daughter can't even get home if that happened. She searched me and my purse for drugs and told me flat out she was looking for any excuse she could to have me arrested. She kept muttering how she couldn't believe I didn't have a warrant out or some record because she wanted to arrest me so badly. This woman was friends with Lt. Karen Hughes, a Metro officer in Vegas I'd filed a complaint with Internal Affairs about because she was blocking attempts of victims to reach out to us for help, and also chasing off other officers off the force who were letting us get them to safety instead of recruiting them to the Bunny Ranch as she was doing.

There is no way that woman would have known who I was to have pulled me into that backroom like that if not for facial recognition, and them being on alert for me being in town that weekend.

What's my crime? I run

Polaris? They've partnered with Google who makes Oculus, 3D virtual porn, Facebook who will hook you up to the nearest strip club, brothel or massage parlor, and Palantir Technologies who is the CIA.

You figure it out. You figure out why Katherine Chon, co-founder of Polaris and Bradley Myles wife, shut down Nevada's competitor, Rhode Island, but not Nevada using a report co-written by Derek Ellerman who "owes his career" to Ron Paul, who Dennis Hof contributes financially to.

Then ask yourself why we're not on any of the boards, groups, reports, workshops, trainings, etc., they fund.

While John Meeker is with the Office of Victims of Crime, End Slavery AND SWOP.

Oh but my allegations SWOP was taken over by non-sex workers after Robin Few died in 2012 is just a crock right? So too that this software can be used to make sure trafficking victims have no escape, and those who help them escape, get targeted like Julian Assange. Yeah and he just happened to have a woman come up to him and charge him with rape right after Wikileaks right?

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