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Saturday, May 7, 2016


Scroll down to the bottom of the attack site set up against us on and note the date of July 15, 2015.

Note the date on this article about Relativity Media, the company who filmed "8 Minutes" on which this article of July 15, 2015.  Remember Kamylla claimed she was a woman who was paid to be on the show pretending to be a prostitute for them to pretend to save and is the woman they're claiming I was "using" to promote ourselves into the press.

Okay one point here - I challenge anyone to find anywhere online, in the news, anywhere where I identified Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, as a member of Sex Workers Anonymous until AFTER her death when I did so in protest of the determination she was a suicide victim.    Now if I was "trying to get some publicity" I would think I would have said something about the fact she was talking to me every day for the last two years of her life BEFORE she died.

I was NOT "exposing sensitive details on Kamylla online" as they were claiming.  Kamylla was a complete "catfish" used to raise money by people who THOUGHT she was on the show.   When I did get a call from a woman claiming she had been filmed on this show, nothing about her story washed.

THAT'S what I was exposing.

There was no case with the Houston court matching her story under ANY name.  She was claiming she was (1) being evicted, (2) being deported, and (3) had been arrested for prostitution by cops on the payroll of "8 Minutes".

The prosecutor and the jails in Houston said if she was not a US citizen, there would be no case pending under ANY name because they would not post bail for a non-US resident without a paycheck type of job.  They are held without bail until their case is heard because they might deport them.  In fact, there's been riots in jails lately over the fact they are holding aliens for indefinite periods of time without processing them just to collect that per diem for holding them.

Here's an article about just this practice.  But she's supposedly gotten bail on a prostitution charge and needs money to fight the case?  SHE WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN RELEASED.  Here's more about jails in Texas doing this.

Every reporter said they had not seen her face, seen her face on the show, nor had they even seen a contract that she'd even been on the show.  Nor a copy of the $200 check she claimed she was paid.  Relativity Media's HR department refused to show the W2 or give any type of confirmation she was even on the show.  I have a tape recording of Relativity refusing to confirm she was even on the show.

By the way, she's not the only "catfish" on the show either.  Kelly Townsend is a man who claims HE was connected to "8 Minutes" as a private investigator.

She told everyone she was from Brazil.  The voice of the woman who called me sounded Brazilian.  However, listen to the voice Maxine claims is Kamylla.  Does that sound Brazilian to you?  Also, WHERE is Kathleen's "threat".

No I'm not going to post the original voice online because I think they may have coerced a real prostitute into calling me and I don't want to put her voice online.

Kathryn Griffin-Townsend was NOT even running a program back then this Kamylla was claiming to have been in.   I checked with all of her social media and found nothing on a diversion program.  When I spoke to the Houston jail, police, and prosecutor they each said she hadn't been running even her jail program - let alone their diversion program in over a year.

I didn't put up fundraisers for Kamylla - but the person who put together did.  Not only did they use her to raise money, but also to get emails to generate support for Maxine's lawsuit against California.

More important to try and not let the cat out of the bag the show had been staged and faked and was NOT REALITY.


Two reasons.

One - that show was based on the premise that Kevin Brown ran a "real" trafficking program.  If it leaked out it was faked  - it would raise questions about people like Lexie Smith.  Lexie Smith who was speaking at Obama's church as a "trafficking survivor" courtesy of Shared Hope.

Not just Lexie - but also D'Lita Miller or Dee Tucker or whatever her name is.   Here she is on the cast  Then I have her on the phone telling me they "have no resources for victims".   Some "consultant".  When I offered to share a list with her of resources for victims - she blocked my phone.'Lita%20Miller

Now does the cast photo look like this person?  The reason why I said "Dee Tucker" is I have people who claim that there WAS a legitimate program out here in Los Angeles, that got infiltrated by "imposters" who then took over the program right out from under her and then ousted her out.

Sounded a lot like how I have Brenda Myers-Powell having done three documentaries now making it appear SHE'S the founder of Prostitutes Anonymous instead of me so I get it.  Ask someone in Chicago who founded PA and they'll tell you "Brenda".

Why?  Money.   Lots of grant money.

Meaning if the truth came out the show "8 Minutes", and the team of people doing the show, were complete "catfish" then that's a pretty big conspiracy to defraud not only the government, but also the donors who were going to all those church fundraisers while the show was on the air.

So was I "threatening and exposing a sex worker online"?


I was exposing a fraud.

Another Samoly Mam who is hiding the voices of REAL victims of trafficking and REAL sex workers.  Not "influencers" like Domina Elle and Maxine Doogan.  Jenna Jameson called out to unionize sex workers.

In all the press about Kamylla and "8 Minutes" and Maxine Doogan's lawsuit - have you heard one peep out of anyone about a union?

Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire trying to get prostitution legalized in this country, who is obviously supportive of what Maxine is doing, is a union buster.

I never opposed brothels in California when I defeated Joe in 1988 - I opposed the workers had no union nor advocate.  Same for when they wanted to expand into Las Vegas twice and I opposed them and won.  So while Maxine and Domina Elle are pushing legalization, and trying to attack me personally - they're also trying to attack someone supportive of unionizing sex workers.

Relativity Media also took investors money based on "8 Minutes" being a reality show.  So they were screaming fraud also - and Ryan had to back them down by saying he wasn't.  So he couldn't have me running around saying he was.

THIS is how the modern pimps fight.  In the streets they get their "bottom bitch" to do their fighting and threatening.  Online - they get Domina Elle, Maxine Doogan, Christina Parriera, etc.

Don't know what or who to believe?

I have clips spanning 30 years at

There are two sites online bashing me.  BOTH set up in 2015 by Domina Elle.   Both written by her with clips and screenshots she claims are mine.

Meaning she's violated my privacy while attacking me for supposedly doing the same to Kamylla.  You are also reading she drove by my address listed online to see if it was where I lived.

So who is threatening and violating the privacy of who here?

Do you see any others posted before or after attacking me than hers by anyone else?

John Quinones came to visit me and liked what he saw.  So did Bob Herbert.  So did the findings of Sharon Oselin's 10 year study "Leaving Prostitution".

So you take a look at this and I think any person who can read can figure out what's going on here.

She's also begging me to sue her.  I won't.   What give her a date and time where I'm going to be?  Don't think so.  Anyone with half a brain can see what those sites are.

No different than when I had stashed a woman in a safe house in 1984 and the pimp retaliated by calling the cops and claiming I was "running a brothel" and got me arrested.

Pimps retaliate.

Means I'm doing my job.

If I can't expose a poser how would I keep a pimp plant out of our meetings?  Think about it.  They cleaned up on fund raisers, grants, investors and supports to legalize prostitution WITHOUT unionizing.

And I'm the predator?

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