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Saturday, August 1, 2015

PIMPS DON'T FALL OFF TREES  This story says that the pimp was 16 years old.  However, Sex Workers Anonymous has worked with helping many pimps to leave being pimps.  The average age for a pimp to start "pimping" is 13 years of age.  Since adult women will not be pimped by a boy, especially because it's statutory rape, they of course will pimp young girls.  Look at the case of Montana Fishburne who was pimped out by Jeremy Greene, or J-Pipes, as he used to call himself.  You can read more about him at  But he started pimping her when they were both 16 years old.  The minute she turned 18 years old he had her down at the Vivid porn offices to turn out her film that in my opinion was a cry for help from her father who instead of saying "I love you - please come home" instead just talked about how "embarrassed he was".  I wrote the Dr. Phil producers when that happened saying "now that's a show" but I guess no one wanted to appear.

Now an adult pimp knows that if they go near a girl that's under 18 years of age - they can be charged with statutory rape.  Solution?  They teach their sons to rape.  I invite you to listen to Aubrey's story.  Her pimp "turned her out" at 12 years of age.  He was about the same age as her - 13 years old.  However, his father was orchestrating the whole thing.  If the cops came down on them - it was the boy who would have been charged as a juvenile.  Now does that hold that the boy is a pimp or a victim of this own father's abuse?  I hold that the boy is not a true predator - but in training to be one by the true predator - the father.

I invite you to listen to an interview we have with a 32 year old ex-pimp who also confirms that he was "mentored" in how to be a pimp by adult pimps.  Now this boy was 13 years old also when these adult pimps "mentored" him in how to pimp out other young girls.  I pose that while he thought he was acting independently - he was not being "taught" but in fact manipulated and controlled no different than how the female prostitutes are.

I should know.  I was also lured into a pimping family I've spoken about when I was young.  In order to teach me how they pimped they said I had to first go through the same process the victims/prostitutes did in order to understand their mind set.  What I'm trying to say is that they teach the young pimps how to be pimps by literally turning out the boys first.  Look it's complicated and why I've detailed the whole process in my memoirs.   But essentially they are sexually abusing these boys in order to teach them how to be a pimp first as part of the grooming and training of the boys.  But the men use the boys to touch the girls so they don't get charged with statutory rape - and well so this is exactly what happens.  This boy is fed to the wolves - instead of the real abusers.

I get asked often how we can choose in Sex Workers Anonymous to welcome in and help some pimps - but exclude others.  When a young boy is being controlled, brainwashed, and raised in how to be a pimp by his own father - that child is a victim.   He needs help.  Someone needs to step in, intervene, and remove that child from that father and straighten that boy's head out.   It's natural for a young man to want to impress and please his father.  I say there's enough cultural material through people like Snoop Dogg to make a boy "think" this is an lifestyle worth following.  I mean listen to radio shows now like this encouraging young boys to "go out to the mall to find a girl to mack on" -  We have Snoop Dogg talking about pimping during his 2003 Playboy Tour in Rolling Stone and NO ONE PROTESTED NOR ARRESTED HIM after this article was published.

No - in fact he's now even created a youth football league, even with cheerleaders, that's spreading across Los Angeles like wildfire.  Now Snoop has said in an interview that he teaches HIS son to "not do as I do - but what I say" and as a result his son is now in UCLA and on the Bruins football team.  However, I see no such program to teach the other children this message and hence why i started until he acknowledges he harmed some women during that tour, women i know for a fact are damaged because we had to rescue them, and that he set about a program for the kids in this youth league that does what he did for his own son - teaches them this is NOT COOL.

This case here in San Luis Obispo is NOT an anomoly.  It's not rare.  It's a fact and it's going to keep growing as these laws keep cracking down harder on adult traffickers and pimps.  Because what do criminals do?  Find loopholes to avoid the law.  Honestly - it's why making more laws is not the solution.  Because all you're doing by cracking down harder on adult pimps is now they're turning to young boys to turn them into pimps so they can pimp through them just as drug dealers have been doing ever since I can remember.  They have the kids sell and carry the drugs so that when they get popped - the kid goes into juvie..

The problem here is this and I've been warning you about this for 20 years now.  All this demonizing  of the young pimp as a "trafficker" and "predator" is exactly this case.  This boy is being touted as a "pimp" when in fact he's also a child and a victim himself.   The laws don't run both ways.  If it's a girl it's a "victim" but if it's a boy then he's automatically a "predator".   Young boys don't pop out of the womb pimps anymore than young girls pop out of the womb hookers.  There is an adult male behind this boy that needs to be sought out and the boy needs just as much help as that female prostitute does.

Proposition 21 that wants to try this boy as an adult is bogus.  That boy is a victim and putting him into an adult jail around others who will just up his game is not the solution.   He needs help - not to be criminalized and thrown away by the system.    Snoop - this is the damage you're causing i'm talking about and why you need to create a program for your kids in that league to do something about this.  They're listening to you - but you're not sending the right message yet.

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