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Monday, August 3, 2015


I thought it was weird that Linkedin turned around and locked me out of our account with no warning and no reason.  They then said that I could "fax them a copy of my drivers license" and once I "verified that I was Jody Williams" then they would release the account.  Now I had evidence in there on active sex trafficking cases I'm working on - but they just locked me out.  Now with everyone being hacked into from Social Security, to the VA to Target - they want me to fax them a copy of my ID?

I told them it wasn't safe to send them anything over the wires and to keep in their files with my ID card on it.  They countered with "well you can put your thumb over your ID # and just send us your photo on the card".

Okay but that's not sending them anything but my photo.  I work very hard at keeping any current photos of me off line because I have been threatened more than once.  I had a mechanic tell me my brakes had been tampered with once to fail and another mechanic tell me our outreach RV had been tampered with to blow up like a bomb.  So no I don't want my photo up online and we are an "anonymous" program for a reason.  I'm not Annie Lobert now Shelley Lubben that are married and have big husbands walking around protecting them.

So I refused.  That's why I don't have a Linkedin account.

On the 1st of this month, which isn't a billing date for me by the way, GoDaddy charged me for two business websites for $20 that I didn't order.  They claimed to be an "automatic billing" issue which I don't have.  I don't have enough money in my account to warrant that type of thing.  So I emailed them and asked them to please cancel this and refund my money.  You know what?  I'll eat that $20 before I sent you in a copy of my ID.  I'm doing nothing illegal by exercisng free speech.

They responded by asking me to "send in my ID" and "payment method" to get a refund.  Now I've had 100 mistakes like this with GoDaddy and they didn't turn around and ask me for an ID nor a copy of my debit card before.

Some sex workers told me that our website at is "blacklisted by MacAfee" and they asked me why.  Now the only thing I can think of is because I have the domain forwarded to a company at because they give you free websites as long as they're less than five pages.   But even so - that shouldn't be getting us "blacklisted" on MacAfee.  I'll write them but we all know Norton is on just about everyone's computer.

Something is fishy here.  Very fishy.  Well at least you can find our blogs for now.  I don't think they can take these down.  You wonder why I'm paranoid?  When's the last time you had these people asking you for a copy of your ID?

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