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Thursday, August 13, 2015


Now we're on my territory again.   Why?  Because my father was a sex addict.  He was living in Los Angeles at the time and decided he was very attracted to the whole Mormon polygamist lifestyles.  Anyone who remembers me on talk shows telling my story remembers me talking about how he would leave pornography around the house, and how he started sexually molesting me starting about eight years of age when my mom was having back surgery.

He knew I was getting old enough to "tell" and to escape prosecution he decided to move to Idaho and join the Mormon's who had a polygamist cult there. The reason why he wanted to move us there was because they owned the police there, social services, CPS, and he knew he'd be "safe" there.

He told my mom that if she could cope with multiple wives - she could join him.  She said if I'd accept the new women - then she'd do it.  Only my mom says that I kept throwing food at these women and refused to have anything to do with them.  My dad then had my mom run up all kinds of credit card debt and loans that she signed everything so the police would come after her.

Then he put everything from the "spoils" of this credit card sham into storage units in Las Vegas as a midway point between Los Angeles and Idaho.  He told my mom he was "going to go find them a house to rent" and then disappeared - taking everything with him.  Leaving her and I with no money, no car, my mom couldn't work because of her back surgery, etc.  This is when I talk about taking the tools he gave me and putting them to use - how I walked into the corner bar with a short skirt on, a halter top at 13 years old, and started hustling pool at first by distracting the men with my tits over the pool table.

My dad had sued the state of Idaho using my mom to falsify over $300,000 in records when the Titon Dam broke.  He promised my mom that she'd get half and he screwed her and I over on that also (using her and I as witnesses to what was damaged).  By the way - I understand there's no statute on perjury to the government so if you're listening Idaho prosecutors and the IRS - I'd like to talk to you about how he forged that lawsuit.  My mom couldn't do anything about it while she was alive because my father became an attorney and threatened to either kill me or sue her for custody of me to block her from filing any charges against him or fighting him.

Anyway, I got mad when he did this to us and drove us up to Idaho at 13 years old (yes I know I didn't have a license but I knew how to drive and looked older), until I found my father in this mormon community.  I went to shoot him and my mother took the gun away from me.  That's when he knew he'd made a dangerous enemy.  He briefly tried to sell my mom and I on joining in this lifestyle when this happened.

But when I heard them talking about how "evil" people were in Los Angeles for going to live concerts - while I knew they were screwing kids - well I couldn't stomach it.  I refused to live there and my mom knew I was serious and took us back to Los Angeles.

When I first started Prostitutes Anonymous, it was in doing research that I came across these women who were in the "Children of God" cult.  I kept hearing around the NA and AA rooms that this "church had got all these women out of prostitution - so why not interview them?"  That's how they were presenting themselves - they were targeting street prostitutes and saying they were a church that was "doing outreach to get them away from their pimps".  So I went over to interview them.

Remember, I said I spent years researching other programs that said they helped us to leave sex work before forming our 12 step group - and the "Children of God" was one of those churches/cults that was claiming they were helping us back then.  As I'm interviewing these women I'm hearing how they're being used to bring in donors and donations, and I'm seeing the children exposed to pornography the same way I was.

I was exposed to porn as a child to make it appear "natural" as my father used to say it was to make me think that what he was doing was "expressing his love for me".  Only when I'd get sick to my stomach and run from him he would lay this guilt trip on me saying "don't you love me?"  What a twisted fuck.  By the way, he's still alive in Idaho and in this mormon cult.

As I'm interviewing them - I'm seeing these women just have a new pimp.  The corner has been replaced with a church, and the pimp's been replaced by the pastor, and the children are being groomed to join the "family business" in the same identical manner.  Only where am I going to go with 10 women with kids?  This again is why I've been saying the system needs to change.

That's what our first show on the Sally Jesse Raphael show was about.  I spoke up about our hotline for others who needed help, our program, and said that I needed help to place these 10 women with children who were also being trafficked.  This was in 1987.  If you read their history for the "Children of God" you'll see they left California in 1987 and changed their name over in Europe.  That's because I was going on the news talking about them.  But a landlord who owned an apartment building stepped up - and we got those women out of there.  That's also when I met my first cult deprogrammer.  This is also when I had to learn about Stockholm Syndrome because many of the kids kept wanting to go back home - they didn't understand what was "wrong".

When things died down - the cult came back to Phoenix under a new name.  Only we didn't have TV or internet really then - so I heard about their return  when this happened:  When we heard about Ricky Rodriguez - we knew they were back.  We then resumed our efforts to funnel people out of that cult.  I say that because many were having to also resort to prostitution to escape this cult because they couldn't find any other way out.

Only let me tell you what we've been seeing over the years - these pedophiles and predators and pimps know that the first place these kids are going to be taken is foster care or group homes.   They also know the law is on their side.  Do you know why women can't get away from their pimps?  Because they have children by them.  Even if they get a restraining order against the pimp - the pimp is still entitled to visitation and to know where his children are if not having custody. The men in these cults are identical.

Do you know how they get custody?  They are the ones with the jobs so the court will award it to whoever has the job most of the time.  These women are kept dumb, and without a job, and without a means to support themselves legally so that the court will not consider they can provide a fit home for the other kids.  I watched this on my mom growing up - he made her a mental wreck and then used that against her threatening to come get custody of me if we went against him in any way.

These guys are experts are portraying the mothers as mentally ill, "hysterical" drug addicts, and in need of help.  Which we saw on the show as to how they labeled that girl as "an addict" when they put her into the treatment center.  The reason?  Simple.  When she goes to testify on behalf of her sisters and brothers - the court will disallow it saying her testimony is "not reliable".  THAT'S why they labeled her that way.  

Which is what you saw with the treatment center on the show "Escaping Polygamy".  They have laws where they will cart you off as crazy and stick you into the mental health system that they control also - then your testimony becomes worthless.

Now even Michael Horowitz, the man who wrote the "Trafficking Act of 2000" wrote that the "movement has been hijacked" that I founded.  Yes I'm the founder of the MODERN day sex trafficking movement.  I say that because Hollywood, in order to protect Chuck Berry, convinced everyone through the media that sex trafficking was no longer real or happening.

But I knew it was real and happening now and that's why I re-started the movement started back by Wilber Wilberforce as people have pointed out to me as he was the "original" founder.  As well the Mann Act was set up to help these poor women being brought in from other countries to be trafficked.

Only the legal system then didn't want to take the time to learn how sex trafficking worked - so they prosecuted all the wrong cases like the one with Chuck Berry and then the boxer who married a white woman.  They turned it into a racial issue in other words - WHICH IS A REPEAT OF WHAT THEY'RE DOING RIGHT NOW.   They turned it into a joke in the 1960's and 1970's - which is what we're witnessing right now by the way.  Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.   Which is why please people - come talk to me about this.  I'm working on a history book about this as we speak for this reason.

Because they're deliberately creating false propaganda in the media to make you think that sex trafficking is just about prostitutes with African American pimps.  It's not.  It ties right into what's happening in these cult homes with blond blue eye'd children.  It's why Las Vegas embraced this whole propaganda campaign of trying to show you a "Brady Bunch" of a polygamist family where they couldn't even keep up the charade for the camera for long.   They're trying to make this a racial issue just as they did in the 1960's to make you THINK that sex trafficking IS PROSTITUTION.  It's not.  And the laws that trap these victims are the same laws trapping these kids.  

Now at first, when I'm seeing all these fakes and con artists like Samoly Mam popping up I thought it was just for the money.  However, with time I'm seeing it's something else.  Because those who do this as frauds get arrested and exposed.  So why keep doing it if you're just going to be exposed I'm asking myself.

For years now I see these people getting up in the media and saying "nothing exists" in the way of resources that they then use to raise money.  But what they haven't seemed to understand is that victims of all kinds see this - they hear "nothing exists" and they think there's no hope so why bother trying?  Only I keep messing up their plans, along with other groups who are offering real resources and real help.  Which is why I DON'T want this show to keep showing that these kids got no way out when the father fights back.

Which when I saw the episode where a young girl was sent into a treatment center on "Escaping Polygamy" and then another one was sent back home - I realized what is really going on.  They want you to see this.  They want you to think there's no hope and no help and no escape - when the reality is that there is.

So I've reached out to the producers on this show and I've asked to be brought in as a consultant for these girls that want to help rescue their sisters and brothers.  Because they've got to know these guys' tactics.  They need to know that if you do manage to find an attorney to help you - they will get him disbarred, or set up on phony charges of some kind, or even kill him if that doesn't work.

They need to know if you escape to another state in the USA  - they'll extradite you.  Canada is the only way to go that doesn't extradite - but you have to hit the border before the Amber Alerts go out.  This why we have an RV.

Talk to me girls.  We got a lot to talk about.  (702) 468-4529.  Only do this - download TOR, set up a hushmail email account, and don't talk on Facebook.   Facebook is not covered under the same privacy laws that email is.  You also have to be sure who you're talking to - I'm an ordained minister so I can keep confidences even if they try and hit me with a subpena.

So call me.  This is all the same world because when these victims of polygamy go into foster care - the pimps are right there cherry picking because now they've been "trained".  And Nevada is one of their target destinations because the legal age of consent is 15 years old.  The Cupcake Girls has a direct link into Snoop Dogg who has ADMITTED to being a trafficker that no one will prosecute.  THAT'S why they are telling people who call them for help "there's nothing available" which is a lie.  They just can afford more publicity than groups like ours can so people go to them first.

I've got my phone on 24/7.

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