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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Last Sunday I was listening to Nevada Public Radio in the car.  I think the show was the BBC World news

On this show, I heard about a woman going by the name of "Elle Snow" who had founded a group called "Game Over".  In the show they were talking about her "training police cadets" about "how to recognize sex trafficking" in California.  Of course the only thing you could hear on the show was her talking about Backpage!  That's hilarious to me because that's NOT where truly organized trafficking criminal operations are operating out of.  

I can assure you what I heard was her training the cadets about PIMPING but NOT about "trafficking" and sure as hell not about what trafficking in California right here and now is like, or certainly what I've been dealing with for over 30 years now.  

Am I unique?  Am I some lone wolf?  Absolutely not.  Catch this wonderful article which appeared in LA Magazine that is just the tip of the iceberg about some of the things I've been dealing with in southern California -

Los Angeles is in a true crisis right now and the case of Joohoon David Lee, as well as Chris Butler and Celeste Guap truly demonstrate what this crisis is about.  As do articles like this -

Meaning, if the cops can't protect their own witnesses in their own jails, and if even cops are getting death threats thrown at them, then HOW ON EARTH do you think they're going to be able to help sex trafficking victims?  You're a cop who is about to come clean guess what happens to you?

Again, not I'm not talking about victims of pimps.  I want to remind you laws about PIMPS have been on the books since my day.  You want a pimp arrested?  Call 911.  That's it.  They're going to go away in prison for a long  long time.  There is a well established system in place for that right now and so that's not what I'm talking about here.

This movement started back in the 1980's because of people like myself.  I was being forced to work in the sex industry by men who were working in our own CIA, FBI and it was being enforced by the Beverly Hills police.  I was threatened with being arrested if I didn't "do as I was told".  And I assure you these same cops were more than happy to arrest PIMPS because they were the COMPETITION.  

Only who am I going to call to get help to leave and get out of there?  When I set up a safe house for us you can read about at I was arrested and charged with being a pimp.  Since there wasn't a shred of evidence against me for that because I WASN'T - they arrested my mother and charged her with pimping me.  You like that?  

Only how am I to mount a defense against these false charges when I know (1) they're just going to swoop in with lawyers claiming what I'm saying has to be silenced for the sake of "the national security" (being I was also involved in Iran Contra where our own CIA was the ones bringing to cocaine into this country to sell to raise money to buy guns for the Contra's), and (2) it wasn't a crime to traffick American women on American soil back then?  I couldn't be viewed as a "victim" - only a "criminal" because I was in sex work.  There was no legal classification for me to be a "victim".  

I also couldn't talk about any of this to the press because I knew I'd just be murdered if I did to silence me.  Was I wrong?  I want you to look at what happened to Gary when he started talking about what I was in the middle of back then -

Not until we got the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed anyway.  But many people today, even the author of that Act, Michael Horowitz, has been quoted as saying the movement we started has been "hijacked".  

By who?  Well certainly by people who want the public looking at the PIMPS and not the TRAFFICKERS and how they operate that's for sure.  

I thought it very interesting this woman was being allowed to teach cadets about sex trafficking - but I'm being black listed.  Why?  Because I would be teaching cadets in California that most likely they would be finding a culture already established where sex trafficking is something many many cops are involved in right now.  

I know a lot of good cops.  I should after 30 years of this work.  One of them, an old veteran cop of 20 years in LA told me he's "relocating out of the country" last year.  He described to me how many of the "good old cops" are leaving the area geographically in order to get to safety.  The reason is clear if you read that LA article - and that's because they have no protection.  We are living in a time warp where if you watch the movie "Serpico" right now - it's that on steroids and that's even according to Serpico himself by the way.

Look - back in the 1980's all the cops, social workers, probation officers, etc. were saying "but they won't leave their pimps" in frustration.  I offered to show them HOW to get women to LEAVE and STAY out - but this included an acknowledgment the police can't protect these women when it's the police THREATENING them.  I want you to take a real good look at the Celeste Guap case to see what I mean or mine.  I mean how am I to stand up to these Beverly Hills cops when they did arrest me the minute I refused to go along with selling women to be put onto a plane going out of this country to some oil guy we were making an oil deal with, or some drug dealer who liked to "stick it to white women"?  Hmmm?

That was the question and that's why we formed our own hotline in 1987, our own program, etc.  For those who COULDN'T call the cops for help.  So yeah I found it interesting to hear the message these people WERE allowing to be taught to cadets vs. how our message ISN'T.  

Curious more about who this "Elle Snow" is - I wrote her an email after I got done listening to the show.  Here is the original email I sent her.  Very much like the emails I send out to any survivor I hear about to start up a dialogue for the last 30 plus years now by the way.  

Hey Elle:

Heard about your speaking at the police academy on PBS last night.  Boy have things changed!  Back when we started this movement, we started it because this country wouldn't recognize we as victims even existed.  The legal system used to view us only, and solely, as "criminals".  In fact, they used to refer to us as an "urban myth" back in the 70's and 80's.  Of course they used to call it "white slavery" back then - saying it "didn't exist" any more nor did it happen to American women on American soil.

It was strange I admit to hear you training cadets in more about victims being that back in 1987 I was trying to just raise awareness we were victims and not criminals as the legal system used to recognize us as.  Boy how things have changed in 30 years.

To get that recognition is why we worked to see the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed because the sad reality is that had what happened to you happened in 1984 - you would have been arrested and treated like a criminal instead of a victim.

I'm glad now to hear the benefits of that work is you were in fact recognized as a victim today because of our hard work.  I sadly had to be arrested myself however to get that point across.  If you look at the news clips at - you'll see I was arrested in 1984 accused of "running a brothel".

Only it wasn't a brothel.  It was a safe house created for adults who had no where to run to hide from traffickers because our legal system, society, media, etc., all claimed we as victims didn't even exist - let alone were there any services and/or protections for victims.  I got the name "high tech madam" because of the security I had on the warehouse to keep the traffickers out.  

I'm also glad to hear you got help at 7 months in.  I say that because sadly those who are in that world more than a year tend to suffer very long term damage.  So much of a pattern we noticed after time that we've dubbed it "post prostitution syndrome".

So if you hear of any victims who need some help working through that damage - please let them know about us would you?  Thanks -

Keep up the good work Elle!  Just don't forget the victim's come first.  I say that because just about every single rescue operation I've ever taken part in, organized, executed, etc., has been because one of those "johns" came to us telling us where the victims were, helped us get them out, get them to safety, etc., because sadly in most cases the police can't intervene.  Sure they can intervene when pimps are involved - but when there's people like Joohhon David Lee or Chris Butler involved - well then it's not so simple.  

Take care - Jody (702) 488-1127 

After I sent her this email, I wrote this blog post:  I'd like you to note in this I was talking about the Asian arrest in Irvine, CA and Asian sex trafficking.  I say this because somehow some wording got in there attacking this "Game Over" program.  I sure as heck didn't write it and it doesn't even fit into what I was writing about.  

As I was taking a break from work yesterday, I started getting a flurry of threats from this "Game Over" organization.  Here's one of the screen shots of those threats:

Basically saying if I don't remove the language talking against them - then they're going to talk against us.   That's what it appears to me to say anyway.  I've talked to now over 500,000 survivors from all over the world and after a while you kind of know what they go like.  For one thing, they seem more interested in doing something against the traffickers than in attacking me.  As for "crazy", well darling the whole point is that we are receiving DAMAGE from being VICTIMS isn't it?  I mean we don't exactly walk away undamaged now do we?  Isn't that why we need help?  Why we need to change the laws to protect us?  So I found the language quite confusing as well as her focus on attacking me.  I mean I reached out to her thinking it was another survivor, but here she's saying that because people talked smack about me that's why she hasn't reached out to me before now.  Kind of a strange idea of "unity" and "sisterhood" I think anyway.

So I did a little digging.  Why is it the same names keep coming up over and over and over again with these Samoly Mam's, Rachel Moran's, Chong Kim's, as well as other "faux" survivors that are put up there to mislead the public about what sex trafficking is, as well as what needs to be done to fight it by the way.  Sure enough the same names came up.  

Now I didn't write anything against them in that blog so I did remove it.  I still am wondering who did by the way.  I will say this, to find that language there, and then to get hit with these threats - I mean for all I know it was their group who hacked into me and put that language there so they could threaten me.  I don't know.  But I do know this - they weren't interested in just me removing the language about them.  Oh no - they wanted me to TAKE DOWN THE WHOLE POST about how it's finally coming out that there are paid "influencers" online who are trying to control public opinion - and this includes all of the attacks upon Backpage too by the way.  

Well I went and wrote this "Elle Snow" this email tonight you might find interesting.  It's why all these "fake" survivors piss me off so badly - BECAUSE THEY'RE SILENCING REAL VICTIM'S STORY which means WHAT WE NEED TO DO TO STOP THIS.  
---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, Apr 4, 2017 at 8:05 PM
Subject: Re: recovery for victims
To: Jennifer M <>

Just curious - have you heard of the story about JT Leroy by any chance?

This is the story of a woman who didn't want to show the world what she really looked like when she published a book she had claimed as her "memoir".  To fool the public, publishers, movie producers, etc., she spent TEN YEARS creating a whole false persona to the public.  She even went so far as to hire her sister-in-law to pretend to be her at readings of the book she was falsely representing to be her story.

Meaning it happens.  We've seen this with Samoly Mam.  This is a woman who has confessed that people such as Melissa Farley and Nicholas Kristof approached her, made her offers of "fame and fortune", all if she'd lie about being a sex trafficking victim to the world.

Why lie?  I mean it's not like there aren't REAL victims who would BE MORE THAN HAPPY to speak to the public and press about their ordeals.  Why I've certainly been doing it since the 1980's - so WHY HIRE AN IMPOSTER?

In the JT Leroy situation, she confessed in a recent documentary that's on Amazon Prime that it was because she didn't think the public would accept her as the author being as she was just a "fat, pregnant housewife" and not a teenage transgender boy going through wanting a sex change as the author was being falsely represented to the public as being.  

During the documentary about this Laura Albert, which is her real name, I heard her talk about her time in the sex industry.  Her so called "true life story" was that of a supposed prostitute who worked at truck stops while also being this supposed teenage boy's mother.  I read the story, and saw the film, and was outraged to be honest at the false representations it was making to the public about who that type of person, and that type of life, was like.  

How would I know?  Because it takes one to know one.  I've been not only a sex trafficking victim, but I've been in situations where I was forced to work at truck stops with truckers.  So I know what "lot lizards" and their lifestyles are like.  I also know that they went pretty much by the wayside once the internet was born in 1995.  That and a few brothels opened up catering to truckers so they can keep their business private now that other truckers are reporting them to the Polaris hotline.

I was upset with Samoly Mam's false stories about sex trafficking because it was taking the eyes of the public off what it is WE need to HELP us.  Just as I was upset with JT Leroy, or Laura Albert, at first.  Yes I was upset at these false stereotypes she had been promoting in the media with her stories out of "Savannah".  But I'd also heard her talk about actually being involved in the sex industry at some time in the documentary.

Wanting to know more about Laura, I reached out to her just as I reached out to you.  Just as I reached out once years ago to Jeane Palfrey.  Just as I've reached out to Shelley Lubben when I first heard she was forming Pink Cross.  In fact, to be quite honest, it's how I've reached out to EVERY SINGLE ONE that I hear about coming forward to reach out a hand of sisterhood and support to them.  Just again as I did when I first sent an email to Elle Snow upon hearing the show on PBS a few days ago about her founding of "Game Over".  

Only with Laura, we had the same reaction upon connecting I've had with many many many other survivors of this world for over 30 years now.  We "clicked" as any survivors do who have been in the same wars.  She confirmed she had actually been involved in sex work as she talked about on the documentary at some point in the past as I thought - but she didn't need to tell me.  The fact we "clicked" told me it was true. 

Because it's the same "click" alcoholics have when they meet that AA's magic was based upon.  The same for NA.  The same for Vietnam veterans.  In the NA Basic Text they call it a 'wordless language of empathy and recognition".  

I do know there was a woman who testified against her pimp at one point who chose to use the fake name of "Elle Snow".  I'm sure court records will show there was a woman who in fact did testify against her pimp.  But I heard the WHOLE story - that she was lured into prostitution by an African American street pimp in CALIFORNIA.

Only I got to tell you "Elle" - I've been answering this hotline a long long long time.  I've also had to ask myself  WHY were these fake people, along with celebrities, even fake stories by Laura, so pushed within the media while REAL stories like that of Celeste Guap, that of myself, and that of those who call the SWA hotline for help, are being completely shut down and silenced?

Are you aware for example that 90 percent of the calls I get from California from sex trafficking victims requesting help are NOT calling me about street pimps?  You do know why right?  You do know pimping has always been a felony and there's never been a problem getting a PIMP arrested.  

But in California, right now, and for about the last 10 years now, the TRAFFICKING situation there is involving (1) the Triad, (2) the Russian mob, (3) the Mexican Cartel, and (4) The Aryan Viking gang of who most of them are COPS.  

Am I the only one hearing about this?  Oh hell no.  There was a huge story in Los Angeles magazine about how Chief Lee Baca was being "tied to the Triad and sex trafficking".  Only what wasn't published in the story is the fact his wife is Chinese.  That he was being threatened by the Triad if he didn't comply with what they asked him to do.  That Chief Baca along with Paul Tanaka were involved in a lot of organized crime situations of which sex trafficking is just part of what they do.

Because again not PIMPS,  but TRAFFICKERS, don't just pimp.  They are involved with drug trafficking, ID theft, blackmail, marriage contracts, and a whole STRING of other crimes of which they've been getting compliance from law enforcement through the use of threats and also "relationships" such as Lee Baca's wife, not so much by money.  

That in order to stop men like Joohoon David Lee - that's why we couldn't go to Internal Affairs, nor the police, to stop him because THEY WERE BEING THREATENED also.  I'm not alone in the threats I received trying to help victims of SEX TRAFFICKING IN CALIFORNIA for years now by cops - the article in LA Magazine talks about how even other cops have been getting death threats to leave this situation alone.  

Is this just me?  Is this just LA Magazine who is aware of what's going on in California with respect to TRAFFICKING?  Oh hell no.  In fact, the Guardian published an article on how over 1,000 police officers have been arrested, sued, charged, complained about, etc., as being involved in not only forcing sex upon female prostitutes, but further involving them in sex trafficking.

Just as they tried to do to me again about 2006 by the way.  I mean how do you think I knew what was going on with "Operation Dollhouse" or Chris Butler?  The people involved in this whole criminal operation sent in someone to try and "recruit" me to "come out of retirement" based on my past experiences.  When I refused to join this criminal operation who was basically being run by California law enforcement, while the California prosecutors, and even the Attorney General's office, were all telling me they were "powerless" to stop these traffickers because they too were being threatened - I mean they couldn't even keep a witness safe in their own jails for God's sake - they then broke into my house and sexually assaulted my daughter when she was only 12 years old.   

Then when I went to get her mental health treatment, these same officials tried to have her removed from my custody where they could then traffick her in California's residential mental health programs where also real victims of sex trafficking are literally being trafficked right in and out of.  Then when they try and file a complaint about what's going on - they're labeled "crazy".  In fact, anyone who even tries to support their statements is threatened by a 5150 charge.

All things which I would imagine this woman who was trafficked in California going by the name "Elle Snow" would be aware of.  I mean everyone else is who is actually involved in the situation out here in California and Nevada region - why wouldn't she?

For over 30 years now, when I reach out to "real" survivors of these horrors, there's always not only a "click" of recognition but empathy.  We know we're the only ones who believe what we're seeing because the outside world sure doesn't know because these are things being suppressed in the media by these FAKE survivors - so there's usually a flood of phone calls where we're so glad to have someone we can talk to about these things that we do.  Just like when I connected to Laura - we immediately got on the phone and yacked away at each other for about two hours!  

But yet with whoever contacted me from this "Game Over" organization - the reaction wasn't at all like a "real" survivor, but in fact identical to the reactions I've hit whenever I've landed on one of these bogus situations that is misleading the public about what American sex trafficking is REALLY LIKE.  

So I don't know what to think about that "Elle".  I mean you are aware that there's people calling me daily on my hotline I"m sure.  You are aware we've had other members for over 30 years now.  Other members who surely aren't again going to go around talking about these things unless they know it's "safe" to do so.  How do they know?  They gauge that based on how they see people treat me is one way.

Like this article here in February of this year.  This paper goes out to the Asian community in NY which is why the publisher wanted to have this story run.  Why?  Because again these women who are being victimized by the Triad aren't able to contact law enforcement for help because either they're involved, or they're too scared to do anything, or they can't because their Chief is involved.  So he was quite anxious to let his readers know about our program.  

The reporter was quite lovely to me so one of our members had no problem granting him an interview where she talked about her experiences being trafficked.  Of course he was only able to talk about a tiny portion of her story in the paper - but my point being that when my members see I'm being treated with respect they have no problem speaking to the press or that person.  

Which had me very intrigued why none of this sort of thing about the way modern American sex trafficking has a HEAVY intertwinement within law enforcement is anything this "Elle Snow" was talking about when addressing the cadets at the police academy.  A lecture I've been blocked from giving by the way because I would talk about just this sort of problem.

What problem?  About all of the good officers who have called me increasingly in more numbers over the years talking about how they're being pushed right off the police force by traffickers who are becoming cops in order to facilitate their trafficking operations.  This is nothing NEW by the way.  If you've had a chance to see any of the movies on Whitey Bulger like "Black Mass" or "Departed" they're very clear that it was a huge problem in bringing down Whitey because of all of the cops who had become cops just to keep the criminal operations going in this country.  

I mean why do you think I filed complaints against officers like Karen Hughes or Chief Gillispie?  It was because I was getting calls from very good cops who used to try and help these sex trafficking victims who were being literally threatened, forced off the police force, even harmed, by these other cops who were pretty much taking over the police force over the last 10 years or so.  EVEN SERPICO talked about this in a fairly recent Politico article - about how the corruption has become so bad he won't even do a book tour because of the danger.

Your threat to me yesterday by the way wasn't to just remove any language you thought I'd written about you - but you wanted me to take down the whole post for some strange reason.  What's even stranger is how many other real survivors have been coming to me since I posted it who have been saying "atta girl" because not only have they seen this same things as I was talking about, but who are getting real tired of fake ass stories filling up the air waves while the TRUTH isn't getting out there so SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT.  

I have story after story after story of good people who have been trying to report REAL INSTANCES of sex trafficking, help REAL VICTIMS  of sex trafficking, only to find themselves THREATENED in return.  

If you'll notice the story about Joohoon David Lee further, you'll see that he was actively prosecuting a so called "trafficking" situation only the people were INNOCENT.  Another thing I've noticed is they focus on street pimps - just like they did when I was being trafficked by Beverly Hills cops in the 1980's.  Oh sure these guys would arrest any African American street pimp they could to keep themselves busy, get some press, get a promotion, etc.  All while at the same time forcing me, and other women, to work for them as prostitutes and virtual sex slaves under the threat of us being arrested, our families arrested, etc., if we didn't comply.  A situation that the Celeste Guap story sadly illustrates that at the hands of Oakland, CA cops - hasn't changed.


Nor as long as members of SWA are being "excommunicated" from the dialogue by a bunch of women running around going 'don't talk to Jody - she's crazy".  Only let me ask you something "Elle" - are you going to tell me you suffered no psychological damage after what happened to you?  That you walked out of your ordeal the picture of mental health?  

Because here's the catch-22, and one of the ways why I knew Samoly Mam was a FAKE  - is because REAL VICTIMS of sex trafficking are DAMAGED.  That's why they need help.  That's why they need to talk about their stories as part of their therapy.  That's why they need to connect to other survivors.  That's why they need to also tell the public about what happened to them so SOMETHING CAN BE DONE.  

So let me get this straight - a woman who was trafficked by a pimp and even testified against them is not wanting to talk to me, another survivor, because she thinks I'm "crazy" only real victims DO SUFFER MENTAL DAMAGE.  So that makes no sense.  Why would she not want to talk to me for being essentially not only what I am as a survivor, but supposedly even something she'd certainly be struggling with also?  

I invited you Elle yesterday that if you wanted to talk about doing something about what men like Joohoon David Lee are doing, and the fact there is literally no LAW on the books yet that can even arrest him for what he did - to contact me.  Any other real survivor is OUTRAGED when I talk to them about this case.  You do know that right?

I mean up to date the only people who seem more focused on attacking me than attacking them seems to be the very people who are engaging in "disinformation" campaigns to take the public's awareness of what's really going on right now in American sex trafficking where I'm sorry but the majority of the police aren't able to do anything.   So I'm not sure why you're lecturing to cadets who are going to go into the job only to find out their Chief's are involved in this very sort of thing.  I mean Oakland went through THREE Chief's of Police before finally the mayor gave up and left the job open because she couldn't find ANYONE clean enough to take over the job!

So what do you tell cadets about to enter that?  To go to their chief?  I don't think so.  Especially after the last time I went to a Chief about a sex trafficking operation that information was used to clean up all of the evidence.  I've had the FBI tell me their "hands were tied".  Joohoon's boss said "his hands were tied".  I've gone to the US Attorney's office and the Attorney General's office, as well as the prosecutor's office's and they've said "their hands were tied".  

I mean the ONLY WAY that these arrests in Wichita, Kansas were done was the arresting officer had to wait until he RETIRED FROM THE FORCE, then joined the zoning department, before he could get these arrests!  He said he did this because he had nothing but active interference from all the other officers when he at first tried to do something for these victims in 2009.  Meaning it took him until 2013 to get these women out of that situation.

Meaning there's a whole different dialogue going right now between the "major media" and those putting one fake "Samoly Mam" after the other after the other up who all seem to want to focus on Backpage for some odd reason - who all are directing that attention to Backpage and away from why men like this officer had to join the ZONING DEPT. in order to free those victims in Wichita.  

You can make this personal about me all you want because that seems to be the signature of these people by the way - or you can realize that people are DYING here and their lives are being destroyed and I don't mean just the victims either.  I'm talking good cops, FBI agents, prosecutors, etc., all telling me their hands are being tied because they can't get a word out about this stuff either past all this other media manipulation going on.  

So I"m going to repeat "Elle" - if you are a survivor and you do care about doing something about sex trafficking within the USA - why don't you give me a call and let's see what we can do about that shall we?  Unlike you, I don't care what your state of mental health is, nor do I have to be friends with you in order to realize that only by working together are we going to do something to combat THEM.

You have my number if you want to talk.  I usually answer the phone after 1 pm until 4 am.  


The below screen shot shows Elle's response to the above email was to inform me she's taken my private emails addressed to her to an attorney.  I just thought the readers of this blog should be aware at how Elle treats other survivors, as well as survivor's confidentiality.  I would suggest one be very careful about what they say to her because it's clearly going to wind up in the hands of her attorney as well as shared with multiple other people without their knowledge or consent.  So when I sent her an email asking if she wanted to talk about doing something about the Joohoon's of the world out there, and about what's going on in California to victimize women like Celeste Guap - this was her response to me.  Since she already said she's violated my privacy without my consent - this allows me to reprint her emails/screenshots by the way to her.   

Monday, April 3, 2017

SEX TRAFFICKING AND FAKE NEWS  I had a reporter who interviewed me a few months ago ask me what I thought about this story.  

Evidently people are starting to catch on that these stories about REAL sex trafficking arrests and such are not being talked about in "major" media at all - let alone with the fervor the "fake" stories such as Samoly Mam receive.


Sheldon Adelson if you ask my opinion is part of that answer.  He's a man who had a reporter deliver a message to me in 2007 that my name, my work, the name of our group Sex Workers Anonymous, and anything to do with me was now "blacklisted" in anything he had anything to do with.  

Which is quite a lot once you start doing some research on the guy.  Including the fact he now has become an "open" owner of the Review Journal newspaper - that's the paper that's pretty much the only newspaper in all of Nevada.  I have quite a few examples by the way of completely fake articles which have been planted in the RJ if anyone is interested in knowing more about it.  

Even the whole fake story about how supposedly the "Cupcake Girls couldn't get convicted prostitutes jobs without passing a law" etc.   Which in reality was nothing more than a smoke screen to allow women who did have records for prostitution to get them waived so they could then obtain a license to work in the legal brothels of Nevada.  Now if you look at that story, as well as how they got AB67 passed in 2013 using also "fake" people, groups, stories, etc. - then you'll understand why this is a much more serious and larger story than just about "Trump".   

Noam Chomsky was quoted as saying "the free press is to democracy as a gun is to a dictator" and you need to let that sink in because I'm seeing fake lawsuits and even fake LAWS being passed using this "fake news" as the wheels on the truck here.  

Which ties into this article I found tonight

I found that article to be a blow by blow scenerio of everything I've had happening to me since 2009.  

I've been seeing happen in the sex trafficking ring started with when Samoly Mam was exposed as a "fake" victim of sex trafficking.  When Bill Wilson steps up and says "that's not an alcoholic" people tend to believe that accusation IF they know who Bill Wilson is.  

Which up until 2007 - people did know I was the founder of not only which started a lot of "first's" like the first hotline for victims to call for help (, the first safe house for adult victims to be safe, the first alternative sentencing programs for victims so they weren't sent to jail like criminals, the first certified expert witness in "pimp brainwashing" by the FBI, and on and on - but since these "fakes" such as Samoly Mam have been rolling out one after the other I mistakenly thought "outting" them would turn the train around.  

Instead the people financing the whole thing behind them just started using celebrities to shut us up such as Jada Pinkett Smith and even Ashton Kutcher.  You have to realize when they're the ones talking to the microphone - it's NOT one of us or a REAL survivor who would be saying something DIFFERENT.  

If you don't know what I mean by that you might want to look up my open letter to Ashton in this blog I wrote after he testified at the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on sex trafficking at McCain's request.  Interesting being that anything to do with McCain blocked me from their social media after I tried to object to their "No Such Thing" campaign they funded with respect to not only sex trafficking victims - but their clear portrayal of this being a "black" thing.  Even the woman they had promoting it in the media had corn rows for God's sake!.

I went through a horrific ordeal with Buzzfeed literally doing a "1984" on me with the fake stories they were running with respect to "8 Minutes" and their related fund raiser for imaginary prostitutes literally not only silencing me about what was going on with that show, but even "morphing" stories right in front of my eyes ( saved the screen shots by the way). 

Which is why I'm not at all surprised to now see them poking fun at the idea of "fake news" because they are in fact one of the primary suppliers of fake news in my experience (with respect to sex trafficking anyway and so called "reality shows" about the subject).

You think the hijacking of an election is all that's involved here - think again.  Our whole legal system has already been hijacked with the fake media part of the machine that's doing it.  As well as the "contrived opposition" that's not REALLY even the REAL opposition!

If you want to know what I mean by this - then you tell me what else is it when I can trace grant money from Swanee Hunt to SUPPOSED sex worker activist Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle - two other women who were connected not only to the faked "8 Minutes", but also the duping of President Obama when the fake survivor Lexie Smith spoke at Obama's church at the sponsoring of Shared Hope (another faked news outlet about sex trafficking by the way and Lexie is just part of their fake stories, reports, lectures, projects, etc., about sex trafficking), and even the "contrived opposition" Maxine's lawsuits were.  I mean you tell me why else her lawsuits were ONLY filed in the same counties and against the same prosecutor's that had also received grant money from Swanee Hunt unless this isn't one whole huge public manipulation project!

Why would someone suppress information about real sex trafficking and then spread fake news and information about the subject?  It's pretty obvious to me don't you agree.


Look at all the press and media we got prior to 2007

Then where did it go?  We're still here.  I believe Jeane Palfrey was murdered before she could testify at the Ethics Committee about why she was a sex trafficking victim.  I also believe I'm being black listed so I don't explain what she was going to say.  

This isn't about just "saving a few hookers" nor is it about even "decriminalizing prostitution" as SWOP came in and hijacked that conversation after Robin Few, their founder, died and these other people came in and also took over that program like something right out of the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" film!

If you don't know what I mean - then why did I start all of this?  Do you really think we didn't have PIMPING laws on the books back in the 1980's?  Do you really think I started all of this and sacrificed my anonymity, my career, my marriages, everything behind trying to get PIMPING outlawed?  Yes pimping is horrible but WE HAD LAWS against it in the 1980's.  

What we didn't have, and STILL don't is the ability to even charge men like Joohoon David Lee for one.  

For another, if you want an illustration of what happened to me in 1984 and why I started this movement go and see what happened to Celeste Guap once she tried to talk about her victimization to the press.  Go on - I'll wait.  Because what you'll see is she was carted off by cops to Florida, Framed for an arrest.  Then held on a jacked up bail so they could threaten her and her family and keep her away from the press.  

You'll notice she hasn't granted an interview since right?

Take a real good look at who was TRAFFICKING her and then you'll know why these people are trying to SHUT ME UP.  As well as her.  As well as  REAL victims because they don't want you hearing that it's not PIMPS we're talking about!!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

FAKE NEWS WITH RESPECT TO SEX TRAFFICKING Well it's about time we start talking about this. When I started trying to explain to people involved in the sex trafficking field that this was something happening within our own field - I was poked even more fingers at of "crazy". Well now I'm not so "crazy" huh? I'm sorry but when these people are online 8 hours a day, five days a week without breaks - that's a JOB. NO ONE sits online talking that long day after day I'm sorry unless they're a BOT or PAID.

Everyone in this field knows that there are organized Russian crime rings involved in sex trafficking. In fact, I witnessed one such of these groups purchasing the Hustler storefront and even talking to Larry Flynt about buying his home and Hustler empire on a reality TV show.

So are the Chinese involved in not only sex trafficking, but also hacking and "paid internet trolls".

So do you REALLY think they aren't generating false stories about the subject of sex trafficking, as well as fake sex trafficking "rescue" groups - think again. ANY organized sex trafficking operation does THREE THINGS:

1. They lie to their victims and tell them "there is no one who can help you". They want them feeling they have no way out of their situation.

2. They set up "fake trap exits". It's quite customary for example to send in fake agents pretending to be setting up new agencies, new brothels, new massage parlors, new porn companies, etc., while asking the victims if they'd like to "jump ship" and "join another group". The point is to test loyalty of the victims. Those who show an interest in leaving are then dealt with harshly so they don't think about it again.

3. The same goes for fake police. It's also quite common in sex trafficking rings to have someone pretending to be a cop presented to the victims. This way the victim will speak to them thinking they're a cop instead of a real cop. Again, this is to prevent the victims from going to the REAL police and spilling REAL information. Once the victim speaks to this "faux" cop - then they know they are a "weak link" and deal with them accordingly.

One such trafficking operation based out of Las Vegas who I knew was controlled by the Mexican cartel had literally over 100 phone numbers and just as many websites all set up to make it appear that they were in fact 100 different escort agencies. He had "help wanted" ads set up on each site to entice some of his existing victims to reach out so he'd know who was telling him the truth and "loyal" to keep control over the women he was employing.

The truth is he wasn't getting hardly any of his customers off the internet because he knows the police are trolling the internet. Instead he pays out $1000 a week to illegal aliens who are out on the Vegas strip nightly passing out business cards with photos of half naked women on them to any men walking by. Steve Wynn to his credit tried to take these "outcall promoters" to court - who won against Steve using the right to "free speech" to pass out these cards.

I knew this was happening when I would try and reach out to new "sex trafficking groups" I'd see popping up online also. I'd reach out to them only to find out they were completely imaginary websites set up to make themselves appear to be real. Why? Marketing. Influencing legislation. Influencing lawsuits. Influencing fund raisers. Including a lawsuit I saw at the level of the Supreme Court where the opposition was appearing to be something like 100 different people - who when you actually went and checked on these groups and people you'd find out they were completely imaginary. The same for the signatures on the letter I saw signed and sent to the Editor of the Manual of Style for reporters. This had over 100 signatures of which I found 80 of them to be completely imaginary people/groups.

Don't even get me started on the "faux" show "8 Minutes" and their "fake rescue group", fake leader, fake survivors, etc., evidently created to try and influence the Backpage lawsuits and legislation from what I could determine. Why?

Organized traffickers want control over "independents" that's why. If you don't understand what that means - study Al Capone during Prohibition and how he controlled the organized crime distribution of illegal alcohol. He did this by throwing the "independents" either under his banner, or having them arrested or shut down to eliminate his competition. Same diff.

Would you like to see one of these "fake" stories?

Now I'm not saying the arrest here didn't happen. I'm saying the fact they're not telling you the WHOLE story on this is part of how they're spinning things. The authorities have known the ORGANIZERS of an Asian based sex trafficking ring reside in the OC/Irvine/Pasadena area for some time. 

All part of the "spin" and "misdirect".

I've been telling the authorities about the owners of this ring residing in this area for some time now only to be threatened by police officers in return.  Why?  Because it links back to them that's why.  And after what happened to Celeste Guap that's all I'm going to say about that right now!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Dear Laura - I saw the film about your hoaxing of the public about who the real author was of our stories just now.  I want to thank you for coming clean about everything because of two major points important to me.

First of all, you were clearly right in that people would NOT have responded to you as they did had you appeared as "you" being an overweight female in the USA.  Your story clearly illustrates had you been upfront with people about your outward appearance - no you would not have had the success and exposure you did.  I know this to be true because I'm now in the same shoes as you are after having suffered a stroke.  I was very ill for some time and gained a lot of weight, lost most of my teeth, and physically I look a fright!

Which is why this has given rise to MANY "faux" sex trafficking survivors to be now cast by Central Casting such as Samoly Mam.  I wasn't thin and attractive so people with an agenda to sell went out and found their "poster girl" in someone like her who was photogenic.

However, it wasn't REAL.  Let me explain why this is important to me Laura.  Prior to 1987 - the world didn't believe sex trafficking was in fact "real".  They put it on the shelf with urban myths and UFO abductees.  The public had the same response to someone saying they were being sex trafficked as they do today with someone saying aliens abducted them!

Here was my challenge Laura - how do you convince the world that it is in fact real?  I believed the only way to do that was to get the voices of REAL survivors out there to the public.  I knew if people heard the "ring of truth" coming out of people's mouths about this being real - then we'd in fact be able to obtain federal recognition.

Which was why it was important.  Our country right now has no exit system to help people claiming to be abducted by aliens to find help with their PTSD and be able to put their lives together after having stopped the aliens.  It doesn't exist because it doesn't exist.  So for me to get this country to put together programs to help sex trafficking victims - I had to first convince America that it was in fact real.

So from 1987 until the year 2000 when the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed which gave domestic sex trafficking a voice - that's what I did.  I went onto TV, radio, public stages, cable TV and anything and everything I could get booked on and talked.  I talked and I brought on other survivors and we looked right into the camera and right into people's eyes - and we told our story.

It worked.  The problem was however is we're not warm fuzzy puppies people want to write out a check to donate to helping us.  We're not "sympathetic" in other words.  It's a long story about what exactly went into "hijacking" the movement I started out from under me - but what's happened is about 1000 "fake" survivors have now been not only bombarding the media - but further using these fake stories to get people to write fat checks for fake programs.

Here's the problem now however -so many people have now heard the "fake" stories that people are completely confusing what sex trafficking is.  I believe that's been the result of a deliberate attempt by our government to make sure the public isn't aware of what real sex trafficking looks like in this country as differentiated by people with pimps.

A pimp is in an abusive relationship with their victims.  However, in actual sex trafficking operations there is always an element of corruption.  If you google names like Joohoon David Lee - you'll see what I mean.  This man was Homeland Security, ICE and also heading the trafficking task forces in CA and NV before I managed to get enough people to believe me to get him arrested finally.

The "fake" media has people believing that sex trafficking isn't some guy with a Homeland Security badge flying victims into this country and walking them right past security into the illegal brothel where they're then sold like cattle.   Nor that he was falsely accusing an innocent family to make it appear he was "fighting sex trafficking" while in reality keeping everyone as far away from the real trafficking as possible using this fake media with fake victims.

So now everyone is looking on commercial air flights for what appears to be their "concept" of a victim - only it's not real.  Thus allowing the REAL victims to be walking around right past everyone in broad daylight because they haven't been trained what it  REALLY looks like.

Listen to Ashton Kutcher's plea for money recently with the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.  He was describing a child in another country and then creating an image in American minds that trafficking looks like that in the USA.  Only it doesn't look like that in the states - and people like myself and members of who want to talk about what it REALLY looks like are being completely silenced.

So now I have a new challenge.  Now we have federal recognition that allows victims of sex trafficking to be treated like victims and not criminals.  However, the real traffickers in this country have now so manipulated the media that they have everyone chasing after their tails and wouldn't know what real sex trafficking is in the USA if it went up and bit  them.  In fact, I've now spent YEARS trying to tell the authorities about real trafficking operations who just simply don't believe me.  It's taking more years and more work just to get them to listen now - and when they do they then don't know how to even respond.

Joohoon David Lee for example was arrested and charged with bribery - but not sex trafficking.  Why?  Because there are no laws on the books allowing someone who trafficked another person while working for our government to be prosecuted.  Their immune.  So the best that could be done was to charge him with bribery.  He's right back now driving a limo - and driving trafficking victims around in that limo.

So how am I going to get laws on the books about what REAL sex trafficking is in this country which in most cases DOES involve someone who is immune from prosecution?  Literally these "fake" victims, fake survivors, fake programs, etc. - have so brainwashed our country into these false images that I'm not sure how to pull this train around.

It helps when the fakes come "clean" as you did.  For years when I'd talk to people - they'd think your stories about "lot lizards" was reality.  Now you confessing it wasn't real does allow me the opening of a door to start explaining to the American public what REAL "lot lizards" are like so we can get them the proper help they need.

Because that's just it Laura - there are real "lot lizards" out there who have kids and are struggling just to keep a roof over their kid's heads and they need programs to help them that are designed for them.  Because right now in the USA the number of what I call "third generation" victims is staggering.  So many pimps have had babies with their victims that now are teenagers and the pimps are now pimping them - it's not even funny.  The boys are usually trained to be pimps and dealers while the girls are trained to be prostitutes, strippers, porn performers, etc.

The problem is that REAL survivors aren't like you.  They CAN'T get on the phone and talk to movie producers, musicians, artists, etc., about their ordeals for hours and hours because it's too hard on us to remember that stuff.   Most stuff that stuff down so hard they can't hardly talk about it without triggering a whole breakdown.

I have a real dilemma here.  What I do know by watching this film about you is that you know how to get people in the media to talk to you.  That you clearly know how to do.

My dilemma however is that the  REALITY of this situation is 180 degrees opposite of the images you convey and your demeanor.  Our real victims have had to defend themselves for so long and so alone that many of them are quite aggressive, prickly, and some are just downright mean.  They isolate.  They're not friendly.  They shut down and don't talk.

So what do we do to start getting the REAL information out there so REAL victims can get some HELP?  That's the million dollar question I'm trying to solve right now because in order to get real help to real victims we have to first get the public to now see what REAL looks like.

But how?  I'm clueless and I'm reaching out hoping you'll talk to me and maybe by putting our heads together maybe you can help me figure this out.  Because there's a reason why people believed your voice about some of that stuff with prostitution was real - because the REAL survivors who come out of times like that can barely put two words together - let alone write a book about it!

And we need all of those people who listened to your stories about fake prostitution and pimps and we need to get them to understand what the REALITY is right here in America so we can do something about it other than having it actually allow traffickers and pimps to be operating in broad daylight now.  I mean the public has this so mixed up they think shutting down Backpage is actually shutting down sex trafficking.  While in reality - them doing that only INCREASES sex trafficking because it's now forcing people to have to work for them instead of remaining 'independent".

So please - give me a call if you can any day after 3 pm.  I'm also a very big night owl and talking to our new members also has me up all night most nights.  I really believe your story is one that's in just the right position to help us show the world how what the REALITY is now you've shown them the fake reality!

(702) 488-1127   Jody Williams

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Things are not as they appear. Since Robin died, there has been a disturbing trend for groups like Abeni, SWOP, and others to be clearly just being used to gather information on sex workers. One of the reasons we choose to be a 12 step program is because of the issue of confidentiality - as well as "probable cause" with respect to conspiracy laws.

If you were to start up a group of bank robbers, and then to announce you're having a meeting for those bank robbers to get together to talk about the beauty of being a bank robber - guess what? The police can then use that as "probable cause" to get a warrant to tap the phones of the people organizing that meeting, the people attending that meeting, and to try and gather evidence to charge the organizers of that group under the "conspiracy" laws which became even broader under the Patriot Act because of George W. Bush.

Calls to our 12 step hotline are protected under the confidentiality laws. Things said in an SWA meeting are protected under the confidentiality laws. Even if an informant were to be sitting in one of our meetings - they can not enter into evidence anything they'd heard at a SWA meeting legally because we are just as protected with respect to confidentiality as AA is. That goes for putting wire tapes on our members' phones, their social media, and also our meetings and communications between members. Having a meeting is also not "probable cause" for the police to get clearance to photograph anyone at this meeting, nor eaves drop in any fashion.

These laws came about because there was a time when cops used to bust addicts for going to NA meetings. They would bust them for "violating probation" because of "congregating with other felons". special laws were passed which made going to a 12 step meeting NOT violate one's probation also.

Now that pisses off some people who would like to know more about our membership, as well as to eaves drop in on our members. Something which can't be done legally so there are some who are resorting to illegal methods. But we're confident no one is going to be arrested under the conspiracy laws for organizing our meetings, nor can anything said within our group context be used against anyone in a court of law because it's all protected with respect to confidentiality. Something important to know because many victims might still have things outstanding they were involved with where statutes may be running against them still.
For example - we had a member who died some years ago who was a teenager when sold to a pimp. This pimp would make one of the kids kill another one of the kids every month not only to establish his power, but also to gather blackmail. He would keep the evidence in a "safe place" and threaten the kids with them being arrested for murder if they ever thought of running from him, or trying to testify against him for his trafficking of them. In this man's case, he turned the gun on the pimp and murdered him when he was only 13 years old.

But the fact remains other victims in that trafficking ring had murdered someone because of being forced to do so by this pimp. Just because they're a juvenile, and just because they were a victim, doesn't exempt them from possibly standing a trial over the murder of that other person. Something which they might want to talk about in a meeting, or with their sponsor during a 5th step. Something for which we wanted to make sure they could share in their 5th step as part of the recovery process without having that sponsor then slapped with a subpoena demanding they testify against that person about what was said to them.

Just because some group claims they're a "sex trafficking" group or rescue doesn't mean they have the same confidentiality laws protecting their clients as we do in our program. Also, this goes for sex workers activist groups who want to push towards decriminalization. We had the same problem with COYOTE meetings - the predecessor to SWOP.

Which was why a lot of COYOTE members were also SWA members, and we'd organize things during SWA meetings to give those activists protection. Otherwise, we'd see people in similar situations drug off on a conspiracy charge and threatened with felony arrests and jail time.

If you don't understand what I mean by any of this - then please consult an attorney with respect to the conspiracy laws, as well as the confidentiality laws. Do not forget for one moment that just because sex trafficking domestically has received now federal recognition finally - that does not automatically mean prostitution suddenly stopped being a crime in 99 % of the USA. Nor has pimping and pandering gone off the books where I once saw someone convicted of a felony simply for giving a girlfriend of hers the phone number of a good regular. Receipt of a $1.00 from the "earnings of a prostitute" is a felony. That INCLUDES DONATIONS by the way.

Meaning that if a group or cause is soliciting donations from prostitutes - they could be charged with felony pimping. Now since we also accept money from prostitutes who buy our literature - this is again why we choose a 12 step program for legal protections not afforded us otherwise. I don't have to worry about the DA or IRS stepping up and demanding our financial records on our members for this reason. Again, something not afforded non-12 step programs.

There's also a little thing caused the 5th amendment. You have a right not to incriminate yourself which you are essentially doing if you go to some of these other groups and admit to some of the things you've done which may be illegal. Including if you admit to being involved in an illegal career in order to be accepted as a member to that group. Again, something which our members to our group are protected from such things.

Now if you want to go around waving a banner saying essentially you're a criminal and you want to organize a meeting of criminals and to do so without partnering with us in some fashion to afford yourself the benefits of these protections - then you need to ask yourself why someone would deny you that protection?

Yes there is a site up attacking us that was set up by Maxine Doogan, Domina Elle, and Norma Jean Almodavor. There is also a tracking cookie on that site. If that site was set up to attack us as a warning to sex workers - why the tracking cookie? Why target for identification people who are thinking about contacting our program for help to exit the sex industry? Why do they care who is contacting us enough to set up this trap to try and capture that information?

Good questions and something to think about. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the grant I traced from Swanee Hunt to Domina Elle's art gallery in Denver, the government's grant to Meg Munoz in Orange County, nor Maxine's recent over-turning of her felony conviction for pimping suddenly. Nah - not a thing to do with any of that . . . .

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Another one bites the dust Notice the pattern yet guys? Yet another "crusader" who had NOTHING to do with while claiming to be on the same side of the war as us. We established our headquarters in Nevada in 1996 and have been working with REAL victims against REAL traffickers ever since.

Has anyone figured out yet the ones who are all being exposed as fakes were the same ones who were refusing to even talk to us about the victims we were working with? Again, if someone is telling you they're wanting to help an alcoholic while refusing to even acknowledge Bill Wilson and Alcoholics Anonymous - then figure out something is WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!

Monday, March 6, 2017


People are asking me "why are you so upset?" about the types of people who have been speaking to Congress and the Senate about sex trafficking.  For years there's either been completely fake people who have been exposed as frauds such as Samoly Mam speaking to them, or when we kept exposing one after the other after the other as being frauds - then they just resort to bringing in an actual actor such as Ashton Kutcher to speak on the subject WHILE asking for money to do what they're doing WHICH IS SOMETHING WE'RE DOING ANYWAY?

Let's put it into terms which might make it clearer why I'm so upset - let's say that we're back during the days of Prohibition.  Prohibition was designed to do something about the problems alcoholics were presenting to this country BEFORE it was known they have a disease.  The thought was "let's arrest people and that will stop the problem".  

Only it didn't.  We saw what happened with Prohibition - it just made money for the criminals easier and bigger while making it harder for those with the disease to get help.  

Now - let's imagine that the subject of sex trafficking is like that of alcoholism and instead of having people like Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob or even Dr. Silkwood speaking on the subject to them you had instead one of the owners of Anheuser Busch breweries testifying on the subject of alcoholism, or the Oxford Group who was a church group who was claiming to help alcoholics but in fact was not doing anything other than being a church who raised money on the false claims they were able to help alcoholics.  

This was the group Bill Wilson was in where he found himself at eight months sobriety so hit with the craving to drink he reached out to Dr. Bob so he could help himself not drink that day.

Or if one of the owners of the sanitariums who was being paid to put the alcoholic in hospice care were to testify - but again NOT Dr. Bob, Bill Wilson or even Dr. Silkwood testifying.

The question is WHY?  Why do they keep putting up people who either aren't authentic survivors, actually run authentic groups that actually do effectively help victims, or non-survivors speaking on behalf of an outside view on the issue as Ashton Kutcher did - rather than put on someone like Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, who was the first group to identify it as a disease, and to come up with a solution that worked for the sufferer.  

I've analyzed what the fakes are saying vs. what one of "us" would say and I can assure you there are key points they're making sure is NOT being recorded on those hearings.  Again, we run the oldest, and largest, program of survivors in this country and until we're invited to speak, or even allowed to be in the same building when testimony is being heard - then we are being silenced about the true nature of what's happening here in the USA.

While yes I agree what Ashton witnessed in another country with respect to a child who was being victimized in a sex tourism racket is truly horrible.  But no matter HOW horrible - it STILL is NOT talking about what American victims go through on American soil! 

THAT'S what's being silenced from the public from hearing.