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I had sent a copy of Emily's interview about "post-prostitution syndrome" to SWOP New Zealand.  I asked for their response on what these men and women who have exited the sex industry are reporting to us they're suffering from.  Their response was to come back at us saying they didn't agree with the term as they felt it was "blaming" the sex industry.  That is not our intent.  So I wrote this letter back to them:

Dear New Zealand SWOP:

See this is what I'm trying to clear up.  We DO NOT "blame" sex work in SWA.  Not at all.  Neither our first step nor 3rd tradition blame sex work at all.  We rest all of our issues in our program with OUR CHOICES.

Nor do I feel that the sex industry itself is to blame for "post prostitution syndrome".  You clearly haven't read our Recovery Guide where we explain these things.  The interview was to outline what we were hearing one after the other after the other from men and women we interview…