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I am so thankful Gabourey Sidibe is playing Lucious' assistant on your show.  Quickie intro to myself - I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement, as well as Sex Workers Anonymous which runs the largest and oldest hotline in the country for adults seeking help to exit the industry in it's many forms.  You can verify this claim with news clips at

It's become kind of a running joke among our members that we can always tell who is "retired" from sex work vs. who are the "newcomers" to our program coming in the door just by one look.  The reason is because of weight gain so many of us, especially trafficking survivors, put on after coming into recovery from sex work, stripping, porn, etc.  
For those who were on drugs while in sex work - they gain weight trying to adjust to life without drugs. For those who had pimps or traffickers - most of the time they're starved to keep their weight down or simply from neg…