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FIRST SIX CHAPTERS OF HIGH TECH MADAM MEMOIR HERE I'm writing my memoirs.  In 1984, I was arrested and dubbed the "High Tech Madam" by the major media. (my news clips are there).   By 1987, I created Prostitutes Anonymous, now called  We are responsible for the modern day domestic sex trafficking, as well as sex workers' rights, movement.   It's time consuming to get my memoir written, and obviously it's going to have to be self-published.  Some chapters are very difficult for me to write, and I spent days recovering from reliving these memories.  But rent and bills go on.  If I had a publisher, I would get an advance so I could get the book written.  Since I"m self-publishing, I need support.  I'm also converting the book as I write into a movie series.  You may think it's been told before in series like "The Deuce", but there's a REASON why those stories in th