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CAB DRIVERS AND THE EYES ARE WATCHING YOU - AND MORE  They owned the cab drivers essentially the article says. I remember when a company came to Las Vegas that bought up the cab companies. Every driver who used to give us referrals was fired. Suddenly, 2/3 of the cab drivers in Vegas were from other countries, and barely spoke English - I sure couldn't talk to them. I started getting phone calls from the drivers who had been fired - telling me that some of them had tried to hang onto their jobs. They told me they couldn't even talk to me while at work, let alone drive me any referrals for help, because they had a camera on THEM at all times, which meant the passengers, and a GPS at the same time. They had been told they would get $50 for each load of passengers they took to a brothel, strip club or massage parlor that was on a certain list. If they came to us, they would be fired. Many of those drivers quit. Some told me they had st