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Saturday, January 28, 2017


When we gave the press conference in 2007 (read about here at about how sex trafficking was at the highest in the country because of the legalized sex industry there, which includes the legal brothels, in Nevada - one of the arguments heard back was that the legal industry is responsible for Nevada's low number of rapes.

However, there ISN'T a low number of rapes in Nevada is there?  There is however two things that are being juggled in Nevada to try and defend legalized prostitution.  Rape and HIV/AIDS infection.  So you want to make your rape numbers look low?

Just don't test the rape kits.  Not only does that make it APPEAR Nevada doesn't have a high number of rapes in the state,  but it also gets you paid!

To reward the Attorney General for NOT  testing rape kits, she got $1.7 MILLION DOLLARS to test these kits!  Wow.  What brilliant strategy!  Don't test the rape kits, don't prosecute the rapists, claim you have one of the lowest rate statistics in the country, and you actually get PAID for this!

Nevada also only tests for HIV/AIDS in prostitutes when they're arrested for prostitution charges.  So what does Nevada do to hide these numbers?  They DON'T ARREST prostitutes!  No - what they do is hold them for 24 to 48 hours and then release them without charges.  So it makes it appear they don't exist.  Only they do exist and they are costing the state money for each day they're held.  But without charging them, then we don't know what the actual HIV/AIDS rate is among Nevada prostitutes.

Unless tested when arrested, a woman's HIV/AIDS statis is private and therefore the state has no numbers to know how many of the Nevada sex workers actually have HIV/AIDS.   Now if they're negative when getting a prostitute license - that still isn't going to tell us much considering the virus can take up to 15 years to show up on a blood test.

Oh and this "Swedish Model" that these people have been cramming down our throat?  Have you seen the Swedish rape statistics lately?  An 11 percent increase this year.

One thing - Sweden isn't a capitalist society.  In America some men and women are engaging in prostitution to eat.  Why are we trying to copy a prostitution model from a country that isn't a capitalist one?  If people aren't in a position where they don't eat - I don't think you can compare the two systems without adding in that tiny little factor that some American men and women are engaging in sex work purely to feed their kids.

But I got to hand it to Catherine Cortez-Masto - don't test the rape kits and get paid over a million bucks for allowing cases to go cold.  Allow the rapist time to leave the state.  Brilliant - just brilliant.  What I don't understand is if legalized prostitution is so good - why is the state having to literally manipulate the women of the state like this just to juggle the numbers in it's favor?

Sunday, November 20, 2016


It seems Las Vegas feels so strongly about the issue of street peddlers that it went to a great deal of trouble to set up a whole special court to deal with them with the head judge being Constable Bonaventura

Sounds innocent right?

Okay, now Nevada is having SUCH A BUDGET crunch that they stopped sending out police cars to accident scenes to make police reports.  So because they say they "don't have the budget" to send out cops to make reports on accident scenes anymore, look at the complaints and problems piling up here -

Now let me get this straight - Nevada doesn't have money to send out cops to make reports on accidents but they've set up a whole WAREHOUSE where the cops are being paid OVERTIME?????

For what now?  Dangerous murders and rapists?

No we don't even have money to fight against rapists!!!  Look at the backlog of kits not being tested supposedly because of a shortage of money.

But they're now paying electricity, insurance, overtime, and all that jazz to process STREET PEDDLERS??
Remember Bonaventura has a love of porn performers. .He's not adverse to beating on women.

Seems he was suing over losing his job as Constable - and they gave him THIS job to placate him.  

Sexual harassment even.  Oh yeah this is a guy I want to have me alone in a dark warehouse without benefit of an attorney or my legal rights right ladies?

Now I ask you why would an alcoholic wife beating sexual harassing cop want to be working as a judge in this warehouse SO badly he's not even charging "overtime" to do it as the cops are being paid to work with it right?  

Now he might have gone into that computer because someone bribed him to.  He's not adverse to kickbacks

I just have to ask myself why after ALL that Clark County has gone through with this guy WHY give him basically his own playground?  I mean this is something out of Star Chamber or something!  If this isn't a "real" court, then that means the law doesn't apply here.  It means they aren't under arrest.  If not under arrest, then I don't get a phone call and I don't get to speak to an attorney.

Worse - I don't think they get advised of when they're speaking to anyone if they're incriminating themselves or not.  I mean what if they open up one of these peddlers' bags and find a couple of human heads inside?  What then?  I mean if the guy was told "this isn't a real court and you're not going to jail" and he goes "oh okay" and hands over the heads - is something that would hold up in a real court or would they say he wasn't "read his rights" first or even that he was "entrapped" because he thought he was safe from ANY criminal charges.  

Let's look carefully at what this article says - it says they want to be able to "pull in someone who is walking around with a water bottle that has water from another source" in it" and "sunglasses" and "a blank CD".  The areas they want to target are the strip and the pedestrian bridges and walkways.

With everyone hating on this guy - WHY is Marilyn Kirkpatrick so "excited" about all of this?  I remember her well.  ;One of our SWA members was testifying at the legislature about AB67.  There had been literally 45 groups that were all bogus made up groups who chartered a bus to go down and bombard the legislature with testimony to support AB67.  SWOP and SWA - the two groups who work with sex trafficking victims in Nevada were the only two objectors.  

While there, Aubrey calls me up and says "they're having a back door hearing that's not listed on the calendar".  I said "that's illegal".  She says "what do I do?"  I said "go and find out what they're trying to hide so badly".  Well she found George Flint sitting there, the Brothel Association lobbyist.  She told me he had gotten up there and told a whole pack of lies about what goes on in the legal brothels - and the claim they "protect them from trafficking" (which is absolutely false). 

I told her to "give 'em your side of the story kid" and she did.  George was so mad they lost he supposedly started yelling he was "retiring" and he was "done with this bullshit" because Aubrey really had painted him out to be a complete liar.  

Look at that article again.  The "Shady Lady" seems to be run by a nice older woman right?  Nope.  It was actually being run by the Hell's Angel's.  If you'd like to hear what they did to Aubrey - here you go.

We see NV Energy is one of her supporters. 

But there's one sticky bit about taking taxes from a brothel at the state level as she's considered  That is - if a person takes money from a prostitute anywhere else BUT the legal brothels - it's a FELONY.  It's called "pimping".  Now I know that it would be taxes from the brothels so that's not the same thing - but if Dennis Hof can take money from a prostitute and not be a felon but a guy in Clark County takes money and he's a felon - then doesn't that still then make the state a PIMP if THEY take money from the prostitutes without being a licensed brothel also?  

It does appear that Marilyn is supportive of a Chinese government owned investment coming to town however

Frankly with all of this Chinese money coming into N. Las Vegas - I just can't imagine why she would be responsible for giving Bonaventura his own private little playground just to go after street peddlers.  Not when we're hearing they can't afford money for rape kits and cops on accident scenes - but they're funding this with overtime?

If you've ever gone along those walk ways where they want to target in this - you will see a lot of young girls who are trying to prostitute for the night.  Some have street pimps and some don't.  Most are young, scruffy and hungry.  There's a few pick pockets, drug dealers, pan handlers, mostly people who are lost and looking for a way to make a buck.  

I've had members of SWA come to me before saying they want to organize street outreaches there however because most of the girls there look young that are out there hooking.  The thing is - if you can be drug into this warehouse because of having a "pair of sunglasses" or a "bottle of water", or even a "blank CD" and the cops "word" you're out there "street peddling", I think I have a better idea who they're trying to target and why.  Honestly, if I was to go out looking for some young girls who might be interested in a "job" at a strip club, legal brothel, porn studio, etc. that would be one of the first places I'd look.  I say that because I've had our group members many times tell me they want to go there just to do an outreach to try and bring some kids in.

We don't like too much going over to Tropicana or Boulder Highway because most of those girls are addicts and MEAN.  They want to go get that next hit and you had better not get in their way!  

Call it a "hunch" but this just doesn't look good at all to me about what's going on down there.  I mean what kind of security cameras are there going to be running who will keep the judge and cops running the place 'honest".  

Again, with Bonaventura's history I wouldn't want to be in that warehouse at 2:00 am with him drunk, horny, lonely and no one really around on my side like a public defender.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Dear Martha Stewart and Associates:

I've seen the commercial on VH1 with Martha Stewart dancing with Snoop Dogg to promote the "Martha and Snoop's Dinner Party" series.   To say I'm offended is an understatement.  This country is having a record epidemic not only of juvenile sex trafficking, but we're also in a second HIV/AIDS epidemic as well as a Hep C and HPV virus  (diseases which are all sexually transmitted).

Because of the focusing only upon the issue of sex trafficking itself, without acknowledging the fact it involves sex while victims are not exactly trained in proper "safe sex" techniques by their traffickers because frankly it profits them more NOT to have their victims engaging in safe sex - we are about to lose another generation of young people which may number more than those we lost in the 1980's.

The reason for this is because at least the media was addressing this issue in the 1980's while it's completely ignoring this documented epidemic in the young, and sex workers, today.  That and the fact people deliberately set up the AIM Clinic, which used to be run by Dr. Sharon Mitchell, out of business which had been keeping these diseases "at bay" successfully before being shut down about five years ago (replaced with the very ineffective AHN headed by Michael Weinstein who seems to care more about being the new porn czar rather than about our public health).

So the issue of sex trafficking is a true life threatening urgent issue today.  Now we see Martha Stewart, a woman most young women look up too as a role model, dancing and "frolicking" with Snoop Dogg - a CONFESSED sex trafficker as he outlined his year long RV "pimp revival" national tour in 2003 in Rolling Stone Magazine.

The courts, police, etc., are experiencing such a shortage of operating funds that in Nevada for example the police will not even come to the scene of a car accident, even when there's bodily damage with an ambulance called, because of the shortage of funds in the budget.

Which is why I got a call into our hotline at by a concerned politician who needed someone to go in and rescue victims from this operation asking us to do so because of their concern if they sent in the Nevada police - then the press over such an event would cost the state "more than the OJ trial cost California".

This was because Snoop had not confessed to what he was doing while this was going on.  Instead he waited until the statute had expired in most states he committed the crime of pimping, sex trafficking and/or pandering according to each state's definition of what he did before basically gloating in the press about how he not only committed this crime in broad daylight, but knowing no prosecutor would want to take on the task of coming after him ESPECIALLY because of who the "johns" were in his so called "fantasy" - NFL players.

Who if you've seen the film "Concussion" then you know the NFL has their own set of "influencers" who protect them from the press which would result if anyone was arrested in this year long FLAUNTING of what was the building of a national sex trafficking operation.

In case you didn't read his confession, he brags about how he took an RV from city to city on his national Playboy tour, invited young women onto it, then after telling them he had a "fantasy" of wanting them to engage in sex for money with these different NFL players, he then claims he "returned the money".

I'm sorry but if I rob a bank and then "return the money" an hour later this does not give me a "get out of jail free card".  Not in my book anyway.  What he does not explain further however is what happened to these women he also brags about "kicking off the RV" when he got down with them.  Which was local pimps were standing by to grab these women and then put them to work in their operation - against their will in most cases.

First of all, I would like to ask every young woman who works for Martha Stewart to imagine being invited onto an RV to meet Snoop Dogg, his friends, and these NFL players.  Then I'd like them to realize when they enter this RV (which has one way in or out mind you), it's stock full of drunken, stoned, men who are all wealthy, famous and for the NFL players - some of them are 300 pound athletes who could probably lift you with one finger off the ground - and then I want you to imagine you want to say "no" when asked to do this.  No I ask you - would you feel perfectly safe in saying "no"?

Also, I'd like to know what steps were taken to verify each women who was invited onto the RV had their ID checked to make sure they were over the legal age of consent.  Which I need to add in Nevada is FIFTEEN years of age.  So understand that some of these women were SIXTEEN YEARS OF AGE.  The first woman we went to rescue was chained like a dog to a toilet in a vacant apartment while four months pregnant by a pimp with a rap sheet of felony violent arrests.  The "tricks" were brought to this apartment, and she was not allowed to communicate with anyone.

We had to stage an operation to get the pimp out of the apartment long enough to call a locksmith and get her out of there - knowing mind you we'd been told the police were not going to even respond to helping us because the state "didn't want the publicity" of going after this pimp who would then turn back to Snoop - and the publicity which would result.

This woman has had her baby, but to get her home and have everyone safe her whole family had to relocate because this trafficking operation knew where they lived.  By going from city to city on this tour doing this, what resulted was a building of a network of traffickers I've been having to content with in our program for over 30 years now and one of the reasons why I formed our hotline and program in the first place - because the police not only wouldn't help me when I was in this same situation 30 years ago myself, but I was even being trafficked BY local police, CIA, and FBI during Iran Contra and what became the Rampart lawsuits in the 1990's.

Because victims of sex trafficking could not, and still can't in most cases, call the police for help - this is again why I had to form our hotline and program at our expense.  I say that because federal grants were not available in the 1980's because the issue wasn't even considered "real" in the 1980's.  The Trafficking Act of 2000 giving this issue federal "recognition" as real was only passed 16 years ago.  This pregnant victim we rescued first on this tour is so traumatized not only by what happened to her, but the very idea that the state didn't want to rescue her "officially" because of the fear of the expense and publicity in doing so which was so great they called our little band of volunteers to do it instead "off the record", that she literally can't leave her house without going into panic attacks of what might happen to her if she did and thinking no one would come to her rescue then.

Especially when she's concerned if she did go to the press about her ordeal that men like Snoop, who has a record if you remember for a murder trial he beat in the past, might come after her to silence her.  I mean what's to stop him considering what he's already gotten away with?

While we have people like Kamala Harris and Catherine Cortez-Masto insisting they "care about the issue of sex trafficking", two Attorney General's for just two of the states where he, and his cronies, executed these crimes - while neither one of them have issued a warrant for Snoop despite the fact his confession clearly gave them enough evidence to have him arrested for at least pandering, if not pimping or sex trafficking.

Again, there is no clause in the law that "giving the money back" voids the crime itself.  So Martha Stewart dancing with this confessed, and unrepentant, sex trafficker is so offensive words can't even explain.  Meaning that I am wanting you to know that not only am I going to be boycotting any Martha Stewart show, product, and service, but also any company who carries any of her shows and/or products - and I will be sending out an announcement to our 190,000 social media subscribers/members of Sex Workers Anonymous to join us in a boycott of Martha Stewart for associating herself with this trafficker.

I understood when Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading because I figured it was just a "misunderstanding".  Now in light of this partnership with Snoop Dogg - I can't help but look upon her in a whole other light.  Do not tell me women are safe anywhere near Martha being now who she wants to associate herself with - a confessed and unrepentant sex trafficker who has been banned in two countries for drug trafficking and I have yet to see a medical marijuana card on him either.  Combined with his football league - I would imagine the delivery service has no shortage of people filling out help wanted applications.

Both of you by the way have enough visibility of the young women in this country to be warning them about this STD epidemic, as well as the exploding sex trafficking problem we're encountering now because of the impact the internet has had on this issue but instead of doing this and saving lives - you're dancing on VH1 together?

I'm sorry but I'm boycotting Martha now and will be sending out this letter to all of her sponsors, producers, and stores which carry her products as well as any social organizations she may be connected to who are partnering her around young women.

Martha appearing with Snoop in this manner makes him appear "harmless" like a fuzzy puppy.  The man now owns a medical marijuana delivery service, he hangs out socially with Rick "Freeway" Ross, and again he's completely unrepentant about the damage he did to young women during this pimp revival as shown by not only his confession in Rolling Stone- but also his lack of any apology for what transpired.

Let's take a look at the effect this is even having on P. Diddy.  Snoop's son is playing football at UCLA.  The same team where P. Diddy was arrested for attacking a coach supposedly of that team whose son is on the same team.

So we have someone who has been charged with murder, flaunted being in warrant by appearing at a music awards show rather than turning himself in, hanging out with the like's of Rick "Freeway" Ross who recently was pulled over with over $100,000 in cash in his car supposedly to "buy real estate", and P. Diddy, who assaults football coaches, engaging in activities designed to clearly attract in young people - all while again being a confessed and unrepentant sex trafficker and you're dancing with him Martha like this is all one big joke?

So you have a nice day .   I'm off to organize a boycott that has now expanded from Snoop to Martha Stewart.  On behalf of the victims of this "revival fantasy tour" of Snoop's, I find the two of you dancing as you are in that commercial completely taunting these victims about how they were held captive through intimidation, raped, kidnapped, trafficked, drugged, beaten, and otherwise outright treated like animals, for how not only NOTHING has been done to anyone involved, BUT NOW YOU TWO ARE DANCING TOGETHER?

Certainly you have enough PR people Martha to be aware of this confession.  SHAME ON YOU.  SHAME on the prosecutors who want to grandstand for the election but still haven't issued one warrant against him despite this written confession and the fact there are numerous witnesses who would come forward if they thought they wouldn't be ripped apart by the fans of Snoop's music and the NFL - who all have a history if you think about it of a lot of aggression, if not outright violence and even murder.

It's like you're dancing with Hitler Martha and on behalf of the young women in this country - again SHAME on all of you who are acting like this is not an issue.

TRIPLE SHAME on VH1 for claiming to "care about sex trafficking" while putting on this show.

It's OFFENSIVE AND IN DOWNRIGHT BAD TASTE!!! I say that because when I called the Pistachio Growers Board after seeing him in a commercial for the nut - when they learned about his confession in Rolling Stone they at least said they would "pull the ad" which I didn't see it again after that in fact.  

So Martha, you and VH1 have less taste than nut growers!

(PS - To Snoop and his entourage - if you think sending in "influencers" connected to Live Nation to try and slander me, as well as sending in others to try and stalk and threaten me online starting the minute I announced the boycott on Snoop after this confession, a company who also not so coincidentally in my opinion also manage Charlie Sheen, through straw groups such as Cupcake Girls who use their nonprofit status to launder your bribe money to try and get us to back down - we know the game so think again.  An apology to the victims is all we've asked.  It's a lot cheaper to think about an apology and an "amends" rather than the money you've spent trying to run us out of Dodge and silence us.  If pimps in the 1980's couldn't silence me over the last 30 years - your tactics won't do the job either.  We're not going anywhere!  Especially not as long as these victims of crimes such as yours and Charlies are going unprosecuted by law enforcement.  

Which reminds me - isn't it a crime to knowingly expose someone to HIV/AIDS? Kamala - why no arrest against Charlie considering he's even threatened to pay $25,000 to whack a witness?  You want to claim you care about these victims?  PROVE IT.  Your office STILL hasn't called to speak to the victims we told you have contacted us for help about these situations in how many years now?  No - you announced your fund raiser to run for Senate when we pushed on the very issue that if you had addressed it when we first came to you - then the story about Celeste Guap might not have hit.  But then you were having to contend with Joohon David Lee though weren't you?  Now remind me again how you dealt with what he did?  Tell me about it while he's driving a limo in Las Vegas about how you're "throwing the book" at him for what he did while in office for Homeland Security, ICE and the anti-trafficking task force?)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

THIS FILM SUMS UP THE SEX TRAFFICKING MOVEMENT STEP BY STEP  There is a link on here to watch this film.  If you watch it - be prepared to see the absolute correlations to the sex trafficking industry from the phony groups set up to front for the chemical industry and lobbyists, to the grant making in low income minority neighborhoods to get them to form groups to push your agenda for you.

I can't tell you how many survivors I've heard say the NEW industry has "turned them into token speakers" where they're asked to speak but not allowed to be involved in the planning or the project in any fashion.  When I saw the burn victim in this show they paraded around to try and push the chemical industries agenda as their "token victim" - I just saw the absolute connections here just step by step word for word.

If you want to see what's happening right now in the so called "trafficking movement" - then you MUST see this film and "Poverty Inc".  Then you'll see what's going on here.

The "Poverty Inc" people who can't go around raising money for the "starving fly covered African children" any longer have latched onto this field for one.

For another, those wanting to get prostitution legalized have also latched onto this field as a way of getting not only it legalized - but to make darn sure no one butts around for victims in their companies.  For example, WHY hasn't Polaris pushed to get their signs into the Nevada legal brothels yet?  They got prostitution outlawed in Rhode Island where it was decriminalized - but for Nevada brothels - NOTHING.

You watch these films - and you're hip to the games going on in how this movement has gotten itself hijacked out from under those very people who started it - the victims' themselves.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


I'm literally about to vomit.  I just saw a commercial for Catherine Cortez Masto where she's running for Senate now.  Her platform on the commercial was her claim she "helped sex trafficking victims".


Take a real good look at the commercial.  The person she has speaking for her first is Karen Hughes.  Yes the same Karen Hughes who is no longer the multiple head of N. Las Vegas Vice, head of N. Las Vegas Internal Affairs, and head of N. Las Vegas police that I filed a formal complaint with Internal Affairs about.  You can search my blog to find my post about those complaints and Karen further here if you'd like.

Want to know why all three?  So that I couldn't figure out who to complain to about her, and other police officers, who were actually involved in sex trafficking that's why.  With Chief Gillispie having finally stepped down, along with 15 other officers, with him, for corruption, I mean who am I supposed to go to with complaints about officers involved in the sex trafficking when that very person is the heads of all of those departments?

Can anyone remember "Operation Dollhouse" for example?  They caught two officers, who were not just officers, but also on the trafficking task force, right in the house with the raid.  Did they charge the officers?  No.  They accepted the claim the "cab driver took them there by mistake for a massage".  They accepted that excuse BECAUSE KAREN REFUSED TO SPEAK TO ME ABOUT THE TRAFFICKING SITUATION IN THAT CASE.  One that did by the way involve a minor.

Only one ride through Las Vegas from where the officers came into town, to where these houses were located, would have shown you that they passed by at least a dozen commercial massage parlors on the way to the houses.  But note the key word here "cab driver".

Why?  Because the trafficking operation in Nevada was/is set up so that Mandarin speaking cab drivers would pick up Mandarin speaking businessmen coming out of the airport with tickets in hand from China.  Those were the ONLY men allowed into these houses of prostitution to keep the police out.  Which is why I had arranged for this reporter on that case to make that raid that day - none of us could get access to those women without an arrest.  An arrest we weren't getting to happen while Karen was in charge of the Vice Dept. at that time because she was covering for everyone.

I knew they took over the cab companies because I've lived here in Nevada since 1996 helping trafficking victims.  When I first moved here, one of the first things I did was make friends with local cab drivers.  Victims of sex trafficking are kept drugged up most of the time remember?  Their pimps keep their ID from them.  If they're not American, they keep their visa's even.  So how do they get around town if they can't drive?


For YEARS cab drivers would bring victims of sex trafficking, and/or prostitutes who wanted out of the game, to our doorstep for help.  It was simple - if a woman is getting into your cab in a highly emotional and drugged state who is clearly a prostitute and is crying to you because her pimp just beat the shit out of her and she wants to get the hell out of there - the drivers all knew to bring them to Jody's doorstep.  

That was until 2007.  I remember the year because it was after my mother had died, and we gave the press conference you can read about at about sex trafficking existing in Nevada.  A press conference I'd like to add Catherine, nor Karen, were neither involved with.  Go on - look.  Do you see their names as being in attendance at this press conference which was the first to alert the public about sex trafficking in Nevada given?

Up until that point, I knew all of the cab drivers by their first names.  I knew the publisher of the cab drivers' trade journal who used to run free public service announcements for our group alerting new drivers to what we did.  Word spread that if a woman needed to escape to bring her to my door and we'd take care of her.  I can't tell you how many 2:00 a.m. drop-off's we had when the women would get off a shift at the local strip club and decide they just didn't want to go home anymore.

But then suddenly it stopped.  I began to wonder what was happening so I called a guy who was a supervisor at the major cab company we had always worked with to find out he'd been fired.  I then started calling all the cab drivers we'd worked with that I knew their name and number and found they were no longer working as drivers either.

When I got the one supervisor I used to call "Big Don" because he used to be a professional wrestler, he told me that a strip club owner had come in and bought out the cab companies.  Then he'd fired every driver who had ever given us a drop of a victim - and then told any other drivers that he had the GPS on the cars, the cameras going on the inside, and if anyone was caught so much as even calling us on the phone to come help one of these women that they would be fired immediately.

While all of this was going on, we had tried working with Catherine as Attorney General under the mistaken idea because she was a female she'd give a shit.  As a matter of fact, when Aubrey had decided she wanted to file what would have been the first ever case of sex trafficking with respect to someone who had been forced to work within a legal brothel, we contacted Catherine's office to discuss the case.  She refused to talk to us about the case at all.

When she launched her so called "law to help sex trafficking victims" in 2013, AB67, of course I asked to be put on the list of events around the state to discuss the law.  Especially after reading it.  This law had NOTHING  to  do with helping victims.  If anything, it was going to get victims murdered.  More than that, it's a thinly disguised "shake down" law if you ask me.  Giving the police the right to "ease drop" without a warrant, and then go in and ask for a fine EVEN WHEN THERE'S NO CHARGES BEEN FILED.

If she's "done so much to help crack down on sex trafficking" where's the charges?  The police executed a search warrant on Molly Moll but yet NOT ONE ARREST.  Huh?

Is the reason because of a lack of victim testimony maybe?  Victim testimony they don't have because no one in Nevada's police department, or Attorney General's office, will return our phone calls?  Why would they when they aren't even doing anything when they have one of their own saying that John Hambrick "bullied his way" into being speaker of the house and STILL THEY DO NOTHING?

Couldn't be this is part of an organized campaign funded by Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Review Journal, to expand legalized prostitution in the state where he owns a non-union casino now could it?

Where's the charges against Snoop Dogg who ADMITTED he trafficked for a year, did it through Nevada, and for which we have a victim we rescued in Nevada willing to press charges?  Only we can't because we can't get anyone from the authorities to FILE.  All of the evidence by the way appears on Twitter on Montana Fishburne's account.  So all the evidence to file trafficking charges against Snoop exist - but our letters to Catherine's office asking why she won't file, and that we have witnesses we've rescued willing to testify, have gone UNANSWERED.

Go on - read AB67.   Read it carefully and then tell me how on earth that law helps victims.  ESPECIALLY when our group was getting nowhere trying to get cases filed against traffickers with her office.  So when she announced the hearings about the law being passed, we of course asked to be put on the mailing list to be notified of these events so we could participate.  Not just me mind you, but actual survivors of NEVADA sex trafficking this law would have an impact on.

I've posted on another post in this blog that not only did her office refuse to give me any notices about these hearings, but she further insisted on being removed from our mailing list as well.  This is a woman who mind you back in 2007 I was trying to tell her someone was connected to Operation Dollhouse with Immigration who was ignoring me.

Then after complaining finally to the Office of Professional Responsibility BECAUSE I COULD NOT GET KAREN HUGHES NOR CATHERINE NOR THE CHIEF OF POLICE to listen to me - I had to go to the OPR to file the complaint which then resulted in the arrest of Joohoon David Lee.  A case where Catherine's name appears nowhere.

By the way - do you know what Joohoon is doing now he's a man convicted of using his office to sex traffick women through California and Nevada?  Including DESTROYING a local Las Vegas business in his campaign to cover up his tracks and be a trafficker?   HE'S DRIVING A LIMO IN LAS VEGAS NOW ON PROBATION.  By the way, most cab companies in Las Vegas are also the same as the limo companies such as Bell Transportation.

Catherine lied to the press about AB67 for one thing.  She told the press that "there was no opposition to AB67" when there clearly was.  Not only did we send her a letter registering our objection to the law, but we also had members of SWA appear at the hearings.

 Aubrey testified at the hearing against the law, and even read a letter on behalf of those who couldn't get up to Carson City to register their testimony against the law to Catherine.  This is clearly reflected in the videotape of the hearings.  I have the disk of the hearing if you'd like to see what REALLY happened instead of Catherine's lies to the press and other people about what happened.   Aubrey then went up to Catherine who told her "she'd look into" the filing of a case against her pimp who had trafficked her that she NEVER FOLLOWED UP ON.

Not only did she then refuse to return Aubrey's, or my calls, to file this complaint against her trafficker, who was threatening to use her children in kiddie porn by the way,  but she then again lied to the press saying nothing about our letter, our objection to the law, and nothing about the fact we'd asked for her help against these traffickers.  Aubrey also swore to me she saw Catherine taking a check for $17,000 from Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch, at this hearing.

If Catherine cares so much about helping trafficking victims - then why doesn't one single survivor appear in her ads?  BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T HELP US THAT'S WHY.  Let 'me point to Uber and her keeping Uber out of Nevada.  For one thing, that's jobs our survivors could be working at.  Many of them now are making a living out of Uber in other states.  It's one job where the traffickers can't get them fired because they can't get physical access to them once they leave.

But it's more than the jobs Uber can provide survivors who need the type of work Uber would provide.  Yes they're arrested a few guys for using cabs in connection with organized trafficking.  But that didn't stop the SYSTEM.  The reason why racketeering laws were invented was because organized crime is like a wagon wheel.

If you take out one or two spokes, the wheel still turns.  There's a reason why the cab companies want to remain in power in this state and it's not about money.  It's about sex trafficking and the control having cabs, and the ability to threaten to fire drivers who help victims escape, offers.  Having Uber in Nevada breaks up the control the traffickers have over victims on both levels - from providing them a way to work to providing them a way to escape.  

Something Catherine has blocked from happening in this state.  Something that she might know if she talked to someone who WORKS WITH VICTIMS RATHER THAN JUST FUND RAISES AND GRAND STANDS!  Catherine is running for Senate for one reason and one reason only - legalized prostitution.  The REAL traffickers in this country are trying to use the logic that legalized prostitution is the best way to eliminate sex trafficking.  If that was the case, then please explain why Amsterdam shut down it's windows district in 2007?

Explain the level of trafficking in Germany where it's legal.

Explain New Zealand where it's legal.

In fact, name me one case of organized sex trafficking that Catherine's even filed in the state of Nevada.

According to my research, I can't even FIND a case against traffickers Karen Hughes executed.  I type into Google "sex trafficking arrests Karen Hughes" and come back with ZIP.  Here look

I lobbied Catherine's office many times that their resource list for help for victims on her page as Attorney General was useless.  I gave her a step by step explanation about how those resources not only didn't provide help to sex trafficking victims in Nevada, but that they especially didn't help those in the strip clubs, massage parlors, or legal brothels.  She not only refused to change this resource list - I'd like to know why the strip clubs, massage parlors, and the legal brothels in Nevada STILL are not required to post the National Trafficking Hotline in them just as California has passed already with SB1193?  Again, you can search my blog further to see where I've written her and written her and written her - only to get NO RESPONSE.

In other words, Catherine won't speak to the FOUNDER of the movement, the FOUNDER of Sex Workers Anonymous, and she wants to call herself a "sex trafficking crusader"?  Really?

In fact, under Catherine as Attorney General, the brothels have just expanded their reach outside of the tiny counties they're physically in.  BEFORE Catherine was Attorney General, the brothels were limited to advertising only locally, and also only seeing customers who visited the brothels physically.

However, under Catherine's regime as Attorney General, the brothels are now advertising outside of the counties such as Pahrump, Nye, Storey, etc.  In states such as Oakland for example where not only does Dennis have billboards all over, but also we now have heard of the Oakland sex scandal involved guess what?   MORE POLICE OFFICERS!

But further than this, the brothels are now allowed to send "outcalls" which they couldn't do before Catherine.  Meaning that all a client has to do is visit the brothels one time to set up an account.  Then after that first visit, a prostitute can be sent to him anywhere in the world from there legally.  Yes, this expansion of their ability to operate now anywhere in the WORLD is thanks to Catherine Cortez Masto.

Now with the link already established that sex trafficking is at it's WORST where there is legalized prostitution, and with Catherine's regime allowing the expansion of the legal brothels, then please please explain to me how on earth she's being allowed to make the claim that has been doing ANYTHING to help sex trafficking in these commercials?

Which is why I'm going to be seeing about filing a formal complaint with the FCC about her ads shortly for making false claims to the public.  I'll also be further researching if there's any other type of committees, boards, etc., that I can file a complaint against her for these false claims in her ads.


I was fighting the brothels back in 1988 as you can see here.

If you are opposed to sex trafficking, and consider yourself an "abolitionist" DO NOT SUPPORT CATHERINE CORTEZ MASTO running for Senate.

Don't believe me.  Don't believe the hype or press.  Go and look for yourself and tell me what has she done for us to help us since being in office?

As a matter of fact, we have testimony from people who have told us that they were told they would be "immune from prosecution for fraud" with their fraudulent fund raising using sex trafficking as their platform because Catherine was using their efforts to get "dollar matching" funds.

If I'm wrong, then tell me why all these people were complaining to her to investigate pastor Troy Martinez, whose documentary on "sex trafficking" in Nevada by the way COMPLETELY AVOIDS the strip clubs, massage parlors, and the legal brothels in Nevada where even Bob Herbert of the NY Times went out and independently verified my statement of it existing there in the highest concentrations is in fact true.   A fact which angered Oscar Goodman so severely he physically threatened Bob Herbert?