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Dear Mr. Wise - you have no idea how much you helped me understand something with your documentary I just saw today "White Like me".  I say that because my name is Jody Williams.  I am the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement.  A movement that was hijacked shortly after we got the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed.  I appear to be white even though I am mostly native American with a little African American blood in there also.  But I do appear to be white.

The strangest thing started happening to me that I just could not understand.  When we formed our group, and we did the media we did to get the Trafficking Act passed - we were EXTREMELY calculated about always having an Asian, a white, and an African American represented.  If you note the press conference I gave in 2007 at in fact I had an Asian, a white woman, a senior woman, and an African American women there to make sure this was not turned into a racial image.

When people think of …