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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Office of Inspector General, Florida Dept. of Corrections
Via Fax

Re:         John Meekins

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Jody Williams.  I run the group listed above, along with the hotline associated with it.  Our group, and hotline, was the first of it’s kind for adults to call when seeking help to exit the sex industry for whatever reason – sex trafficking included.  This of course was before the term “sex trafficking” was even coined mind you.  It took us 13 years of a lot of time, money, and huge sacrifices in my life to see us get federal recognition for sex trafficking being real as it did when the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed.  A true game changer because up until that point the system viewed us only, and solely, as “criminals” and never a “victim” before that recognition was achieved.

I’m writing you because of a matter of deep concern to me.  I was told by a guard, or ex-guard, John Meekins,  he was “played a tape recording of a call and shown screen shots of our conversation” done supposedly by me of conversations John and I have had in the past.  John told me he lost his job because of this, and spoke of another trafficking program which he says will not happen because of supposedly this very thing. 

I have a real problem with this.  I want you to know that NO ONE has contacted me to verify if I said or did any of this.  I’m especially horrified that I now have this man not only quite upset at me about this, but he’s also been completely blasting me within the trafficking field telling people I had contacted the Office of the Inspector General claiming he “was a pimp” and that he “worked for Sex Workers Outreach Project”.  Two things I don’t even believe about John, let alone would I be calling up your office making such a complaint about it.

If I think someone “is a pimp” I generally don’t do a damn thing about it to be honest EXCEPT offer to help them.  Sex Workers Anonymous is a 12 step group for men, women and transgender adults who want to leave  ANY part of the sex industry for ANY reason.  I’m going to point you to my YouTube page where I have a tape of my appearance on a Donahue  located at I did in 1992.  I’d like you to note the African American man on that panel who speaks about his membership in Sex Workers Anonymous who helped him stop being a pimp.

Yes Sex Workers Anonymous welcomes in pimps as well as prostitutes.  Madams too as evidenced by Jeane Palfrey’s membership in SWA (the D.C. Madam), for about two years before her death.  I say “death” and not “suicide” because I believe she was murdered before she could testify at the Ethics Hearing about the names in her “Black Book”.  Jeane didn’t reveal names of “johns” in that book, but instead that of her traffickers.  She had been trying to prove to the public that she was being forced to work as a madam by men within our own government, just as Alex Adams had also been, as well as myself.  Meaning I believe that sometimes someone who is working as a pimp or madam can be a sex trafficking victim sometimes – coerced in some manner to be acting in that capacity. 

Which is why we don’t discriminate in SWA as to who we help or don’t help.  It’s in fact a fundamental difference between us and many of these new “trafficking” programs that have popped up now grant money has been made available to groups who will only focus on the prostitute as “victim” – completely leaving those forced into other positions within the sex industry out in the cold, or even demonized as is being done these days by these other groups against madams and pimps. 

Our very reputation is on the line here when I’m having someone come to me and tell me they have been fired over me supposedly coming to the authorities to file a complaint against someone “being a pimp”.   In other words, this goes to the very core of the confidentiality issue that I offer anyone who calls us. 

The ONLY time I have done such things has been under two conditions and two conditions only – that first of all of this person has refusing any of our help, and the second being that they are actively enslaving others who wish our help to leave.  In the whole time I’ve been running SWA, I can count on one hand the times I’ve had to do any actions against a pimp or trafficker and John Meekins isn’t one of those incidents. 

I did try and get an investigation going against Peter Todd for example.  This man murdered at least three prostitutes I’m aware of in Las Vegas in my opinion.  I had multiple other prostitutes come to me asking for my help to escape this man.  Because he was also operating as an informant for the police – these women were unable to not only get any protection from him, but in fact the police were refusing to lift one finger to help them because of his informant position, as well as do anything about the women he murdered. 

Leaving me with having to see what I could do in order to have him arrested so as to protect these other women who were not only in great reasonable fear of their lives – but also having to fight against the fact he had police protection while he was actively still trafficking women from Canada down into the states.   A man I have been so open about going after that I even set up the website to warn others about him once I realized the police wouldn’t lift a finger to help his victims.

I CERTAINLY don’t consider John Meekins not only a pimp, but not a pimp I’d even think about going to the police about for help against!  So I have a huge problem here.  I have a huge problem in that John Meekins is running around thinking I made such a complaint, I got him fired, and this complaint is being used now as an excuse for not letting some other trafficking program get off the ground.  I especially have a problem over the fact this is making it appear I’m not offering our members the confidentiality that I do – even for those who are pimps who might be calling us for help one day.

I have been very open about the fact I’ve been impersonated many times in the past.  I’ve got at least three articles published carrying what appears to be an interview with me I never did.  I wouldn’t mind actually – but these interviews state things that are completely contrary to what I believe, and what SWA stands for.  These false interviews have been extremely harmful to me and SWA actually and if I could reach the reporter responsible for them I’d slap him with a lawsuit.  I say this because I have tried to locate him for just this purpose.  After what happened with people like Stephen Glass it’s quite well known now that sometimes writers, reporters, etc. do completely fake whole stories.   Celebrities have stories faked about them all the time. 

So I’m more than a little upset at papers like “The Fix” to name one who published two of these fake interviews with me.  I’d sue them but they’ve been bought by Sober Media and I’m sure won’t be around for me to sue over this damage.  

However, your office is still around.   I need to talk to someone about this.  Please contact me at the above information at your earliest convenience and let me know first of all if this actually happened.  If so, I want to know the agent’s name who did this to John and drug my name into this.  I also want to let you know that NO ONE  has contacted me to verify I actually spoke to anyone there.  So we have a few things to talk about.


Jody Williams

Monday, August 1, 2016


To Whom It May Concern:

This woman faked having brain cancer.

Stephen Glass was a well-respected writer for the "New Republic" who was faking stories.

The best selling book about drug addiction "A Million Little Pieces" whose author was even on Oprah, was exposed also as a fraud.

Samoly Mam, a well celebrated award winning "sex trafficking survivor" turned out to also be a complete fraud.  In fact, she conned people out of millions of dollars in fact.

Just last year, the show "8 Minutes" on A&E was taken off the air because it was learned the whole so called "reality show" had in fact been staged, and faked.  The so called "rescue" they were offering didn't even exist in reality.   Meaning their so called "success stories" such as Lexie Smith were frauds also.  Yet Lexie Smith has spoken at Obama's home church in Florida thanks to Shared Hope about being a so called "survivor".

Fox has even won a lawsuit giving them the right to lie to the public - even to fire reporters for refusing to report things they know to be lies.  You can read more about this with the Fox vs. Snopes lawsuit.

I remind you of this before talking about the press release Point Loma had sent out saying they were "the first" to offer a scholarship in 2014 to sex trafficking victims.   They aren't.

Not only are they not the first person to offer a scholarship to sex trafficking victim, they're not the first to claim they're "the first".  Take a look at when Sabre for example also made that claim -  Also made in 2014.

The actual FIRST person I heard offering scholarships to sex trafficking victims of juveniles was Children of the Night.  Not only have they been putting their kids through college for decades now - I've actually attended some of those kids' graduation ceremony.  I've been invited because I've been referring any juvenile who calls our hotline since 1979 to Children of the Night for help because we work with adults.

Our program doesn't offer scholarships to adults anymore than Alcoholics Anonymous offers them to their members.  Our program however does teach it's members how to find their own way to get what they want.  So we have helped them through our mentoring to find scholarships available to them as women, the disabled, the LGBT community, people of color, abuse survivors, recovering addicts, or based on their good grades.  Meaning we take them to the directories of scholarships that are currently available and show them how to search out the ones they qualify for.  Then we work with them on the applications until they get the scholarships they are seeking.

ALL WITHOUT identifying this person for life as a "sex trafficking survivor".  Which in plain common English ALSO MEANS "having been a prostitute".

Does it work?  This is an interview with a member of ours who now has a master's degree.  She hasn't however told her associate's she used to be a trafficking victim.  She talks on this interview about how her mother is the one who "turned her out" in fact.

Do you know WHY she hasn't been so "up front" about her background?

Check out this professor who plagiarized a student -yet got tenure.,d.eWE

On the other side,  The same university who gave this member her degree, also refused this woman tenure, as well as treated her like this.  They also last year turned down for tenure a professor there who tried to start a study into how many women are trafficked exactly across the border.  In fact, no professor has received tenure working with trafficking victims since Dominique Roe Sepowitz has been at this university.  NOR has one single survivor of sex trafficking been picked to work on one single research project to do with sex trafficking in the whole state either.  Doesn't exactly send signals to women like our member here that coming forward with one's past is exactly going to help them step up the ladder for THEMSELVES.

In fact, we've had a lot of women get their degrees in colleges who were "up front" about being "survivors" only to then find themselves denied jobs and tenure.  The woman in the interview by the way is now on welfare because she can't even get a job despite having a master's degree, and being clean and out of the sex industry since 1992!

THIS is why she's declined to state her name for the interview.  She's trying to find a job after I referred her to another woman who lived in her town to get a bottle of shampoo and food.  Oh I take that back - THAT survivor is doing quite well for herself now as a stated "survivor".  The only thing is she's got a job now where she's making money for people like Point Loma, Beauty for Ashes, and Sabre are doing - by raising money to help trafficking survivors!  SHE gets work while other survivors around her are on welfare and can't

There are many scholarships for which our members have qualified over the years they've been able to apply for without slapping a label on themselves for life as a "sex trafficking survivor".  We view our members' past in the sex industry as just that - in the past.  Not something that you put a label on yourself as a victim in order to get your college paid for.

There's a reason why we do this.  Before I go too much further, let me ask you this . . can you name me a senator or congress person who is a sex trafficking survivor?  How about the CEO of a Fortune 500 company?  Steve Sassa, the once CEO of Hearst Media, was fired for texting a prostitute.  But let me ask you this - can you name me ONE CEO of ANY company with revenues in the millions who is a publicly identified sex trafficking survivor?

In fact, let me ask you to name me one person who is a "known" survivor who has been placed into any position of power and prestige in this country please.  Speaking as a person who has been a public survivor for over 30 years now - not everyone is so gracious about one's past as you'd think.  I invite you to check out some of these national talk shows I appeared on in order to promote our hotline for others to call for help.  I was the first person to not only speak about sex trafficking on these national shows, but also to offer our hotline for victims to call for help as adults.

If you think this "isn't an issue" then let me ask you this question - has Obama been photographed with ONE SEX TRAFFICKING SURVIVOR?  Yes, he's been photographed with a HUMAN trafficking survivor before.  I've seen him photographed with someone forced to be a maid, forced to be a farm worker, etc.  But I have not seen one single solitary photo of ANY president with someone who was "sex trafficked" as a prostitute.

I have however seen a whole big scandal about Clinton simply being photographed with two current prostitutes who work with Dennis Hof.  These two women are quite celebrated in fact.  But as prostitutes.  They're not OUT.

After each of these shows aired - I came home to find myself evicted and fired.  After the first Sally show I did, I not only was fired and evicted - but I came home to find "whore" spray painted on my front door by my landlord's son.  Then I went down to the garage to find my tires had been slashed.  I assure you that the people at the TV studio called me a "hero" but when I went back to the "real world" people are very clear they don't want you working or living near them when you have a past in sex work.

I am not unique.  On the Donahue show, you'll see I came on with a man and a woman who were members of our program to speak about how we had helped them to escape the streets.  Both of them were fired after this show.  The blond woman's husband attacked her when the show aired and they are now divorced.

The man had an informant set him up on a drug sales charge that he was later acquitted of when the snitch admitted he'd framed the guy.  The attorney who defended him was later disbarred also.  Seems they don't take well to men of color claiming they were set up by the government on phony drug charges and then other men of color speaking up for them.   They've both also been audited by the IRS.  My ex-husband, who is also a "known" ex-prostitute and recovering addict, works as a drug counselor now and also volunteers at a public radio station.  A public radio station who has also been audited by the IRS and the Attorney General's office.

I would like to remind you that Linda Lovelace did extensive speaking out against the porn industry in her work with the Meese Commission.  She was the first woman to come forward and confess about being trafficked on the adult film set of "Deep Throat".  The woman even pointed to the bruises on her legs in both the pool and bathtub scene as proof she'd been forced at gunpoint to make the film by her pimp/husband who later went on to found the Gun Store in Las Vegas after "managing" two other of his wives in porn.

After doing extensive campaigning against the porn industry, her health began to suffer.  Her pimp had kicked her often in her organs with his cowboy boots and forced her to do drugs.  So when she needed an organ transplant and didn't have health insurance because she didn't have a job BECAUSE of her extensive campaigning against porn - she turned to people like Gloria Steinhem, Edwin Meese, and those who she'd been working with on this anti-porn campaign for help with her medical bills.  All she needed was $10,000 back then for the transplant.

Everyone refused to help her.  She was forced to make an adult film to pay for her transplant in the end.

I myself have been fired so many times because of my TV appearances, as well as denied work because of who I am now the internet can pull up my name in two seconds, that I had to start working freelance jobs 26 years ago BECAUSE no one would hire me.  As a matter of act, I even applied to work at the Children of the Night hotline where they know I"m a survivor also.  I was refused the job.

So if you think I'm over-stating how people are not exactly the nicest of people to you once they find out you're a survivor of sex trafficking - then I"m going to ask you two questions to think about in all seriousness.

1.  How was Linda Lovelace treated by society after she came forward as a survivor MONETARILY or career wise?  She had to resort to doing a porn film to pay for her transplant because NO ONE WOULD HIRE HER.  No one donated money to HER foundation to help save others from pornography.  They coughed up a lot of checks to people like Gloria, Edwin Meese, and others who were NON-SURVIVORS - but as for LINDA - how was SHE treated?  Did she even so much as get a big funeral when she died?  Young I'd like to add because after she had to go back into porn she also wound up drinking and using again.

Just a side note, Marilyn Chambers also died fairly young with drugs in her system also.  She had also tried to learn porn when she got clean - but no one would hire her for anything.

2.  How am I treated?  I'm a survivor.  I've been obviously going on TV and speaking out as a survivor, and trying to help others for going on 30 years now.  HOW AM I TREATED?  Is anyone offering me jobs?  Anyone offering me a big check to set up a foundation or even the work we are doing now?  Anyone putting me on TV?  Anyone returning my phone calls for that matter?  I'm not even invited to be a part of this "Center for Justice" at Point Loma.  The last dealings I had with Beauty for Ashes, their founder was running around telling everyone who'd listen to her I was some kind of "con artist".  Why?  I have no clue.  She just up and blocked me from her group when she found out I was there and then started telling people who asked why it was because I "was a con artist".  I've got independent research done into my work that's very positive that was published in reports such as "Leaving Prostitution" and a book by John Quinones.  I've got testimonials in their own words up at sites like    So I have no clue why she'd say those things.  Nor why Beth Jacobs tells anyone who will listen that I'm a "pimp" either for that matter.

But my point being - I'm a public survivor and how am I treated by others in general?

Have any of you as a matter of fact even invited me to one of your events - let alone offered me any type of job or show of support for the now 500,000 calls our hotline has now taken over 30 years?

I would like to add that those who don't know I'm a "survivor" treat me just fine by the way.

This isn't just about me or even Linda for that matter.

I've gone to many of the survivors who have done press talking about their past as a survivor.  They each have told me stories of being fired, evicted, losing friends, being shut out of potential jobs, and even not being able to find a date when they're single.  This week I spoke to a woman who told me for two years now she's been unable to find work because of the news clips online related to her not only being a survivor, but also talking about how she was the first person to set up an outreach connected to our program in Canada.  She had set up not only the first SWA meeting in 1991 in Canada - but also the first street outreach, drop-in crisis center, etc.   Now in 2016 she's lost an engagement, can't find a job, and just learned her nephew committed suicide.  She has family who still have a strained relationship with her because of her past as a sex trafficking victim.

I didn't have a choice but to go on those national TV shows talking about my past to promote our hotline.  The very idea and concept of "sex trafficking" didn't even exist back in 1987.  The only way TO get word out to help others, and to build the foundation leading to federal recognition when the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed WAS for me to go onto national media to tell my story.  The internet didn't even exist back in 1987 - meaning national TV was the only route to go to get this movement started, and to let victims know where to reach help.

But you know what?  Today people know sex trafficking IS REAL.  Laws DO EXIST now.  There's more than one hotline today both adults and juveniles can call for help.  We have safe houses now.  Police are now trained this is very real.  So the need to "raise awareness" is over.  I can call a housewife in Nebraska and she'll tell me she knows sex trafficking is "real".  I say that because I called a random housewife in Nebraska and she told me she is aware it's real - so the "awareness" has been "raised".

When I started all of this, I had people all over me claiming I was lying also.  Just as I'd seen them do with Linda when she tried to tell the public it was real.  To make sure I'd be believed - I not only was very public about my arrest record to prove I was a real victim, but I further denied all movie and book offers.  Had I accepted them - then the public would have said "she's just doing this for the money".  In fact, at one point in 1991, I went onto the Joan Rivers show with a million dollars in contracts being offered me to tell my trafficking story and I tore up those contracts on her show.  When Joan asked me why I'd do that - I told her that if I did accept the money then "no one would believe me".  Without "believing me" we wouldn't have the laws in place now giving this issue federal recognition in the first place.

Right now there's a lawsuit in the Illinois federal court, Backpage vs. Tom Dart, alleging that sex trafficking "isn't even real".  That "the whole thing is fake" in fact.

Now because the media, and people, lie, when I hear about something that might be useful to our members, or anyone coming out of sex work for any reason for that matter, I would love to be able to recommend that to callers to our hotline.  But before I recommend anything to anyone - I check it out for myself.

For example, when Kevin Brown's assistant called me saying he was "operating a rescue" and was asking me to refer women needing help to them I asked to see this "rescue" for myself with my own eyes.  I never heard from him again until I got a call in May of 2016 from a woman telling me she'd been paid $200 to "pretend to be a victim" with her husband being paid another $200 to "pretend to be her trafficker" on the show "8 Minutes".

Now imagine how bad it would have been if I'd referred anyone to that operation without insisting upon checking it out first with my own eyes?

So when I heard Point Loma had a scholarship offering right in San Diego - I called them up about it.  I asked for information on it for our members.  In fact, I'm short about two classes myself from getting my degree and I need financial assistance, so I even told the woman I spoke to at Point Loma I'd like to find out about the scholarship more for myself even as well as on behalf of the members of Sex Workers Anonymous.

To put into perspective the number of people who call our hotline - we average five times MORE calls than Polaris.  Their hotline is for "sex trafficking victims".  Our hotline is for ANYONE who wants to quit for ANY reason - trafficked or not trafficked.  Meaning we also get calls from those who don't have pimps and who aren't trafficked.  We've even relocated our headquarters to Los Angeles.  We have a chapter in San Diego ever since Sharon started one (the blond on the Donahue show on the link above).

Point Loma's response?


I never got a returned call.

I never got information sent to us about their program.

In fact, they never got back to me at all.  Not on behalf of our program wanting information for our members or callers to our hotline NOR for myself personally.  I'm a documented sex trafficking victim and I've got over 60 college units and I'd like to finish getting my degree.  The ONLY thing in my way is money.

So why not me?

Yet this week I read an article about a recipient of this grant at Point Loma.

Now am I saying she's "fake" or they're "lying" about offering a scholarship?  No I'm not.

I don't know what to think because no one from there has returned our calls.  Not for me to apply for the scholarship.  Not for me to let those calling our hotline know more about it.

So I don't know what to think about that.

Meaning this letter is an official written request for Point Loma to let me know more about this situation.

This blog goes out to about 190,000 men and women who are all at some stage of coming out of the sex industry.  I would love to hear their answer about why this woman is graduating off their scholarship - but when I called to start the process going so that I could not only apply for this scholarship, but so that others could also, we couldn't even get the courtesy of a response.

I have recordings of the calls, and copies of the emails, if anyone would like to document that I did in fact ask them about this more when they announced they were offering scholarships to survivors.

So Point Loma - what's up?

Further, to the reporter on this article I'd like to know if they saw grade transcripts on this person and met them to see if the information behind this story is in fact true.

I'd also like to further ask Point Loma why they felt it necessary to publish the photograph of this survivor, along with her name, online?  When our experience over 30 years now has shown consistently that the majority of those who are public about their status as a survivor have reported that it inhibits their ability to find work, to obtain decent housing, and to even have positive personal relationships - I'd like to know why they felt it important to "out" this woman in this way online that will now follow her for life as she tries and use that degree to advance her life.

So Point Loma - can you tell me why you would use her name and image in that manner to promote your school knowing it may harm her for YEARS on down the road as it has many survivors I'm speaking to, including myself, who report this is more the norm than the exception?

You can reach me at (702) 488-1127 or   Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Jody Williams

PS - I'm not reprinting the article here with that survivor's photo and name for obvious reasons.  But I did see it yesterday on Facebook.