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SPIKE LEE'S "BLOOD OF JESUS" FILM  Welcome to watching Spike Lee try and find his place in this 2014 world.  One where Bill Cosby is now a serial rapist.   I don't think anyone is going to think of him as Dr. Huxtable any longer.  

But I am a Spike Lee fan.  Most people look at me and think I'm "white' so they probably don't understand.  I'm also Native American AND African American.  Back in my great-grand parents generation we have a slave owner who had a plantation in Arkansas.   One of our relatives is black.  Growing up people used to tell me "girl I'd swear you were black but you're very white".  It was in recovery I did a geneology and learned how the white man "whiteized" us as Indians by putting us in white schools, with white clothes, and white teachers, and making sure we didn't know our own language any longer.  Breaking us away with our connection to the earth and our spirituality.  But also that yes I am part Afr…