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I don't like to talk about this much, but when I see Bills like this being considered, I feel like I have to.  I've learned through the 12 step process that when we share what we've endured, then it at least serves a purpose to help others.

I have sat here and watched as "fake" trafficking victims like Samoly Mam, to name just one of many, has been manufactured and created to speak for victims in what appears to be them speaking for us.  However, as I've studied what these fake victims are saying - it's NOT what we as real survivors would say.  Nor is what they're asking for what WE would ask for.

Right now the program of Sex Workers Anonymous is the OLDEST and LARGEST program of adult survivors of sex trafficking in history.  I have answered over 500,000 calls according to our phone logs since 1987 and that's not counting emails and letters we've received.  Our subscribers to our blog is over 50,000.  The number of members I have in our cur…