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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


On Tuesday 11/8/16 at 5:15 pm I went to the Nevada National Trafficking Hotline List of Resources and started calling to see who would be in if there was a crisis after hours.   The results I got were:

Alameda Prosecutor's Office – Celeste Guap is what happened with them.  Need I say more?

Alliance for Community Transformation Hotline – no answer

Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Voicemail saying “will return your call within two days) when you push #1 for legal assistance

Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach – Voicemail

Awaken – Voicemail

CAST – doesn't have “resources in Nevada”.  The operator said they can “only help if you relocate to California”. 

National CAST Hotline (888) 373-7888 – was on hold for five minutes listening to music.

Community Against Sexual Harm – Voicemail

Community Violence Solutions - Disconnected

Courage Worldwide – not taking intakes until the fall on recording.

Fresno Central Valley – youth shelter for those under 18 years of age in Fresno, California

Hookers for Jesus – Voicemail saying “call back during business hours”

International Institute – Voicemail

International Institute – Duplicate of above

International Rescue Committee Phoenix – Voicemail

International Rescue Committee HOPE  - Voicemail

LACY – Recording saying calls “are not confidential and it takes sometimes 4 days to return calls.  Further, they do not work with criminal matters – only helping teens or teen mothers with custody cases”.

Live Violence Free – Got a woman on the line saying they offer domestic violence assistance to Nevada residents.

Made for Them - Voicemail

Monterey Rape Crisis – they answered saying they only service Monterey county in California

My Sisters House – recording tells me to “call back the 24 hotline and gives me the same # I just dialed)

Operation Safehouse – recording it's for a youth shelter

Redemption Ridge – a hotline for sex trafficking in Oregon

Restoration Railroad – does not provide services in Nevada

RISE – press 1 to speak to an advocate.  The woman who answered said she was not an advocate.  They provide shelter in San Luis Obispo, but not Nevada

San Francisco Asian Womens' Shelter.  Referred me to their “national hotline” of 415 8644722.  A recording comes on saying they're a domestic violence hotline.  A woman answered saying they “do not provide direct services in Nevada”.

Saving Innocence – voicemail saying leave a message.

Sex Workers Anonymous.  Our hotline is not listed as a 24/7 hotline.  The web link goes to an old radio show I no longer produce at    That is NOT our web address of   I have not produced this show in YEARS which is why the web address and phone number on the radio show are no longer working.  It makes it appear we aren't anything other than a radio program.

The RISE  Group Homes – Voicemail

Salvation Army SEEDS Program 232 230

Utah Domestic Violence Hotline – got a recording saying I'd be on “hold less than five minutes”.  Since this is for Utah I hung up.

WEAVE – told me they could “look up referrals for services in Nevada”.  Since WEAVE  is in Sacramento, then I doubt they have much in the way of Nevada referrals.

West Coast Childrens Clinic  - they only serve women and children with Medi-Cal – which is California health insurance.

For the MILLIONS of dollars these guys have received to mann this hotline - don't you think it could be maintained better at least?  Weed out the disconnected numbers?  Ever try calling a suicide hotline and getting a busy signal?  It's depressing!