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Well now you've heard from a completely different source everything we were saying about what's going on in Nevada is true.  Especially about Lamar Odom.  Half of his family has contracts with Vivid Entertainment.  He's signed a contract to be on the Kardashian "reality" show that limits what he can say without their consent.  I know because I had producers trying to get me to sign such contracts so they could "muzzle" me from talking about these things as they muzzled Alex Adams, Sydney Biddle Barrows, etc. 

But now you know why I have said "Nevada is different" in the way we have to do things to help women leave the industry from monsters like this. 

BTW - Joohon David Lee is now driving a limo.  Guess what Dennis Hof sends to pick up customers and these women?  Limo's.  I will bet you $100 who he's driving that limo for now.  Gee I wonder who "Mr. H." is he took the bribes from…