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Dear Family: I’m writing this letter with deep sadness, and infinite anger at hearing that a lawsuit has been filed in California recently against the NA corporation.   Without even verifying this, I knew without hesitation that the attorneys who would be involved in this filing would be connected to Stanford University.   I further knew without verifying, that the attorney involved would be an older attorney either about to retire, or drop dead.   That or someone who just got out of law school, and truly had no idea what they were undertaking in reality.   Upon going onto Google, I obtained the names of these attorneys.   Looking up their records, I found that in fact I was right on all three accounts.   The older male is an attorney who has been practicing for decades, having graduated from Stanford.   The female attorney has only been a licensed attorney for a year.   Also having graduated from Stanford.   So I was right. How did I know this?   Back in the 1980’s, I