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Monday, May 30, 2016

Genevieve Gallen

What I was trying to bring out to this group is like ANY field, especially one so new as the human trafficking field where the TERM even of "trafficking" was not even coined until the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed (before then we called it simply "white slavery", pimping, or "forced"), and where there is no standard licensing of professionals or even many groups, nor even laws about any type of regulation set about in motion - there is not only fraud, but a lot of corruption involved.

We've been here since the beginning as the modern founders of this movement.  For that reason, we know all the players, and we know when something is "wrong".  Which is why when something, or someone has been "wrong", and even outright harmful to victims, and the movement, we've been the ones to step up about it.  As such, these con artists are not happy about us getting in their way and screwing up their plans.

To try and cover their tracks and continue their games - they try and get you to focus in on me personally, and not that of our work, the members of our program, and all we've achieved.  We are also in a "monopoly" state created by Polaris which they are using very "unfair trade practices" to try and shut down their "competition", i.e., "us".  Many of you don't even know who we are, what we do, etc.

So first, please know that I am involved with quite a few groups and projects.  The mother of them was Prostitutes Anonymous who was renamed in 1995 to  This 12 step program is for anyone, male, female or transgender, who can be in any part of the sex industry, legal or illegal, who want help to leave and recover from being in the sex industry for any reason.  This could be because of being forced through sex trafficking, or they could simply just be getting old and wanting to retire.

As a 12 step program, we can be used by any court as an "alternative to incarceration", even when there's a mandatory jail term required in sentencing.  Meaning if someone is found guilty of prostitution, pimping, madaming, etc., the court can order them to our program in lieu of jail.  Some states have their probation require our program as part of their probation/parole.  We're also allowed to be used for house arrest, diversion, community service - and we help our members get their records expunged.  We have attorney's and paralegals who donate their services because most of our members can't afford an attorney.

Our program has been a part of 15 formal "alternative sentencing" programs such as the Program for Female Offenders in Allentown, PA.  We took women who were supposed to be going to jail and put them in a house where they could stay with their kids, get jobs, attend school, see therapists, and attend regular 12 step meetings of our program.  Each official program of ours has been highly effective.  I say "official" because we had a problem with some people violating our copyrights and trademarks and set up meetings they claimed was ours when it wasn't and we had to step in to tell them to "cease and desist" such as Project Rose in Phoenix, AZ.

Project Rose was using unlicensed social workers through an unlicensed counseling center and therefore one of the reasons why when we found out they were using our group to get their grant money we came in and helped to shut them down with things like serving them with a cease and desist" order..

We have the only "Recovery Guide" written by our members on how to recover from the sex industry INCLUDING trafficking.  Trafficking is a part of the sex industry, not the whole industry.   We also have a book out "When Someone You Care About is Being Pimped".   As we speak, we're working on a project right now to have our Recovery Guides, and our jail step study program booklets donated to every prison and jail in the country.

Our program was studied over 10 years by professor Sharon Oselin in her book "Leaving Prostitution".  It came out her subjects were quoted as saying our program is what "finally worked" for them.  Ironically, the three programs she studied over those 10 years all have since folded while ours is just growing constantly.  Our database of current members  I know of show over 190,000.

Our hotline, started in 1987, is answered 24/7 by someone in recovery from the sex industry, a trafficking survivor, and someone who is also clean from drugs.   We take calls from anyone wanting help to get out of, and recover from, any part of the sex industry, trafficking victims included.  We've answered over 500,000 calls over 30 years now whereas Polaris has answered 100,000.  This is because we serve a broader base of needs.  The National Trafficking Hotline is just for those who are being trafficked.  Our hotline however is anyone for ANY reason wanting help.  Meaning we were organizing rescue projects clear back when I opened that first safe house in 1984 for adults.

The need has dramatically grown for help for juveniles.  Especially on an "outpatient" basis.  So Sexual Exploitation Anonymous was formed a few months ago.  We also run SWAN - which is for family members of someone in prostitution, or being trafficked.  This group is made up of mostly mothers.

Because SWA and SEA are 12 step programs - there are limitations to what they can do.  So we also have the Trafficking and Prostitution Service.  TAPS produces our radio show at, and runs our diversion and jail program.  We are about to expand this show into video and a daily podcast which w'e're setting up at

We spent 13 years going in front of the public to raise awareness sex trafficking was real, and that we needed laws and federal recognition.  So our work led to the Trafficking Act of 2000.  This gave sex trafficking federal recognition.  Very important because victims just used to not exist at the eyes of the government, and our laws.

Which we still have a long way to go.  I've been working on trying to shut down a transnational trafficking and crime ring operating in this country from China for many years now.  The victims were claiming they were being forced by men who were police officers, prosecutors, and even as high up as Homeland Security and ICE.  After going to the Chief of Las Vegas police with addresses of where these illegal brothels were only to have them then cleared out 24 hours later - we helped to stage a "surprise raid" on a day we knew a drop was being made supposedly by police officers from San Mateo in 2007.

This was Operation Dollhouse.  Two officers from the San Mateo trafficking task force were inside the brothels, along with the pimps, bags of drugs, and 24 women from China.  It is the law in Nevada to hold someone who is not born in the USA until immigration clears their visa.  Yet these women were released back to their pimps after the raid not more than 20 minutes after being arrested.  The officers said they were "there by mistake".

We have continued to push on this case and 9 massage parlors connected to it were shut down in 2013 in Wichita,  and they shut down a website in Seattle a few months ago.    However, we kept telling the authorities our victims were reporting Homeland Security was involved as was a man back home in China who was part of their high government.

After many ignored attempts to get help from the police, Chief's of Police, attorney general's office, US Attorney, prosecutor's office, etc. we finally wrote to the Office of Professional Responsibility.  They launched an investigation and Joohoon David Lee was arrested.   He is a Homeland Security and ICE officer who resides in Las Vegas.  He was using his badge to go to Korea on the company dime, then bringing women back home past LAX security.

The only problem is he's only being charged with bribery.  Why?  There are NO LAWS ON THE BOOKS YET holding him accountable and also he'll keep his pension.

Which answers the question why so many "fake" survivors have come down the way since 2007 such as Samoly Mam.  She brought focus outside of the USA and not on the problem people like Joohoon present in that we don't have any legal way to prosecute him for anything but bribery.  That's a problem because how would you like to be these women trying to escape with a Homeland Security and ICE after you?

Or men like Liang Yaohui who was one of the men back in China who was part of the government back there.  He and 47 other business men with ties to the Chinese government had been arrested in China's "corruption campaign".

But Joohoon was not alone.  There was Chris Butler, a retired cop who then became a private investigator.  He also owned massage parlors and used active duty cops so as to shake down other madams and to make sure women working for him didn't run.  Again, how do I take someone out of such a situation when they can be found by cops or private investigators?

Which ties into why our hotline is SO IMPORTANT.  When you call the National Trafficking Hotline - they say "the victim themselves has to call for help".  They do not work with concerned other parties.

Now if you were being forced into prostitution by a man like Chris Butler, or Joohoon David Lee, or a Greg Munks who was a trafficking officer (and I think still is), then you CAN'T call the National Trafficking Hotline.  Why?  They tell you to either (1) call the police, or (2) they give you a referral to a local group that's headed by these individuals, or has them on the task force.

Men like Officer Armendariz - a man who was also a trafficking officer in Phoenix before being found dead before his corruption trial.

Now is this a LONG post?  Yes.  But I'm trying to cover a lot of ground here.  Our group, and members, don't have money to buy advertising, nor to fly to Washington, not to pay PR people, or to do big media campaigns, or to fly off to attend events, etc.,

And a lot of people don't want you hearing what we're talking about.  Ask yourself - have you heard about this Homeland Security Officer being a trafficker, and there not being any laws on the books against what he did while in office STILL.

Nor do they want you answering our calls when we're trying to organize a way for victims of such men to get out from under them.

Not just traffickers in the traditional sense either.  We've been dealing with Charlie Sheen's people having  paid "influencers" to try and shut us down because escorts he may have knowingly infected with HIV he suspected was calling our hotline, and coming to our meetings, concerned him when he was paying out over $10 million dollars to over  up his secret he had   IF he was paying someone to try and whack an ex-girlfriend, and to pay blackmail about his HIV - then know he had people he had paid trying to shut down our hotline and program also in his attempt to try and cover up his secret.

As well as James Deen.  He was forbidding us to present at the porn industry's panel last December on "how to exit the porn industry".  Blocked us right off the panel.  Why?  Well maybe the 9 rape charges might be why he would not want women in the industry connected together, and comparing notes.

And when your lobbyist is the same lobbyist as for Live Nation, who manage not only Charlie Sheen, James Deen, but also Snoop Dogg, and you're receiving donations from strip clubs and legal brothel owners  such as the Cupcake Girls who popped up out of nowhere the very same year both Snoop, Charlie, and James HIRED Live Nation, then you might have an idea why they act like they don't know who we are.  Especially when we're the people who organized because we organized rescues of victim's of Snoop's done during his confessed pimping tour talked about in Rolling Stone.

Talking about these things is not being "negative".  Not when it's directly connected to victims not being able to find help.  Because they help they can't get from the National Trafficking Hotline - they can get from our program.

Because when I first started talking about my doubts about Samoly Mam being a fake - people kept saying "stop being negative".  This wasn't about being "negative".  It was about when she was talking in the press - that was press time REAL victims were not being heard.  Money donated to her was not going to REAL victims.  Also, when she was brainwashing little girls into telling fake stories to get money from the donors -  those kids are still in therapy so she was harming little kids to. She was also siphoning a lot of support away from real victims, and some of her stories were very harmful.  Like the one about her daughter being kidnapped and then bedheaded in retaliation for her work that was shown to be fake.  That scared a lot of volunteers out of the field.  Many celebrities left the human trafficking arena because they felt duped and stupid.

MAYBE if people were talking to me seriously when we first started having doubts - we could have avoided a lot of that.  But no - people kept shutting me up until I had to go knocking on doors until I found people willing to spend a YEAR and a lot of money to put together a full investigative piece on her that proved beyond any doubt she was a fraud.

But it's more than that.  When this FBI case first came up and I was hearing through my sources THIS case was also fake - people were just refusing to listen to me at all.  Well guess what?  Not only did innocent people then get sentenced to prison, but over $10 million dollars was wasted.

Because while these people in that case were covering up their fraudulent case - I couldn't get REAL victims and REAL traffickers dealt with.  Everyone connected to this case just shut down all communications with not just ME but US.  I couldn't get any help for ANYONE in that region during this time until this got exposed.

In every case where I've been trying to get these situations nipped in the bud before a lot of damage was done - I've had people telling me "it's too negative" or "the posts are too long".  Well you can't explain a complicated scam in 140 characters on twitter.  And if you have an idea how to have it NOT be "negative" when you're saying "scam" or "rapist" or "trafficker" or 'deliberately infected women with HIV" then please let me know.

Because so many donors, volunteers, groups, etc., have been burned by these people they're just like done.  We lost a lot of good people when the truth came out YEARS down the road with Samoly Mam.  Which again if people had addressed this with me up front early at the start - then she wouldn't have had this "ascension" that just sucked up very needed people and resources away from real victims needing help.

Because when people are telling you not to "talk to Jody" they're leaving out now only am I a survivor also, but that I'm the one running the hotline and program for members who are choosing to remain "anonymous".  I'm acting as the public contact.  I'm the one calling public agencies, the media, law enforcement, etc., on behalf of people who can't because they need help.  Which if they could call - they would.  They ask me to in order to protect their identity - most of the time because they're hiding from their trafficker.

I mean if I had rescued you out from under Snoop before he made a confession would you want to try and explain to people Snoop had just "turned you out" on his RV during his Playboy tour?  Would you want the media to do to you what they're doing to people like Bill Cosby's victims?  Only Snoop's fans are a little more "edgy" and "dangerous".

And he has paid lobbyists sitting around telling people to "drop me" from their groups.  Now if they said "so she doesn't get traction for the boycott" that would be a little obvious don't you think?  (As Amnesty International is calling out to have prostitution "legalized" then this means the question of UNION is going to come up.  

Only people like Dennis Hof and Lane Gilman who would be the first in line to cash in should prostitution become legal in the USA.  These men get a considerable amount of support from men such as Sheldon Adelson who is very well known for his "anti" union leanings.    

His casino's are known to be non-union workplaces.  Meaning these pimps don't want their brothels to be unionized.  It's a known practice when corporations don't want to be union - to have "persuaders".  Which is what SWOP has turned itself into since Robin's death in 2013.  Sex Workers Outreach Project received a big injection of cash to start opening up new chapters while breaking off the working relationship we once had with the and you won't hear one single word out of any of then about the idea of UNION.  Women like Domina Elle, Maxine Doogan, Meg Munoz, Savannah Sly, Mistress Matisse, Christina Parriera are all in "persuaders" positions who strangely no one is hearing a peep out of them about the formation of a union for anyone in the work.

No, many companies, including Chinese marketing companies, of who have been involved in these rings I've been trying to get more arrests against since 2007 are experts at "smear" campaigns by paid professionals.  Such as this one against KFC done to spread the lie they had "deep fried rats" in their stores.

Now this was over chicken.  I assure you the sex industry right now represents more money than chicken.  Especially when we have Sheldon Adelson devoting millions of dollars to not only legalize marijuana, but also to get prostitution legalized.  Hence why Amnesty International has been supporting that position (partly one of the reasons) of LEGALIZING prostitution.  If you "decriminalize" it then there's no brothels.  Without brothels you have no owners like Dennis Hof or Lance Gilman who had been working very very very hard to get the other brothel owners out of the way first, buying up what's left between Lance and Dennis.  Two men who haven't said one peep about there being unions if prostitution went legal.

Sheldon Adelson also gives out a lot of grants.  A lot of grants in the drug addiction treatment field, and also a lot of grants in the mental health field.  So you'll see a lot of workshops right now, and classes, that are addressing "illegal prostitution", but being done in such a way as to suggest trafficking doesn't exist within the legal sex industry - not to include in your awareness there are non-trafficking reasons why a man or woman might need help to simply just exit the sex industry.  If they aren't trafficked, then the only place many can get help then is through our program.

Mr. Adelson also owns the Review Journal, and this explains why you'll see articles in the RJ about the Cupcake Girls, Hookers for Jesus, etc., but not about our work.  He's told me he has our name "blacklisted" because we've fought him, and won, over the desired expansion of the legal brothels into downtown Las Vegas, and because we've helped to get five brothels shut down.  Accomplishments he won't even acknowledge in his paper.   One of the reasons why men like Sheldon Adelson have sent reporters to tell me to my face my name's been blacklisted from the Review Journal, is because it's well known I operate as an advocate for the women in the strip clubs, massage parlors, legal brothels, etc.

It's well known the ONLY reason I fought back against the brothels from expanding into California, or into Las Vegas was NOT because I was against prostitution.  But instead I was against the working conditions within the brothels.  I have said since day one I take issue with the fact the owners have a lobbyist to speak for them - but the women don't have an advocate or lobbyist for their needs at the legislature floor.  Meaning I've told Joe Conforte, Dennis Hof, Oscar Goodman, etc., that I will fight "legal" prostitution with everything I got UNTIL they change their working conditions and do something like get a lobbyist for the women, an advocate to speak ro them, or until there's a union in place".  THAT's why Adelson has me blacklisted from the Review Journal.

You can see in the RJ article about the brothels' last push to expand into Vegas doesn't have my name, or our group's name as having appearing to oppose them as we did - and won.  Here that push to expand wasn't even listed on the calendar.  It was a back door secret meeting.  We found out about it and brought in a woman who testified what really goes on inside them   It worked.  We won.  And you won't see one mention of our name in this whole article.  If not for us having the transcript - I wouldn't have even known we were there.

Now why don't men like Adelson want the name of me showing up in the papers?  Because they don't want the prostitutes to be thinking about the word "union".  It's why all these new leaders have been pushing into SWOP lately who also don't talk about the idea of unions while pushing for legalization.  They do that because decriminalization doen't serve them.  Legalization does.

It's why James Deen didn't want me speaking the porn panel on exiting the industry, and why Dennis Hof and Live Nation are pushing Cupcake Girls all over everyone while trying to shut our name off their lips.   It's why the Beast, the Dot, and the LA Times have blocked our IP address from commenting on any article on the subject, and why they're pushing SWOP down everyone's throats while trying to make sure you don't know our name, or if you do, then you don't.  It's because they want to make sure the people you think are on your side are NOT talking about "union" should they get it prostitution through all this lobbying.  To make sure no one hears talk about UNION.

It's why they have "persuaders" sitting around whose job it is to make sure you don't talk to me and get any of those nasty ideas about unions for sex workers.  It's why they have been staging this phony incidents to push the porn industry into Nevada.   Because there's unions in California for actors and the film industry in larger numbers than exists within Nevada.

So there are many people with big financial interests, and sometimes things to hide, which don't want people finding their way into our program and connecting.  Which leaves me often with the only way to tell you within our community about these sorts of things is to well tell you.  Meaning long posts.

I wanted Genevieve to know she is not alone.  I've seen those groups and people rip off way more people than just her. In fact, it's quite common right now across the country.  You aren't hearing about it because they know most victims don't want to break their "anonymity" about being victims, and if they can shut me up - then you won't hear about it.    Genevieve however as a public figure is doing the right thing and speaking out.

Which is why I was also warning people about Shawnee Love.  I've had more than one person tell me of her raising money fraudulently.   She's not a native American, and the man whose grandson's name she ripped off is not happy about it - especially because she conned native American's on the reservation out of their hard earned money also by making false claims.  I've seen her claim to be the "founder of the movement in 2007" but I've the founder of this movement which was started in the 1980's and I can prove it at  The attention and money she sucked up in Ohio took away from the three groups we run there who needed support.

Now I'm willing to bet people didn't want to hear about Bill Cosby being a rapist or OJ being a murdered because it isn't "love and light".  But let's get real here - we're dealing with victims who are being exploited on many levels.

So guess what?  That means they're catnip to some predators.  Just as working with children attracts pedophiles and they had to try and take measures to screen out pedophiles away from the children - we're going to have to start doing something kind of the same in this field because I'm getting real tired of trying to warn people about something only to keep being shut down, ignored, and then attacked for being "negative", and then after they've plowed through a bunch of people and resources, then hear people saying "oh gee we should have listened".

Now I understand it needs to be in smaller bites to digest.  So next week I'm starting  daily podcast at  We'll start chipping away on subjects and serve as point where you can heard about the good and bad because you can't just keep hearing PR  marketing pieces from people.   You're going to need to hear from people they've worked with, others in the field, and have discussions on these subjects.  There are a lot of "newbies" in this field who don't even know who Samoly Mam is.

So connect to our blog please and the podcast.  Thanks!

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