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What I was trying to bring out to this group is like ANY field, especially one so new as the human trafficking field where the TERM even of "trafficking" was not even coined until the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed (before then we called it simply "white slavery", pimping, or "forced"), and where there is no standard licensing of professionals or even many groups, nor even laws about any type of regulation set about in motion - there is not only fraud, but a lot of corruption involved. We've been here since the beginning as the modern founders of this movement.  For that reason, we know all the players, and we know when something is "wrong".  Which is why when something, or someone has been "wrong", and even outright harmful to victims, and the movement, we've been the ones to step up about it.  As such, these con artists are not happy about us getting in their way and screwing up their plans. To try and cover their trac