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Marsy's Law Crime Victims Rights Amendment

Speaking as a survivor of every kind of abuse you can think of starting when I was abused as a child, sexually abused by my father, physically abused by my mother, raped when I was a teen many times in many ways, abused as a prostitute, even kidnapped and gang raped during Iran Contra, and also as someone who has spoken to over 500,000 other victims over 30 years on our hotline, this
Marsy's Law Crime Victims Rights Amendment - is deceptive.  Look at how is backing it?  Survivors?  Or law enforcement and prosecutors?  I have been framed by predators more than once.  In you'll find news clips where I was falsely accused of running a brothel in 1984.  That "brothel" was the first safe house in the country for sex trafficking victims before the term was born.  LAPD forced a woman to testify falsely against me to bring that arrest warrant. When they had no evidence, they arrested my mother and threatened to charge her with pimping me out.  When that…