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Dear Mr. Nolot:

My understanding of "abolition" also includes legalized prostitution. Especially when 16 year olds are being licensed to work in these brothels in Nevada.  Even more upsetting than that fact alone, being that 16 is too young to drink, vote, smoke, or even drive a car alone, is that once you arrive for your first 48 hours on site at the brothel if you try to leave you will be arrested under the smoke screen that it's about the HIV test.

These girls didn't drive themselves there, and there's no way out anyway even if they did walk out despite the threat of arrest.  There are no buses, no cabs, not even a business or home to walk to in order to call someone for help.  These brothels are hours and miles from anywhere and hours from even being able to call for a cab or limo from another town.

As you may have seen in the news - the main cab/limo company in Nevada was arrested for racketeering and trafficking recently.  This had gone on for years.  The…