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Great publicity isn't it?  Don't you think if this was you fighting this type of lawsuit you'd want to know how the opposition against you is being faked?  But what if you were the one faking it?  Please explain to me why these people have the money they have so they're hiring young inexperienced lawyers who don't have a clue about censorship cases?  Wouldn't you hire the best censorship attorney's to represent you if you were being attacked?

Does anyone remember when the auto industry was involved with collusion accusations back in the 1970's?  My internet was down for a few days so I was renting videos to keep myself busy.  I rented "The Nice Guys" thinking it was just a silly comedy.  Only as I'm watching it I'm seeing it's not just a silly comedy, but actually talking about some really serious issues.  I remember the whole thing about collusion and the big auto companies not wanting to install catalytic converters in cars in Cal…