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SEX TRAFFICKING AND FAKE NEWS  I had a reporter who interviewed me a few months ago ask me what I thought about this story.  

Evidently people are starting to catch on that these stories about REAL sex trafficking arrests and such are not being talked about in "major" media at all - let alone with the fervor the "fake" stories such as Samoly Mam receive.


Sheldon Adelson if you ask my opinion is part of that answer.  He's a man who had a reporter deliver a message to me in 2007 that my name, my work, the name of our group Sex Workers Anonymous, and anything to do with me was now "blacklisted" in anything he had anything to do with.  

Which is quite a lot once you start doing some research on the guy.  Including the fact he now has become an "open" owner of the Review Journal newspaper - that's the paper that's pretty much the only newspaper in all of…


Jody Williams, Founder & Director Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly “Prostitutes Anonymous”) (702) 488-1127 Cell/Text February 21, 2017
Ashton Kutcher Via Twitter/Facebook
Re:                         Your Sex Trafficking Testimony
Dear Mr. Kutcher:
Thank you for the words you expressed about who we are in this fight.  Now maybe a white male with money has stepped up to defend our cause – now maybe someone will listen to our voices.  I agreed with you when seeing the same things – we are not “whores”, nor “prostitutes” but in fact the product of those around us in power.  I learned from Noam Chomsky the power of not only words, but the power of who is saying them.  You Mr. Kutcher are not “one of us” and in fact are part of the problem.

You expressed how the child had her experience defined for her as "playtime" by her abuser.  The system of abuse itself involves those in power over us defining for u…