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Monday, April 3, 2017

SEX TRAFFICKING AND FAKE NEWS  I had a reporter who interviewed me a few months ago ask me what I thought about this story.  

Evidently people are starting to catch on that these stories about REAL sex trafficking arrests and such are not being talked about in "major" media at all - let alone with the fervor the "fake" stories such as Samoly Mam receive.


Sheldon Adelson if you ask my opinion is part of that answer.  He's a man who had a reporter deliver a message to me in 2007 that my name, my work, the name of our group Sex Workers Anonymous, and anything to do with me was now "blacklisted" in anything he had anything to do with.  

Which is quite a lot once you start doing some research on the guy.  Including the fact he now has become an "open" owner of the Review Journal newspaper - that's the paper that's pretty much the only newspaper in all of Nevada.  I have quite a few examples by the way of completely fake articles which have been planted in the RJ if anyone is interested in knowing more about it.  

Even the whole fake story about how supposedly the "Cupcake Girls couldn't get convicted prostitutes jobs without passing a law" etc.   Which in reality was nothing more than a smoke screen to allow women who did have records for prostitution to get them waived so they could then obtain a license to work in the legal brothels of Nevada.  Now if you look at that story, as well as how they got AB67 passed in 2013 using also "fake" people, groups, stories, etc. - then you'll understand why this is a much more serious and larger story than just about "Trump".   

Noam Chomsky was quoted as saying "the free press is to democracy as a gun is to a dictator" and you need to let that sink in because I'm seeing fake lawsuits and even fake LAWS being passed using this "fake news" as the wheels on the truck here.  

Which ties into this article I found tonight

I found that article to be a blow by blow scenerio of everything I've had happening to me since 2009.  

I've been seeing happen in the sex trafficking ring started with when Samoly Mam was exposed as a "fake" victim of sex trafficking.  When Bill Wilson steps up and says "that's not an alcoholic" people tend to believe that accusation IF they know who Bill Wilson is.  

Which up until 2007 - people did know I was the founder of not only which started a lot of "first's" like the first hotline for victims to call for help (, the first safe house for adult victims to be safe, the first alternative sentencing programs for victims so they weren't sent to jail like criminals, the first certified expert witness in "pimp brainwashing" by the FBI, and on and on - but since these "fakes" such as Samoly Mam have been rolling out one after the other I mistakenly thought "outting" them would turn the train around.  

Instead the people financing the whole thing behind them just started using celebrities to shut us up such as Jada Pinkett Smith and even Ashton Kutcher.  You have to realize when they're the ones talking to the microphone - it's NOT one of us or a REAL survivor who would be saying something DIFFERENT.  

If you don't know what I mean by that you might want to look up my open letter to Ashton in this blog I wrote after he testified at the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on sex trafficking at McCain's request.  Interesting being that anything to do with McCain blocked me from their social media after I tried to object to their "No Such Thing" campaign they funded with respect to not only sex trafficking victims - but their clear portrayal of this being a "black" thing.  Even the woman they had promoting it in the media had corn rows for God's sake!.

I went through a horrific ordeal with Buzzfeed literally doing a "1984" on me with the fake stories they were running with respect to "8 Minutes" and their related fund raiser for imaginary prostitutes literally not only silencing me about what was going on with that show, but even "morphing" stories right in front of my eyes ( saved the screen shots by the way). 

Which is why I'm not at all surprised to now see them poking fun at the idea of "fake news" because they are in fact one of the primary suppliers of fake news in my experience (with respect to sex trafficking anyway and so called "reality shows" about the subject).

You think the hijacking of an election is all that's involved here - think again.  Our whole legal system has already been hijacked with the fake media part of the machine that's doing it.  As well as the "contrived opposition" that's not REALLY even the REAL opposition!

If you want to know what I mean by this - then you tell me what else is it when I can trace grant money from Swanee Hunt to SUPPOSED sex worker activist Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle - two other women who were connected not only to the faked "8 Minutes", but also the duping of President Obama when the fake survivor Lexie Smith spoke at Obama's church at the sponsoring of Shared Hope (another faked news outlet about sex trafficking by the way and Lexie is just part of their fake stories, reports, lectures, projects, etc., about sex trafficking), and even the "contrived opposition" Maxine's lawsuits were.  I mean you tell me why else her lawsuits were ONLY filed in the same counties and against the same prosecutor's that had also received grant money from Swanee Hunt unless this isn't one whole huge public manipulation project!

Why would someone suppress information about real sex trafficking and then spread fake news and information about the subject?  It's pretty obvious to me don't you agree.


Look at all the press and media we got prior to 2007

Then where did it go?  We're still here.  I believe Jeane Palfrey was murdered before she could testify at the Ethics Committee about why she was a sex trafficking victim.  I also believe I'm being black listed so I don't explain what she was going to say.  

This isn't about just "saving a few hookers" nor is it about even "decriminalizing prostitution" as SWOP came in and hijacked that conversation after Robin Few, their founder, died and these other people came in and also took over that program like something right out of the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" film!

If you don't know what I mean - then why did I start all of this?  Do you really think we didn't have PIMPING laws on the books back in the 1980's?  Do you really think I started all of this and sacrificed my anonymity, my career, my marriages, everything behind trying to get PIMPING outlawed?  Yes pimping is horrible but WE HAD LAWS against it in the 1980's.  

What we didn't have, and STILL don't is the ability to even charge men like Joohoon David Lee for one.  

For another, if you want an illustration of what happened to me in 1984 and why I started this movement go and see what happened to Celeste Guap once she tried to talk about her victimization to the press.  Go on - I'll wait.  Because what you'll see is she was carted off by cops to Florida, Framed for an arrest.  Then held on a jacked up bail so they could threaten her and her family and keep her away from the press.  

You'll notice she hasn't granted an interview since right?

Take a real good look at who was TRAFFICKING her and then you'll know why these people are trying to SHUT ME UP.  As well as her.  As well as  REAL victims because they don't want you hearing that it's not PIMPS we're talking about!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Jody Williams, Founder & Director
Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly “Prostitutes Anonymous”)
(702) 488-1127 Cell/Text
February 21, 2017

Ashton Kutcher
Via Twitter/Facebook

Re:                         Your Sex Trafficking Testimony

Dear Mr. Kutcher:

Thank you for the words you expressed about who we are in this fight.  Now maybe a white male with money has stepped up to defend our cause – now maybe someone will listen to our voices.  I agreed with you when seeing the same things – we are not “whores”, nor “prostitutes” but in fact the product of those around us in power.  I learned from Noam Chomsky the power of not only words, but the power of who is saying them.  You Mr. Kutcher are not “one of us” and in fact are part of the problem.

You expressed how the child had her experience defined for her as "playtime" by her abuser.  The system of abuse itself involves those in power over us defining for us our experience.  Choosing even the very words we call our experience such as when that child was taught to call it "playtime".  Which is what you're doing Mr. Kutcher when you're the one speaking at the Senate for us about what our experience is also - you're still someone in a position of power defining for us what our experience is by YOUR choice of words FOR us.  

The fact the press will cover your testimony and not my letter as not only a survivor myself, but the founder of the world's oldest, and largest group of survivors is proof of how far we've left to go here also.  

When Linda “Lovelace” Boreman stepped up to tell us sex trafficking was real – she was written off as a “jilted ex-lover”.  Known for the rest of her life by one film she was forced to be in “Deep Throat”.  When a Chinese man, Bruce Lee, tried to tell us sex trafficking was real in his way with “Enter the Dragon”, it was written off as “just a martial arts film”.  When I stepped up to provide the courts with a legal way to stop treating us like criminals – I’ve been written completely out of history entirely.  In fact you’re the one asked to speak for us like we can’t speak for ourselves.  Like our word isn’t “good enough”. 

You see Mr. Kutcher – I was the first one who not only provided our legal system with a way to legally stop treating us as criminals by starting the first hotline for adults to call when needing help to leave any part of the sex industry after having escaped myself, but also a way to stop incarcerating us as criminals.  It was our group who started bringing the first survivors onto national live TV to tell our stories by tricking producers into thinking we’d go along with their agenda to glamourize our plight in order to get on camera and heard.   It was our group who convinced the public this was not a “victimless crime” when the legal brothels were attempting to expand into California, Las Vegas, and beyond.   Legal brothels who behind their doors it becomes virtually impossible to get help to those who are forced. 

Please allow me to introduce myself.  In many ways, I’m sort of the “Bill Wilson” of the modern domestic sex trafficking movement.  Let me try to explain – you had told the story of a young girl who had been trained from such a young age on as to think sex was “playtime”.  This was her framework of the world.  Now imagine all the other young boys and girls who are also taught to call certain behaviors as “playtime” also.  As they get older they start making friends with other kids who also call these things “playtime”.  They then develop a whole social network of friends who all refer to this as “playtime” as do the adults surrounding them.  The magazines, music, sculpture, even posters on the wall all also support the use of the term “playtime” for these behaviors YOU know to not be “playtime” at all.

Now imagine putting up billboards in these areas where this is happening calling out not to offer help to those who want to stop having “playtime” but instead let’s call it “sleeping”.  All of those other children, even those who have now reached their teen years, maybe even their 20’s who all call this “playtime” are seeing billboards going up all around them, public service announcements coming onto TV, and posters going up at their doctors’ offices asking for people who want help with “sleeping” to contact this hotline number given.  What’s going to happen is all of these people who have been raised calling this “playtime” are going to see the term “sleeping” and think – that’s not me.

But you have all these “do gooders” who insist “it’s not playtime – it’s sleeping”.  They insist to call it anything but “sleeping” will “legitimize” it and so they refuse.  The problem is however Mr. Kutcher is that to reach the victims ears you have to use the language THEY understand.  Otherwise, the right choice of words becomes a barrier to that help.  You only are reaching those who will call it “sleeping” and not “playtime”.  Which just causes help to be even harder to reach.  That’s what happens when our hotline and program, Sex Workers Anonymous, chooses to use the language that makes contact with those we’re trying to reach help out to.

Many years ago this country tried to deal with the disease of alcoholism by outlawing it.  By turning those suffering from the disease into criminals, it condemned almost all suffering from it to “jails, institutions and death”.  It was only when Bill Wilson stepped outside the church, outside the criminal justice system, and created a way for them to help themselves through the creation of Alcoholics Anonymous, one helping another, was hope for a life made available for the first time to them. 

When one of those saved stepped out to create the National Council on Alcoholism, this was when research started happening which changed the very way this country addressed those suffering from this disease.  A disease that can affect anyone from any walk of life as we saw when Betty Ford, one of our First Ladies, bravely stepped forward to proclaim she too suffered from this disease.  This allowed other “respectable” people to step forward and be open about their disease as well.

We’re not there yet.  Not when you are the one allowed to speak at the Senate and the world about this but I wasn’t even invited to listen to this from the back wings.  The fact you don’t even know who I am shows how far we really have to go with how deeply this problem is being hidden from view.  Including the insistence on only offering help to those who call their situation “sleeping” and not “playtime”.

I’d like to invite you and I to open up a dialogue Mr. Kutcher.  I run the only hotline in the USA that is reaching out to adults in a way they will respond to the offer of help which is manned by survivors.  We do that by empowering our members to know they are “good enough” to be providing help to others – not cast aside while white people of privilege who haven’t been in our shoes try to “save” us further victimizing us in other ways.  The very fact YOU’RE trying to save us like we can’t – is more of the problem.  I thank you for trying to get our voices heard by acknowledging they’re listening to you. 

But that in itself is part of the problem.  You’re still allowing them not to realize they need to be listening to US.  If this were a civil rights movement would you understand then how insulting to us what you did is then because your skin is a different color?  But the issue here of sex trafficking is something affecting people of every color so the ones to speak for us are those who have survived the experience.  Which sad to say you’re excluding our voices just as much as they are.  

Let’s talk – please.  We have so much more we’d like you to hear other than what you’re being allowed to hear by the police, our government, and those who are part of the problem as Celeste Guap has shown us.  So much so they even write laws providing them with immunity from all prosecution like Joohoon David Lee was afforded when he used the badge of Homeland Security and Immigration to traffick women.  

Please contact me.