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February 2, 2018
Lara Powers c/o Polaris Via Email
Re:       Your Recent Statement about the IKEA Article
Dear Lara:
I don’t know if you’ve seen any of Rose McGowan’s recent appearances on TV, but I have to say I’ve found them very enlightening.  One of the great things about the 12-Step process I’ve found to be very healing is that we often don’t understand what we’re going through until we see ourselves mirrored in a stranger across the room.  Seeing this “mirror” helps us to differentiate between what is “part of the process” of the experience we’re going through from what is “us” personally. 
But this “nirrror” is also our “healing empathy” that Jimmy Kinnon talked about in the Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text of what he found to work for addicts as to why they had to break away f…