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If you live in a major city, hell if you're even in Bakersfield or Fresno, drive down the Main Street.  Count the number of Asian massage parlors you see.  Those women don't need Backpage or The Erotic Review or any website for that matter to keep being trafficked.

They're going to keep getting up and going to work every day seeing sometimes 10 or more tricks a day because their sons and/or daughters are in a prestigious university like Berkeley, USC, UCLA, etc. 

Being paid for by men like Liang Yaohui - one of many men who were/are part of the Chinese government who had literally 1000's of prostitutes in his network.  Women who hit 40 years old after being sold as children who were sent to the USA on the promise their children would "get a good education" while their parents are taken care of back home in China.

Their parents who are back home in China within reach of the Triad who know that these women know that if they step out of line and refuse to do th…