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Monday, April 24, 2017


One of the reasons why it was not such a good idea that "non-sex workers" take over SWOP, or Sex Workers Outreach Project, as they have since Robin died is because they clearly have no idea how our world works in reality.  

As a result, they're going to get a lot of people hurt.  Either that, or they are aware and this is some kind of deliberate set-up.  I don't know because their "new management" won't even speak to me when I call and try to.  Older members of SWOP who were chased out of SWOP after Robin died told me they were cautioned to "not to Jody".  So I don't know what's up with them.   

I'm referring to the practice of "fund raisers" to retain a private attorney for someone who has been arrested on a prostitution or madaming charge.  Since SWOP doesn't want to seem to listen to my cautions against this practice - let me explain it to you here.  

In my day, in the 1980's, if you were an attorney who tried to represent anyone on such a charge, or a drug charge - you wound up being threatened by the police to stop.  If those threats didn't work, then they'd start the harassment and raids.  If that didn't work, then the Bar would come in auditing your firm.  If that didn't get you to stop, or get you disbarred, then the prosecutor would come at you demanding to know the source of all of your money.  Especially where the money came from to defend the sex worker, or criminal they didn't want defended.  

If your retainer for these clients came from drug or prostitution money, they would confiscate the money and prosecute the attorney accordingly for receipt of the money, including money laundering charges.   If this type of harassment didn't stop the attorney from representing you, and they couldn't get the attorney disbarred - then they'd offer some kind of "sweet deal" to sell your case down the river.  

Many attorneys got disbarred - look at Jeane Palfrey's attorney, Montgomery Sibley for one example.  I can name you countless others who were disbarred while trying to defend one of us.

All of this was one of the reasons why we originally called our 12 step program "Prostitutes Anonymous".  Using laws grandfathered in by Alcoholics Anonymous, if arrested for prostitution, or pimping, or madaming - all one had to do was to ask the court to send them to a meeting of ours as an "alternative to incarceration".  Even if there was a mandatory jail sentence - the court had to honor this request as 12 step programs can be substituted in for jail or prison.  NOT a "meeting" but a "program".  Yes there is a difference.  If the court objected, I could threaten them with a discrimination lawsuit and complaint.  

Why?  If an alcoholic is allowed to get treatment instead of jail as is an addict - why can't we?  Besides, usually when you're arrested the cops take every penny you got and if you do have money left the prosecutor starts demanding to know "it's source" which can just get you into more trouble.  By us helping the sex workers without being paid - we bypass all of this.

This system allowed many of us to avoid jail while not having to deal with these problems with attorney's. 

Does that mean you can't get an attorney?  SWA has a list of attorney's who are more than willing to help our members, but who aren't willing to be labeled as a "hooker attorney" by being named on the court records, and also possibly in the press and on the internet.  What they do is "advise anonymously" through a public defender who is not going to get themselves jacked up in the same manner as a private attorney would helping one of us.  Or they can advise in other non-direct ways how to handle this case if there needs to be.  

After Robin died, I started seeing this practice of "fund raisers" to get private attorney's for some of us and I was mortified.  Let me explain why - it's a common practice if a prostitute is arrested that the cops will arrest whoever bails her out, then demand to know the source of this money.  That's why I personally used to have an arrangement with a good bail bondsman who wouldn't have this problem.  

In other words, if you give money to help a sex worker through bail or an attorney's retainer you may be targeted by law enforcement for investigation.  Again, talk to Montgomery Sibley who can let you know the nightmare he went through trying to defend Jeane Palfrey.  

These SWOP fund raisers are done through a 501c3 nonprofit.  Meaning that they will identify donors to their fund raisers to the IRS.  The sites they use to collect the donations are not safe guarded in any way for confidentiality.  Meaning if the IRS or law enforcement goes to these sites with a warrant, even a letter, demanding to know the names, bank information, etc., of the donors - they will give it to them.  They can also match it to the tax records that SWOP has admitted they file with IRS on "anyone they give a grant to".  Meaning they also file with the IRS, and in public record, the legal information on who they're giving the fund raiser to also.  Very cheap way to find out personal bank information on someone if you ask me.  

Are we different?  Hell yeah.  The PayPal account for is my personal bank information.  I am an ordained minister.  My private taxes are not published as part of public record like 501c3 tax records are.  

As a 12 step program we are afforded the same confidentiality rights as an attorney, priest, or doctor being because of laws grandfathered in by AA who allowed that when a man confessed to murder in an AA meeting that speech was "privileged".   

Between the layer of 12 step confidentiality laws, my right to privacy as a private person, and the fact I have the double protection of being an ordained minister - anyone who buys a book or donates a dollar to SWA is guaranteed complete confidentiality.  Their records are not published with the IRS or anyone for that matter.  I've had warrants and subpoenas come to me over the years and I've refused them.  In other words, no one knows the banking information and identity of people who either buy products from us or who donate to us.  

Now do you think this doesn't happen to attorney's any longer who defend people the cops don't want defended?  Think again.  Look up Mitchell Stein who got 17 years in prison when not one person had filed a complaint against him.  He was completely railroaded by the Attorney General's office for defending people who had been illegally foreclosed upon in the 2008 economy crash.

Here's a recent case in point -  

Note from this article how the law firm defending this dispensary was being harassed by law enforcement and prosecutor's office.  

If the money from these fund raisers SWOP is holding are going to private attorney's to help individual sex workers - I not only can guarantee there's problems - I've heard of problems.  

For one, I've heard from sex workers the attorney's were paid for by SWOP, and therefore a "third party".  Meaning their client is SWOP and NOT the individual sex worker.  What does that mean?

It means the only person they're concerned with please is their CLIENT WHO PAYS THEM - not who they're representing in court.  

Why don't you read up on what Teofil's attorney did to him who wasn't paid for by him to answer the  question "what harm could that do?"

Friday, April 21, 2017


I can't agree enough with this letter Dawn.  Thank you for writing it.  Back in the 1980's, I was seeing women being rounded up like cattle, stuck into buses, and then treated like they were the "criminals".  In reality, these were women who had been kidnapped, sold, and otherwise forced into sex work in one form or another.  Whether it was in a strip club, massage parlor, or illegal brothel, they were still being forced as how the Margo Compton case illustrated.

The police were to be as feared as the traffickers and pimps.  Victims were threatened with even more harm to their families if they were arrested and spoke to the police about what was happening to them.  If they were to ACT like they were not there voluntarily - the very lives of their children and family members were threatened.  Thus the image of the "happy hooker" was common in the 1980's.

I point to the case of Linda Lovelace.  This was a woman being promoted in the media as "wanting to be a prostitute" while in reality she was being beaten, raped, forced, and her family threatened if she didn't "act" as if she wanted to be there.  When she came forward with the truth - no one believed her. Back then for someone to be speaking about "force", was received the same as if someone had said they were "being abducted by aliens".

The reason was also because there were no laws on the books to allow these to be treated as "victims" instead of criminals because prostitution is illegal.  Because there were literally no laws against Linda having been forced at gunpoint to film "Deep Throat" - the best the law could do was charge everyone on the film but her with "obscenity".

Well of course that didn't work because society didn't understand what was going on.  They couldn't relate how "obscenity" had anything to do with the film.  REalize we didn't even have a WORD for this back then.  As I was growing up then, the closest words I heard was that of "white slavery" for those sold into the sex trade and taken to another country, and those "pimped" as somewhat of what Linda went through.  Yes Linda was pimped by her husband, but he was part of a larger criminal operation for which the term "sex trafficking" hadn't been invented yet.

All I knew was we had nowhere to go.  Victims were hunted by cops and then treated like criminals so going to the police was not an option.  The fear of HIV/AIDS had made it so shelters and treatment centers were refusing help to anyone they suspected "was a prostitute".  I had tried taking some of these victims into my home for protection, only to wind up with people almost getting shot who were innocent bystanders and neighbors.  I couldn't keep risking my neighbors getting shot over this, so I took an old warehouse I had once used as an illegal brothel, and turned it into what I later learned was the first "safe house" for adults in this country.  To meet the demand, one other person had started a safe house for juveniles in 1979 and that was Children of the Night.  Between us, we had help available for juveniles and adults.

While pimps generally acted alone, or within their network, "traffickers" however had the police on their payroll.  Police who soon sent me a victim to help who I did.  I put her in the warehouse to heal after her pimp had broken her arm, nose and blacked both eyes.  Next thing I know she's accusing me of "pimping" and I'm being carted off to jail.  I had done nothing illegal, so the cops threatened to charge my mother with pimping if I didn't take a plea bargain.  I refused so they threatened my grandmother who was in her 70's at the time and I didn't think could survive an arrest in LA jails - so I caved.

The DA asked me to "talk" about what I knew and offered to drop the case.  Only "what I knew" was what I'd seen - which was the trafficking went up to our own government during Iran Contra.  I knew the minute I opened my mouth about our CIA involved in the sale of women for oil and drug deals that I'd have an attorney down there screaming "national security" so fast my head would spin.  In other words, I knew I would wind up like Jeane Palfrey did.  In fact, I watched her case very carefully because she was in the same situation as I was when this happened.  I kept my mouth shut.  She however tried to talk.  Then she was murdered before she could which I had feared would happen to me if I had tried.  Sadly, Jeane proved to me years later I had made the right decision to just shut my mouth.

I bided my time and sought out answers.  I consulted with people like Gloria Allred and Edwin Meese, the CA Attorney General.  Tom Bradley, Chief Gates and Sheriff Block also as they were seeing what was going on also - their hands tied too because we not only had no laws on the books, we had no public perception this was even real.  That's why I talked about Linda - when she had tried to enlighten the public it was written off as just a "domestic abuse" type situation.  It was just something people couldn't comprehend.

It reminded me of the way the mafia had been.  I was a teen at the time just when the mafia had gone from people laughing and saying it didn't exist to the time when it was accepted as "normal".  I remembered how it all started with Joe Valachi stepping up to tell the truth about the mob.  So in 1987, I set up an 800 hotline (not easy or cheap in 1987).  I then started "tricking" my way onto TV.  I say "trick" because there was no way the media would have put me on to tell the truth.  I promised producers a "sexy madam story" from the "high tech madam" and then once the cameras were rolling I started telling the truth about what was going on in the sex industry.  I figured once people heard what was happening - then they'd call for change.

I knew I couldn't take one book or movie offer or I would be written off as "just trying to make a buck".  Besides, they wouldn't tell the truth back then anyway.  I had seen the fantasy films coming out about us like the Mayflower Madam, the Beverly Hills Madam, etc.  I asked each of these women why they let such fantasy be filmed and not tell the truth.  The answer was simple "to make some money" and they weren't interested in changing things like I was.  I didn't think it was fair addicts got treatment while we got jail - so I created the 12 step program "Prostitutes Anonymous".  This allowed us through laws grandfathered in by AA to go to the courts and ask they send them to us instead of jail.  Remember, I had to do something within the current time and legal structure we had where we were ONLY viewed as criminals.

It took 13 years of a lot of media work, public speaking, etc. until we saw the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.  That was ground breaking in it allowed for the first time for us to be seen as, and treated like, victims.  However, I had made a big mistake in my calculations.  I had pushed for victim recognition BEFORE I had pushed for decriminalization.  Something now being challenged with juvenile victims.  The system went 'oh okay we have to treat them like victims now" while at the same time being called to arrest them as criminals.

Suddenly I found myself COMPLETELY BOMBARDED AND SILENCED by special interests shutting me out of the very movement I had started.  Why?  Because of what you're talking about Dawn.  See when a juvenile is arrested as a prostitute it creates a record.  The court then follows this case.  The child has to report back to the judge physically and talk about what's going on.  They get a probation officer overseeing their case.  Which is necessary and I'll tell you why.  When I was put on probation the court ordered me to school and a job.  If I didn't go I would go to jail.  That gave me the "excuse" to those around me "well I have to do these things" which allowed me to.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to because of those around me then forcing me into prostitution.  It was through school I met some veterans who showed me how to break free and recover - another reason why I started the program I did - to help others.

HOWEVER, with the "no such thing" campaign which sprouted up sponsored by the McCain Institute, and the California Endowment - they were calling to NOT have juveniles arrested for prostitution.  The problem with that is it SOUNDS good - but then what?  By taking a child who is a juvenile prostitute, i.e., a trafficking victim - and putting them into the social services arena rather than the courts - you have no one to answer to.  You have no way to follow up.  You have over worked, inexperienced social workers who will do whatever they're told to do under fear of losing their job.  These kids, especially those undocumented, are then completely lost in the system.  I assure you those trafficking these kids are not going to then take them voluntarily to counseling and the other things necessary to extract them from the situation. Not without the court overseeing them as is done when they're being treated like criminals.  Right now sadly the court treating them like a criminal is the ONLY means to try and extract this kid out of the situation.

But now even that is failing.  I'm hearing the courts are now cooperating with "looking the other way" when hearing about group homes where the kids are literally being pimped right out of the home.  What's worse is the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline.  They work WITH police who are part of this problem - and thus you aren't hearing out of them about the involvement of any authorities.  It would be too much "bad press" for them and their grant seeking.  They're not going to do things like try and get men like Joohoon David Lee shut down who was using his badge with Homeland Security, ICE and the  trafficking task force to take government money to fly victims from countries like China and Korean into America.  Then victims are transported in limos owned by Charles Horkey.  Who has been charged with drugging customers, maxing out their credit cards, and then dumping them somewhere.  While Joohoon David Lee was awaiting sentencing on a bribery charge - he was allowed to work for Charles Horkey's  limo service!

I realized I'd been suddenly silenced because Joohon couldn't be charged with sex trafficking even though he was caught red handed.  Why?  Government officials have "immunity".  Our legal system right now won't let you hold cops, prosecutor's, judges', etc., "accountable" when they break the law.  Giving them immunity - just like Joohoon.  The BEST the authorities who went after Joohoon could do was "bribery" for that reason.  So while images of young black girls was being pushed in the media with the "no such thing" campaign, and fake victims were testifying at Congress ala "Catfish" style, the truth that this is not going to stop until we can create a system to hold those in government and law enforcement jobs accountable when they're caught involved in child sex trafficking.

The NOISE about "we need to raise money to build a safe house" is being used to DROWN OUT THE TRUTH - that we aren't going to stop child sex trafficking until we restructure our legal system to hold those in authority accountable when they are caught doing criminal acts.  Before starting this movement, I spent a lot of time studying the civil rights movement.  Including a lot of the tactics the government used to try and stop Martin Luther King.  Tactics I'm seeing being used today because that's what our government does.  Just as they set up "fake" groups then, and also sent in "infiltrators" back then to disrupt effective groups, they're doing that in this movement today.

Realizing people listened to me enough to get the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed - they've also created a "blacklist" around me using those "online trolls and influencers" which has finally also come out in the media as being real.  I knew it when I was being followed, and attacked in teams, online for 8 hour shifts a day by the same people.  I'm sorry but no real troll can spend that much time focusing on me unless it's their "day job".  Interestingly, I've tracked many of these people back to Dynocorp - the same group spoken of in Kathryn Bolkovac movie "Whistle Blower".

We have to restore this movement back to the voices of "real" victims.  This woman Dawn is speaking about is sadly one of many you can trace who have spoken out about this, refused to be intimidated into shutting up, and then this happens to them as we also saw with Pizzagate.  I myself have had three attempts on my life including having a mechanic luckily find a bomb had been placed in one of our outreach RV's.  The two other attempts on my life were by uniformed police officers ala Sandra Bland style.  There is a trail of bodies piling up of people trying to do something about this.  Those who aren't killed are often having to live like I am right now - I'm in an RV I have to move every few weeks because of all of the attempts and threats on my life to silence me. While they silence me, they create "fake" media most of which comes out of Relativity Media, Disney, CNN, Fox, NBC, and sadly lately PBS.

The man who founded Relativity Media bought a large portion of PBS recently.  I started seeing all kinds of "fake" media coming out of them after this.  I can assure you post-2002 most of the major media about sex trafficking like "Trafficking" with Liam Neeson is bogus.  In fact, the guy whose life that was based on was arrested for fraud for that reason.  It's illegal to lie about being a veteran to raise money and he was arrested - but yet the films continue to air.

You'll notice in that film they make it appear it's a "foreign group of criminals" we're fighting when in reality it's people in our own law enforcement, courts, judges, CPS, foster care, and all of those systems that is where the seat of child sex trafficking is.  Then when the victims become adults, they use prostitution being illegal to brand, silence and shame us about what happened to us as kids.  Which means you also won't hear more stories about the truth of child sex trafficking once they become adults and legally can talk without permission of their guardians trying to silence them, until we decriminalize prostitution.

What you think the child is going to tell the truth about what's happening when that's their home?  When they are threatened with homelessness if they talk?  No - you won't hear the truth about child sex trafficking until the victims are adults and can legally speak out.  But we are now silencing them through continuing to have prostitution remain illegal.  So too the INSISTENCE on only allowing voices of those who identify as "victims".

I'm sorry but most TRUE victims of sex trafficking don't even know they're victims until sometimes years into recovery.  I didn't.  It's called "brainwashing".  Which is why most TRUE victims don't identify as such.  They need deprogramming, to detox, and then with recovery they can come to grips with how they were victimized and not "willing".  Because they are taught to THINK they're "willing" so as to help the pimp avoid prosecution.  Besides, it's how the brain copes with imprisonment.  Go into any prison and you will see a "lifer" has decorated their cell.  It doesn't mean they want to be there - it means they've "adapted".  The same holds true for real victims of sex trafficking who are being completely silenced by those insisting on only hearing "victim" voices lately.

That's because they're being used to raise money - not awareness of what change needs to come to stop this.  Because those in power want it that way!

Sunday, April 16, 2017


THIS case illustrates why I started this movement back in the 1980's.  This guy was not a "pimp" for which there were laws on the books to arrest.  This guy was a "trafficker" working for the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

I ask you - how do you call 911 about that?

I know I couldn't and that's why I started the hotline for victims like this at

This case illustrates why these types of victims can't just "pick up a phone and call the cops".  Note this guy was a computer technician.  Back in Colombia in the 1990's, the Cartel had the whole phone system in the country rigged to where if you made a call to report them to the authorities - they knew about it immediately.  This knowledge was followed up by a visit from an assassin who shut you up.

We have just about reached that in this country.  I have emails and calls from people who have tried to report sex trafficking, only to get hit with threats back by attorney's, stalked by private investigators online, and basically found themselves being targeted while the traffickers were being left completely alone.

Which is why I have such a issue about all of this press and propaganda about "call the National Trafficking Hotline".  Read their "privacy policy" by the way sometime.  They "share information with their partners".  Their "partners" include Palantir Technologies, who is essentially the CIA.  Now if this guy is with the US. Dept. of Defense - don't you think they're all going to want to cover their ass by silencing victims?

I know that's what they did to me in 1984 and what was I going to do about it?  I had a prosecutor telling me "just tell me what they did to you" while I knew if I opened my mouth I'd never make it to trial.  Either I'd be assassinated in jail like Sandra Bland, or some attorney would step in saying "national security" and shut down my defense.  I was unable to defend myself properly because of traffickers who were hiding behind government jobs.

It has to stop.  Bravo this guy got brought down!  But I ask you "what about the victims"?  What about the victims of the DEA owned strip club in NJ?  What about the victims of Joohoon David Lee?

Not every victim of sex trafficking is a JUVENILE.  Most traffickers tend to target adults because the law is more lenient and spotty when it comes to adults.

This article proves my point we have a long way to go in changing the system we have set up to help victims of sex trafficking - TRAFFICKING NOT PIMPING.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Dept. of Florida Corrections
Via Email

Re:       John Meekins

To Whom this May Concern:

I was minding my own business when I received an angry request on Facebook from John Meekins to speak to me on an encrypted phone line, i.e., “off the record”.  John is a guard at a Lowell jail who is also involved in the sex trafficking field. 

When I asked what this was about, I was informed he was “fired because of a complaint I had filed against him” from his job as a guard in a Florida jail.   John further claimed I had “ruined a project for sex trafficking victims” by making this accusation against him.  When I asked him why he thought I did this he told me “because they played me a tape of your phone call”.

I had no idea what he was talking about.  When I contacted the Dept. of Florida Corrections, I received an email back from Tracy who told me “John had been terminated”.  Meaning there was basically “nothing to discuss in the matter.  I was further told the investigator who played this tape for John also “no longer worked for the Dept. of Corrections”. 

About a week ago, our hotline received a phone call at about 7:00 a.m. by an attorney who was calling to ask if I wanted to “testify at John’s hearing to get his regular job back”.  She told Karen, the woman who answered our phone, all about this situation, including the fact that a phone recording of me supposedly making this complaint was played for John as it was his “right to face his accuser”.  When Karen asked who this attorney was making this call, she didn’t want to give her name at first.  It took a lot of coaxing just to get her to identify herself..

Now considering she called up our hotline and started talking about this whole matter with a woman who wasn’t me, and therefore a complete stranger, to find my privacy violated even further I found pretty offensive.  Especially when my reputation with Sex Workers Anonymous is built upon my reputation for “confidentiality”, I’m more than upset to come in and hear that Karen was told I had “made a complaint against John” and that this “tape was played for him”.  Karen is not related to me, nor is she my attorney. She’s just a member of SWA who your attorney had no RIGHT to discuss such a matter with her like this without my consent.  I have NO idea why this matter was even discussed with her at all. 

Nor do I know why I now have John thinking I filed a complaint against him when I DID NOT.  Nor was ONE SINGLE STEP taken to verify my actual involvement in this complaint before having John told I did such a thing.  There is a whole show on MTV called “Catfish” based on people pretending to be someone they’re not.  It’s very easy to do with modern technology, “spoof” phones, emails, etc.  As well to think that if someone DOES make a complaint about sex trafficking in your system that THIS is how you PROTECT YOUR WITNESSES?

Not only was John TOLD that I had “made a complaint against him”, but then you call and discuss the matter with the woman who answered our hotline?  I mean where is your concept of a “right to privacy” even here let alone COMMON SENSE?

I have been a paralegal for the 30 years I’ve been in recovery now.  Mostly because so many of our members can’t find attorney’s they can afford or who want to represent them in the many legal entanglements they find themselves in because of being survivors.   I was invited to “testify against John” at this hearing on April 19, 2017, but no contact information was provided Karen to give to me so I could accept the offer.  When I emailed your department a few days ago asking for contact information about this hearing – I still haven’t received any answer. 

So I did a little legal research tonight and lo and behold what did I find?  Florida Statute 92.56 -Judicial proceedings and court records involving sexual offenses and human trafficking quotes:

(1)(a) The confidential and exempt status of criminal intelligence information or criminal investigative information made confidential and exempt pursuant to s. 119.071(2)(h) must be maintained in court records pursuant to s. 119.0714(1)(h) and in court proceedings, including testimony from witnesses.
(b) If a petition for access to such confidential and exempt records is filed with the trial court having jurisdiction over the alleged offense, the confidential and exempt status of such information shall be maintained by the court if the state or the victim demonstrates that:
1. The identity of the victim is not already known in the community;
2. The victim has not voluntarily called public attention to the offense;
3. The identity of the victim has not otherwise become a reasonable subject of public concern;
4. The disclosure of the victim’s identity would be offensive to a reasonable person; and
5. The disclosure of the victim’s identity would:
a. Endanger the victim because the assailant has not been apprehended and is not otherwise known to the victim;
b. Endanger the victim because of the likelihood of retaliation, harassment, or intimidation;
c. Cause severe emotional or mental harm to the victim;
d. Make the victim unwilling to testify as a witness; or
e. Be inappropriate for other good cause shown.
(2) A defendant charged with a crime described in s. 787.06(3)(a)1., (c)1., or (e)1., s. 787.06(3)(b), (d), (f), or (g), chapter 794, or chapter 800, or with child abuse, aggravated child abuse, or sexual performance by a child as described in chapter 827, may apply to the trial court for an order of disclosure of information in court records held confidential and exempt pursuant to s. 119.0714(1)(h) or maintained as confidential and exempt pursuant to court order under this section. Such identifying information concerning the victim may be released to the defendant or his or her attorney in order to prepare the defense. The confidential and exempt status of this information may not be construed to prevent the disclosure of the victim’s identity to the defendant; however, the defendant may not disclose the victim’s identity to any person other than the defendant’s attorney or any other person directly involved in the preparation of the defense. A willful and knowing disclosure of the identity of the victim to any other person by the defendant constitutes contempt.
(3) The state may use a pseudonym instead of the victim’s name to designate the victim of a crime described in s. 787.06(3)(a)1., (c)1., or (e)1., in s. 787.06(3)(b), (d), (f), or (g), or in chapter 794 or chapter 800, or of child abuse, aggravated child abuse, or sexual performance by a child as described in chapter 827, or any crime involving the production, possession, or promotion of child pornography as described in chapter 847, in all court records and records of court proceedings, both civil and criminal.
(4) The protection of this section may be waived by the victim of the alleged offense in a writing filed with the court, in which the victim consents to the use or release of identifying information during court proceedings and in the records of court proceedings.
(5) This section does not prohibit the publication or broadcast of the substance of trial testimony in a prosecution for an offense described in s. 787.06(3)(a)1., (c)1., or (e)1., s. 787.06(3)(b), (d), (f), or (g), chapter 794, or chapter 800, or a crime of child abuse, aggravated child abuse, or sexual performance by a child, as described in chapter 827, but the publication or broadcast may not include an identifying photograph, an identifiable voice, or the name or address of the victim, unless the victim has consented in writing to the publication and filed such consent with the court or unless the court has declared such records not confidential and exempt as provided for in subsection (1).
(6) A willful and knowing violation of this section or a willful and knowing failure to obey any court order issued under this section constitutes contempt.

I call your attention to the parts I highlighted in bold.  Let’s say for the sake of argument I had made a formal criminal complaint against John Meekins with respect to sex trafficking.  Which by the way I want to make very clear in this letter I DID NOT.  I did NOT contact anyone to make a formal complaint about anything against John Meekins which started this process rolling.    So my identity should not have been “revealed to anyone but the defendant’s attorney” IF THAT, and to have done so puts the plaintiffs in “contempt”, even if I DID make such a complaint.

It also SPECIFICALLY states “unless the victim has consented in writing to the publication” which includes a recording with an “identifiable voice” as was played to John, along with stating my name to this tape, and further filed my permission with the court to do so – then the plaintiffs are also further in “contempt” for not keeping these records “confidential”. 

This phone call a few days ago found Karen asking this attorney specifically “what steps are going to be taken to protect Jody from retaliation” after she asked I testify against John at this April 19, 2017 hearing.  I have yet to receive any type of information back from anyone about what exactly IS going to be done to protect me from any retaliation in the future, as well as what I’ve already suffered, from such a violation of dragging my name into this manner as has been done.   In fact, I can’t even get specific information about where this hearing is being held, who is involved, is this a court proceeding, etc. 

Now since John’s “right to face his accuser” was so generously honored as we were told is how this whole thing went down – I sure don’t seem to be hearing back from anyone about what MY rights are here ESPECIALLY if I DID FILE a complaint against John.  Because what I’m seeing here is that I just had someone wound up John at me like a missile and fired.   Lord knows that if I was in fact a REAL sex trafficking victim who had been trafficked within your facility by John and THIS is how you TREAT VICTIMS – we have a SERIOUS problem here

Including the fact that I’m being classified as an “accuser” of John, which would mean I’m also a “victim” of something.  That or someone is certainly.  Meaning the way I’m being treated is how you treat victims over there?  Well I have a serious problem with this being no one has contacted me to speak to me about any type of services either, what’s being done about said complaint, or anything about what supposedly I accused John of, let alone to verify I was even the person who made this call or complaint against John.  Certainly if I “made a complaint against John” that means I’m a “victim” then right?  That or SOMEBODY IS. 

Going back to my research, Florida Statute 960.01 - Guidelines for fair treatment of victims and witnesses in the criminal justice and juvenile justice systems is quoted as saying:

(a) Information concerning services available to victims of adult and juvenile crime.—As provided in s. 27.0065, state attorneys and public defenders shall gather information regarding the following services in the geographic boundaries of their respective circuits and shall provide such information to each law enforcement agency with jurisdiction within such geographic boundaries. Law enforcement personnel shall ensure, through distribution of a victim’s rights information card or brochure at the crime scene, during the criminal investigation, and in any other appropriate manner, that victims are given, as a matter of course at the earliest possible time, information about:
1. The availability of crime victim compensation, if applicable;
2. Crisis intervention services, supportive or bereavement counseling, social service support referrals, and community-based victim treatment programs;
3. The role of the victim in the criminal or juvenile justice process, including what the victim may expect from the system as well as what the system expects from the victim;
4. The stages in the criminal or juvenile justice process which are of significance to the victim and the manner in which information about such stages can be obtained;
5. The right of a victim, who is not incarcerated, including the victim’s parent or guardian if the victim is a minor, the lawful representative of the victim or of the victim’s parent or guardian if the victim is a minor, and the next of kin of a homicide victim, to be informed, to be present, and to be heard when relevant, at all crucial stages of a criminal or juvenile proceeding, to the extent that this right does not interfere with constitutional rights of the accused, as provided by s. 16(b), Art. I of the State Constitution;
6. In the case of incarcerated victims, the right to be informed and to submit written statements at all crucial stages of the criminal proceedings, parole proceedings, or juvenile proceedings; and
7. The right of a victim to a prompt and timely disposition of the case in order to minimize the period during which the victim must endure the responsibilities and stress involved to the extent that this right does not interfere with the constitutional rights of the accused.
(b) Information for purposes of notifying victim or appropriate next of kin of victim or other designated contact of victim.—In the case of a homicide, pursuant to chapter 782; or a sexual offense, pursuant to chapter 794; or an attempted murder or sexual offense, pursuant to chapter 777; or stalking, pursuant to s. 784.048; or domestic violence, pursuant to s. 25.385:
1. The arresting law enforcement officer or personnel of an organization that provides assistance to a victim or to the appropriate next of kin of the victim or other designated contact must request that the victim or appropriate next of kin of the victim or other designated contact complete a victim notification card. However, the victim or appropriate next of kin of the victim or other designated contact may choose not to complete the victim notification card.
2. Unless the victim or the appropriate next of kin of the victim or other designated contact waives the option to complete the victim notification card, a copy of the victim notification card must be filed with the incident report or warrant in the sheriff’s office of the jurisdiction in which the incident report or warrant originated. The notification card shall, at a minimum, consist of:
a. The name, address, and phone number of the victim; or
b. The name, address, and phone number of the appropriate next of kin of the victim; or
c. The name, address, and telephone number of a designated contact other than the victim or appropriate next of kin of the victim; and
d. Any relevant identification or case numbers assigned to the case.
3. The chief administrator, or a person designated by the chief administrator, of a county jail, municipal jail, juvenile detention facility, or residential commitment facility shall make a reasonable attempt to notify the alleged victim or appropriate next of kin of the alleged victim or other designated contact within 4 hours following the release of the defendant on bail or, in the case of a juvenile offender, upon the release from residential detention or commitment. If the chief administrator, or designee, is unable to contact the alleged victim or appropriate next of kin of the alleged victim or other designated contact by telephone, the chief administrator, or designee, must send to the alleged victim or appropriate next of kin of the alleged victim or other designated contact a written notification of the defendant’s release.
4. Unless otherwise requested by the victim or the appropriate next of kin of the victim or other designated contact, the information contained on the victim notification card must be sent by the chief administrator, or designee, of the appropriate facility to the subsequent correctional or residential commitment facility following the sentencing and incarceration of the defendant, and unless otherwise requested by the victim or the appropriate next of kin of the victim or other designated contact, he or she must be notified of the release of the defendant from incarceration as provided by law.
5. If the defendant was arrested pursuant to a warrant issued or taken into custody pursuant to s. 985.101 in a jurisdiction other than the jurisdiction in which the defendant is being released, and the alleged victim or appropriate next of kin of the alleged victim or other designated contact does not waive the option for notification of release, the chief correctional officer or chief administrator of the facility releasing the defendant shall make a reasonable attempt to immediately notify the chief correctional officer of the jurisdiction in which the warrant was issued or the juvenile was taken into custody pursuant to s. 985.101, and the chief correctional officer of that jurisdiction shall make a reasonable attempt to notify the alleged victim or appropriate next of kin of the alleged victim or other designated contact, as provided in this paragraph, that the defendant has been or will be released.
(c) Information concerning protection available to victim or witness.—A victim or witness shall be furnished, as a matter of course, with information on steps that are available to law enforcement officers and state attorneys to protect victims and witnesses from intimidation. Victims of domestic violence shall also be given information about the address confidentiality program provided under s. 741.403.
(d) Notification of scheduling changes.—Each victim or witness who has been scheduled to attend a criminal or juvenile justice proceeding shall be notified as soon as possible by the agency scheduling his or her appearance of any change in scheduling which will affect his or her appearance.
(e) Advance notification to victim or relative of victim concerning judicial proceedings; right to be present.—Any victim, parent, guardian, or lawful representative of a minor who is a victim, or relative of a homicide victim shall receive from the appropriate agency, at the address found in the police report or the victim notification card if such has been provided to the agency, prompt advance notification, unless the agency itself does not have advance notification, of judicial and postjudicial proceedings relating to his or her case, including all proceedings or hearings relating to:

You’ll further note the parts I’ve bolded here stating I’m supposed to be given things like a case number, told when and where any hearings are being held, as well as information on what protection can be given me.  ALL OF WHICH  I have not been provided voluntarily yet, nor have I after my requests for this information specifically in writing either

Now I can almost hear what the argument is going to be about this – that is that “this isn’t a formal criminal proceeding so therefore these statutes doesn’t apply”.  That this is just an “employment matter” about whether or not John’s pay scale stays lowered, as well as his job duties restricted also, as the woman told Karen so these laws don’t specifically apply.

Well if that’s the case, then I fail to see WHERE John “has the right to face his accuser” as in a tape being played for him with my name being identified then if this IS NOT a “criminal” proceeding.  If you’re having an employment dispute of some kind with John, and dragging out my name to justify your wanting to lower his pay or responsibilities – I fail to see where that gives you the legal right to even then CALL ME A “ACCUSOR”, and then make the decision all on your own to involve me in this in the way as has been done.

In other words, if I’m an “accuser” of John he “has the right to face” then where is the criminal proceeding against John?  If you’re going to say you don’t have to honor these statutes because “this isn’t a criminal proceeding”, or a lawsuit -  then please explain to me how then it was decided upon to suck my name into this matter as an “accuser”? 

Since no one will tell me anything about this case against John, I went online further and found this article 

This article stated “The investigation also noted that LCI guard John Meekins filed a police report stating Martinez had threatened him. “You’re going to get your ass beat in the parking lot after work,” the assistant warden allegedly told Meekins in front of two other guards after Meekins conducted a shakedown that resulted in the confiscation of contraband from two of Martinez’s alleged favorite prisoners.” 
The article goes on to state that Martinez was evidently removed from his job because of the contraband found by John’s actions. 
Looking to me like the only thing John’s guilty of is getting a warden fired, NOT of “sex trafficking”.  So I’m confused as to why I would be calling to file a complaint against John exactly.. 

This issue is more than a “personal” one here because of my position as founder, and director, of Sex Workers Anonymous.  We build our reputation upon NOT involving law enforcement, filing complaints of any kind, etc., against anyone without first the victim inviting us to do so, and even then we don’t consider such things without first consulting with an attorney first to make sure everyone’s rights are protected and we’re aware of what we’re involving ourselves in.

So I don’t take it lightly at all when I hear John running around saying we “filed a complaint against him” for one thing in the sex trafficking field harming our reputation.

For another, that I supposedly “am responsible for tanking a sex trafficking project” not to mention I’m DEEPLY concerned that if this is how you do treat someone who does “blow the whistle” on something or something going on in your Dept. of Corrections, ESPECIALLY if that involves a guard, then I think we have a lot to discuss here when it comes to your treatment of people you are using as “witnesses”. 

Especially now that laws do exist to be able to file charges against certain people for certain actions we couldn’t even do years ago, and in some cases we still can’t.  For example, while we do have federal recognition of domestic sex trafficking now the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed – but I STILL find it deeply disturbing men like Joohoon David Lee was only charged with “bribery” and not “sex trafficking” because we still don’t have laws on the books which would allow us to charge him for what he did using his badge to traffick women who have no ability to prosecute him for his actions being his badge has granted him not only immunity, but also it seems nothing is being done about the family he falsely accused of sex trafficking in order to distract away attention from his real actions.

What am I to say what with all of this when an inmate in your corrections community comes to me saying she “wants to blow the whistle” on her traffickers about your ability to not only treat her well, but keep her ALIVE for that matter.  If you look at the infamous case of Margo Compton and what happened to her after she prosecuted her traffickers – then you can see clearly why I’ve advertised our hotline for victims to call for help where they don’t have to prosecute anyone in order to receive this help.

In some cases, for some victims, this means literally death because we STILL are not set up properly to protect trafficking victims fully when testifying as Margo’s case clearly illustrates. 

I’m further troubled when my requests to have materials for Sex Workers Anonymous distributed within the jail that John Meekins works at, or did work at, is not responding to my requests to (1) have the pay phone “unblocked” so that inmates can call for help with matters they don’t feel comfortable talking about with the guards, (since our phone is listed as a resource with the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline there’s no reason why we can’t be an “unblocked” number for inmates to call these days especially since you don’t allow inmates to call 800 numbers anymore), and (2) allow me to distribute reading and step materials for our 12 step program to your inmates.

We publish the ONLY book on recovery from the sex industry, including sex trafficking and pimping, in the world written by those in recovery in the same spirit as the Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Book”.  Ours is called the “Recovery Guide” and many of our members for over 30 years now have sworn this book has “saved their lives”.  We have our 1st edition published in 1992, and our 2nd edition revised version updated in 2017. 

On top of the SWA “Recovery Guide”, we have a “mail order step study program” specifically designed for inmates to be able to spend their time while incarcerated working on “their steps” and thus recovery.  We’ve also published a book written for the family members and/or loved ones of those who are either going through exiting the sex industry, and/or those who are being trafficked and pimped – on how to support their loved one through their recovery, as well as help themselves. 

These books are for SWAN, a program which is modeled after Alanon in the AA program.  I’ve also just about finished my memoirs which outline not just my life story, the founding of our 12 step program and hotline, but also detailing the very history of the modern day domestic sex trafficking movement itself.   All in all I think these are much better books for your inmates than books like “The Happy Hooker” by Xaviera Hollander, provided them by SWOP, but that’s my opinion.

Now I have seen that you are allowing John to bring in books donated by Sex Workers Outreach Project, or SWOP, which promotes prostitution as a form of “work”, while denying sex trafficking even exists.  I’ve seen the books which are being donated and not only do they completely “glamourize” sex work much like the Marlboro Man glamourizes smoking without talking about the risk of addiction and/or cancer when one smokes - but it creates a “connection” between the inmate that I’m not being allowed a “fair and equal” chance to do the same with respect to our program offering them exit services. 

This “book donation” program promotes a connection between prostitutes and SWOP who actively recruits women to go to work for the legal ranches in Nevada, as well as strip clubs, and porn production companies.  I’ve seen SWOP use their “SWOP Behind Bars” program to not only help them identify prostitutes within the correctional system, also using John’s help to do so, but even hold fund raisers for them so that they can be flown upon release directly to the legal ranches of Nevada. 

Why do I have such an objection to this?  It’s not like it’s “pimps on the street” as John once remarked to me about how pimps will send letters to the inmates to try and recruit them also within the jail right? 


Within your own correctional system you just experienced a case where the “whistle blower” within a “legal work environment” such as the jail experienced legal and career repercussions from reporting criminal behavior witnessed “on the job”.  Further, the Supreme Court, the highest court in our country, decided because of this case that there is no such thing as “free speech” when it involves talking about something witnessed “while on the job”.  The article in the Prison Legal News and Miami Dade newspaper talk about employees being fired, reprimanded, forced into confidentiality agreements, “dog and pony shows” being put on for the benefit of investigations into wrong doing within the jail to cover up wrong doing, and so on and so on.

What I’m trying to say is that if within the correctional system with the employees being guards the state of Florida is having a real hard time allowing “whistle blowers” to illegal and abusive behavior to be able to come forward without fear, without repercussion or retaliation, and/or without even facing possibly not only legal action but being told they can’t “exercise their free speech” because of what they saw on the job, not to mention the risk of losing one’s job, pension, benefits, etc. – then I ask you do you REALLY think that if someone within the LEGAL SEX INDUSTRY were to witness the SAME type of abuse, exploitation and/or wrong doing they would then encounter none of the same problems exemplified by these guards if they were to try to go to the authorities to report on abuses they were witnessing?

Case in point – do we in this country right now on the books have one documented case of an employee of a legal brothel in Nevada, and/or a legal strip club and/or a legal porn production company coming forward to report sex trafficking of either themselves, or someone they witnessed, successfully and without retaliation?

Not to my knowledge have we had such a case.  So that’s my “problem” with inmates with now criminal records, who may even be on parole or probation, being recruited from within these facilities to work within the legal sex industries where any type of abuse, exploitation and/or sex trafficking would NOT EVER be reported. 

With women at the legal ranches being forced to reside within their four walls 24/7, and with no communications in nor out of the ranch being “private” being it’s the ranchs’ phone they’re talking on, the ranch’s internet service providers, their front door even – these GUARANTEES if any type of such victim exists, or something like this is witnessed – it would never be reported.  I dare say I wouldn’t even know how a victim would leave being that it’s illegal in many types of situations to even walk out of the building without risking an arrest for “violating curfew”.

AT LEAST ON THE “STREETS” a victim of sex trafficking, or someone witnessing trafficking, would be able to pick up the phone and call for help or for help to leave the situation.  With strip clubs you’ve got bouncers on the door who can block your exit, as well as porn production sets have also had women raped on them such as the women who reported James Deen raped them while the cast simply “looked on”.  With one of James Deen’s rapes, the camera kept rolling while producers threatened the victim with legal action for “stopping production” and “breaching their contract” if they were to have left the set after being raped to get medical attention as one victim reported happened. 

Which is again why I believe strongly “decriminalization” is the only way to try protect sex workers from victimization, trafficking, abuse, false imprisonment, etc.  To “legalize” this industry creates the same problems, if not much worse, than that of these Florida guards are experiencing right now. 

But my point is that SWOP is being facilitated by the Florida correctional system to identify and create bonds with their inmates, while we at SWA are not being afforded this same “balancing” bonding with the inmates as well. 

Besides, I’m sorry if I can’t financially compete with women who are engaging in sex work to buy and ship books for inmates while I struggle to pay my rent on my SSI disability check.  I can assure you that from what I’m hearing, if these same inmates were to try and turn to SWOP for assistance to exit the industry, and/or report and/or escape sex trafficking – they are not equipped to do so.  Again, I’ve not heard of anything but DENIALS of sex trafficking out of SWOP to date.  I have talked to people within SWOP who have wanted to report instances of sex trafficking, who tell me they haven’t out of fear of being “shunned” out of the group in the same manner in which they see we’ve been treated since Robin, their founder, died in 2012.

In fact, I have a screen shot of one chapter literally telling a woman who had just left her pimp and was therefore standing in a doorway, broke, with no place to sleep for the night, no transportation, and no idea where to go to “go sleep in a doorway” as SWOP’s response to this poor woman who didn’t know our hotline existed. 

I have another email from a woman who claims a member of SWOP came to her so called “rescue” when she told her of being raped and trafficked by a police officer.  The woman claims this member then spent the night, then while she was sleeping took her computer and evidence with her of what happened and split – leaving her with no evidence to be able to prosecute the guy who was doing this to her. 

So while attempts by our members of Sex Workers Anonymous to also establish a connection with these same inmates, so that we can start helping them find “other” employment upon release, housing, counseling, as well as finding new “friends” who aren’t connected to the “streets” who are in recovery, and also supply them with books on recovery rather than books glamourizing the sex industry unrealistically are going completely ignored – a full scale “SWOP Behind Bars” and “Books for Inmates” is going on facilitated by the correctional system nationally – not just in Florida I need to add.   

In other words, I think things are pretty screwed up over there right now.  Especially considering our program has not only been the one who created the first ever “alternative sentencing and diversion” programs for prostitutes, as well as sex trafficking victims, in this country for men, women and transgenders, in Los Angeles, California, but also in Allentown, PA, Chicago, Illinois, Phoenix, Arizona, Vancouver, Canada, and about 8 other states I could name who have had our programs not only going within the correctional facility, but also part of the “re-entry” program for inmates. 

If you look at our members such as Kathleen Mitchell, and Brenda Myers-Powell just to name but two who have gone on to start their own programs within the correctional systems, then I think it’s pretty clear that we do good work. 

A 10 year long study into our program published in the 2009 report “Leaving Prostitution” by professor Sharon Oselin more than proved the effectiveness of our program as well for getting people out, and keeping them out, of the sex industry whether trafficked or not. 

As well as a report which was done on our “Program for Female Offenders” in Allentown, PA.  These were completely independent researchers who looked into our effectiveness I should add.  Sure there are people who want to focus on my personality for some reason – but this is why I bring the attention back to OUR RESULTS.  Who I am as a person has NOTHING to do with the proven effectiveness of our program.  In fact, we have multiple testimonials in their own words up on for anyone to listen to. 

What do I do about this situation now with John Meekins?  No one is answering me.  I do not receive grants nor hold fund raisers, nor do I even get a salary for my work with SWA.  I’m on disability right now because of a stroke meaning I live on a limited fixed income and thus “donate” all of my SWA work as a “volunteer”.  I can’t just fly down there, retain an attorney, nor spend four hours at a whack on the phone trying to call around to get answers.  I have to do this work “on my free time”. 

You imagine coming home from your full-time job and THEN sitting down to do the work SWA requires of me, and then tell me how much time and money you can invest in chasing down the information we need to address what’s going on here.

But answers I need to get so I’m writing this letter, and sending copies of it to related agencies I think might be able to help me figure out what’s going on here hoping someone will step up and give me some answers and/or assistance in this matter.  I don’t have a full time PR firm like SWOP either.   I have to spent 99 % of the time I have working with our members. 

So I need some help figuring out what to do about these SERIOUS problems I’m talking about I have here, and I’m just glad that I’m not dealing with a serious violent trafficker who just got told he’s been carted off to jail because of  me pointing the finger at him and I’m about to get murdered like Margo Compton and her twins were in retaliation. 

My point however is what if it was involving a violent dangerous trafficker who just had a tape played for him where he was told was “Jody Williams” who was “his accuser” - and I think you can see why I’m concerned here deeply.

So no I don’t consider this a “frivolous” issue, but instead one of “life and death” potentially I wanted to explore now before it does involve someone in a real life and death situation who is trying to accuse someone of something within your correctional system. 

I’m therefore addressing this letter to any agency I think might have some idea what’s going on in the hopes they’ll get back to me before this April 19, 2017 hearing that supposedly I’ve been “invited to testify at” so I can get to the bottom of what’s going on here exactly. 

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Jody Williams

Cc:       (The following names were taken in order from the Prison Legal News Article and the
ACLU Directory of Program I found online)
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