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BRITNEY SPEARS, DISNEY AND DENNIS HOF This was done to Britney.  She had a family and was able to fight back.  Now imagine you're in porn and you have no family.  Imagine all of this happening to a young lady who has no family.  Now you have an idea what the members of are fighting.   Disney has invested money into MGT. Now, who has partnered with MGT? Vivid Entertainment Vivid has the Kim Kardashian tape. Did you wonder why Lamar Odom didn't press charges against Dennis Hof for negligence?  Anyone else would have had that been some bar he was drugged at and almost killed him right? Ask yourself what would make Denni


Dear Awaken: We were contacted and alerted that Jennifer O'Kane was packing up to leave the sex industry.  http:// traffickingandprostitutionserv dennis-hof-raped-me.html   We contact women like her at such a time because after the 4000 person came through our group seeking help and support leaving the sex industry exhibiting the same symptoms - we dubbed those symptoms "post-prostitution syndrome". v=cO-AVboR0eE The reason why we dubbed it, and no one else had at that time, was because we were not only the first group formed to help adults back in the 1980's - but also we were the first group/program to ever get this population past the two year mark our studies showed where prior to our program's launch 98 % "relapse".  Defining relapse as either them voluntarily returning to sex work, or their pimp/trafficker dragging them back.  Also in the 1980's, the only programs to even