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I was hoping you'd forward this to Eve personally.  I saw her on the LF Show speaking about what's been happening with women in other countries speaking out about how "we need to do more to speak out" against these things. Clearly I don't think her, or people close to her, HAVE.  I however HAVE and I now have to live in a moving RV because of the way I have been attacked repeatedly by the people under George W. Bush and his war on women.  Just as they took and empowered extremists' in Iraq as I heard described - they did the same thing here in the states.   I created a group called Prostitutes Anonymous in order to stop the constant rounding up of poor minority women, and transgenders who were trying to pay for sex change operations, and those who were HIV/AIDS positive to pay the $10,000 a month it would cost to stay alive back in the 1980's, AND those who were being forced to work as strippers, prostitutes, and porn performers such as Lind


---------- Forwarded message ---------- From:  LEAVING THE LIFE   < > Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 2:28 PM Subject: FYI To: Dear Chief of Police: I hope this article isn't referring to your police department -  https://semichorus.wordpress .com/2016/04/05/glendale- police-are-bringing-prostitute s-into-the-area/#comment-59952 If it is, then please allow me to bring in a speaker from our program,  to talk to your officers about the realities as WE face them out there in the sex industry.  Especially in southern California over the last 10 years.   No, dating back farther.  I myself had men from the CIA during what's now known as Iran Contra approach me to assist them in bringing cocaine into this country to raise cash to buy guns for the Contra's.  They would have the African American gangs process and cut the drug, while asking the escorts through the three madams who ov


Jody Williams Sex Workers Anonymous (702) 488-1127 Telephone/Cell Nancy O’Malley Alameda Prosecutors Office Via Fax and Email Re:         Celeste Guap Dear Ms. O’Malley: I’m sure you remember me.  I’m the one who has been trying for oh a few years now to get you to talk to me about the very situations surrounding Celeste Guap, only to have you repeatedly ignore me. If you saw one article, an investigator said she’s connected to a case that’s “been going on for ten years now”.  That it is, and also why I’ve been trying to speak to you for some time now.  Only you told me you “didn’t have room” to speak to me about the issues our members were presenting to me, as well as calls we were getting on the hotline.  All my requests to speak to you directly were also ignored.   People wonder why I send “long letters” Nancy – maybe it’s because I can’t get anyone to pick up a phone. The problem with “ignoring” me however is that instead