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Sunday, July 31, 2016


What a porn producer REALLY thinks about performers in the industry.


I removed content which would identify the sender, but did not edit any of the content itself other than identifying names of the sender.

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am writing this email in order to bring up my own concerns about Maxine Doogan.

I was a victim of rape by police and other higher ups in my NYC apartment. I dabbled in high end escort work once in a while - but only to pay my rent. Not for anything else - well - I take that back. The most important thing was my son and giving him the life he could not have without the occasional monthly here and there. 

I worked with Madam Kirsten Davis - and Jenny Paulino. It really was just a here and there thing as rent was so expensive in NYC.

In 2009 I got involved in a terrible court case against 4 lawyers who robbed my father's and my grandfathers estate. My apartment was broken into several times during my trips to D.C. I was eventually drugged and raped in my NYC apartment. 

With no protection, or any personal belongings ( they whitewashed the apartment after the rape) I was told about brothels. I decided to go and registered my "working" name after the same lawyer that was involved in my dad and grandfathers estate.

I had a huge twitter following, and became a political activist. Even Bishop Desmond Tutu knew of my case.

I met Maxine via a mutual friend that I met at that place. I thought she was someone I could admire because of her purported "defense" of providers who could not go to police after being victims of crimes.

When I told her what happened to me, and provided her links of my case - she never once showed any empathy or compassion - that shocked me,

My hard drive broke on my MacBook and she told me she has a wonderful man who would fix my hard drive and computer. I was never given my harddrive back and she sold my computer. My harddrive had all the evidence of my rape and my son's attack. Everytime I was about to speak out, or on the worst occasion., go to Obama's bioethics commite my son was attacked. 

So -Maxine knew about this. Who exactly is Maxine working for?
 Serial killers? She sends woman to in Alaska and seems to get off on it.

As soon as my hard drive and computer were stolen from her ( and the Mac sold to another provider) my Wikipedia article about my father and grandfather's case was taken down by a man who works with the Bohemian Club/Grove. Ironically 2 of the lawyers in my dad's case are members.

Then, upon reading the woman in WV who had the run in with the serial killer - made me question ; whose side is Maxine exactly on?

I can not log into the videos of my rape in NYC - however I will in a few days "google "does not recognize my log in.

If I was a victim of police and one of the lawyers in my dad's estate represented Blackwater - why would Maxine even though I heard her talking about my case on the phone one night - why would she get rid of my evidence - even the evidence of my son's abuse? On the harddrive I had all the videos and evidence....

Steve the "Mac Repair" man is her client.

I never owed her any money, was there for her when her dog and father died, never hurt her in anyway, so why or what funding would she hurt and hide victims /evidence of what she purportedly are ."helping?"

Thank you for taking time to read this - and as soon as google lets me log into my account I shall send the footage of the aftermath of the rape in nYC in my apartment. Maxine thought it was funny, No help . She is a sick individual.

There more to say about her ,,,but thank again for reading this.


Dear Mr. Kerry:

How much longer are you going to claim you care about sex trafficking in the USA while ignoring the founder of the very movement which gave this issue federal recognition in the first place? Check out the year on these talk shows I appeared on while raising awareness to prove to the American public this was really happening back when they used to ignore and deny it was in fact real.

You're supposedly working on laws right now about the issue - but conveniently I'm not hearing any discussion about the Joohoon David Lee case. This man was a Homeland Security Officer in the ICE office, and head of the Los Angeles Trafficking Task Force. During the same years of 2012 to 2015 when I was trying to reach your office about the fact this man was literally walking women right past airport security at LAX - which meant the training that had been prepared for them didn't even begin to cover what to do in a situation like THAT - he was walking women from China right into this country to be trafficked.

To make it appear he was actually doing something in the task force - he falsely ruined a whole family's life, and their business, in Las Vegas by falsely claiming they were sex traffickers. It was done because the man's club was in competition with a club owned by one of the traffickers he was taking money from at the time.

I first tried to alert the police, the media, and the public, to this exact situation where our own officials were involved in 2007 with what was called "Operation Dollhouse". I knew ICE was involved when the women were not held until their visa's were checked as that's what the law requires when a prostitute is arrested who isn't an American. Instead 24 women were literally released within 20 minutes right back to their pimp after a raid had been staged which I'd gone to a lot of trouble to arrange just on the same date I knew the police involved were making one of their "weekly drops". I say that because this trafficking ring had been using cops to transport the victims, drugs and guns in from San Mateo, CA on a regular basis.

Something I had tried to alert Chief Gillispie to in Las Vegas - only to have him then clean up the evidence I'd provided him by the next morning. He has since stepped down, along with 15 other Vegas deputies by the way, for corruption allegations.

But those women couldn't have been released like that UNLESS Immigration was involved in the trafficking ring as well. Because of threats I've received from Vegas police, as well as calls from victims in California - I had relocated to California back in 2013. I then started trying to reach your office about the situation - only to get absolutely no response.

After trying Internal Affairs, various other Chief's of Police (including Oakland), city council, board of supervisors, and many other offices, including yours, who wouldn't respond to my calls about victims who were needing help to leave this ring because of sophisticated Chinese technology - I finally went to the Office of Professional Responsibility about the situation. They then did open a case against Joohoon David Lee.

However, he's only being charged with bribery now because no laws exist on the books yet which can charge him for sex trafficking. This man used money from Homeland Security to buy the airplane tickets these victims were flown into this country in. He used his badge to get them past airport security. Further, he destroyed a completely innocent family's life and business to cover up his tracks and I received YEARS of threats upon myself to try and stop me from helping the victims of this ring.

They are now calling the "case closed" despite the fact the man who bribed him hasn't even been charged yet - and despite the fact the ring itself is still flourishing. In fact they've downright invaded Wichita, Kansas at the moment.

And more men in trafficking task forces are involved. Men who also wear badges and are using government money to traffick these women with IMMUNITY.

Yet you're down there right now with victims of other countries talking about trafficking so you can CONVENIENTLY not be talking about what's happening here right now in this country to our own people.

Because it's not just the women being victimized. Look at the CEO of Glaxo Pharmaceuticals. He was being blackmailed by these trafficked women. How about Steve Sassa, CEO of Hearst Media, who was being blackmailed by a trafficker via text? How about Donald Burns, also blackmailed via text by traffickers who then blamed it upon one of their prostitutes (which is how they operate).

Each time I contact a trafficking task force - I'm the one threatened. This recent news with Oakland only goes to show why - because everyone is covering their own ass. Only I've got documentation of contacting EVERY trafficking task force only to be ignored and/or threatened to "back off".

I'm not unique. I have calls from many private citizens who are having the same experience.

I'm also getting calls from the "johns" who are being blackmailed, hacked, robbed, and one situation even involved trade secrets for cell phones which could have cost his country over TWO BILLION DOLLARS through USC. That's because the traffickers are placing the children of the prostitutes in colleges across the USA.

Mr. Kerry - Bill Wilson was the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. More than that, he's the man who is responsible for the fact we now see alcoholism as a disease requiring treatment - not a moral issue or a vice.

I'm the person who did the same with respect to prostitution. When I started our work back in the 1980's - this country didn't even recognize sex trafficking. Prostitution was called a "victimless crime" which you can see the tone of the time in my talk shows on this link. I created not only the first hotline, but the first court set up to provide treatment to these victims, the first safe house for adults, and changed the attitude of this country to realizing these women needed help in order to leave prostitution - not to be judged for situations they couldn't control.

There is a Brief right now being heard in the Chicago District Court which is asking the court to rule that sex trafficking doesn't even exist - that it's all a big "hoax". Something I don't think you're aware of Mr. Kerry. The lawsuit is Backpage vs. Tom Dart. They're basing this lawsuit on the fact no reputable cases of sex trafficking are being reported. However, they aren't being reported by people where the charges will stand up because every time we do - we're shut down, threatened, stalked, harassed, and some of these people have even been drug into court and given gag orders by the traffickers lawyers.

So Mr. Kerry - how much longer do you want to keep ignoring me? You ignored me during Joohoon's trial and now after everything he's done he's on probation and driving a limo in Las Vegas unsupervised. Yep. A sex trafficker is now driving a limo in Las Vegas and hasn't been even charged with sex trafficking.

Something I think you should be discussing while you're discussing laws on this issue don't you think?


Saturday, July 30, 2016


I came across this Appeal today online.  file:///C:/Users/Loren/Downloads/backpage_v_dart_7th_cir.pwwdf

However, here's the previous briefs in the matter:

November 2015 -

Here's another brief I can't find a date on -

The case started out as a "free speech" matter from what I'm reading.  Then somehow morphed into saying that "sex trafficking doesn't exist".

You read these and tell me what you think.

I've been trying to figure out WHY these fakes have been allowed into the media while the TRUE stories are being suppressed for years now.  One of the members of our board told me that what's happening here he's "seen before".

He told me he saw the same thing happening with respect to child sexual abuse down to a "t".  Slamming the media with story after story of "false memories" and "debunking satanic abuse" to the point where now if you even so much as mention "satanic abuse" people will roll their eyes at you and say "we've already debunked all of that".

Well no they haven't.  Just because there's been a few false cases doesn't not mean there aren't some which are real.

I myself have been wondering why the press has been INSISTING upon bringing on people who are being disproved as fakes AND covering they're fakes - while I can't so much as get a word in edgewise about the REAL stories.

Case in point here:

Story debunking Samoly Mam correct?

This ran on the cover.

Yet when I've tried to reach out to the same reporters, the same publication, about doing a story with respect to REAL sex trafficking - I can't get a return phone call.

I can see what the bricks are building here.  Can you?

Sunday, July 24, 2016


I got to wondering today what ever happened to the men who "turned me out" into prostitution back in the late 1970's.  I was watching a documentary about Richard Pryor which prompted the walk down memory lane.

I had long suspected Weldon had opened the furniture store in Dallas, Texas.  Weldon was looked at as the "head" of the crime family which got me involved in prostitution.    I suspected it was him because there was never any social media for the place, no phone, no website, nothing that a business man should have when I found the listing for the furniture store years ago online.  Remembering Weldon's refusal to be photographed, or to get near a phone, it was all the more reason why I believed that it was "the" Weldon who had left to go back to Texas that was now at the furniture store.

There was Larry, and also "B.B." as they called another brother.  I'll never forget B.B. because he stole some money out of the cash register one day and then blamed me for the shortage.  I trucked up to the house and told Weldon it wasn't me which struck up more of a friendship between us.  Seems B.B. has passed away -

As has Larry.  I lost track of him when he was sentenced on a heroin charge after Tina had died of an overdose.  He looks different in the photo without the huge afro he had in 1979 - but I can tell by the photo that this is Larry.  He had named his dog "Rerun" because of his videotaping business in the club.   It appears Larry had found God and become a minister also (I've been ordained as well.)

Seems Weldon's wife ran into some trouble in 2010.  The news said she had a "conviction for prostitution from the 1970's".  THIS by the way is what we talk about in Sex Workers Anonymous as "post-prostitution syndrome".  That if you don't have a spiritual transformation after leaving prostitution - those old ways are right there under the surface.  Looking at her fur collection she showed the media - yep old ways die hard.

Also going to show that you can run a church today - but it doesn't mean you're in recovery.  All the more reason why we find the 12 step recovery process invaluable.

PS - I haven't finished my genealogical research yet to tie Kenneth into the "family"


The "poverty industry" has to go!

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Think about where you are now. Then check out these early talk shows from 1987 - 1992.

This was the first time the American public was hearing anyone talk about the idea we were not "Happy Hookers", that most of us could not quit alone, and there were those of us being "forced" (remember we didn't have the word "trafficking back in that time time). to be in prostitution who required someone to step in and GET HELP TO GET US OUT.

Remember how we used to be viewed only and solely as either "criminals" who needed to be locked up and chased off the block because we were a "threat to decent society" OR we were thought of like we were all living large at the Playboy Mansion.

Remember Dorothy Stratton? She was in Playboy and Peter Bogdonovich was a director who had wanted to make her the next Marilyn Monroe. Her pimp/husband had picked her up working at a hamburger joint at 16 years old, got her to run off and marry him, while he pimped her. When he saw his meal ticket leaving him for Peter - he took a shotgun to both her and himself.

The media looked at this like a unique case of "domestic violence" rather than what it was - a case of woman trapped in the sex industry with no way out provided her. It was one pimp or the other and she had no way out.

People thought because she didn't have a gun to her head 24/7, didn't have a needle in her arm, and wasn't standing on a street corner that she didn't need help. Society looked at her like she had an "ideal" life back then - not that she was trapped within the sex industry between two pimps with no way out.

Why? Because what she did was "legal". We've seen how the drug addict knows no difference between the street drug and precriptions. So too can sex trafficking exist where sex work is legal and illegal. It can also exist within the sex INDUSTRY - not limited to prostitution. Dorothy was a porn model and performer and what she did was legal. Her husband couldn't be arrested for "trafficking" because what he was doing was also perfectly legal.

This is why men like Sheldon Adelson, Dennis Hof, Joe Conforte, Joe Richards, Lance Gilman, and even Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook and Google with Oculus - the 3D virtual interactive porn process courtesy of Google are trying so desperately to try and make people think sex trafficking is limited to street prostitution - and not something inherent within the sex industry itself which is far more broad than just the act of physical intercourse for money.

Which is why we can't limit help to only those men and women arrested for prostitution anymore than just the men caught offering cash for sex. That limited system wouldn't have helped Dororthy Stratton. Nor the ground breaking case of Linda Lovelace when she told the world she'd been forced to film "Deep Throat" while her pimp/husband pointed a gun at her off camera to make her do the film on a mob financed set where not one person would lift a finger to stop what was happening.

How has this changed from this year when James Deen filmed his rape of a woman anally while the others on the exclusively male set of the "film" APPLAUDED when she was spouting blood everywhere from her ruptured colon? All on the set of a legally produced film where prostitution wasn't even the issue. Nor was "force" for that matter. Not in the sense she voluntarily walked onto that set to shoot an adult film.

Then the AVN has the absolute balls to the wall nerve to tell yet another actress who said she was raped by Jamee Deen that if she didn't stand on stage next to him to present adult film awards that SHE'D BE in "violation of her contract and liable for legal damages!

Our hotline has been answering calls since 1987 now - and I can assure you more men and women are being barred from leaving the sex industry, legal or not, prostitution or not, because of porn photos of them online over arrest records for prostitution. Licenses and work permits are being refused because of one photo taken 10 years ago or longer which has a legal model release barring them from having the photos/video taken down.

Which has now gone to the whole next level of insanity when women now are being arrested for prostitution and labeled as "sex offenders" if they can't produce a "trafficker" to blame. Our fellowship right now has over 100 women being forced to tell their employers (if they can get an employer being labeled a sex offender) they are "registered sex offenders", their landlords, their neighbors, and they're being restricted as to where they live and even walk just like any child molester.

While men like Joohoon David Lee, a Homeland Security/ICE officer finally caught using his office to go to China, then Korea, fly his victims on taxpayer's money back to the USA right PAST LAX security now trained to identify sex trafficking victims who are sending back home his "competition", and then force them to work in massage parlors in Las Vegas while the trafficking task force had not only shut down, but was further blocking our involvement in the task force (for obvious reasons now). Then he's only charged with "bribery" because we STILL DON'T have laws on our books allowing us to charge him with trafficking and he's retiring on his pension and having gotten probation.

Not just for trafficking those women, blocking our outreach in the area which would might have helped those victims using his position on the trafficking task force, but also he's the reason why 24 women who the only way we could get them out of the private property they were housed in while being forced to work as prostitutes on mattresses on the floor, were released right back into the arms of their traffickers instead of being questioned by ICE to see if they were trafficking victims, and their VISA'S verified to see if they were even valid as is required by law for just that reason - to give them a chance to see if they were being trafficked or not.

But no - the men who need to be arrested aren't just "johns". But they're "johns" who are also cops. Cops who are also pimping this girl who was working as a prostitute clear back until she was 12 years old when she can't even "legally consent" so it's not just prostitution but in fact then rape. Cops in charge of the not only the trafficking task force which did everything in their power to shut own our local chapter in Oakland so we couldn't get help to this woman to leave this situation safely - but who were also in charge of the "dear john letter" campaign to "end demand".

Our protests this did NOTHING to "end demand" were ignored and shot down because of what they turned "end demand" into - legalized blackmail. Pay the cops or your face goes up on a billboard, your wife hears about it, your boss hears about it, and what's more important than the blackmail is the fact the "john letter end demand" program was used to shut down the "competition" so the cop/pimp had the "market" to himself.

Now who are the other "johns" going to take their money to while this is going on? Are they going to pay the cop/pimp to get a woman they know won't get them exposed, arrested, "shamed" - or are they going to risk arrest and public shame to go with their "competition"? Meaning how does the woman leave this?

Is she going to get arrested and put into an alternative sentencing program like Project Rose was doing? Not when the cops are calling her up telling her where not to go so she isn't arrested. Now was she being "warned" when this happens or further having her way out of this further blocked?

I ask you - how is Sex Workers Anonymous supposed to help a man or woman leave the sex industry when they're being forced to be there not only by a "pimp" or "trafficker", but by the police themselves? Cops who were raping them, forcing them to go back into sex work to get their "information", stalking them, and when our program members file complaints on their behalf to Internal Affairs WE'RE the ones being threatened by the cops with "5150" charges, stalking charges, TRO's filed, etc. Where even when we've recorded the threats we've got Chief's of Police threatening us with 5150 charges if we keep talking to these women reaching out to us for help. We've got reporters telling us if they write about this they'll be fired because their boss has threatened to fire them if they print the truth with some reporters saying they're even being physically threatened by cops.

Right now our programs' chapter leaders are finding themselves being threatened when they so much as even return these women's phone calls calling our hotline for help with things like 5150, or stalking charges. We have one chapter where the court came in, slapped her with a TRO, and then came and took her legally owned gun she had for protection, when a victim ran from these pimp/john/cops to her house asking for sanctuary. When that wasn't enough they went to her neighbors "investigating" her, her clients, her business associates, etc. Making it so hard for her that she had to pick up and move out of the city.

We've got prosecutors who stopped approving women from coming to our program instead of jail because they preferred to terrorize them with the idea of jail to get them to offer him sex instead of jail (Stuart Dunning).

Our Ohio chapter got shut out of the local trafficking task force there bacause they found it more lucrative to traffick teens in the safe house there right out of the program.

The traffickers aren't just using women as prostitutes either as their means of exploitation. Oh no - they're having them get hired at major media outlets such as CNN, Huffington and Washington Post, the LA Times and the OC Register so they can push their agendas in the media even further to get prostitution legalized, as well as make the public think trafficking doesn't exist within "legal" sex work.

It started with the media promoting Samoly Mam s "a sex trafficking survivor and advocate" when she was a "catfish". William Hillar being built up to get "Taken" presented as reality. Then we had the bogus "Kevin Brown" claiming h had "found God" and he had a "ranch out in the desert where he was taking women who choose to go with him to "be saved in 8 minutes".

Reporters who never questioned his address for his "church" was a bunch of empty doctor's offices. Nor why they were chasing after a 17 year old prostitute name "Sweets" they were trying to "take to the ranch for rehabilitation" when he's had no formal counseling training being a retired cop, instead of 20 minutes down the highway right to Children of the Night, who has a golden track record and facility after 30 years of providing wonderful help to juveniles with a fully properly trained staff. Those questions never seemed to come to the reporters mind. Nor why they were shunning any of our 30 years of experience and help in this so called "outreach" of theirs.

What's going on right now in the USA is totally mimicking what was going on with the drug cartel in Columbia during the 1990's. That's when the cartel owned the government, they knew every call going into the hotline and would dispatch goons to go and shut them up once making the call to the authorities, and the dealers weren't behind bars but actually in the government like we saw with Pablo Escobar.

Out here in Alameda I saw the HEAT task force spend $1,000,000 on billboards where instead of using hotlines like ours or Children of the Nights, they diverted calls to an answering service no one answered, and the website went to a bus schedule for six months. When I went to the Board of Supervisors to let them know this and offered to repair the problem for them - I was shunned and barred from even ATTENDING the task force meetings.

I watched while Snoop Dogg got up in the Rolling Stone magazine and BRAGGED about his "rolling TV brothel" where he "turned out whores from one coast to the next" as a trafficker. The law by the way does state consent doesn't matter nor does the receipt of money. Our hotline got a call from a Nevada senator ASKING US to do a rescue of a pregnant woman from Snoop's trafficking network at our expense and risk. When I asked why they didn't use their police and resources - I was told "we can't rescue her because if we did then we'd have to charge him wth trafficking".


I've got victims of his ready, willing and eager to prosecute him for sex trafficking. BEGGING for his arrest. Yet not one prosecutor will even consider so much as a pandering charge. No - they step back and do nothing while Snoop's gone on to form a youth football league where he's hiring the young men as drivers for his youth football league and he's auditioning female teenage CHEERLEADERS for God's sake!

PLEASE VEDNITA - tell them what is really going on out there and how the whole system needs a complete overhaul. Michael Horowitz, the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 which gave trafficking federal recognition in the first place - has said the "movement has been hijacked".

Let me tell you - while whole teams are being set up to go out and arrest men and women advertising prostitution on Craigslist and Backpage while COMPLETELY ignoring Sex Workers' Anonymous saying not only is this NOT the way to fight trafficking, but it sure isn't going to help these women exit prostitution and escape trafficking either - has anyone considered that's the POINT?

Just as big tobacco used to promote "youth prevention campaign" which in reality was marketing to tobacco to youth - guess what's happening to all those women being harassed about street and internet prostitution? THEY'RE TURNING TO WORK AT THE LEGAL BROTHELS where the Cupcake Girls has just cleared the way for those with prostitution convictions away so they can get licenses to work at the legal brothels and strip cubs.

The "john"? They're turning to OCULUS and other webcam options or things like Tinder which is impossible to track. The porn being banned from hotels? Just increasing subscriptions to Oculus. Just driving more women to go to work for Oculus where they "won't get arrested". But again while they're not getting arrested - they're also not being tested for HIV and they're not being court ordered into job training, counseling, and drug treatment so they can exit prostitution.

I've traced money for Turn Out the Red Light, Rachel Moran, and other so called "trafficking" programs where yes the money does trace back to donations from the Hunt Foundation, but it goes even deeper. In fact, every town where the Hunt Foundation has donated money to the local police force - trafficking has taken over that task force and trafficking is raging. Blackmail of the johns is racing. Our members, outreach workers, chapter leaders, and anyone trying to help the women to escape - they're being completely shunned and shut out by the police, the prosecutor's, the trafficking task forces, etc. Trafficking has taken over those same cities and there's no one to call for help. To prove this - even the police have filed a complaint against the police for blocking Internal Affairs complaints THEY'VE made being blocked by the powers that be by the ACLU -

Lenin called it "controlled opposition". These traffickers WANT everyone out chasing the "johns" not THEM because then they can keep up their own cover, but also keep up their blackmail and pushing the johns TO the traffickers away from the independents!

What we're watching here is IDENTICAL to when Al Capone used to shut down all the bathtub gin manufacturers so he could get control over the bootleg booze and control the market. Identical to when he had the politicians and the police in his back pocket - which our UK group tells me it's 100 TIMES WORSE over there! Our members over there are also saying they've got all this evidence against the child traffickers and the child pedophiles - but they also can't get anyone to pull the trigger and go after them over there either.

Which we've always stayed out of Vednita - focusing only on getting help to those who asked us for it. But HOW are we supposed to do that when they come to us for help and then WE'RE BEING SLAPPED WITH TRO'S, 5150 charges, smear campaigns, and campaigns that make the way the Chinese tried to smear KFC with the rumors of the deep fried rats look like kids games? I say that because even I am getting emails from people sending me copies of screen shots where so called "trafficking survivors" in this field are going around telling anyone who will listen that I'm PIMPING - active tense. Sure no one believes this nonsense and that's why they send me the screenshot - but the callers are telling me the threats are quite clear - "talk to Jody and you can kiss your career goodbye"

I just wanted to send you those tapes to show you how things have changed in many ways - good and bad - to consider while you're testifying over there at Parliament. You go give 'em hell Vednita!

It would have been nice if we'd been invited and could have gone with you -but it's cool. Our members are getting used to people acting like they don't exist simply because they don't want to go in front of a camera and expose their family, kids, husband, co-workers, etc. to the way people react when they hear you used to be in sex work, or they are choosing to not let their pimps know where they are. I mean not every survivor wants to spread their face and name all over the internet - especially if they have school age children.

My support goes with you Vednita. I would have loved to come and cheer you on - but our invite got lost in the mail.

PS - in looking at the panel - I don't see any white or Asian faces. So once again are there any white or Asian women who testified - or are we back to making it appear only women of color are victims? I say that because I heard on a Democracy Today interview where Tim Wise posed the "quickest way for a movement to lose support is to make it appear to be for people of color"

Friday, July 15, 2016



Wichita, Kansas

This is the contact information for a woman identifying herself as "Penelope" in Wichita, Kansas.

She contacted us saying she wanted a meeting for herself.  As we do with new members, we told her that all new members must go to a phone meeting and to be screened before we will tell them where our local group is, or give out phone numbers to any of our existing members.   She said she understood the reasons for that and got the codes from us for the phone meetings.

Since this is basically a screening process, she came to the meeting.   Then said she wanted to start her own local Wichita meeting if we didn't have one going "already".  I wasn't going to tell her anything about our local activities until I figured out what was up with her.  First of all, NO ONE comes to one phone meeting and then pipes up with "Hey I want to start a meeting".

I then told her the cost of sending her "Recovery Guides" and literature for a new meeting.   Like others who are trying to scope us out for information - she was claiming she "had no funds".  Again, someone with "no funds" doesn't generally pop up wanting to start up a local meeting.   Getting more suspicious, I continued not to talk about our existing group in that area or members.

Next thing I know she's telling me she's "been talking to the local courts and jails" out there which really cinched it.  NO ONE who is new to SWA in thirty YEARS comes to one phone meeting and then charges out to talk to the local authoriies.  Our typical members take months just to get up the guts to come to a meeting.   Then after coming to a meeting it takes weeks for them to get up the guts to call new members.  It takes usually a YEAR before someone feels confident enough to start a physical live meeting.  Most ex-prostitutes are TERRIFIED at the idea of talking to the local authorities - so things aren't making sense here at all.

She asks me for meeting materials - which I explain I can't give her free printed copies.  She's going to have to work with ebooks until the group gets going.

Then she says she's "working" and doesn't come to the next phone meeting.  Now someone this busy and this broke doesn't have the time or money to be start a new chapter.  I notice she's not asking me anything about how to run a group, how to work the steps, how to work with new members, etc.  Typical questions coming out of someone starting a new meeting.

Third week too "busy working" to come to the phone meeting.  She's not calling me or emailing.  I'm not giving her anyone's contact information until I can screen her out better because something's "fishy" here.

Sure enough I get that gut feeling something is wrong so I go online to search out what's going on with her email address.  I find this website which says she's starting up not a SWA meeting - but a "12 step meeting".  I check with AA's General Office and they haven't granted consent for anyone else to be adapting their steps to any programs for those coming out of the sex industry.   Most people don't realize local groups don't need to do things like incorporate or get business licensing because that is something the "service boards" do that's not a part of the program itself.   I check with the state and I don't see she's applied for any legal paperwork to be starting her own 12 step groups.

Wichita, Kansas is an interesting spot.  It's got such high corruption a special grant was issued by the federal government to set up special investigations into it.

We started hearing about the Triad's trafficking in massage parlors back in 2009.  Officer Jim Stewart was trying to get some arrests - but he kept being fought back by other COPS.  To help the women in these parlors, he literally waited until he retied.  Then got a job with the zoning department where he was able to finally gather enough evidence to make his 2013 arrests.  Arrests where the pimps were so cocky they threatened both the arresting cop, the judge, and threw some threats my way even.  One of the women involved got probation while another got only two years - just about due to be out now if not already.

It also appears things are heating up in the massage activity there so much the city council is looking at passing new laws.

Which means more women are going to be getting arrested for prostitution up there.  Meaning the traffickers might be interested in setting up a "faux" meeting of SWA just to make things harder for real victims to escape.

I used to see this all the time in the sex industry.  I call it "trap exit doors".  Traffickers set up FAKE escape routes.  That way if someone is even THINKING about leaving, or calling the cops, they know about it.

One of the things they used to do was to run fake "help wanted" ads in the industry papers.  The idea was if they were thinking about jumping ship - they would call around looking for a new agency.  Only these guys used one of their phone numbers so they knew when a woman was calling around looking for a way out.

They used to do the same with "rescuers".  Have a guy say "if you ever want to go to the police - you let me know and I'll take you".  Only that's just so they tell him when they're thinking about leaving or going to the cops and then they deal with it.

The Triad does the same thing - they set up "fake exit doors" for women to think it's the way out and it all leads to them.  It's why they've bought their own drug treatment programs.  They know women are likely to say something when they're going through withdrawal.  By owning the drug program - they make sure she's not going to call 911 at 2:00 a.m. when she's having a hard night of detox.

Buyer beware.  The reason why I put my name on the group's thats ours is so that our members know what's REALLY  ours and what's NOT.

I don't know what's going on with this Butterfly Group - but that's just the problem.  Why would she be setting up her own group without at least trying to partner with us for resources and advice as well as support?  No - she got close enough to try and scout out information and paperwork and then she sneaks around and sets up this site?  She not only didn't say anything about that to us, but she refused all my requests to speak to her in any way for weeks before I wrote this.

Approach this meeting and person with caution.  Just my opinion but something is very wrong here.  I do not believe she was honest with us.  I don't believe she's another ex-prostitute nor do I believe this group is on the "up and up".  Not when everything connected to it was so deceitful.