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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


When I saw how Hillary invited the group into her platform, but she won't even acknowledge our group even exists?  Nah - you might have been fooled America into thinking this was a grass roots African American group, but I wasn't.  I tried to go to their meetings, and talk to their leaders - and no go.  They would not allow me to know where events were being held.  A true American grass roots groups would have.  "Black Lives Matters" was created by a college student and championed on college campuses - where they take advantage of youth who don't know their history.  If I can get people who are still alive from the Black Panthers on the phone, but I can't get someone from Black Lives Matters on the phone to speak about the way African American women are being targeted in police stings where they are told by police they have to claim their husbands are their pimps or they'll come take their children by law enforcement - I'm sorry but THAT'S AN ISSUE IMPORTANT TO AMERICAN AFRICAN AMERICANS.  So I knew when I couldn't even get a return phone call from this group they were full of shit.  It's just another manufactured group to get people to join what I call "false opposition".  Stopping traffic?  Oh my that really changed things.  I know what I hear from REAL AMERICAN BLACK WOMEN - and you can see this any time you walk into any jail or prison in this country. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017


What a joke!  Shared Hope is soon releasing a "report card" on how Nevada is "addressing the issue of child sex trafficking".  Yet Shared Hope provides NO, absolutely NO "direct services" to juvenile victims of sex trafficking in Nevada. 

However, we do.  We have been for years until a few people decided to "monetize" the issue about 2013.  That's when you saw the fund raisers, and the rallies, and the film productions, and even the "reality show" where Annie Lombert dressed up in a showgirl costume, paraded around the strip waving a sign saying "Jesus Loves Hookers"and Bravo gave her a reality show for about one episode (until they found out there was no "program" she was offering - just self promotions and fund raising through her church). 

They had Annie even testifying at the child sex trafficking hearings back then, instead of us, and even though she wasn't working with any actual juvenile victims, because she was helping Judge Voy back then raise his $2 million dollars for the "residential juvenile program" which still hasn't been opened.  You know - the house with 14 beds that's supposed to help save all the teen prostitutes of Nevada while there's actually 1000's of teens in the state who need residential programs because their own mothers are usually the ones who "turned them out" in the first place. 

But you see we get silenced because when we talk about the ACTUAL juvenile prostitutes, and sex trafficking victims in Nevada we service - it's not the pimps who shockingly we say is the true problem in Nevada - but instead Metro.  Take a look at the recent news George Knapp finally was able to get out about how Chris Baughman, supposed "sex trafficking crusader" was actually taking his own daughter over to Molly Mall's house, while at the same time screwing the DA who was for some reason only focusing on prosecuting Molly's "competitors" in the name of "fighting sex trafficking". 

For years we were trying to enlighten people that in our fight against sex trafficking in Nevada, we weren't fighting African American men with velvet capes, but instead men like Joohon David Lee, an ICE agent, who was also a Homeland Security officer and on the human trafficking task force while at the same time flying trafficking victims in from China and Korea to be trafficking using his badge to waltz them right past airport security.  A man who can't even be prosecuted for sex trafficking because he performed his trafficking while "on the job" and the "company dime".  Who now he's convicted is driving a limo for Charles Horkey as part of his probation, a man convicted also of sex trafficking who used his limos to target wealthy "johns" to knock them out with GHB in the back of those limo's, max out their credit cards, pump them for government secrets, pose them with strippers in compromising positions to blackmail them, and then when they tried to report their victimization to the police - the police threaten THEM with "what the public exposure of a scandal" would do to them. 

I'm writing to see if you'd be interested in a story about what REAL "child sex trafficking" looks like in Nevada - not the hype being churned out by Central Casting because Shared Hope is pushing their "report card" so they can get a huge government grant to "help" these "poor victims" that are being fabricated because Nevada's trying to make sure no one see's who the real victims are, what their real traffickers look like and are, because then people within our police, court's, would be the ones going to jail instead of more African American's.

We still run the oldest, and largest, hotline and program to help men, women, and transgenders leave the sex industry, and escape sex trafficking that's been based out of Nevada since the 1990's now.  We are the true "voice of the voiceless" because we're even banned from events called "voices of the voiceless".

You know - it's just coming out now about what men like Weinstein are like because it's wealthy, powerful, white adult women who aren't sex workers, strippers, porn performers, etc.   But I can assure you men like him, even him, do so much more damage than anyone will ever talk about to the minority, sex workers, because they can't even get onto a new show or their Twitter with 2   million followers to talk about how "they've been silenced". 

How about listening to those victims who are TRULY SILENCED? Victims who are being so hidden, that there was even a whole mass media campaign once funded by wealthy people like John McCain whose headline was "There's no Such Thing" as a "juvenile prostitute".  Really?  That's funny because we got a whole chapter of them right here in Nevada!

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Trump wants to file an "antitrust" lawsuit? IT'S ABOUT TIME! Free speech? We haven't had "free speech" since the 1995 Telecommunications Act allowed the corporations to take over, i.e., men like Harvey Weinstein who use the major media to cover up their tracks! Hats off to Ronan Farrow! How he managed to get the truth out is a story in itself! Bravo! Now maybe there's hope to get "our" stories out!

Sunday, October 8, 2017


This complaint, along with the Celeste Guap case, and even my own experience, is why the police departments don't want to look at what REAL modern American sex trafficking is - because it involves looking in the mirror instead of another excuse to demonize the African American male and target their families for police harassment.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Shortly after Dennis Hof announced he was running for the Senate - a woman calling herself "Jennifer O'Kane" starts blasting all over social media that she was "raped by Dennis Hof" and inviting other victims to CONTACT HER.  Not to CONTACT THE POLICE.   Not to CONTACT A LAWYER.  But to contact HER about the case.  


Good question.  She says she was "raped by Dennis Hof and she wants to build a class action lawsuit so she needs other victims to contact her".  Interesting.  

Because I've dealt with REAL sex workers and REAL trafficking victims both out of Nevada since the 1980's I know a little bit about this subject.   Especially since I've also worked as a paralegal for 30 years now.  Why a paralegal?  Because most attorneys' won't go near defending one of us because of what it will do to their reputation - that's why.  Another reason they won't is because if you're good at defending us - the government tries to put you out of business.

Take for example Mitchell J. Stein.  His paralegal also is on the board of Safe Passage.  They help REAL trafficking victims.  NOT FAKE ONES like Chong Kim, Rachel Moran, Samoly Mam, and a few others I can name who are complete fabrications designed to either generate a lot of cash in donations, or spread a lot of propaganda about sex work and trafficking, or both and/or snitches.  
Yes "snitches".  Because another common tactic law enforcement uses these days is to create false "advocates" who claim to be "survivors" who use that to try and pump people out of information that's then subpoena and then they're forced to testify against the people they had said they were "advocating" for.  So I'm not saying that all of these "snitches" are voluntary - some are just drug into it involuntarily - but testify against the sex worker is still what they're doing in the end result who told them things in confidence thinking they were protected on that level and they were not.  

Anyway, back in 2013, when a lot of trafficking laws were being passed, I remember a woman from Finland who came to the states claiming to be a "photojournalist".  She claimed she was wanting to do a "photojournalist art project of sex trafficking victims" and she wanted to photograph "real" sex trafficking victims for an "international magazine spread".  

This woman showed me a portfolio and I verified she was working at a Finnish magazine, but when she showed up to meet with me - she didn't have a camera with her.  When I asked where it was, she said it had been "stolen from his hostel room".  Now any PHOTOJOURNALIST I've ever met has $1,000's of dollars in equipment and they're not going to leave that in a hostel, but will pay for a room.  

I suspected a "catfish" situation, so I handed her my camera.  I asked her to show me how to operate it and she couldn't!  I got a lame excuse about her "not knowing my camera" and then she started pushing me to meet members we'd rescued.   I told her that if she wanted to "photograph victims" then we needed to go down to Metro and see what they were bringing into the jail about midnight.  Then I wanted to take her to Judge Voy's courtroom and let her talk to teens there being treated like animals.  She refused.  Not making sense here.  

I had just learned to use Google image search so I ran her portfolio through it and found that voila!  Her photos were stock bought from three different photographers - so not hers.  I called back the magazine who said she was there only a short time as a free "intern" and they'd never seen her work.  I had a friend pull her cell phone records and interestingly - her phone calls for that week were only to three people.  

One was Melissa Farley and the other was Dennis Hof.  I threatened to file charges against her for fraud which would prevent her from going back home if she didn't tell me what the hell was going on.  So have I "threatened" people?  You're damn right I have.  Here's a woman asking me to be introduced to people who have ESCAPED sex trafficking which would expose their new address and appearance to being sent back to the people they just escaped from.  

So yeah I wanted to know what her story was.  Her answer was quite interesting which I got from her in writing before I agreed to not file charges and keep her in this country.   But let's just say some people go to very extreme lengths to find out where women who have left the sex industry go when they quit and want to be left alone and not drug back into the business.  

As well as to get evidence out of your hands you have to prosecute someone with.  It's a well known tactic I've seen to contact people who are about to file charges against someone like the police department for sex trafficking, and a "reporter" will contact them wanting to see their evidence.  They show it and voila!  The evidence is suddenly just gone.  Either that or they're silenced.  

I had this one pulled on me in 1984.  I was approached by producers giving me a song and dance about a movie and a book they were going to do based on my experiences.  I signed their contracts and nothing happened.  When I was asked to do interviews, they told me I had signed a contract and I couldn't do so unless they approved - which they never approved.  I had a director friend of mine contact me saying he'd heard I'm signed an agreement which basically "shut me up".  I asked him what he was talking about and he starts laughing.  

This was before the internet readers - so you have to understand I had no idea that Republic Pictures didn't PRODUCE anything!  They strictly marketed John Wayne movies.  My friend educated me that what I had signed was a "silence" agreement.  I've since seen this used on many people like "Heather" who shot Neal Falls.  Where did she go?  

According to a call I got some supposedly her on a phone which was in her house so I believe it was her - she had also been approached by producers talk about the movies they were going to make about her, only she'd also been locked into a "silence" agreement instead!

Back to attorneys' however, look at Jeane Palfrey's attorney, Montgomery Sibley.  He was disbarred and chased down to Florida for defending her case well at first.  The man who defended me in my case had his life threatened more than once by people trying to get him to drop my defense.  They confiscated my money so I couldn't pay him for ages also.  If we hadn't of been family friends for years - I wouldn't have had an attorney helping me.   But my point being I've seen the extent some people will go to in order to silence people they want to silence.  

What threw me about Jennifer's accusation against Dennis is she didn't come to me, she went to Melissa Woodward SUPPOSEDLY.  I say "supposedly" because I've got a stack of phone numbers of real live sex workers telling me that THEY called Melissa at Awaken for help and they didn't even get a return phone call - but supposedly Jennifer not only got through to her - but got advice on what to do about Dennis raping her.  


So what was the "advice" Melissa Woodward supposedly gave Jennifer O'Hare about being raped by Dennis?  Well the first thing I'd do of course would be to make sure she went to the nearest hospital, ER, or called an ambulance to have a rape kit taken.  Now granted Nevada hasn't been testing rape kits for a while - but that's still what you need to do in order to gather and preserve evidence.  Now considering how many women in Nevada, and men, have told me they've been raped, I well know that there are no laws in Nevada REQUIRING law enforcement to take, keep track of, test, etc., these kits.  There's 1,000's of them sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.  So while yes I would tell someone to go to the nearest ER to get a rape kit taken - I personally would also advise anyone telling me they were raped in Nevada by anyone, not just Dennis Hof, but anyone, to be sure to get a duplicate set of that evidence taken, and to send it to an independent lab outside of Nevada yourself.  

What I mean by that is NOT Quest Diagnostics.  I've seen people connected to the legal brothel industry, and sex trafficking, SHOW ME with my OWN EYES that they can alter test results out of Quest Diagnostics just by pushing a few buttons.  They do this why?  TO PROTECT THEMSELVES from things like DNA gathered at crime scenes, etc.  

Now if you can't get to a hospital right away, still go when you can.  The other thing of course is to CALL THE POLICE AND MAKE A REPORT.  Real simple right?  Because the DA's office can't file a case against someone if they don't make a police report.  The DA does NOT file CIVIL cases - only criminal.  So for the "DA" in Nevada to have charged Dennis Hof, a police report has to be filed.  And filed within 2 years when it's a rape accusation.  

So here's where Jennifer and Melissa's story began to unravel and bother me.  Supposedly Melissa Woodward had "advised Jennifer to go to the Pahrump DA's office and file a criminal case" against Dennis Hof.  Okay, but the DA can't file anything without a police report first.  Then they need evidence.  If they don't have evidence they need a witness.  But they need SOMETHING.  Because if they don't get evidence, and a witness, and SOMETHING within 2 years of the rape - then the DA can't file a rape charge.  

On one hand Jennifer's telling me how "great Melissa was about taking her to the Pahrump DA's office" but then she's on the other hand telling me that (1) no police report was made, (2) no rape kit exists, and (3) no criminal charges filed.  I mean the DA can't just file a charge on someone - you need EVIDENCE and they won't file unless there's enough EVIDENCE to prosecute someone.

Jennifer tells me that she "escaped the rape by trying to climb out a window of the Bunny Ranch but then the other women beat her up so badly she couldn't get out".  But that after they beat her up, she managed to get out of the Bunny Ranch who LOCKS THEIR GATES and where it's AGAINST THE LAW TO LEAVE AT NIGHT because of curfew laws.  I asked her how she got out of the locked gates and considering the curfew laws - how did she get off the property then?  Then she says "oh the police were called".  Well which is it?  I'm getting conflicting stories here.  Which is not uncommon in rape and trauma victims - so that's not the problem here for me.  

But if the "other women" at the ranch beat her up, then THEY need to have police reports filed for assault and battery then.  Now if I was Melissa Woodward and I heard that "the other women beat me up so I couldn't leave" then I might advise Jennifer to file a police report against THOSE women for beating me up!  Because they're also witnesses to the rape right?  Meaning you'll need their names - which you can then get off the police report.  But I'm again now hearing there's "no police report".  

The DA is not going to again file a civil case against Dennis.  That's something a PRIVATE attorney has to do.  So in midstream Jennifer now claims it's a "civil action" she's filed against Dennis in the Pahrump court.  Okay that means that an attorney who is LICENSED TO PRACTICE IN PAHRUMP, and willing to go up against a judge who has been sitting on that bench for who knows how long.  Only that's just it - there's only ONE judge in Pahrump.  Now I've spoken to EVERY attorney who is licensed to appear in Pahrump (it's a short list) and NOT A ONE OF THEM IS WILLING TO SUE DENNIS HOF.  

If you want to know what type of cases the DA up in Pahrump sues over - check out the court calendar for that town:  What I see is a very very LONG list of people trying to get restraining orders.  Why?  But take a close look - and do you see an attorney in there also suing for a civil case on these cases?  

So to sue Dennis Hof you would have to bring in an outside attorney - someone from outside of Nevada who then has to get himself admitted to the Bar so he can then sue Dennis - which takes an out of state attorney.  I also know from experience that the Nevada DA's are not willing to sue ANYONE from the brothels either.  Again I know because WE'VE TALKED TO THEM.   To find a DA willing to prosecute the owners of the Shady Lady for what they were doing to the women there - we had to make a special arrangement with the CA US Attorney's office to do so.

Meaning if Melissa Woodward advised Jennifer to do what Jennifer is saying she did - she's either an idiot or lying or someone is yanking her chain because it just won't work that way.  And why Jennifer would then be PRAISING Melissa Woodward for sending her on a wild goose chase that led nowhere in the real world - I sure as hell have no idea.  

Because there's another problem in that WHO IS GOING TO REPORT ON IT?  Up until recently, I've talked to the staff who was at the Review Journal up until the sale of the paper a few years ago.  NO ONE at the RJ up until the sale of the paper would DARE  have published a story like this.  Not without PROOF to back up every single word Jennifer said as being true.  In fact, I don't know ANY reputable reporter who WOULD print a story like "Dennis Hof raped me and I'm suing him in court" who wouldn't say "can I see the paperwork please?" before agreeing to print the story.

So I'm asking Jennifer for the paperwork and she's not giving it to me - but she's asking me to believe her.  But ANY reputable reporter is going to do the same thing.  So this is a question that if you want to be BELIEVED,  then you're going to need paperwork.  

She tells me that "Monica Foster and Desi Foxx all know about my case".  I've never met Monica Foster in person.  Sure I've seen some pretty crazy videos she has online, but I've NEVER met this woman in person.  As for Desi, she used to have a lot of "anti-sex trafficking" websites up, but the woman never returned my phone calls and so I never met her in person either.  

And yes, Monica and Desi are printing some pretty elaborate stories about the so called "Dennis rape".  But I'm not seeing any PROOF.  I see a twitter post up about "here's my case number" supposedly, only when you open up the picture it's a letter from Dennis Hof's attorney telling her to "knock it off".  I can't say I blame him.  You don't go around saying someone "raped you" unless you have some kind of proof.  

So I contacted Dennis personally and asked him about Jennifer - to which he then did something illegal for any employer, or doctor even to do.  He then started telling me about Jennifer's "psychiatric history" basically and other personal medical issues about her and saying that's why he hasn't sued her yet to shut her up was because he was "feeling sorry for her and she needed help".  

You know what?  If Jennifer was a secretary who worked for Dennis at one point in time and started telling everyone about her personal medical history like that - that's illegal.  

But it didn't stop Dennis from posting other very PERSONAL details about past employees with Desi either if you note this article here -

You know what?  The sex industry likes to say "this is an industry" but then they don't want to FOLLOW INDUSTRY LAWS".  Meaning if this was ANY other type of business, you don't go shooting off your mouth about your past employees medical conditions, or things that led to their termination from your employ without expecting to get hit with a lawsuit.  

Which is why I've been saying for over 25 years now that the legal brothels in Nevada either need to have a UNION or they need to have an ADVOCATE, because they don't follow basic employment laws that any other employer has to follow while also claiming to be a "legitimate business".  Only you leave the employ of the brothels and guess what?  You're going to get blasted all over the internet - that's what.  Because I've seen other ex-employees of the ranches have their bosses totally violate labor laws by posting details about THEIR version about why this person left that is completely illegal.  

But yes I was seeing all over the internet how Monica and Desi were siding with Jennifer over this rape.  Only for MONTHS I asked to get a name, a phone number, a report, SOMETHING - and got nothing.

But boy Jennifer wanted to know if we knew anyone else who had been raped or harmed by Dennis Hof REAL bad.  She said she was trying to "file a class action lawsuit".  Okay that requires a special attorney.  That also requires FIVE  people with EVIDENCE  and WITNESSES.  So she's asking me to introduce her to people I know that have this, but she's not showing me anything back.  

Then I get a call months later from her saying "I have a case number".  Okay what is it?  It wasn't a case number.   Then it was - oh that's my attorney's phone number who is prosecuting the case.  Okay who is your attorney?  She won't tell me but she wants me to call this phone number AND have other victims call this number.  Again, why would I expose other people to being identified until I've verified this story is even real?  

I had the shock of the century when I met a reporter last night for the Review Journal who is part of a new hire that I believe is a REAL investigative journalist.  Someone who would DO HIS HOMEWORK but also publish the truth if he saw it.  He says he "wants to talk to anyone victimized in Nevada".  Okay well let's let him talk to Jennifer.  

Her phone is disconnected.  Her twitter account is down.  I go to Monica's social media and the only thing up are some youtube video.  I found all media for Desi Fox has just disappeared also.  All of Desi's old sites go to porn sites now that don't even have her name on them.  

What does that mean?  I don't know.  Maybe they're all hiding in fear or maybe it was another catfish bullshit story designed to flush out REAL victims so they could be threatened into silence before Dennis runs for Senate.  

So Jennifer, Desi or Monica - I have found a REAL reporter who will publish the FACTS, if you have them, in Nevada, which has been impossible to do for the last 10 years - and if you have information for him to review I'm sure he'd review it.   

But you're nowhere to be found.  


If you're raped in Nevada - call an ambulance or go to ER and get a rape kit done.   Get a second set of evidence to take to an outside of Nevada lab that isn't Quest Diagnostics.  That's the FIRST thing to do.  

Or call the police.  They have to also make sure an ambulance is called to do a medical exam if you're raped.  Get a report.  Get a copy of that report.  Then make sure you take it to the local DA's office who, like in the OJ case, is going to tell you you'll need a good attorney to file a civil case.  Why?  Because there's evidence you can't get for a criminal case that you can get if a civil case is going.  Remember, OJ lost on the criminal case but won on the civil case.  So they're DIFFERENT.  

You have only TWO YEARS to file a complaint within or that's it - it's over.  You also have to realize if you sue a corporation, there's also other laws which mean you might have to get permission to sue them before you can sue them.  If the police are involved, you have only six months time to file a complaint.  

But remember this, on the show "Cathouse", a prison guard in Nevada was uncovered as also being an actor on that show and it cost him his job.  Dennis has friends with people like John Hambrick - men who men like Chris Edwards in the house are saying are "intimidating" him and "bullying their way into the speaker of the house" seat - his words not mine.  

Joohoon David Lee, with Homeland Security, ICE and the trafficking task force is now driving a limo with CLS limo, the same limo service Dennis uses.   Joohoon is IMMUNE from prosecution for sex trafficking because he did it while ON THE JOB.  Catch this - IMMUNE FROM PROSECUTION.  The only thing he could be charged with was bribery by a Mr. H. (whoever that is).  A "Mr. H" who wasn't charged at all in that case.  

Dennis is running for Senate.  He's donated checks to the US Attorney.  In other words, he has a lot of "friends" so do you really think you should go walking to the the Pahrump's police, court or DA's office to make a complaint without a really good lawyer, and a really good recorder, going. 

The KARDASHIAN PRESS PERSON during the Lamar Odom case has told the world Dennis told her to "shut the fuck up" and didn't care about what the PR person for the Kardashians' said because he knew he was going to have the ears of the press, not her.

Now, do you REALLY think you should be going up there rattling cages unless you had a really good team of backup behind you first?  

Why do you think we operate this hotline at  If you need help, and something has happened to you and I don't care WHO did it to you - you contact us for help and you'll get that help.  Most important I know that we know how to GET you that help - not send you off on wild goose chases and then a few months down the road you've disappeared off social media.  

Great job Melissa Woodward.  You really showed Jennifer O'Kane how to prosecute Dennis Hof for rape!  You really "advocated" for Jennifer didn't you?  Only, as usual, I don't see jack shit in reality out of you Melissa but that everyone's gone and I don't see any charges - so like usual I don't know what the hell you're doing over at Awaken but the victims who call me for help say you don't lift a finger to help them. 

Now maybe you help some burned out street prostitutes that are cast off's of the legal brothels - but you sure as hell don't seem to do a finger for someone trying to get out of the sex industry in Nevada.  If you did - where's Jennifer?  

Where's Dennis being "drug off in handcuffs"? 

Now I think Dennis revealing private medical information about an ex-employee was illegal and wrong.  But I sure as hell don't see him being arrested for rape - so one has to ask - WHY was Jennifer all over social media trying to get "other" victims to come forward?  Where are they?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Okay you've read the "trash Jody" site up at and you don't know what to think.  

(again don't visit that site from your computer - go to a public internet cafe or library and use a public computer on a public internet to visit that site.)

I've told you everything on there is a lie, and that certain people behind it are using that site to try and capture the IP address of everyone who comes to our site.  I say I can show you PROOF that the two women who claim to be behind that website were "snitches".  Plain and simple.  That's what that website is - that site is being used to relay information on who is reaching out to us for help in order to capture information I won't give to the police, the FBI, CIA, or anyone else in law enforcement.

You don't know WHAT to believe.  

So what do you do?

I know this - for TEN YEARS I've not found a reporter who was willing to tell the truth, even if it cost him his job.  Even if it meant he was going to have his life threatened.  Because for 10 years I've had reporters tell me they can't publish the stories I've brought them because either they would "be fired" or they were being threatened into silence if they tried.  

I've found a lot of "fake" reporters who say they want to tell your story, who use that to get you to sign releases that then are used by lawyers to shut you up.  

I've found reporters who say they'll print your story and then they chicken out the minute their job, or their lives, are threatened.  

I've found reporters who tell you they're going to tell your story to get at your evidence which then disappears overnight.  

So since about 2007 - I haven't been able to find ONE reporter that I believe would tell the truth if he heard it.  Not one that COULD anyway, because for ten years I've had a lot of reporters tell me they "can't" because again either they'd be "fired" or they've been threatened with harm if they tried.  

It doesn't matter much if you tell your story to a reporter that no one listens to. 

I met a man today that's changed my mind and given me hope again in the press.  After talking to him I realized I might have even been wrong about Sheldon Adelson.  I'm not sure yet on that point - but I might be wrong.  

I say that because for a few years - every time I got told by someone they were either fired, or threatened, because of a connection to us - the name Sheldon Adelson kept coming up time after time after time.  Sheldon hired them, or gave them grant money, or donated to them or owned their company - but that name just kept coming up time and time again.  

I even had someone deliver me a message right to my face that "Sheldon Adelson says you're blacklisted with any of his media for life and it doesn't matter how many victims die because they didn't know how to reach you for help".  

Tom Ragan, and the reporter who was with him, who tried to do a story on us in May of 2013, was fired for trying not only to publish that story, but for trying to expose the fraud that was going on in Nevada with respect to the trafficking grant money.  Grant money that wasn't making it to the victim.   Both he and the photographer told me it was because of "Sheldon Adelson" so that tends to make me believe the lady who told me Sheldon had "blacklisted me" from all press he was connected to.

Only there's been a real house cleaning over at the Review Journal.  When I met with Brian tonight, he told me that he was told that Sheldon himself had said he "wanted to build the best investigative team in the country", and that's why he, and the new editor over at the RJ, were hired.  

Now in a all fairness, did Sheldon do all of that stuff, or is it possible that other people used his name to blame him?  I don't know - so I wrote him a letter a few years ago asking him to agree to meet with me in person to address just that question.  I also asked him for that because I'd had quite a few people lie about me.  The lies on are a good example.  I had someone impersonating me and doing some of the things spoken about on that site.  It wasn't me - but it was someone CLAIMING to be me.  

So in all fairness to Sheldon, how did I know if these things WERE him, or just using his name?  How do I know the threat came from Sheldon himself, or someone SAYING it came from him?

I don't.

Which is why I wrote him a few years ago and asked for a meeting so we could talk over what really was him and what was really me.  Because if people are lying about me - they're probably lying about him also.  The only way I thought I could figure this out was to meet with him and ask him.  I told him how all these reporters were telling me it was because of HIM they were afraid to publish any stories on our work with real victims - not phony victims made up to get grant money, not people trying to plug some picture, but REAL sex workers with REAL STORIES TO TELL that reporters were telling me they "couldn't publish" and blaming Sheldon.

Brian tells me that about the same time as I sent that letter to Sheldon asking to meet with me and tell me to my face if in fact he was blacklisting us, was when Brian had said was about when Sheldon  had started saying he "wanted to build the best investigative team in the country" at the Review Journal, and hired people like him, to counter which admittedly had been a bad reputation for printing false stories at the RJ at that point.  

I mean Tom being fired  when he tried to expose some of those fake stories didn't help the reputation  at the RJ either.  

Brian Joseph on Muck Rack

So you know what?  Logically I don't think someone who was doing these sorts of things would try and assemble the "best investigative team in the country".  

I looked at Brian's history and it's impressive.  So are the histories of some of the other NEW people over at the RJ now.  Again, I don't think if Sheldon was in fact trying to hide something he'd bring in a team that could expose that.  That's not how predators act.  

But maybe Brian was another shill and believe me I've seen those over the years.  They come in asking to "speak to one of your victims" and in reality it's been a ruse to find out where they are - having nothing to do with printing their story!  

The only way to tell if someone is a "shill" or for "real" is to meet someone face to face and watch their eyes carefully when you talk to them.  

So I went to meet with Brian and I'm convinced.  Now I'm printing his photo because not only have I been impersonated online, I've had people showing up at events claiming to be me that weren't me.  I've talked to other people who have had the same thing happen in this field.  

So if the guy you're talking to or meeting ISN'T the guy in this picture - then that's not Brian Joseph.

Now if you don't want to call me about your situation because you don't know what to believe - then call Brian.   He's over at the Review Journal now in Nevada.

Tell HIM your story.  Because it's been a while since I met a reporter who would really stick by a story and get the story PRINTED.  And PRINTED WHERE IT COUNTS.  

I believe Brian Joseph can do that.  

I asked him if he can break these confidentiality contracts many of you are being threatened with into silence.

He has lawyers and he can.   I believe that also.

So if you don't want to call me - fine.

Call Brian.  Tell him your story.  


Check out this screen shot.  It says that the "DOJ is trying to get the IP addresses of people who visited a Trump protest site".  

They refused.  

That's how these people operate.  Only in some cases they get creative at how they get the information they want.  But I posted this screen shot to show you THEY WANT YOUR IP ADDRESS.

In 2007, I was approached and asked if I would accept money monthly in exchange for "sharing information" on what I hear operating the hotline for

I refused.  

I take great pains to make sure the phone calls into our hotline are protected from being "tapped" also.  If you've heard of devices like this one  - you know that it's easy to have someone overhear your phone calls.  I began to suspect they were using this on my phone because it kept going dead.  One "tale tell sign" that this device is being used on you - is the battery will suddenly be drained on your phone.  I was charging my phone and then literally five minutes later, my phone would be dead.  I thought it was the phone, but the phone guy said "nope it's fine".  He's the one who then gave me an article about this "sting ray" and told me it was probably being used on me as to the mysterious battery drain.  

So for reasons like this "stingray" that people can use to over hear phone calls illegally - our hotline is tied to a land line.  That means that you have to get a federal warrant in order to listen to, or record, any phone call to our hotline that's signed by a judge.  Which means you have to have "probably cause".  Which you're not going to get that on a 12 step hotline like ours.  

So even if calls to our hotline are illegally listened in on - they can't be used in court against anyone who calls our hotline for help.

Which is why they offered me money to become an "informant" on the people who call us for help.  I refused.  Other operators of other hotlines haven't refused - but that's their problem.  We however refused money to relay information about the callers to our hotline to ANYONE.  

So these  people did a few things - one included creating "fake groups" where you're supposed to get help to get out of sex work.  They advertise "oh come here and we'll give you money" and other such lures.  They get you to talk to them about what's going on and the whole time they're gathering evidence to use against YOU.  

Now some people have reported to me that these same people, once they found out that they had evidence against their trafficker, that they got "visits" from these people to "help" - only to find out that their evidence from stolen from them!

Or they then they tell you that "if you help them" meaning "become an informant" THEN you get the help.  It's very simple - they tell you  IF you put your pimp behind bars - THEN they'll give you a college degree. pay your rent, give you a lawyer, yada yada yada - but again that's IF you agree to help them testify like Margo Compton did in her trafficking case.    

But what you get in reality is a whole other story.  

And trust me - if the person who was involved in trafficking you was involved with our own government or law enforcement, you're not getting squat.

But you all caught on to that.  

Those of you who know you are actually involved in a true trafficking situation KNOW you aren't going to get the help you need just as I knew that back in 1984 from these people - not when it means going up against their "own"!  

You got a black pimp?  Sure.  They'll lock him up.  But then again only if he's small potatoes.  

If he's someone like Mally Mall - then no - you won't get help.  If you doubt that - check out the latest story from George Knapp.  Then ask yourself has Mally Mall been charged, or even arrested for ANYTHING to date?

So what did these cops, FBI, CIA and other governmental people who wanted information on who calls us do when I refused to allow them into our program and our hotline?

Take a look at the above article that shows you the DOJ has asked for the IP addresses of people who visited that site so they can identify them.   

Okay, now what if, and I mean WHAT IF the very people you're running from are "partners" with a company that you would visit IF you were trying to report a trafficking situation OR if you were trying to get help to get away from such a situation?  

Which is why these people are so hot to get ahold of who it is that calls our hotline - because they're trying to seal up all the exit avenues one would call for help if in that situation.  They want to know where you go, who you talk to, where you're hiding, etc.  But if I'm not releasing the information to these people - then how would they get it?

Think for a moment how you use the internet when you're thinking about getting help for anything - even if it's a carpet cleaning service or a mechanic.  What do you do?  You check them out online right?  

You go to their site and you talk to them.  Then you go and check out their reviews.  You look up maybe who their customers have been.  You try and see what other people say about that company right?

But we all know that can be manipulated.  You've probably heard about the lawsuit against YELP not long ago because they were supposedly posting bad reviews against any company who didn't buy advertising from them, and then promising to remove them only if the company bought ads.  So they know that people who are thinking about using your service or business or buying your product are going to check you out online.

So if someone is thinking about contacting US - then what do they do?  

They "check us out" right?

Meaning if you go on Google and then you'll find a site at  

On this site you'll see a photo of the mail box address I use for mail at 3395 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89146.  Here's a screen shot from that site of my mail box address.  Meaning these people went to that address physically to take that photo.

You can see the url for their website in the browser window - so you can see these photos are from that site.  

Meaning someone went over to that address to not only check out if I lived there, but then they took photos and posted them online.

But I'm not being stalked by these people now am I?

Let's just think logically for a moment now - WHY would I put my home address online KNOWING that THIS is EXACTLY what pimps do the minute one of their victims goes missing?

A victim, male or female, calls me for help to get the hell out of Dodge and then she's gone.  The pimp knows she last called us for help so what's going to be HIS FIRST MOVE?

To go to my site, take my address down and come pay me a visit.  That's what his first move is going to be.

So knowing this, and believe me after learning this the hard way after a pimp put a gun to my ribs asking me "where's my bitch at?", why on earth would I post my home address up online?  Doing what I do and knowing what I know why on earth would I put my home address online?

Now let me ask you a second question - if you were a victim wanting to get away from a pimp and you knew that he was just going to follow you, and you knew that if you went somewhere that he could find you, he'd kill you - don't you think you'd want to know how well that person, or group, could help to hide you from this pimp?

These people behind this site tried for MONTHS to find out where I lived physically.  They went through legal records.  They went online asking people where I lived.  They tried phony accusations of me supposedly "stalking and threatening" them to get the police to help them find out where I lived so they could arrest me (which was a ruse to find out where I lived using the police to help them),  they hired private investigators (as you can see by the pics), and they tried EVERYTHING they think of and THAT is all they came up with?  

A photo of my mail box.

Now just think logically for a minute here - how could I help someone disappear from a pimp if I myself was so easy to find as these people tried to do and FAILED?

What they did dear readers is prove to anyone out there wondering if I can help THEM to disappear - is that YES I CAN.  Because how could I honestly be able to look a victim in the eye and tell them that I can help hide them from JUST THESE PEOPLE who play games like posting up fake ass websites, with fake complaints, and doctored up records, and lies upon lies, all to try and do one thing which is what?  

Find out where you are.

But to find out who is calling me if I won't release that information - where does that leave them?

It's leaves them trying to get you to go onto their website so they can grab your IP address.  From that, they can get your address and who you're staying with, and even your device information.  If you're on a smart phone - they can even track your movements.  I've been looking at technology that shows they can even send fake "spoofed" text messages to your phone without knowing your phone number!

Now go to a library computer or some place safe that's not your computer, go to a commercial computer at a Fed Ex store, or a library, or some other place THAT'S NOT YOUR COMPUTER OR YOUR PHONE (because they can track the devices you use), and from a public computer at a public internet address so they can't trace it back to you - I want you to then go back to that site at and look for a "privacy policy".  

You won't find one.  

I state very clearly on all of our media, website, flyers, etc., that "we are not connected with law enforcement in any way".  I am very open that we are protected under the same laws that protect anyone in Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous, because of the laws governing "anonymity" at 12 step groups.  I have gone one step further and got myself ordained, so anything you tell us when you call is either going to me as an ordained minister, or I have any of our other volunteers who answer the phone are also ordained, that way anything you say to us is just as protected legally as if you were to be speaking to your doctor or lawyer.   

Do they?  Do the people who operate that website identify what they're doing with your IP address once you visit that site to "check us out"?  

Who is really behind that site?  Why don't you go and check out who took our other IP address at  

Again, please use a commercial computer, because what you'll find there is a porn site.  

That site trying to organize a Trump protest is new.  They haven't been around as long as me - so when the DOJ comes at them trying to get the IP information of the people who visited their site - it's going to make news.  

But if  they were to keep that site up over time, they might find themselves in the same position as myself, or in a position I've also heard done - whereas Trump's people themselves might just set up a "protest Trump" site and then see who comes.  It's a lot easier that way - pose as protestors, and gather up information.  They've been doing it since the Black Panthers, Martin Luther King, etc.  If you don't believe me - check out the film "Cointelpro 101" about how these people have been informants for years and years that's just now coming to light.  

Only I won't inform.  So what's left?  They're gathering up the IP addresses of people thinking about coming to us for help off that site - that gives you no answer as to who is behind that site.  

Because that's what's being done on that site at and us - the "opposition" is trying to do everything they can to make sure you don't call us.  Those who do decide to call us, and then go and try and check out information on us before calling us - these people want to know who you are and that site is how they're gathering that information.

How do you think I found out about it?  I had a "friendly white hacker" contact me to tell me how that site was rigged and what was going on.  They're the ones who showed me how it's being used to gather information on who contacts us for their own purposes.  I don't know if it's still there - but at that time they showed me how a "cookie" was attached to your site the minute you landed on their page that then traced your every move.  

And then they claim I'm "crazy and paranoid" when I say that I'm being stalked and threatened because we do help people get out that want out.  


Take another look at that picture of my mail box and then ask youself - how did they get the pictures of that box and why?  If someone wasn't trying to drive by and find out where I lived - then why are the photos up there?  I mean what would have happened if I'd been home and that was my home address?  

But they didn't find my home did they?  

Which means if I can hide myself so  I can probably hide you too.  

That's what they confirmed - is that if I can hide myself from them then I sure as hell can hide you too.  



FINALLY the truth comes out about how people like Sheldon operate!  Read this article carefully because it's a handbook in how people like him operate to get what they want, and how they attack their enemies!

Sunday, August 13, 2017


These videos demonstrate how pimps/traffickers "brainwash" their victims into thinking they're acting of their own free will.

Meaning no you don't ASK a victim "are you being trafficked?" or "are you here against your will?" because guess what?

They will say they ARE there "of their own free will".  

So anyone who teaches you to "ask questions" of trafficking victims to determine if they are in fact trafficking victims, is either talking about the street level of pimps which is a whole other apple vs. orange, is either yanking your chain because they clearly don't understand the subject, or they're misleading you.  

Let me ask you something - don't most abusive people put on a "respectable" act?  Didn't the CEO's of big tobacco get up in front of Congress and LIE about the vindictiveness and damage of their products?  John Wayne Gacy was a children's clown at parties.  The BTK Killer was a deacon at the church.  Hitler claimed he was "saving Germany".  I mean it's all part of the dynamic that the abusers, serial killers, or just downright 'evil" people depending on what you're looking at do a few things and have a few things in common.

1.    They claim they're "good respectable" people.   They do volunteer work, or donate a lot of money, or hold positions of respect like the priests who molest children.  So one common thing evil does is pretend not to be evil.

2.    They all build up their "supporters" who will say "oh that person would never do such a thing" when the shit hits the fan.  Michael Jackson donated HUGE amounts of money to childrens' charities and then invited terminal kids out to his ranch to come play.  That's how he got all these people depending upon him financially who all went "oh he'd never do a thing like that" when the accusation hits the air waves.  Hitler had a lot of building projects going on and other such things where people were dependent upon them financially.

The church for example would go into very poor areas where there were no doctors or medical care and build hospitals and had doctors and midwives in very poor areas so that the whole town was dependent upon them for medical care.  This way if a priest's "indiscretions" hit the fan there were a lot of people who were dependent upon that money or the medical care.  This way they got to all the "unwanted" babies they got to adopt out for a lot of money to wealthy families and thus build more alliances.  

3.  They try and pick victims no one will "believe" or "align" with.  They find the loner kid who has no friends and his family isn't involved in his life.  They target the drug addicts, the mentally ill, the unloved, the unwanted, the ones no one likes, the unattractive one, or basically someone either no one cares about or one that no one would believe what they say.  They don't pick the "popular" one, but the one who has no support network.  

So you have to realize that TRUE  traffickers/pimps, etc. don't appear to be so.  They're not walking around like "huggy bear" from Starsky and Hutch or looking like Bishop Don Juan.  When Snoop Dogg was doing his "pimp revival tour" during 2003 - he wasn't in Rolling Stone BRAGGING about it!  No, that only came after the statute had passed and he was pretty sure the witnesses had all been sufficiently silenced as well as no state prosecutor was going to take him on legally.

With everyone running around TRYING to find "traffickers", this man got up and ADMITTED he had been trafficking women for a year across the USA and what did the state prosecutors do?  Not a damn thing!  Why?  Would you want to have another OJ trial on your hands?  Spend all that money and then lose?  Think about it - NO ONE wanted to do a repeat of the OJ trial.  Plus Snoop's making a lot of money for a lot of people - so who's going to care about a few "hookers" right?  

What do some of the traditional traffickers do?  They promise that the victims are "going to find better jobs" or "marry a rich American husband", etc.  They don't say "oh hey we're going to have you screwing 10 different men a day and taking your money away from you" etc.  Oh no - so there's always the layer of "denial" where the victim thinks it's something else entirely than what it is.  

Think about it - the abused women doesn't usually walk around thinking "I"m an abused woman".  No - she thinks "I'm trying to work on my marriage"?  and "when he gets a job things are going to straight out - this is just temporary" or "he was just drunk that night", etc.  

That's how it works - so DON'T think you're going to walk up to someone and say "hey are you being trafficked" and have that person go "oh yeah please help me".  
Take a look at how brainwashing works in reality, and then take a real good look at your social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Alex from Amazon where you're talking to your TV set.  Remember, that means someone is on the other end of  that box listening to everything you say, EVERYTHING.  

You say "well I'm not hiding anything" but that's not the dangerous part.  Take a look at how CONDITIONING works to brainwash someone properly:

There's a great clip in the Will Smith movie "Focus" where he shows how he got a guy to pick a number he thought was his number on a bet, but in reality Will's character had "convinced" him to pick that number.

Now, if this was a real life scene, if you asked that guy "Hey were you tricked into picking that number?" he'd say "yes" or he would say "oh no I picked that number of my own free will?"

But if REAL trafficking victims don't know they're trafficking victims - then outreach becomes a whole other matter doesn't it?

One that probably won't get the real victims picking up their phone after seeing a billboard and calling the National Trafficking Hotline now would they?  I mean if they're in denial they're victims - why would they call a hotline for victims?  

Kind of puts a whole other spin on then why is Google donating $20 million dollars to a hotline that real victims won't call because they don't believe their real victims?

Do you know what one of the fastest growing cons is though in this country now?  Oh my pimp is trafficking me and I need money to get away from him.  

Does anyone remember the film "Risky Business"?  You know the one with Tom Cruise?

Does anyone remember how the hooker in that film was running away from her pimp and she needed money?

In the last movie Robin Williams made, the guy he loved was being beaten up by this "pimp" and Robin gave the guy all this money to leave the other one alone.

Am I saying anyone who says they were trafficked is lying?  No I'm not saying that.  

I'm saying "it's not that simple".  

I'm also saying if most true victims don't know they're victims - they aren't going to call the National Trafficking Hotline.  

For an alcoholic to go to an AA meeting, he has to first admit he's an alcoholic doesn't he?  Certainly without intervention anyway when he's in denial right?

THINK about it!  

Monday, June 19, 2017


Well I finally got my memoirs done.  I realized the only way it was going to be told WITHOUT BEING ALTERED OR CHANGED was going to be to self-publish.  I wasn't able to register "Anatomy of a Movement" for a domain which is the title of the book - but I was able to register "Memoirs of a Madam".  Maybe I need to rethink the title?  I still haven't done a print run yet so there's time if that's what I need to do.

But yes I see "Snowfall" is coming out finally validating what I've been saying for all these years - that our CIA was behind the importation of cocaine into this country - NOT the African American gangs.  One of the biggest hoaxes of our time has been revealed.  

You'd think right?  The UN court did find our country guilty in that finally.

But guess what?  It's not over.  Nor are they done blaming the African American community either.  Only instead of smuggling cocaine into this country - they're now doing fund raising for sex trafficking victims.  

But just as they blamed the black gangs for the coke problem in the 1980's, and other minorities - they were also using sex trafficking to mask their further demonization of the African American communities.  Wonder where the racism is?  We had the rise in racism during Iran Contra because the media kept blasting out images of African American drug dealers - and with this - they've done the same thing EXACTLY right out of the handbook!

Of course plugged also by an African American to make sure to drive the racism home!

Withelma “T” Ortiz Walker Pettigrew (another minority by the way - one who isn't Asian or Russian - notice a trend here?).   Even right down to their fake "catfish" so called "survivor" (another version of a Samoly Mam).  Always a minority with the minority trafficker if you haven't noticed these people use.  (Except when they were pulling their fake scam in Ireland and England with their fake "Catalina Lopez" - oh but that story is in the memoir.)

Who when we checked her out was another fabricated person!  These people are hysterically funny!  I complain about the "woman in corn rows" plugging this fabricated story so they go out and get Jenna Elfman?  Jeez about as "white" as you can get.  Too bad the story of her daughter isn't reflective of the general sex trafficking victim.  Some would say it isn't even close.  Then again she is an actress.  I mean if Ricky Martinez would take a check for $500,000 to vouch for Wilthema to get an award . . . ?  Well I'd be curious about her tax return is all.  I know when her daughter was out there I know our hotline didn't get a call about it is all.  

Here's one case in point among many where the truth is coming out about fraudulent programs -

The problem with that is that to create the phony buzz for their fake groups - they're shutting down REAL trafficking programs which is probably the point.  I started a movement back in the 1980's to have domestic sex trafficking recognized as real in this country.  I wanted our government to set up systems to help these victims, and recognize them as victims and not "criminals" as they were doing back then.  All that work went into the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed.  I have some clips up showing this work at

Then these same people I was fighting during Iran Contra came in and "hijacked" the movement not only again with the new way they found to raise millions of dollars without anyone asking questions - but also used it to shut down the service structure we'd built to help victims over all those years.  I have kept a diary during the whole thing to document the "anatomy of a movement" which is what my personal story shows - the evolution of Iran Contra into the modern version of Iran Contra 2.0.  I have a website I started constructing for the book up at

If you'd like to talk to me personally about it - I can be reached at (702) 488-1127.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I've been the shoulder many women have cried on about the working conditions up at the legal brothels.  I've also seen how things have taken a very dark turn since about 2007 with the industry itself.  Including how many of you have been actively "persuaded" not to go to the press, if they'd listen to you, about your experiences.

It seems the union is trying to expand into the industry in Nevada according to Jennifer O'Hare who opened up a brothel herself supposedly to be in "competition" with the male run brothels up in the region.  She's also had some very serious accusations she's made against other brothel owners.

I told her I'd put it out there to you as our members if you want to come forward and talk about your experiences up there with the idea of changing working conditions.  I know some of you have been seriously threatened and I myself have had to relocate many of you outside of Nevada entirely.  But nothing changes until it's had a light shined upon it.  Sometimes yes at great cost to those of us turning on that flashlight.  So I don't blame any of you for not wanting to talk about these issues.  I'm not even convinced myself this whole thing isn't just some way to flush you out of the bushes before Dennis Hof runs for the Senate.

If you want to talk about this, then I'm going to advise you to come to me first and let me have you consult with one of our trusted attorney's who can advise you of any legal repercussions you have to be aware of or careful about first, and ways to protect yourself from retaliation.  Today's gangsters use lawyers as we well know!

You know how to reach me if you want to talk about this more.


And the marketing begins.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


I've been warning people in the sex industry for some time now that the police, FBI, CIA, etc., have gotten very clever about finding ways to get information from people without warrants for a few years now.  Including setting up "faux" sex trafficking groups such as Abeni in Orange County.  That's a group set up by a woman who claims to have been a sex worker who set up a group to "support" sex workers AND trafficking victims in connection with the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force.  She did this while at the same time contributing to articles on the "Tits & Sass" blog AND heading up the Orange County SWOP chapter (Sex Workers Outreach Project).

I got acquainted with Meg Munoz of Abeni in a very strange way.  I had a woman call our hotline to ask for help.   She had been forced into prostitution when she was only 8 years old when she was back in China about 50 years ago.  After reaching 42 years of age, and her son getting ready to enter UCLA, she wanted to stop hooking and doing porn so her "son could be proud of his mother".

She also did it for sound legal reasons.  It's one thing to support your son as a juvenile when a prostitute.  But if the boy turns 18 years of age and you're writing him large checks, under the law that's a felony.  It's called "pimping" and it's defined as "taking money from the earnings of a prostitute".  All the cops have to do is pull her bank account, show she's given him money, and BAM - he's being charged with felony pimping and possibly his life and career ruined.  So she had good reasons why she wanted to stop her prostitution.

The people back in China were connected to Liang Yaohui who owned a five star Hotel back in China while also being a part of the Chinese government.  That and he ran over 3,000 prostitutes according to the news when he was arrested in 2013.  They had sold her over here to the states on a marriage contract.  That alone cost her $10,000 to get out from under she told me.  So now she was "free and clear" she told these people she was "retiring" and not to give her any more appointments.

They weren't too happy with that.  The next thing she says happens is two Pasadena police officers showed up at her home, and drug her out of it in front of her mother and son.  They then arrested her for "prostitution" and then popped on her it wasn't her first arrest - but her SECOND.  They then told her if they busted her a third time, she'd be deported back to China where she'd then be charged for the felony of having porn done with a sibling which is incest in China and they give the death penalty back there for that.  Considering who Liang Yaohui was before the government arrested him - it was a viable, believable threat.

Well I didn't know whether to even believe this story when I first heard it, so I went to an attorney I trusted and asked him to see if in fact she had a phony charge on her record.  He advised me that when someone is arrested, there's a "booking videotape" made.  That if the police couldn't produce this tape - then she was probably telling the truth about the fake record being created.   If they couldn't produce the booking tape, she'd be able to get this phony charge dismissed also.  So he went and ordered the booking tape from the Pasadena police department.

Now if anyone is following the Celeste Guap case then you know what's going on with the police in southern California and the cops.  Even the Chief of Police.  After this attorney ordered the tape, he was threatened by another attorney who called him up.  He called me up and bailed.  He said he wasn't going to risk his license "over some hooker" which I can't say as I blame him.  We were asking him to do this "pro bono" so why stick his neck out that bar?  I then went to follow up on it and send over a request to speak to the Pasadena Chief of Police.

Who I then didn't hear from, but I did hear from another man identifying as a Pasadena Police Officer who then threatened me to "back off" helping this woman.  I refused and then I got a call from a Pasadena Attorney threatening me with a restraining order if I took this woman's calls again.  Seems he had a signed power of attorney the woman signed allowing him to threaten me with that.  So I contacted the Pasadena Chief of Police about it who then ignored me for a few months.  I then went to the City Manager about this.

The next thing I know out of a clear blue sky this Meg Munoz calls me up and says that "I heard you have violated a survivor's anonymity".  I was like "what are you talking about?" of course because I'd never spoken to this woman nor had any idea what she was talking about.  So I asked her "who said this?" and also "show me some proof" because I don't violate anonymity ever.  Next thing I know she's online telling people that I'm "stalking her" and she's "afraid for her life" and asking people if they know where I live so she can order a 5150 charge against me.  Of course on the SAME DAY as I'm being invited to come into the Pasadena station to talk to the Chief at the City Manager's urging

I could see the handwriting on the wall.  I go into Pasadena's police station, she then takes out a warrant against me for "stalking her" and I get slapped in handcuffs the minute I walk into the station.  Thankfully no one told her where I lived but she tried for a few days by saying all kinds of lies about I supposedly "threatened her" and "stalked her", etc.  Why?  I have no idea.  But she then started telling me that I would be arrested and she'd take out the TRO to block me from coming to her Abeni meetings - so whatever it was she sure didn't want me coming to the Abeni meetings even though I've been running groups for sex workers, trafficking victims, and men, women and transgenders who have exited the biz for over 30 years now.  Kind of like saying you're running a sober living house but then telling Bill Wilson to sit and spin.  Clearly something was wrong with this picture here.

Sure enough I started hearing reports that people were "being pumped for information" at these meetings.  I then witnessed every single comment, word, line, etc., I'd ever said, or was said about Sex Workers Anonymous wiped right off the "Tits & Sass" blog, replaced by featuring Meg Munoz as some kind of advocate although I've never heard a word out of her about anything she was doing to help our community other than threatening me and trying to get me arrested - but why?

People started telling me how they knew Meg, but this woman showing up at SWOP meetings claiming to be her wasn't her.  How information they told her was getting back to law enforcement.  When I pointed out that Abeni had received a $30,000 grant from the Human Trafficking Task Force HEADED by the Orange County Police, and how the Pasadena Chief of Police resided in Orange County at the time he was Pasadena Chief - the picture started becoming real clear.  Especially when I uncovered that "8 Minutes" headed up supposedly by ex-cop Kevin Brown was a complete fraud.  There was no "safe house" and there was no "program" and Kevin hasn't ever helped a fly get out of something - let alone a sex worker escape a pimp and/or trafficker.   That series just so "happened" to get the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force over 1.2 million dollars - of which Abeni, and Meg, got $30,000.  When I pointed out that nugget of info online, suddenly Abeni's name disappears off the OC Human Trafficking website like they didn't want people to know she was connected to them, and thus law enforcement.

I've also noticed how there's these SWOP groups that keep inviting sex workers to come out to public events held outdoors where people can be videotaped without a warrant.  Where the parking lot is set up so it's clearly that meeting you're going to if you use that parking lot to where anyone can take a picture of your car's license plate, and then know who the owner is of the car.  If you're at a public event outside in "public" - you can be videotaped without a warrant.  So why not a private banquet room?  A place with a lot of parking so no one knows what car?  I mean what sex worker does this to expose other sex workers like that?  

I'm a paralegal by trade and I started finding case after case where it was talking about how an informant was obtaining information through listening to what people shared in AA and NA meetings.  I was appalled!    These meetings are supposed to be "confidential".  However, these people were going to "open meetings" and then saying it was "legal" to be testifying at a grand jury about what they had heard at these meetings.  Even more disgusting, they were putting personal information on people into a computer database which law enforcement rents for about $800 a month.  Think it doesn't exist?  Think again -  If you've seen the film "Snowden" you'd have an idea what kind of information is on there.

Let me show you more proof of what I'm talking about because I've been saying for sometime that they've been pushing sex workers to go into "counseling" with workers who are not covered by the confidentiality laws and then pumping them for incriminating information without a warrant.  Check out this website for "Angels of Nevada".  Looks good right?

Only do you see a NAME of anyone on this site?  A psychiatrist?  A therapist?  Something?  Go over to Whois who has information on who owns the domain there and guess  who owns the domain?

When you look it up - John Kenda is the person the domain belongs to who is

Any relation to Joe Kenda?  Interesting question.  Why are there no names on this site of who is connected to them?

One can't help but wonder if John is related to John Kenda. You know the Homicide Detective making shows on Discovery Network?