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Friday, July 15, 2016



Wichita, Kansas

This is the contact information for a woman identifying herself as "Penelope" in Wichita, Kansas.

She contacted us saying she wanted a meeting for herself.  As we do with new members, we told her that all new members must go to a phone meeting and to be screened before we will tell them where our local group is, or give out phone numbers to any of our existing members.   She said she understood the reasons for that and got the codes from us for the phone meetings.

Since this is basically a screening process, she came to the meeting.   Then said she wanted to start her own local Wichita meeting if we didn't have one going "already".  I wasn't going to tell her anything about our local activities until I figured out what was up with her.  First of all, NO ONE comes to one phone meeting and then pipes up with "Hey I want to start a meeting".

I then told her the cost of sending her "Recovery Guides" and literature for a new meeting.   Like others who are trying to scope us out for information - she was claiming she "had no funds".  Again, someone with "no funds" doesn't generally pop up wanting to start up a local meeting.   Getting more suspicious, I continued not to talk about our existing group in that area or members.

Next thing I know she's telling me she's "been talking to the local courts and jails" out there which really cinched it.  NO ONE who is new to SWA in thirty YEARS comes to one phone meeting and then charges out to talk to the local authoriies.  Our typical members take months just to get up the guts to come to a meeting.   Then after coming to a meeting it takes weeks for them to get up the guts to call new members.  It takes usually a YEAR before someone feels confident enough to start a physical live meeting.  Most ex-prostitutes are TERRIFIED at the idea of talking to the local authorities - so things aren't making sense here at all.

She asks me for meeting materials - which I explain I can't give her free printed copies.  She's going to have to work with ebooks until the group gets going.

Then she says she's "working" and doesn't come to the next phone meeting.  Now someone this busy and this broke doesn't have the time or money to be start a new chapter.  I notice she's not asking me anything about how to run a group, how to work the steps, how to work with new members, etc.  Typical questions coming out of someone starting a new meeting.

Third week too "busy working" to come to the phone meeting.  She's not calling me or emailing.  I'm not giving her anyone's contact information until I can screen her out better because something's "fishy" here.

Sure enough I get that gut feeling something is wrong so I go online to search out what's going on with her email address.  I find this website which says she's starting up not a SWA meeting - but a "12 step meeting".  I check with AA's General Office and they haven't granted consent for anyone else to be adapting their steps to any programs for those coming out of the sex industry.   Most people don't realize local groups don't need to do things like incorporate or get business licensing because that is something the "service boards" do that's not a part of the program itself.   I check with the state and I don't see she's applied for any legal paperwork to be starting her own 12 step groups.

Wichita, Kansas is an interesting spot.  It's got such high corruption a special grant was issued by the federal government to set up special investigations into it.

We started hearing about the Triad's trafficking in massage parlors back in 2009.  Officer Jim Stewart was trying to get some arrests - but he kept being fought back by other COPS.  To help the women in these parlors, he literally waited until he retied.  Then got a job with the zoning department where he was able to finally gather enough evidence to make his 2013 arrests.  Arrests where the pimps were so cocky they threatened both the arresting cop, the judge, and threw some threats my way even.  One of the women involved got probation while another got only two years - just about due to be out now if not already.

It also appears things are heating up in the massage activity there so much the city council is looking at passing new laws.

Which means more women are going to be getting arrested for prostitution up there.  Meaning the traffickers might be interested in setting up a "faux" meeting of SWA just to make things harder for real victims to escape.

I used to see this all the time in the sex industry.  I call it "trap exit doors".  Traffickers set up FAKE escape routes.  That way if someone is even THINKING about leaving, or calling the cops, they know about it.

One of the things they used to do was to run fake "help wanted" ads in the industry papers.  The idea was if they were thinking about jumping ship - they would call around looking for a new agency.  Only these guys used one of their phone numbers so they knew when a woman was calling around looking for a way out.

They used to do the same with "rescuers".  Have a guy say "if you ever want to go to the police - you let me know and I'll take you".  Only that's just so they tell him when they're thinking about leaving or going to the cops and then they deal with it.

The Triad does the same thing - they set up "fake exit doors" for women to think it's the way out and it all leads to them.  It's why they've bought their own drug treatment programs.  They know women are likely to say something when they're going through withdrawal.  By owning the drug program - they make sure she's not going to call 911 at 2:00 a.m. when she's having a hard night of detox.

Buyer beware.  The reason why I put my name on the group's thats ours is so that our members know what's REALLY  ours and what's NOT.

I don't know what's going on with this Butterfly Group - but that's just the problem.  Why would she be setting up her own group without at least trying to partner with us for resources and advice as well as support?  No - she got close enough to try and scout out information and paperwork and then she sneaks around and sets up this site?  She not only didn't say anything about that to us, but she refused all my requests to speak to her in any way for weeks before I wrote this.

Approach this meeting and person with caution.  Just my opinion but something is very wrong here.  I do not believe she was honest with us.  I don't believe she's another ex-prostitute nor do I believe this group is on the "up and up".  Not when everything connected to it was so deceitful.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Is this what happens if you leave working at the Nevada brothels and go into "business" for yourself? This speaks that Brooke had left the Bunny Ranch not to retire from sex work, but in fact she'd been working as a prostitute in Oklahoma when this horrible tragedy went down.    Please note it says this murder was "planned".


The women we've helped to leave the Nevada brothels do so because they want to leave the whole sex industry.  So the vast majority of the women we work with don't go back into prostitution, stripping, porn, etc. upon leaving.

However, some of that isn't necessarily by choice.  Many of these women report they've received threats, even death threats, about what will happen to them if they "don't come back".  Especially if they grant media interviews about what things were like on the inside.

You'll note that no one gives any interview about the Bunny Ranch without Dennis right there in the room.  Also, note these women are residing at the brothel at the time of the interviews, or know they have to go back.  Take any job and tell me if you're going to speak the 100 % truth about your boss or working conditions while they're sitting there?

Christina Parriera?  Her husband is a working associate of Dennis Hof.  She lives in Henderson, Nevada and based on the threats she's issued towards myself personally she knows some pretty bad dudes that can make one's live miserable if she "wanted to".  Meaning she knows full well these same bad dudes could just as easily be turned on her.  That along with the history of domestic violence charges against her husband who she lives with in Nevada - doesn't tell me she's speaking the whole 100 % truth either without fear or possible coercion behind what she's saying.

Christina was just fine with me and we were talking on her social media BEFORE she went in to work inside the brothels to create her report.  She made sure to be online daily so people could keep track of her.  That's why I was alerted when she sent out a signal in the middle of the night saying she "wanted to get out of there".  Clearly she didn't have a way to leave on her own or she wouldn't have asked for help to leave.

So I said I was "coming".  Before I could reach her, she came back online saying "everything was fine" and that she had just "had an episode because of changing her bipolar medication".  I'm not revealing a confidence here when she's posting this on her twitter feed.   The next day I found myself shut off from all of her social media and in fact I'm now threatened with lawyers if I even attempt to speak to her again.

I don't know many secretary's who have their husband or boss threaten me with lawyers if I speak to them so excuse me if I tend to think they might not be fully speaking their minds in the media.

I'd like you to make a note of what does happen to women who leave the industry and then take the extra step to reach back and try and help others to leave.

See how they attack me at   I'd like you to note the big view here seems to say that they think there is "no program" and that it's "just me alone".    This was said after the people who created the site spent six months trying to get past me to the other members to no avail.  They couldn't.

It also ignores the interviews we have up in members' own voices at, quotes from members spanning 30 years at and even members who have appeared on TV with us back in the 80's and 90's.   So clearly we do have members - it's just that no those people trying to get at them can't.  We have had to set up that type of security because they were being threatened.  When Aubrey left the brothels for example she had gotten a new unlisted phone number and STILL had the owner of the brothel call and threaten her life if she gave another interview.

Go down the list:

Shelley Lubben

Created by Michael Whiteacre, Christina's husband.

Monica Foster, Desi Foxx, and others who try and help other people leave the sex industry, are discussed here.

Note all attacks seem to be connected to Michael Whiteacre.

Who another pornographer says is hired by Dennis Hof here:

With what appears to be Michael's full time job of investigating, stalking, and blogging attacks against those trying to also help women out of the industry - I'd certainly imagine it makes Christina also think twice about what would happen to her if she not only left the industry, but also started talking about what she knows about the industry as well.

I believe Sharnel Silvey was framed.  Sharnel also not only left the sex industry, but worked very hard to try and help others leave the Nevada brothels.  She would bring roses to the women in the brothels basically posing as doing Christian outreach.  Only this was a good way to get the owners to tune her out when she was talking to the women.

She built up to starting the first alternative sentencing program in Nevada.  I was helping her get this program started, and it was very effective.  Aubrey even came through this program at first.  Many women leaving the brothels wind up prostituting illegally in northern Nevada and then are arrested.  This was the focus of the program was helping these women.

Sharnel told me Joe Conforte was calling her from Brazil asking her to come there to help him "run women" where it was "legal".   But the job offer was more than a job offer - it was also a bribe to try and abandon the program helping women leave prostitution in Nevada.

She refused. Shortly after she was set up on a charge where the court threw the absolute book at her.  First offense, non-violent crime - FIVE YEARS.

I found it interesting Google seemed to lose all trace of her good work once she was arrested.  It was like the good news clips just disappeared.

I have YET to find any of these types of attacks against that group of women, those trying to help others leave Nevada sex work, that is NOT connected to Michael Whiteacre, whose wife works for Dennis Hof.

Yes giving rise to wonder about what happened to Brooke Phillips.  She was "known" for Cathouse and had set up shop away from Dennis.  This was not a random killing.  It wasn't suicide.  It wasn't an accidental overdose.  This woman was out and out murdered and the men who murdered her not only planned the murder but even "complained" that she "wouldn't die".

Are just these women  the only ones being bullied here?

What about Chris Edwards stating that John Hambrick "bullied his way" into being Speaker of the House?

I stood by and watched Assemblyman Bob Beers completely set up and railroaded out of his position by the Review Journal.   This man was on our side, and had declared he would do something to help the women who were working in the massage parlors in Las Vegas.  Take a good look at "Operation Dollhouse" as to why these women need help in the first place.  Or what was going on in the Crazy Horse strip club for that matter where the owner is drugging and robbing customers, then being a part of paralyzing one man for life.

Bob reported to me he was receiving death threats when I asked him if he was going to fight back against the phony ethics set-up.  This is a man who meant well finding himself getting death threats.  Having a family to protect I don't blame him for withdrawing - making room for John Hambrick.

When I first heard of John, I asked to meet with him.  He refused.

When he was going to Carson City to work on AB67 I asked him if he could help me get up there also.  I had no car then and no money to fly up there either.  He refused.

I asked him for an interview on our radio program.  He refused.

I then found him working very closely with Congo Justice.  Who was NOT talking about NEVADA prostitution.

Then he partnered up with pastor Tony Martinez.  Only his so called "documentary" focused entirely on illegal prostitution on the streets.  There was not one frame, not one interview, not one SECOND in there about women in the strip clubs or the legal brothels in Nevada speaking about trafficking.  I had tried reaching out to Tony repeating during the production of his film - only to be completely rebuffed.  Now the film's done - he's on to working with gang members.  So clearly his heart isn't in helping Nevada prostitutes.

Why does it make a difference they're not including the legal brothels, strip clubs, or massage parlors with sex trafficking media/propaganda?  Listen to this interview with Joe Conforte and myself from 1988  Notice that he equals all "problems" with prostitution as "only being where it's illegal".  Notice I counter that these issues happen in the legal venues just as often.  It that isn't the case then why would Amsterdam shut down their legal windows district in 2007?

My point being that if John Hambrick cared one single tiny bit about Nevada's sex trafficking victims - then why were all of our calls rebuffed?  Take a look at this video from 1988.  Clearly I've been working with the issue of Nevada prostitutes for a LONG LONG time.

Now he's reported to be "bullying" his way into Speaker.


Well made it easier to chase off Harry Reid - a loud opponent to the Nevada brothels.  Here he is in 2011 posing they even be outlawed.  Well of course they had to get rid of him.

Now we see Dennis running for Senate.

How does the Nevada brothels treat it's opposition?  They get Polaris to outlaw it.

Can anyone tell me why Polaris would go to all that effort to shut down Rhode Island but NOT Nevada?

Well probably because one of the men on their team says he "owes his career to Ron Paul".   Ron is a libertarian.   Libertarians are trying to push legalized prostitution across this country - NOT "decriminalized".  Legalized is another word for "pimp owned".  Derek Ellerman wrote the paper WITH Katherine Chon which got Rhode Island decriminalized prostitution shut down.

So here is the tie between Dennis Hof and Rhode Island being shut down as a competitor to them using some pretty big dogs and a lot of money.

Sheldon Adelson has now bought the Review Journal.  Basically the only newspaper in Nevada.

A man with a clearly known agenda to get prostitution legalized in the USA.  A man who is also known for hating unions by the way.

Step in Sex Workers Outreach Project.  When Robin Few died, they seem to not only get a new cash infusion, but were taken over by people who wanted to make damn sure no one knew about our group or myself.  Immediately Christina Parriera, or her husband using her email address, went about having me shut out of all SWOP online groups and discussions.

Why?  She didn't like me personally?  If that was the case why the timing that it was?  No the plan has gone into operation to not only get prostitution legalized, all opposition shut down, but also to make sure sex workers DON'T UNIONIZE.

Welcome now to the Cupcake Girls.  A group putting itself inbetween the sex workers of Nevada and our group.  They hand out cash and cupcakes and in return get close to as many of the women as possible.  Notice not one word about unionizing out of their mouths.

But the law they got passed allows women with a prostitution conviction on their record to be able to clear it away and get a license now.  A law that sure wouldn't have passed without the bullshit smoke screen of it being about "jobs".

Our group has been getting women coming out of sex work jobs since 1988.  There has NEVER been an issue about their prostitution record blocking them from jobs.  In fact, many companies  PREFER it.  They say they know if the woman was a prostitute that she "knows how to interact with the public" and she "knows how to sell".

When I reached out to the Cupcake Girls with a list of companies who only hire ex-sex workers with records - they blocked me from all contact.  So clearly helping these women find jobs was not the goal for them as stated.

But now you can get a judge to sign off on your record and get yourself a prostitution license thanks to them!

No readers - this much money, time, trouble, etc., put into getting this "prostitution agenda" spread and we're supposed to think there may not have been some connection to Brooke's death being that she'd left the ranch.   I think this case needs a little further investigation myself.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016



Prior to about 2013, I had a good working relationship with the Nebraska legislature.  They had been discussing pushing for a "harsher sentencing" against traffickers.  I was very concerned about this because I felt the backlash would just be more prostitutes being murdered.  I mean you give a guy a life sentence for pimping and he'll just knock that woman off rather than take the risk.  So I had started writing them asking them to reconsider a different approach to get more arrests which wouldn't endanger the women as much as this would.

The response was I read they were "reconsidering" this and they did in fact back up.  We then started discussing how to start training police officers to identify women in trouble and how to set up "safe houses".  This is where I got concerned because of what I'd found when I first moved up to Nebraska.

I wasn't there a month when I got a call in connection with something going on at Boys Town.  As I got more involved in that case, I was asked "well don't you know about the Omaha Franklin scandal"?  Which I had not - but I sure learned about it fast as I got deeper into helping in connection with what was going on at Boys Town.

In fact, I met Johnny Gosch's mom who gave me a very good book about the scandal.  I found it interesting what she had in there about ABC news also stealing some of her documentation and evidence.  It was because of her book I had warned Jeane Palrey not to trust the ABC news and we were right.   They originally said there was "no names of significance" in her book until we said "not so fast" and the Smoking Gun revealed names such as Randall Tobias (who wrote the TVRA of 2003 giving all the money to faith based groups who had nothing to do with this movement at that time), and David Vitter.  So if left up to ABC those names wouldn't have hit the press.

The staff at Boys Town was having us come in at night and take certain kids to another shelter which we knew to be safer.  They didn't want to risk their job and bad publicity they said would hurt donations.  If they lost their jobs then they wouldn't be in a position to refer the kids being targeted to us to help get them out of there.  

But I had moved back to Nebraska in 1994 to set up safe houses.   There was houses with land we could buy back there for $5000 outright.  So it became easy to take women needing help from either the east or west coast and set them up or new lives in the midwest.  Back then it was amazing because we could let them stay in our house until they got working.  Which jobs were plentiful and well paying.  Most employers didn't even ask for an ID, a resume, nor would they do any background checks.  So we could get a woman working by the next day making $10 an hour to start.  Now with the average rent for a house being $250 - that $10 an hour went a long way back there.

My now ex-husband has a very large family.  His nephew was a prosecutor in Omaha at the time.  So we had no problem helping these women get settled in and not worry about their pimps following them out there to drag them back.  Being in such a small town - if anyone did show up asking questions about a woman - we'd hear about it in five minutes and could act accordingly.

What threw me was after we had started talking more and more to the Nebraska legislature about setting up more safe houses and doing some training, as well as changing the licensing process for escort services (which they license back there), this man with a church I won't name started calling me and basically "taking over".  He kept repeating to me "where is the money going to come from to get this stuff done".  I would explain where the money would come from but that wasn't the answer he wanted to hear.  I couldn't help but feel he was hinting for a cash payment.

But why?  If you're charging for an escort service license, and you set up an orientation process for these women to go through where a proctor gives the orientation about what sex trafficking is, where to go for help, etc. then you charge them for that and VOILA!  That's where the money comes from to pay for the testing.  Then he'd say "well how are we going to pay to change the forms?"  I repeated "from the fee you charge the applicants".

Suddenly the "wall of silence" goes up.  Next thing I know I'm hearing they've set up a "task force" and "safe houses".  I get a call from a woman back there saying "we have no money for anything" and I'm like "for what?"  She says they need furniture, clothing, houses, etc., for the safe houses and there's "no money".  I told her "honey, I've got safe houses right now back there.  I've got family who will help with picking the women up and taking them to the safe house.  I have a whole network already set up back there you can tap into so why isn't anyone calling me about these women?  I mean who in the hell is even providing therapy?"  I say that because back in the mid-1990's the whole state of Nebraska only had three licensed therapists in the whole state!

The woman was shocked telling me "what do you mean you have these resources?"  She then starts telling me how she's running around trying to get all these things because she thinks there isn't any resources.  I'm like "well who told you this" and "why didn't anyone tell you about us?"   I then learn she was talking to a representative who I'd been talking to for years.  Clearly this woman didn't want to tell her about us for some reason.

I go to contact her and she's been promoted.  Now why she wouldn't tell a survivor who is trying to help other survivors back in Nebraska we exist I just don't understand.

But reading this - well it makes more sense now.

When these trafficking task forces first formed, of course we assumed they'd want to know about our work in the area for years before they formed right?   Wrong.  We started reaching out to them offering to connect them up to our local group, to utilize our existing resources, etc., and we're getting completely shut down.

Why?  If someone opens up a task force to help an alcoholic and Bill Wilson calls up saying "hey how about I connect you up to our local AA chapter?" you'd think they'd jump at the chance right?

Only we've been finding one by one by one that someone, or many, on those task forces has been directly involved with the very trafficking they're claiming to be fighting.  If anything, a pattern is emerging - that of the cover-up.

We also start getting calls from private citizens telling us they went to report sex trafficking to the task force and they started finding themselves being threatened into "backing off" not just pushing on the information they have against the traffickers, but also from extending help to the victims.  One woman was telling us how she was hiding a victim at her house and when she went to the police to let them know what was going on - she finds herself being brought up on charges!

Wondering what "safe houses" they're using for these victims, we keep hearing they're being taken to the Salvation Army or the Catholic Charities shelters.   But they only take straight women - they refuse men, transgenders, and lesbians.  What we also keep hearing is that any of these victims who have one bad thing to say against anyone in office, or a priest - they're kicked out on the streets.

It took me a while to figure out why these shelters instead of working with the network of houses we use - and then I saw the movie "Spotlight'.  I began to realize the Catholic Church has been covering up a lot of stuff for a lot of years.  I then asked myself if any cases of corrupt law enforcement being involved with the actual trafficking have com out of these shelters run by the Salvation Army or Catholic Charities and the answer was "no".

It also made sense to me finally why I have been calling these same shelters in Nevada, California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and other states asking them to help us with victims and they won't even speak to me.  I mean they're getting money to house these victims so why not the ones who come to me for help?  Well the ones who come to me for help are usually the ones who are trafficked by cops or priests.


Now I'm piecing together why they won't help any victims we call them about.   I help them and they deny they exist by telling anyone "don't listen to Jody - she's crazy" and it just makes them all disappear "officially".

Just like how ATLAS at the end of 2007 had ZERO victims they reported saving, while that year we took over 300 calls just from Nevada.  Calls we tried giving to ATLAS only to have them say "we can't work with anyone that isn't referred to us by Metro".  I'd explain to them these women were reporting being raped and pimped by Metro now WHY WOULD Metro refer them someone who is going to be talking about what they did to them and THAT'S why we needed their help.  They were the ones who got $870,000 to "help trafficking victims".   Well here I have trafficking victims sitting on my couch needing help and what am I supposed to do with them when I'm living on an SSI income of a whopping $730 a month?

And then when anyone would ask Metro or Terri Miller about the calls we're getting they just say "oh she's crazy - we don't have any of that going on around here".

Well the news that's coming out proves otherwise.  Now we're seeing it's not just law enforcement.  It's not just the prosecutor's.  It's not just Homeland Security.  But it's also the church involved here and part of the cover-up.

WHEN are people going to realize these victims CAN'T call the police for help and that's why they call us?  I don't know of any other national hotline that does what we do but us.  Hopefully as these articles come out - maybe people will catch on as to why people in these offices are trying so hard to get people NOT TO LISTEN to what I'm saying on behalf of men and women who are having to protect their anonymity and can't?

Monday, July 11, 2016


I've followed Joyce Meyer since I got clean in 1985.  I've been a "partner" of hers for probably 10 years now and tithe to her ministry each month.  I do this because she was the FIRST and ONLY ministry which opened spoke about a house she put together where the women she helped were PROSTITUTES.  That's what she called them clear back in bot 2004 - "prostitutes" NOT "trafficking victims".

Back in Biblical times, there were "slaves".  Mary Magdalene was a PROSTITUTE.  She DID NOT have a pimp when Jesus saved her.  He found her whoring and then told her "go and sin no more".  He did not put her into a "safe house" where he then had her making jewelry she sold to raise money for Jesus.  No.  He told her to "go and sin no more" and she then started STUDYING under Jesus.

Joyce has always been very open about these women in her house being "prostitutes".  So for this reason I've financially supported her ministry also with my tithe.  But today was the first time I've heard her use ONLY the word "trafficking victim" while NOT saying the word "prostitute" once.

I was upset and went to write Joyce a personal letter.  In the process of finding her email address, I went to find one on Christine also.   In the process of doing this - I found this site about Christine and her husband -

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Dear Editor:

I’m writing to weigh in on the Oakland sex scandal.   Thirty years ago, we launched the first hotline for adults to call for help to leave the sex industry.  We also founded the first 12 step program which was not just for recovery, but also to be used as “alternative sentencing” for those being treated only as “criminals” by our society back then.   To date, our hotline has answered five times as many calls for help as the National Trafficking Hotline.  Our 12 step program, Sex Workers Anonymous (originally “Prostitutes Anonymous”), is the oldest, and largest program of those who have left the sex industry in the world. 

I’m bringing up how old we are to explain how things have dramatically shifted now in this field which this case in Oakland not only typifies, but further is happening all over this country right now.  A situation we are going to have to find a solution to and fast.  Because it’s not just women like Celeste who are being victimized here.

Take for example the case of  Joohoon David Lee.  He’s a Homeland Security and ICE officer who was caught sex trafficking women from Korea into Nevada and California.  Walking his victims right past airport security trained in how to spot and help such victims now on the taxpayer’s dime.   To cover up his REAL sex trafficking activities, this man falsely accused a whole innocent family of being sex traffickers who owned a restaurant in Las Vegas.  The wife was even forced to wear an ankle bracelet for six months tracing her movements while their restaurant, and family reputation, was run into the ground.

Our calls on behalf of the victims were not just ignored – we were aggressively threatened into “backing off” speaking to them by police, private investigators, attorney’s, and even various Chief of Police as well as Internal Affairs.  We’ve had our hotline responders, volunteers, members, and service providers we work with threatened off.   Members of the press have reported they’ve been threatened into not reporting on what we’re saying is happening.  

Even worse, cops, prosecutors, probation officers, social workers, foster parents, and even politicians have reported to us they’ve been threatened also into not speaking to us when we’ve called trying to get help for women like Celeste to get out of the sex industry.   Many have reported they were outright fired for even suggesting we be brought in to help such victims when we have a strong consistent proven record of success in this area.

Let’s talk about money for a moment.  Oakland and Alameda County received $80,000 from Hunt Alternatives to “end demand”.  Alameda County spent $1,000,000 on a billboard campaign, (take a look at this site and tell me how this would help someone like Celeste Guap please), which for six months went to a bus schedule. 

Long Beach’s sex trafficking task force has received about $4,000,000 overall, while Los Angeles has approved $7,000,000 to “fight sex trafficking”. Private and government grants aside, there’s also been countless fund raisers within womens’ groups and churches.  All to raise money to get help to women like Celeste to be able to leave any part of the sex industry, legal or not.

Women like Celeste who call our hotline reporting they have “no other options” to get help than to turn to us because of what we’re seeing being exposed to the light here in this Oakland case, and many others coming to light lately also.    The National Trafficking Hotline for example refers these women to task forces who are being led by the very men they’re trying to get away from.   That or programs who aren’t equipped to help women get away from the grip of not a street pimp, but men like William Johnson, and all the connections a man like him, as well as Joohon David Lee has.  One can’t simply go into a Salvation Army shelter when running from such traffickers as this.  Not unless they want to wind up like Margo Compton did – a woman who relied upon people not equipped to properly protect her and her two children when she tried to stop her sex trafficking. 

Take for example “Operation Dollhouse”.  There our hotline was getting calls for help where these women were being trafficked on private property.  There was no way to get undercover police inside the operation, nor could we get actors pretending to be customers in to help extract them.  I had gone to the Chief of Police at the time in Las Vegas with information on how this ring operated, right down to street addresses, phone numbers, names, etc.  Only to find everything shifted within 24 hours to “clean up” everything we’re reported. 

In the past, we’d been able to get help through applying the press to the situation.  A reporter then asked the police for a “ride along” and then put them “on the spot” to do a spontaneous raid.  This resulted in 24 Chinese women found in private homes with mattresses on the ground, along with bags of drugs, including finding a minor female.   It also found two police officers who were on the San Mateo sex trafficking task force.  All 24 of these women were released back to their pimps and the case initially dismissed entirely.   Meaning this women had no escape and we couldn’t get any help to them either because of a lack of these officials working with us to do so. 

This was the same year that ATLAS had received over $870,000 to “fight sex trafficking”.  Only to report ZERO cases of sex trafficking at the end of the year.  This money was carved up by the police departments, local shelters, and even things like $80,000 spent on a billboard which no one ever called.   When we had pushed on this case to get those women some help – we found ourselves not just threatened but we even had a bomb placed in our outreach RV, our front door kicked in, I was stalked, our volunteers threatened, and further all calls to anyone for help for these women were completely ignored.  We found ourselves even banned from attending the trafficking conference held that same year in Vegas.  Further, a reporter and a photographer for the Review Journal were fired for trying to get a story run on our work in Nevada with cases just like this.   To cover up why no one was even returning our calls – I personally was smeared  like that was some kind of explanation why Sex Workers Anonymous was not being called in to help women leave the sex industry. 

As for Oakland, I can show letter after letter here we’ve been sending to the police, politicians, the press, attorney general’s office, even the governor’s office trying to get help to women like Celeste only to find not only are we being ignored by them – but such ignorance of us is supporting what’s going on.  Again, not just harming women like Celeste, but further harming innocent citizens, wasting taxpayer’s and donor’s money, and further SUPPORTING the sex trafficking.

Which is going to continue unless we start seeing a dialogue opening about INCLUDING us.  Not bringing in some program who has no track record in this area who is also not set up to deal with EXACTLY this type of situation.  While groups like Victory Outreach may be set up to deal with women like Celeste’s spiritual needs, and maybe even help one escape street pimps – they are far from set up to be helping these women leave prostitution when they’ve got as many as 30 men with badges trying everything in their power to make sure she doesn’t. 

How many more cases like this do we have to see go down before someone realizes we need to be involved?  Or further the fact we aren’t is a problem in itself?  Again, who tries to help an alcoholic without involving Alcoholics Anonymous?  Clearly not someone interested in helping them get sober that’s for sure.

So if you are like Celeste and you need help to leave the sex industry – please know about  And the next time you see a meeting going on saying they want to help victims like this and we’re not part of the panel – you are watching in this Oakland case why we haven’t been included in the past functions.  If you want that to change – please get in touch with us at (702) 488-1127. 


Jody Williams, Founder

Monday, July 4, 2016


I bet to differ with the opinion you've put forth here based on a "lack of arrests".  I used to see a lot of "numbers juggling" with the HIV/AIDS epidemic I lived through in the 1980's.  For example, I used to see whole cities that would refuse to give any doctors who worked with HIV/AIDS a license to operate.  They would block pharmacies from carrying any of the medications, and then further refuse to give clinics a license to operate also.  Then with no services for the HIV + patient - one infected would have no choice but to relocate to where they could get proper medical care.  Then at the end of the year - the city which had just driven everyone with HIV/AIDS clean out of town would then say "oh see - we've done such a good job we have no more sick people living in our city".   The same would happen for cities which did have proper medical care - their numbers of "new infections" would soar -  but all it really meant was a lot of people who were sick moved to town suddenly.

Take a real good look here at "Operation Dollhouse".   Over 24 women were found in those houses with mattresses on the floor these two cops said they "thought they were massage parlors" they were going to.   Yeah with bags of drugs found also, and cigarette butts on the floor along with the mattresses.  The cops said they thought they were at a "legit massage parlor" because they asked the cab driver to take them to one.  Only problem with that statement is if you get into a cab from where they came from and drive even a block or two - you'll pass huge signs for massage parlors.  The media also refused to go pull the tapes from the cab's camera in the dash which records everything said.  That would have shown what they asked for when they got in the cab - which wasn't done.

So despite bags of drugs found on the site, along with mattresses on the floor, and two cops there on just coincidently the same day as I told them that cops would be there from San Mateo, CA (which is where these two cops were from and EVEN belonged to the trafficking task force there) making the regularly scheduled bi-weekly drop the traffickers would make using cop cars to avoid detection, and despite the fact these women were required to be held until ICE processed their Visa's to make sure they were legit, they had possession of them, and they were questioned so they knew these women weren't being forced to do what they were doing, which was NOT done before they were released right back to the pimps and shoved off before our program could arrive on the scene to question them ourselves - they were released 20 minutes later along with the two police officers also.

Now I raised an absolute stink about this and wouldn't let it go.  I complained to Homeland Security, ICE, the US Attorney's office, and any other office I could think of about the fact these women were supposed to have been rescued and not SENT RIGHT BACK TO THEIR CAPTIVITY.  That TWO TRAFFICKING TASK FORCE MEMBERS, these two San Mateo cops, were insisting these women were not "trafficking victims" but in fact "massage therapists" (even though not a one of them had a license and these were found in private homes - not even a commercial office address) and there wasn't even a MASSAGE TABLE in the whole place (mattresses on the floor are not what massage therapists use), and insisting that our government DO SOMETHING to help these poor women.  I mean how much more physical evidence would one need before realizing these women were being trafficked, and they needed HELP?

Note - one of the women was a MINOR.  Now since minor's can't consent to "sex" - this means that her being a "prostitute" does make her a "trafficking victim" being if she can't consent - then she was FORCED.  But according to the judge in this case - NO ONE WAS A "TRAFFICKING VICTIM".  But again a minor there who can't consent to sex because of her age therefore means she was there against her will, and therefore this WAS a trafficking situation.

Seems one is guilty of "pandering", while other was guilty of "living off the earnings of a prostitute"  But no one here was convicted of "sex trafficking".   So here's a clear case of sex trafficking that was not LISTED as a case of sex trafficking despite clearing being the case in reality.

I'd also like to add that I was not notified of the hearing to testify at all as to what I knew about the trafficking operation before the sentencing was handed down either.   Meaning the court WANTED to classify this as "not a case of sex trafficking" before the hearing even started.

I suspected someone from Immigration was involved in this matter because these women were let go before Immigration could properly check out their Visa's, and interview them, with an interpreter, as to whether they were in fact there against their will or not.  

So I continued to follow up on this by talking to other victims talking to me until I realized there was in fact someone at ICE involved.  I won't say how I knew - but I knew at one point.  I also realized someone at the Dept. of Transportation was leaking information after I wrote them a letter tipping them off women from China were being brought in for trafficking purposes - only to then have the operation switch over to using women from Korea.

This told me that yes someone at LAX was definitely involved.  My letters to the Chief of Police and Internal Affairs were being ignored - so I went up a level to the Office of Professional Responsibility.  This resulted in Joohoon David Lee being arrested.

For BRIBERY.  Seems we can't charge a Homeland Security Agent who flew victims of sex trafficking over to the USA on the government checkbook with sex trafficking.  So the best they got against him was "bribery".  They didn't get the guy who bribed him by the way - but they called it "case closed" with no mention of if he kept his pension or not in the process.   So he was charged with BRIBERY in BOTH California and Nevada but NOT "sex trafficking".

So you see - just because there were no "charges on the books for sex trafficking" doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Nor does it mean the "campaign to end trafficking was successful" either just because people are bending over backwards not to classify something as sex trafficking when it clearly is.

It just means we're STILL where we were in 1987 when I launched our hotline, program, and this campaign to have this country realize it wasn't the pimps we were trying to raise awareness about.  There are already laws on the books for a pimp and you can call 911 today  if you have a pimp and you'll get them arrested.

But what do you do when the men trafficking you are Homeland Security and ICE?  Where do you run then?  Who do you call when you've had sex with over 30 cops from around southern California over a period of years as we're seeing is the case in Oakland?  

You can't call 911 that's for sure!

Look at this poor girl in Oakland with THIRTY cops telling her how to avoid being arrested.  NOT to PROTECT HER - but to save their own ass.   Oh no let's not do to her what happened to me where I  found myself arrested and the judge ordered me to find a job, get into trade school, and with probation hanging over my head make sure I get out of the sex industry.  On no - let's not do that and then make the girl THINK these guys were "protecting her"?  Baloney - they could care less if she died on the streets as long as it didn't come to light what all they were up to.

And no I don't believe THIRTY cops in the same region all wind up sleeping with the same hooker for CHANCE.  Some of those cops by the way were from Alameda County.  So Nancy O'Malley - when you took that $80,000 grant from Swanee Hunt to "End Demand" which your bright idea to do this was to arrest more "johns" - having the same cops who were sleeping with this teenage "prostitute" oops - sorry there's "no such thing" is there of a "teenage prostitute" (now we know why they REALLY wanted to stop arresting teens and also trying to tell us there's "no such thing" in reality folks) be the ones arresting men on the streets for picking up prostitutes.

I'm curious what law applies here when the same cops who are arresting men for doing the same thing they're doing.   But at least now we REALLY know why those billboards went to a site that had nothing but a bus schedule on it for six months instead of something USEFUL like our hotline or the Children of the Night hotline (what a way to put on a show but also make sure real victims like this poor girl don't actually find a way out).

What we have here by the way is what I've been saying all along - this "end demand" is nothing more than a smoke screen to go after "independent" sex workers and their customers and push them into "legal" prostitution which is just a hop and a skip over the border to Nevada.  Bootleggers used to do the same thing to get rid of their competitors and then come in with their higher priced moonshine.

Because let's face it - if you really wanted to get these girls some help you'd be doing more than just saying "oh let's stop arresting them" but then do what?  The social services, foster care and mental health systems are already completely overloaded.  There isn't even anyone IN the juvenile probation department office last time I looked.  

So I can't exactly get an alternative sentencing program going with no active Chief's of Police, and no head of probation to sign off on anything we'd propose.

But this is brilliant - run an article saying because there "were no arrests for sex trafficking" then you got the problem all under control"?  Boy this must be why they keep coming up with more fake survivors like Samoly Mam, Chong Kim and rescuers like William Hillar - because they're sure doing everything in their power to shut up REAL survivors who would contradict them and say "no this just means we STILL can't get any traffickers arrested" NOT that they "solved the problem".

Far from it.  The ZERO number is FAR MORE DISTURBING to see because it means we're still not even getting the right types of prosecutions going against the traffickers - well because then it would expose what they don't want to expose.  Oh and then they might have to actually spend some of those BILLIONS of dollars meant to help us escape and recover ON US for once.  Instead of paying off their own paychecks, donating to their friends, and sliding money off to safe houses that will silence anyone from talking about what's really going on out here.